The Angry Mob

NObama forces hiding behind a thin veneer of respect for the United States Constitution are actually traitors who are planning to overthrow the lawfully elected government of the United States.

Example Number 1 is Dr. Orly Taitz, drunken with her new found celebrity, said it plainly on her blog, Natural Born Citizen…Orly?

If the law enforcement and government of this country does not step up to the plate and doesn’t announce official investigation of this matter immediately, we need to protect ourselves, we need civilian militia, we need our own investigating services, we need new government.

This is from the same web page where Taitz disclosed a name, social security number and DOB of a Washington state woman. Taitz, or someone close to her, has injected some sanity and the page containing the preceding quote was deleted from her blog.

On a less militant note, but equally crazy, commenters over at the blog sound like the world as we know is about to end. Here are some samples:

It is becoming apparently clear that the corruption and blackmail and coverups in Washington run very deep. The Bush’s, Clinton’s and Mr. Obama have all sold out. They have so much dirt on each other that none of them can stand up for our Country. This all goes way back to Obama’s Mom at the Ford Foundation and money laundering, micro loans, Africa’s oil , Marc Rich, and the Unocal pipeline. There is no stopping this bus unless they are all brought down. They have the power and the appointee’s including corrupt Rahm (money laundering King) working to build their empires as they destruct America. It is a sad day in America. The ignorant in America have continued election after election to put these elitist in Office and we have paid the price for it. In the end our freedom and great Country will be sacrificed. The supreme court is just a voice for the President. There is no justice or honor involved.


Here is the painful reality. Fitzgerald has been investigating Obama along with Blagojovitch from many long past months. Fitzgerald already knows Obama has already committed enough crimes to be arrested, stand trial, found guilty and sit in jail above and beyond failing to meet Consitutional requirements Section II part I. So does the American public, Obama”s key campaign advisors, the Clintons, Pelosi, and the entire gang of lawless conspirators who are responsible for installing a usurper into the Whitehouse. Obama’s many felony crimes are all so well known by so many, there is no doubt that Fitzgerald was ordered to keep his hands off Obama. In exchange for looking the other way, Fitzgerald was given Blagojevitch as one gives a dog a bone. Obama is simply above the law and untouchable.

…There will be so little time left before the Obama regime starts shutting all voices that oppose him. Let us speak out while we still can!


Unfortunately,as God said it would be, the hearts of the American majority have waxed cold and we critical thinking Christians are surely becoming the minority and the mind-numb Obamatrons have rejected God and His gift of a free, liberty-loving nation. Time for Christians to arm themselves for the impending war!

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I'm not a real doctor, but I have a master's degree.
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25 Responses to The Angry Mob

  1. bogus info says:

    And the sad part it, they believe this stuff.

  2. laughinghysterically says:

    I hope they like jail???? Seems to be the inevitable conclusion if they follow through on all this rhetoric.

    Nicer world for all of us, I guess, as long as they have no unsupervised internet access while “on the inside”!

  3. bogus info says:

    This stuff isn’t funny. Dr. Orly has implied that she is working with U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald and here “followers” think they are “investigating for the FBI. I wonder if U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald is aware of what they are saying on all these websites/blogs? Especially the stuff they just posted regarding Muslims. I just don’t believe this. Do any of you?

  4. bogus info says:

    This is what is on The Betrayal’s website:

    Who is a Muslim?

    Prophecy: Islam and Satan


    And there is more than just this.

  5. As soon as one of Orly’s patriots (loyal to the United States of nObama) calls Fitzgerald, he’ll know.

  6. Hitandrun says:

    Doc et al,

    The point at issue is whether the government has been “lawfully elected”, i.e, whether the ‘winning’ candidate is Constitutionally eligible to serve. Mr Obama’s deafening silence and glaring failure to be forthcoming as to the details of his birth will continue to feed such paranoid speculation, lending those who preach and practice sedition a “thin veneer” of legitimacy.


  7. bogus info says:


    I’d wager to say that 80-90% of American’s don’t even know this BS BC thing is going on. The reason Obama hasn’t responded is because there is nothing to respond to. I know if somebody sued me, my response would be to let my attorney’s handle it. Which is exactly what Obama has done. Don’t you think it is odd that members of congress, the U.S. Supreme court, traditional media, FBI, CIA, etc., etc. (normal human beings) aren’t paying one bit of attention to this “drama?” That is because there is NO CONSPIRACY. Obama has been vetted. The only reason he posted his COLB online was to satisfy the “kooks” who immediately said it was “fake.” Use you plain old common sense in this matter.

