Where did “Born in Africa” Start? (Part 2)

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Blog Fossil

Blog Fossil

I continuing to dig back into the Internet record, trying to find out where the “Obama was born in Kenya” story started.

The fossil record shows that through most of 2008, bloggers were perfectly OK with Obama as president so long as he was born in Hawaii. No one was talking about US citizen parents as a requirement to be president. Only in the last half of the year did the influence of Donofrio and the idea of “undivided loyalty” appear.

Studying advanced searching techniques, I came across the inurl operator. Many blogs use a method (sometimes called a permalink) to name their web pages that involves the year, or the month and year the article was written as part of the URL. You’ll see that a URL to this article that contains “/2009/02/” in it. A Google search like this:

Obama “born in kenya” inurl:2007

should only return web pages with “2007” in the URL (no space after the “:”). This screens out hundreds of thousands of newer pages. One problem with this technique is that not all blogs have their clocks set right!

So with a new result set to work with, let’s continue.

On The Blue State blog there were comments attached to the YouTube Presidential debate article from July of 2007:

It will be interesting. I hope you’re right if Obama wins the nomination. I’m nervous about Hilary making it through though.

Oh btw an edits I saw after the fact. I was excited and trying to get my thoughts into the post while they were fresh.

I meant to say about Obama that “He isn’t a southerner”. Obama isn’t technically a northerner either since he was born in Kenya. It will be interesting to see what the right wing spin cycle does with that information. As for me I like a more international view of the world so I like the fact he was born somewhere else.

This may be a spurious error. Dig, dig, dig…

Wow, this is back to February, 2007. The Canadian Like It Is blog has this comment dated 2/13/2007:

@ Hillari and Christine – I was going to say the same as Christine! Except she explained it much better than I would have done. It is because he is African – born in Kenya in fact) and not descended from slaves. I wish I could remember the name of the woman on the Daily Show – maybe it was Debra Dickerson? Just can’t remember…but I was yelling (almost)at the TV as she was saying this crap. It made me so angry, because I could see the implications… The sad thing was when the interviewer (Colbert?)asked her some pertinent questions, she couldn’t but see she had backed herself into a corner. Even she realized how bizarre it sounded. It was surreal.

In a way it is almost good that this has come to the surface now. But on the other hand, it makes my heart sink. How much more divisive could it be? I can almost feel the African-American community (isn’t that a misnomer by the way?) wanting Obama to fail. What the… It is a very sad indictment of where we are today, and shows we have a long, long way to go.

As for Hillary – even though she does have her faults, it seems no one is interested in her credentials. Put all this together and no wonder you get Bush!

This from the Obama campaign Community Blogs talking about a visit to Yahoo Answers written May 23, 2007:

The first question I saw was from “Noam_Depix”[nom de paix] DC:
Why are all Democrats anti-life Abortionists?
ugh. Another one of his questions:
If Obama bin HUSSEIN al Barack was born in Kenya, how can he run for president in the US?
double ugh.

On September 23, 2007, an article by John Ross in the Red: No al la guerra blog in the article NO EN NUESTRO NOMBRE! – UNA CARTA PARA EL MOVIMIENTO MEXICANO CONTRA LA GUERRA said:

Nor can North American activists vote the war in Iraq away. The PRI/Dems’ presidential candidates for the party’s 2008 nomination are selling their anti-war credentials like sexoservadoras in La Merced, Hillary Clinton says she’s against the war but voted for the war and is proud of it. John Edwards, the liberal senator from North Carolina, is against the war but voted for it and is ashamed of it. Barak Obama, who was born in Kenya and attended an Islamic madrassa growing up in Indonesia, is against the war and never voted for it because he was not yet in congress when the vote was taken. Dennis Kucinich, the only real anti-war candidate (he campaigns for reparations to the Iraqis), is considered the lunatic fringe in this circus.

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2 Responses to Where did “Born in Africa” Start? (Part 2)

  1. John Dean says:

    That’s some fine research there, Dr. C!

    The farthest I was able to logically track it back was mid-2007, when Beckwith (TheObamaFile, aka Parker Shannon) shut down his older website “Liberal Lunacy,” because he had a new mission.


  2. mimi says:

    Wow. Thanks.

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