Left in Alabama

leftinalabamaI wanted to highlight this progressive blog from Alabama. I left Alabama in 1972 to go to graduate school, but I still have family around Mobile.

Anyway these folks are making sensible comments about Obama conspiracies. And they even have a link over here, where they say:

Obamaconspiracy.org is on the case, and they are asking the right questions. Based on the conversation I am seeing there, I’m (cautiously) assuming that Scott Easterling really is an active-duty soldier.

The group that seems most responsible for keeping this conspiracy theory alive at the moment is the “Defend our Freedoms Foundation,” which appears to be run by a Russian-born Dentist from the O.C. who also has a law degree and a real estate license.

Update on that. Orly’s real estate license has expired. The big red X on the map is the state flag, for those who are southernly challenged.

Bless All Y’all!

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  1. Cris says:

    re: http://crisericson2010.blogspot.com
    I don’t know where the windows “clipboard” is
    I have a key that says
    Prt Scr is that “print screen”?
    My computer level is like a dinosaur!

  2. Prt Scr and Print Screen are the same. The Windows clipboard is not something you can see, but here’s how to use it:

    Hold down the “Alt” while pressing Print Screen. That copies the image to the clipboard.

    Start your paint program (Start | Accessories | Paint) and then select Paste from the Edit menu. Your screen print will appear in the paint program. Now all you have to do is save it.

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