Interest Increasing

The statistics engine here is recording an uptick over the past week with over 350 visitors on February 13, and daily page views setting a new record, 1,714, even surpassing the days around the Inauguration! In a couple of days, we will likely hit our 50,000th page view.

I went over to to look at what Orly was crowing about, her 1.5 million visitors (actually a ranking where #1 is best).

Alexa Web Stats Ranking

Web Site One-week ranking Three-month average 256,615 61,168 886,771 182,051 153,769 1,144,379 610,363 1,581,200

Alexa stats show a very sharp decline in Berg’s numbers after his peak in late October. By the way, did you know that 11.5% of Berg’s traffic is from South Korea?

You can go over the and check out your own favorite nObama web site.

While Dr. Orly Taitz is on the ascendency and Philip Berg is falling, Orly is nowhere in the same league as Berg was at his peak. Berg v. Obama was a much bigger deal than anything else either of them has done at least as far as web stats go.

The real threat (web stat wise) is not Berg, or Orly, or Citzen Wells, or Natural Born Citizen. The great purveyor of Obama Conspiracy lies and misinformation is WorldNetDaily, who dwarfs all the rest.

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2 Responses to Interest Increasing

  1. Kelly says:

    1 wk. Avg. 3 mos. Avg. 3 mos. Change
    246,098 171,984 1,417,332

  2. Kelly says:

    1 wk. Avg. 3 mos. Avg.
    246,098 171,984

    This is what I got when I checked out – Ed Hale. It’s more than I wanted to see because this guy is the absolute nutcase, as are his listeners. However, it’s kind of like a bad car accident, you have to stop and check it out. He actually had the Tennessee reps who have lowered themselves to sign on with Orly Taitz on the show this week and it supposed to have a congressman on Friday. Do these people not realize that they have landed on Mars and that conspiracies and Big Foot run rampant there?

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