  8. It’s an interesting question just how much paranoid speculation there is. CNN and some other news sources say that it’s small, and limited to Internet blogs. Thanks to “forward this message to everybody in your address book” emails, and some pretty good propaganda/smear pieces, more people might be aware of the issue (at least) than one might think, and even believe it.

    I was reading David Freddoso’s book The Case Against Barack Obama this morning and even he says that stores about Obama being born out of the country are not true (preface page x). The real problem I see is not the birth certificate, but the attempt to rewrite history to make him ineligible because of the TRUE fact that his father was not a US citizen. If the birth certificate from Hawaii came out, then I think we would just see “paranoid speculation” flip from one objection to the next. We’d just be talking about Ayers, or socialism or natural born citizen or that Illinois governor whose name I can’t spell.

  9. Hitandrun says:

    The real problem, Doc, is Mr Obama’s failure (abetted by lax officials) to settle the birth certificate issue once and for all for most of those concerned. The other issues are legally or factually baseless, and have little actual or potential resonance. Common sense, bogusinfo, would dictate he do what he should have done long ago.


  10. jazz says:

    Obama DID settle it. He posted his Birth Certificate on his webstie. Gave his birth certificate too 2 independent websites… AND… The head of the Hawaiin Health Department even made a statement ON RECORD saying she has SEEN AND TOUCHED Barack Obama’s birth certificate and have confirmed it valid. And after all that, its STILL NOT ENOUGH for the Obama haterz . So its pretty obvious to me that you guys DON’T CARE WHAT OBAMA does, and how many times he trys too as you say “put it to rest” all you guys will do is claim that’s its forgery. Or cherry pick what he does. Give me a break. You people don’t care who tells you he’s eligible or how much evidence Obama gives{including his birth certificate, which he already has } to prove he was born here, you guys will still claim he is “not a natural born citizen” not becuz you don’t belive him or you have reasonable doubt he was born in the U.S but, becuz you honestly don’t want him to be President. And I think WE ALL know the reason why.

    You Obama haterz are not fooling anybody.

  11. bogus info says:

    Dr. C.,

    My spouse laughs when I tell him all this junk. Most people react the same way.

  12. Hitandrun says:

    “Jazz”, as is the wont of all sides on this issue, descends in the end to ad hominem attack. I merely wish to have documented in what hospital or facility Mr Obama was born. Even a simple genuine birth registry notation would suffice for most who are concerned with his Constitutional eligibility or lack thereof. Mr Obama has publicly on record never identified that hospital or facility. NEVER! And not one reliable living or documentary witness from the time of that birth has been publicly produced. NOT ONE!

    My concern has nothing to do with which temporary steward occupies the office. That is a separate issue. What I fear is that our Constitutional Republic is sliding into just another tyrannical mobocracy, where Ulysses’ universal wolf appetite hunts unchecked. The chains in which we have consensually bound ourselves will have worn to nought. And this quintessential Enlightenment polity, this noble experiment in self-government, will have faded, flaws and all, into oblivion.

    How did Cassius put it (JC, I.3):

    [“And why should Ceasar be a tyrant then?
    Poor man! I know he would not be a wolf,
    But that he sees the Romans are but sheep: He were no lion, were not Romans hinds.”]

    Is it too late? I hope not.


  13. I can only deal with information. What someone ought to do is outside my realm. While I will argue the validity of what has been shown, someone’s desire to see more is not in and of itself a conspiracy or a legal fallacy. Who someone trusts is very much their own business.

    If you and TRUTH and Bob (and the rest) want to see that vault record, the best of luck to you.

  14. jazz says:

    Good Lord Hitandrun you are not making ANY SENSE at all.

    If Barack OBAMA has provided{which he has} his birth certificate and The Hawaiin Health Department has confirmed it valid and it shows that he was in fact born in Hawaii in the UNITED STATES! Then that’s it!!!!

    Why do you need hospital records if he has already provided his birth certificate?? This is why people don’t take your cliams or demands seriously, becuz dispite what Obama has provided its still not good enough…soon you will be asking for school records….Social Security cards ect. ect. etc. Things that have NOTHING TO DO with proof of wether or not Obama was born in the U.S.

