The Second Ban

There are no hard bans at Obama Conspiracy Theories. However, due to posts that violate the site’s editorial policy, two IP addresses have been set to automatically moderate. That means I must approve each comment from these addresses before it will appear to the public.

The first ban is the widely-known “Ted”. Ted posts the same off-thread comments on many web sites. Since they are unrelated to the current discussion, I have decided to move them to a single thread where they don’t get in the way of the discussion, or hijack the thread.

The second ban, just installed, is a little more troublesome. Some of you may have seen an obscene remark under the name “OrlyTaitz” earlier today (but obviously not from the real person by that name). What is troublesome is that the IP address of this poster matches the IP address of TWO other names who post here regularly. Almost certainly all three are the same person. In order to insure that such abusive messages do not appear again, the IP address is moderated and will affect anyone or any name posting under that address.

To view a copy of our editorial policy, click the link at the bottom of the Visitors Guide.

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9 Responses to The Second Ban

  1. bogus info says:

    It is my own personal opinion that Orly is a undercover agent working on behalf of Russia to start a civil war in our country.

  2. Cee Cee says:

    Wow is it a friend or foul? That is some juicy stuff.

  3. Cee Cee says:

    Sorry I meant “friend or foe?”

  4. Not one of our the site’s “critics”.

  5. David says:

    Dr. C,

    I’m not sure of your expertise in this particular area so thought I’d drop a quick note. Simply having the same IP address doesn’t mean it is the same person. (For example there are about 1500 people in this office who would all display the same IP to your site). You didn’t mention if you had checked to see if it routes to a proxy vs. a home comcast account or something similar.

  6. David, I understand about IP sharing. Indeed there is a poster here who works for the same company that I do, and if we should both post from work, the IP address would be the same. I have a lot of experience with hooligans on the Internet, and I know there are always problems with bans. In almost every area of life those who abuse the system make it more difficult for those who do not.

    So I will review comments from this IP address and those which meet the editorial policy will appear and those that don’t will not. So far there have been no further problems.

  7. richCares says:

    I happen to know the poster who made the comments as Orly. He is a retired US Marine who strongly resents Orly’s hate as being patriotic. He attempted a bit of satire against her that some didn’t like, and it may have offended some. But he resents what he calls “Hatriots”, he served his country well and is not a gifted satirist, but he said he won’t apologize for ridiculing Orly.

  8. Thanks for passing that on. Satire is appropriate, but perhaps what Marines think of as customary might be taken differently by the Sunday School crowd.

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