Baby Obama Born in Kenya

This article about a Kenyan birthplace for Obama is NOT about Barack Obama Seni0r, but very much about our new President, Barack Obama.

I can’t say anything else. Here is the link. I’m going to bed.


[Sorry about the elephant thing. It was late, and I pasted the wrong URL. Here is the REAL LINK to baby Obama being born in Africa.]

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5 Responses to Baby Obama Born in Kenya

  1. The article of mine, which you linked to, is about a baby elephant who was born on the same day that Obama was elected President. Because of the coincidence the elephant was named Obama. The article has nothing to do with where President Obama or his father was born.

  2. myson says:

    Respectfully, this is just a joke, as the birthers have been looking for anything to throw at Obama, we here on this site are just having fun. we suspect they will rush here to check it out & also go to ur site like i did to see the ‘new Obama’

  3. Things on the ObamaConsipracy web site in the “Wild and Wacky” Category are intended as jokes, where the headline leads one way and the real article leads another way. When people visit your web site, they will see immediately that the “baby” is a baby elephant and I don’t think they will be misled.

  4. Please note that the article has been updated with the correct URL to the Obama birth in Kenya. Sorry about the elephant thing. It was late and I had a lot of web pages open.

  5. valflowers says:

    as said earlier when ppl visit ur website they wud realize immediately that u were intended to speak about baby elephant born on the very same day when Barack Obama was elected as President of U.S. I feel that there is less room for misinterpretation over here…

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