    Tell me this, were in a hospital record will you see evidence he was born in the U.S??? What makes you think ANY HOSPITAL will give you a private record of a birth that happend 47 years ago? And why on Gods green earth would ANY COURT ask for hospital records when a valid Birth certificate is all that is needed??? This just proves you people don’t want to put this non-issue to rest….becuz as soon as he provides something you will either claim its forgery or ask for other documents that have NOTHING TO DO with proving U.S citizenship.

    As said before you Obama haterz are not fooling anybody.

  15. A hospital birth registry notation is in high probability, the only hospital record that would have been kept this long.

  16. Hitandrun says:

    This is a belated reply to Jazz’scomment above. Please forgiveits tardiness asI don’t own a functioning computer.

    Like so many others on this site and on all sides of the issue, you seem incapable of addressing the central point without miring it in ad hominem attack or jumping to unwarranted conclusions.

    As I’ve stated again and again, whoever occupies the office is a separate issue andof secondary importance to me. What matters is the health and vigor of the Constitutional Republic under which we flourish. Socrates, hemlock in hand, would have understood. As I see it, the only viable challenge to Mr Obama’s eligibility remains whether he is foreign-born outside US jurisdiction. All others are red herrings, be they dual citizenship, forgeries, draft registration, etc. I find them irrelevant or baseless.

    I believe, for now, that Mr Obama was born in Hawaii, but it has not been definitively confirmed by public release of his vault document and supporting birth facility records. Until he reverses his obstructionist conduct and simply puts the matter to rest for most concerned, it will becloud histenure and provide a thin veneer of legitimacy tothose flag-wrapped extremists ever ready topreach and practice sedition.

    Rather than engage in hollow rhetoric, Jazz, Obama supporters like yourself should encourage him to dothe right and politicthing.. Will you join me in insuring that this last best hope of mandoes not degenerate into one more mobocracy?


  17. OK, why Obama and why now? If the vault birth certificate faction are truly basing their challenge solely on Constitutional grounds, why Obama and why now? There is no plausible scenario under which Barack Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be president, so why Obama and why now? Obama’s birth certificate (in the normal usage of that term) is the same thing Hawaii issues to everyone for proof of place of birth. So why Obama, and why now?

  18. Hitandrun says:

    Doc asks, “Why Obama and why now?”

    Better late than never, Doc. I agree this should have been settled long ago by Mr Obama himself in response to vetting or judicialauthorities, pressured, if necessary,by our so called journalists. Instead the sore has been allowed to fester and spread. Extremists and scoundrels are now in unholy alliance with foreign elements seeking to weaken our Republic by using Mr Obama’sfailure torelease his original birth documents,as groundsto discredit him and delegitimate his administration both domestically and abroad. Here’s a sample from online Pravda, ever a propagandainstrument of Russian foreign policy:

    Was all this necessary?


  19. Patrick McKinnion says:

    Ah yes, Mark McGrew. Ultra right-winger who has even repeated claims about Obama from David Icke. You know, the conspiracy nut that believes reptile people are actually controlling the human race?

    BTW, Pravda and Pravda on-line are two different organizations. It’s amusing that a major far-righty by McGrew is writing for them though.

    Pravda on-line, World Net Daily, and the Globe tabolid seem to be the Birther media “gold standard”. Hardly respectable journalism.

  20. ’ы знаете говорят, у Прав´у нет прав´ы. [In Russian “pravda” means “truth”. The saying to the left translates: “You know what they say, in Pravda there is no truth.”]

    The old Soviet party mouthpiece, Pravda, took the same line as the modern nObamas: say anything bad you can. is unrelated to the now defunct former Soviet newspaper (and to Russian foreign policy), but it does share some of the same penchant for misinformation and smears (and some former staff members). “The web-based, tabloid-style newspaper often takes a nationalist and sensationalist approach.” It does remind me of the Globe magazine, come to think of it.

    If you want to know what the REAL Russian tabloid newspaper thinks about Obama, check here:

  21. Reptoids.

  22. Hitandrun says:

    Thank you, Doc and Pat, for the update. I take it then the two Pravdas are unrelated, except where they are related {personnel, style, (?) financing}.

    CALIGULA: “I say get a dog who’ll eat a dog.”


  23. Pravda, the Soviet party organ, was disbanded. However, a new newspaper in a tabloid style was created by former Pravda employees. also has some former Pravda employees.

  24. bogus info says:

    Dr. C.,


  25. ertyertert says:

    More people join the rebellion! Lets storm washington and drag out the politicians for a good old fashioned lynching from the nearest tree!

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