How to form a grand jury… O’rly?

Orly Taitz

Orly Taitz

I found the following cookbook for “How to Form a Grand Jury” over at Orly Taitz’s foundation, One can readily see that they are making up the rules as they go along:

1. How to form a Grand Jury:

a. Regulations, authority, citations, legal requirements;
b. Who can call one? (any U.S. citizen? Registered voter? Criminal record excluded? Relationships with those being charged?, etc.)
c. Number of members required, and backups (25, ?); Simple majority for a Presentment/Indictment ?
d. How and to whom to announce the formation of the Grand Jury; method of public notification?
e. Terms to be used: Presentments? Charges? Accusations? Indictments?

2. ‘Presentments’/Charges/Accusations:
a. Criminal fraud – Obama/Soetoro fraudulently running for POTUS;
i. Posting fraudulent documents to perpetuate this fraud (C.O.L.B.);
ii. Failure to register for the draft between the ages of 18 and 26, then posting a fraudulent document to try to prove otherwise;
b. Suspected Treason: Taking over our Government as a Constitutionally ineligible non-U.S. citizen. 3. Venues:
a. Local Court houses – whom to contact (and arguments for) use thereof?
b. Universities and Colleges; Law Schools (a great training exercise);
c. City Halls; Libraries;
d. Community centers; Senior centers; Association clubhouses;
e. Homes;

Here are my observations:

  • They don’t know what authority they have to do what they are doing.
  • They do not understand the petition process for calling a grand jury that exists in 5 states (and not in 45 states).
  • There is no effort or acknowledgment of a cross section of the community. They only want people who have already decided to convict.
  • The outcome (charges, accusations) is determined before the grand jury meets. That is, there is no investigation.
  • The specific charges are bunk, as any one who had read the articles on this web site, or done independent research knows. Just one example is the charge that Obama posted a fraudulent draft registration. Obama did not post such a document, it was his opponents who obtained the document via FOIA, scanned it, “processed the image” it, and posted it. If the document is fraudulent, then the wrong person is on trial.

Finally, even a real grand jury cannot indict a sitting president according to standing interpretations of the Constitution. Following is a comment by “eagleeye” a commenter at Orly’s blog (on another subject later).

Sitting Presidents are immune from indictment and criminal prosecution. This is why no US attorney is interested in your dossiers. But a former President who has been impeached and convicted by the Congress may be indicted and prosecuted for the crimes for which he was impeached and convicted. Your only path for removing Obama from office is by convincing a majority of the House to impeach him and 2/3 of the Senate to convict him.

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83 Responses to How to form a grand jury… O’rly?

  1. richCares says:

    Orly’s fans actually believe that Orly’s efforts will lead to the removal of Obama. They can not only remove Obama but Holder and Roberts. If Orlyy believes her delusions then she needs to be out away for her own safty. So I am curious as to what happens when Orly’s efforts fail as they surely will. Now that can be a bit scary, delusional people being dissed.

  2. kimba says:

    I’m not convinced Orly believes her BS. I think it’s about $. People can play act these silly grand juries, which we all will come to nothing. Where do they think they are going to get these “indictments” prosecuted? Oh, right, they haven’t made that part up yet. The concern is that the disappointment when these efforts really can’t remove Obama will push some unbalanced person over the edge to domestic terrorism, Tim McVeigh style. Fortunately, they have been open enough with their activities that I feel confidence the FBI and Homeland Security probably are keeping an eye on them.

  3. Bob says:

    Here’s RSoL’s coverage.

    Clicking through stuff, you’ll see that Taitz’s presented “evidence” to the “grand jury.”

  4. Bob Weber says:

    Damn you, Dr. C and your graphics! They made me spray Mountain Dew (TM) out through my nose onto the monitor!

  5. cletus says:

    this Russian beehitch is crazy…..and anyone who entertains her foolishness is no better. She has more bals than a brass-as monkey. The first time I heard her speak, her accent was so thick that I could barely understand what she was saying. She questions someone’s u.s. Citizenship, yet her accent sounds as if she could star in the remake of “from Russia with love………”

  6. mimi says:

    Someone at PJ’s showed that the 9/11 truthers “indicted” GWB several years ago. Wonder how that is going? They called it a “citizens grand jury”. Their “jury” was much more diversified than the one being formed now. lol Anyway, any of you birthers can check the intertubes.

  7. It was pretty funny. I forget where I stole it.

  8. I predict that Dr/ Tatiz will morph, her theories on a regular basis for the next four years. Her desire for attention and money is the simple reason.

