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For better or worse, I did a reply all to an email from Orly Taitz, invoking a remarkable flurry of replies. Most of them were the usual “thank you for contacting NBC News with…”, but one was a human response, from the prominent nObama, Devvy Kidd.

“I’m blocking your email address as I don’t need more ignorance dumped in my email box.”

Let me take a moment to savor that. I’ll post her entire unedited response. No ridicule will follow. I’ll let Devvy speak for herself.

I don’t know who you are, but the text below is more baloney mixed in with 10% facts.

Your Item #1 clearly indicates you have ZERO understanding of ‘natural born at birth.’

Devvy Kidd

Devvy Kidd

McCain is not eligible either, but then you wouldn’t know that because you know NOTHING about ‘natural born at birth,’ a clear requirement of the U.S. Constitution.

I’m blocking your email address as I don’t need more ignorance dumped in my email box.

And, BTW: ever heard of BCC or are you trying to impress everyone with your meager mailing list?

And, further BTW, Comrade Hillary Clinton will be removed from office, too. Or have you not read Judicial Watch’s lawsuit? The plaintiff most certainly has standing.

As you seem to be an ardent supporter of the Great Impostor President, may you wear your chains of bondage with shame. Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka Barry Dunham aka Barack Dunham is a communist, period. He was mentored and created and he has fooled a lot of Americans. Thankfully, there are tens of millions of us who refuse to surrender our rights and accept what’s happening to our republic.

OK, one final jab: Devvy did a Reply All to the whole list and didn’t use BCC. [rimshot]

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12 Responses to Devvy Kidd: YAYAYAYAYAYA I’M NOT HEARING YOU!

  1. More responses. This one not from a public person, so no name will be given.

    Bwahahahahaha, you’re such a liar, whomever you are, and wholly incompetent. But lying seems to be the only way obama’s blind sycophant obamanoids can defend their poseur-in-chief! (obamanoid = obama annoyance droid)

    The actual birth certificate has not been shown/seen by anyone reporting on it (to speak of it would violate confidentiality laws), much less any court, since not one case has gone beyond being stamped ‘no standing’ thus avoiding any discovery phase to expose the Marxist Messiah.

    What you obamanoid liars are calling a birth certificate is actually a ‘certification of’ supposedly an actual birth certificate being on file, issued from wherever. Whomever generated what was the original, before tampering/forgery took place, could have placed whatever upon the document then printed it out. The piece of crap mister Obama has placed on the Internet as his ‘proof’ of natural born citizenship is not acceptable for legal purposes due to being altered — the document disclaimer states that changes void it! A retired FBI documents expert has testified as such in court deposition for the Keyes suit in California!

    The whine of this e-mail to which I’m responding has the sound of ‘if you can’t catch us, we aren’t breaking the law’ … and obamessiah is getting lots of help in usurping We The People, from the fourth estate turned fifth colum, the liberal judges too frightened to honor their oath of office, and a platoon of ‘professional’ liars stinking up websites and media with layered lies.

    Just as a prominent Chinese man in the 1920’s obtained a birth certificate from HI while he was born in China of Chinese citizens, so people over the decades prior to 1982 received HI birth certificates when claiming to be a resident but born ‘off the Islands’.

    When the supposed newspaper announcements are examined, they too are likely fabrications, with subtle yet discernable differences in spacing from the original texts and the inserted text on Barry Soetoro, er, on Barack Obama (and Barack swore on his Illinois application to the IL Bar that he had used no other name than Barack Hussein Obama).

    The quotes obtainable from several of the founders of this Constitutional Republic evidence that the eligibility requirement for President written into the Constitution is aimed at allegiance and is based upon parents’ citizenship at the birth of the child (in this light, Gov. Jindal would be ineligible since his parents were both not citizens of the U.S. when he was born here). Trying to twist the meaning so that any anchor baby with foreign citizenship parents can become president is typical of those lying and conniving who hold We The People in contempt for seeking to remain true to the Constitution our founders gave US.

    And finally, number three on the list of prevarications sent in the accusatory e-mail is telling of the deceit campaign of obamanoids: the document used as a certification of a BC on file states at the bottom that ANY alteration voids the document’s authenticity; the obama campaign has posted an altered document and demands it be accepted as valid for proof of his claim to natural born citizenship. Sadly, most of the elected representatives of the United States have done just that, fallen in line to accept an unacceptable documentation … some of them doubtless knew the authentication was suspect yet authorized his eligibility anyway.

    On a final note, notice please the way this obamanoid goon has twisted the actual statement from Gov. Lingle, to read something she did not state while using some of her phrasing to appear authentic. What she actually conveyed was that Barry’s vault copies of documentation are being handled no differently than anyone elses vault copies, in answer to allegations that Gov. Lingle sealed Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

    This desperation of deceit coming from Barry’s lying sycophants is telling … they know he is likely a fraud, ineligible, and a poseur, thus they will do anything, resort to any deceit to cover for his chicanery because the Constitution does not matter to them so long as they get their man into the office and keep him there by hook or crook. Calling Attorney Taitz a liar then spewing forth a list of blatant lies is quite telling of Obama’s defenders. God have mercy upon the United States, because this poseur-in-chief will not, as he mutates the Republic into his vision of a modern socialist state. The fourth estate turned fifth column enemy of We The People makes this coup even more eggregious.