  9. I haven’t talked about Ms. Conspiracy before. She’s from a Republican background and considers herself an independent. She voted for Bush the first time. She’s definitely not an O-Bot and critical about a lot that goes on in Washington.

    This morning I told Ms. Conspiracy: “25 nutters in Georgia called themselves a grand jury and they indicted Obama.”

    She replied “it’s the Klan.”

  10. Heavy says:

    Doc, time to change your tune. This is turning into an Orly bashing site. You have more integrity than that.

    I’m still waiting to see what “Evidence” was in your mailbox a couple weeks ago.

  11. Heavy, I appreciate your concern about what you describe as “Orly bashing”. I personally think my own comments in the Orly articles, which I think cover “newsworthy” things that need to be discussed, are rather mild, particularly in comparison to what you will see at If you haven’t been to Politijab, I strongly suggest you take a look; click on Forums and then look at the Orly section under eligibility. In any case, I will keep your concern in mind going forward.

    There’s no secret about the “evidence”. I have a FOIA submitted for Stanley Ann Dunham’s passport records, which I will eventually receive and which I hope will show that she had no passport in 1961, quashing the “born in Africa” story for good. I wrote to the Indonesian Ambassador to the United States requesting a statement that Barack Obama was never a citizen of Indonesia. I also have filed an application for a Letter in Lieu of a Certified copy with the State of Hawaii. None of them have come in yet. The first will come in due time. The other two may or may not.

  12. Heavy says:

    Cool. I look forward to your findings. I also think that Orly is a bit wacky and don’t necessarily agree with her methods. It’s just that there are more worthy battles to fight and I don’t want your blog to get a “Reputation”.

  13. Heavy says:

    By the way…Don’t you find it odd that you, a private citizen, is doing all the work to prove that THE ONE is legit? All he has to do is come clean and that’s the end of the story.

    I know, I know. You’ll come back with “The birthers will never be satisified”. That may well be true, but there would be a lot less of them if THE ONE would play ball. Until then, the shadow will never fade. As a matter of fact, the number of doubters ia growing by the minute. Even those who voted for the ILLEGAL ONE are starting to doubt. Some may have a case of buyer’s remorse, but most are just hearing about the whole “NBC” thing for the first time and can’t believe that THE ONE is blocking efforts to reveal the truth.

  14. My speculation is that the Obama eligibility question is so small as not to appear on the administration’s radar, no more than George Bush’s controlled detonation of the World Trade Center appeared on his. I’m here as a hobbyist.

  15. I’m not sure what the “more worthy battles” are. I know full well that in order to keep folks visiting, recommending and linking to this web site, that I have to provide a little something new most every day to keep the interest up. With my Pinckney article, I think that I am out of leads on “natural born citizen” and I don’t think there is anything left to find, at least not on the Internet. I have searched ALL the congressional debates in the 18th and early 19th centuries, I think all of Google books and what’s available from colonial laws. About the only thing I haven’t published is the natural born citizenship clause in the Confederate States of America Constitution (and it’s not instructive).

    Orly is always good for a little comic relief because she will publish virtually anything on her blog (e.g., she’s talking about Trilateralists now). Your point about reputation is well taken, though. One problem is that the blog is “just me” and I have no editorial board looking over my shoulder and enforcing a policy.

    By the way, a coworker heard Orly on the radio last night. He said she was focusing on natural born citizen (and the supreme court’s criminal treatment of her lawsuits). He quoted Orly as saying that the definition of natural born citizen has not been determined and therefore must be addressed by the courts. I pointed out that this is inconsistent with Orly’s claims of criminal fraud by running for president when he knew he wasn’t eligible. The question cannot both be decided and undecided.

  16. kimba says:

    Obama doesn’t have to “play ball” as you put it. The Burden of Proof will always be on those who accuse him. Anyone who continues to try to turn the basis of our justice system around to place the burden of proof on Obama is Un-American and certainly not “for the Constitution.”

  17. Heavy says:

    Kimba, I see you are still blinded by your hatred of GWB.

    The burden of proof lies with THE ONE who claims to be elligible, not the other way around.

  18. kimba says:

    Um, I said Nothing about GWB. Stop trying to distract. In the American justice system, the burden of proof is always, always, always on the accuser. You should ask yourself why do you hate Barack Obama so much you would throw out the cornerstone of American justice. Why do you call for something so UN-American?

  19. Heavy says:

    No, you don’t need to say anything about GWB. It’s implied in liberal thinking.