  2. bogus info says:


  3. Another reply:


    I just read about private investigator Jorge Baro’s report [a neighbor of the address where the newspaper listed the Obama’s residence 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy gave a sworn statement that the Obama’s or Dunham’s NEVER lived at the address listed in the birth anouncement].

    That neighbor (Arakaki) gave the owners as Mr. and Mrs. Orland S. Lefforge but that they both are deceased. I just checked the website for Lefforge in Hawaii. There is an [name redacted] in Hawaii (Tel: [phone number redacted]) [Records of the deceased are sometimes still listed]. But there a [name redacted] there as well. Get a sworn affadavit from (I assume the son [name redacted]) [better still from the parents if they’re still alive] that no Obama/Dunham ever lived on 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy. (the supposed Obama residence) as they had been living there for years before 1961 and for many years after 1961.

    Access and then key in 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy. You’ll see who currently owns the property. Then click on PARCEL ID, then in left hand column SALES HISTORY. With this info, your investigator then gets the official record from the city’s assessor’s office who owned the property in 1961.

    The investigator should then **suggest** that the Lefforge family file a police complaint against the newspaper that placed the ad. If they’re lucky, the police will request the newspaper to hand over info on WHO PAID for the advert in 1961 and who PLACED the advert. If you hit the jackpot, you may see that the text of the advert was sent by telegram from Kenya and the money wired from a Kenyan bank.

    Incidentally, I noticed that the assessed value of 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy is over $662,000. See: My parents (university professor and school teacher) with upper middle class income bought their home in Bridgeport CT in 1952 for $10,000. Today the assessed value is about $270,000. [see: ]. I checked a website that determines changes in value of money between 1952 and 1961. Inflation was low. Unless property values in Honolulu went through the ceiling: I cannot imagine a Kenyan graduate student and his 17 year old wife buying a home in 1961 that was worth (in 1961 dollars) TWICE as expensive as the home my parents bought 8 years earlier.

    It’s a fraud and a criminal offense to place phony birth adverts in newspapers.

    If you’re really lucky, the police will then arrest the Chief of Medical Records of the State of Hawaii (the liar who swore he saw Obama’s original birth certificate) for perjury.

    Birth notices in Honolulu newspapers came from a news service that got them from the health department. They are not advertisements. The address was that of Obama’s grandparents.

    Related article:

  4. richCares says:

    I went to University of Hawaii in the ’60’s. I, my wife and daughter rented a portion of a house with 5 others within walking distance of the University. I don’t know who the owners were, are you saying I didn’t live there because I’m not listed as a owner. Birthers are so brilliant, wow high IQ people they must be as I would never have thought of that!

  5. mimi says:

    That Devvy is truly nuts. If you really wanna get her goat, infer that she is still affiliated with “We The People”. lol

  6. thisoldhippie says:

    This is off topic – except that it’s about ignorant stuff being posted – but I didn’t know where to ask this question. On Plains Radio this morning is a post by Caren that says “Prank Phone Calls” then has a list of Georgia cell phone numbers. No explanation. I missed the show last night – watching Bill Mahr instead – does anyone know what this is about?

  7. Cymraeg says:

    So sad. These birthers are spewing so many rumors and fairy tales as truth. Their vile vituperation is disgusting. All it does is prove that they have nothing worthwhile to say.

  8. myson says:

    Why dont the birther just take there case(s) to right wing appointed judges in Red states % see if they’ll get different results than dismissal ?
    I would like to hear their comment when a red judge refuses standing ?
    All these ‘liberal’ judges comment really annoys me

  9. Notheydidn't says:

    I listened to the first hour with the volume down because Mark McGrew called at 15 till and said that he could not do the show so Ed played music in tribute of his 20 year marriage to Karen for the first 1/2 hour and then some lady called in to talk about a townhall meeting in LA with David Vitter and then they talked about Leo’s case a little. I do not care for the new host, Jim, so I turned it off when he came on. Maybe the pranks happened on his watch. There is supposed to be some special airing 7 PM CST Saturday night with some new group Ed has associated himself with, I think the Freedom Fighters.

  10. Bob Weber says:

    “Private investigator” Baro’s report is quite a hoot. Most of it is typical birfer rhetoric. There is no “sworn statement” from Mrs. Arikaka, rather a statement from Baro that she told him that she couldn’t remember any Obama living at the residence. Worthless in a court of law. I wonder why Baro couldn’t get Mrs. Arikaka to sign a sworn statement? Maybe she was in fear of the Obama death squads! [:>)

  11. Ian Gould says:

    Any judges who rejects their cases is automatically a liberal – including Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts.

  12. Actually Mrs. Arikaka told an unnamed investigator in Hawaii, who told Barro. 3rd hand.

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