    Burden of proof does not apply here. There is no accusation being made. Just a request to prove elligibilty that has gone ignored.

    You people are very sick and twisted folks. You would have a pretender as your leader rather make him comply with the LAW!

  20. kimba says:

    Lawsuits by their very nature are accusations, not “requests”. And the burden of proof is on the those accusing. You have obviously never been sued. Additionally there is no LAW that requires the President to prove his eligibility to the general public. If you don’t like the LAW( or lack thereof), work to change it. But first you might consider reflecting on why you want our courts to treat Barack Obama differently than you would expect to be treated. I would submit it is not the folks who believe the President of the United States and the State of Hawaii who are sick and twisted.

  21. Heavy says:

    It has nothing to do with the state of Hawaii and everything to do with the Constitution.

    By the way, what did the state of Hawaii say, exactly?

  22. kimba says:

    Oct. 31 statement from Hawaii’s Dr. Chiyome Fukino:
    “Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawai’i, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, have personally seen and verified that the Hawai’i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.”
    Does this mean Obama was born in Hawaii?

    “Yes,” said Hawaii Health Department spokeswoman Janice Okubo, in both email and telephone interviews with the Tribune. “That’s what Dr. Fukino is saying.”

    If you dispute this statement, contact Dr Fukino’s office yourself.

    There is no law that requires Barack Obama to prove to the general public that he is eligible. There is nothing in the Constitution that requires Barack Obama to prove his eligibility. Stop trying to make up rules.

  23. kimba says:

    Here’s your link. Dr Fukino’s number is on the statement as well as Janice Okubo.

  24. NBC says:

    But there is no evidence that the President has not complied with the law. If no accusations are made then President Obama could not possibly be indicted by the common law grand jury.
    Speaking of the law, does it not concern you how this so called Grand Jury seems to run afoul of said laws?
    Under what argument do you claim that the President has to prove his eligibility and to what extent?

  25. Heavy says:

    So, what he said is that there is a BC on file. Hmmm…Very telling. You people want to believe in this imposter so badly that all logic goes out the window. I used to feel sorry for you. Not anymore.

  26. richCares says:

    so Dr. Fukino, a Republican supporter of John McCain, saw Obama’s BC and is covering up for it, is that what the idiot is trying to say? There seems to be more people in on the conspiracy than the population of Hawaii. Hawaii sent Obama the only Birth Certifacte they supply(my daughter was born in Hawaii in 1965 and that’s all she can get as well). No sense convincing a conspircay idiot, their hate for Obama is too great to let in the truth.

  27. kimba says:

    Nooo, what the Health Director of the State of Hawaii said he has personally seen and verified that Barack Obama’s ORIGINAL Birth Certificate is on file. And when asked to clarify his spokesman confirmed that it indeed meant that Obama was born in Hawaii. The truth is presented to you and you won’t even make the call to confirm it for yourself. The numbers are on the press release. But of course it’s not the answer you want. I feel very very sorry for you.

  28. richCares says:

    A clarification, very few Birthers know that the governor of Hawaii is a Republioan and was a supporter of John McCain, and thhat she appointed a Republican, Dr Fukino, to head the Dept of Health. Acknowleging this takes away a talking point so they avoid it.

  29. Now that’s classic Heavy.

    Given the laws in force at the time, a BC on file is very telling (of a Hawaiian birth).

  30. myson says:

    H, which law has obama not complied with ?

  31. myson says:

    & how does the law say he should compile ?

  32. Gordon says:

    Common affliction of all delusional birthers. No amount of evidence will convince you of what you want to believe. It’s like the Heaven’s Gate cult. Convinced that the Hale-Bop comet was coming to recycle the earth, they felt they needed to commit mass suicide in order to be saved. Birthers have more evidence to the contrary than Heaven’s Gate.

  33. Gordon says:

    When you read their blogs, from Freepers, to Orly’s blogs they never mention the name.

  34. Gordon says:

    You don’t even know what the term “burden of proof” means. It means the responsibility of proving an allegation or charge, look it up.

  35. Heavy says:

    What does politicial affiliation have to do with performing one’s job? Unless, of course, you are a liberal. The statement was very precise and ambiguos. No conspiracy. Liberals are the ONLY ones who claim conspiracy. We only ask for proof of claims made.

  36. Heavy says:

    That’s an outright lie, hon.

  37. kimba says:

    Ms Okubo gave me the same answer, doll.
    Give her a call and ask yourself before you call me a liar.

    (808) 586-4442

  38. richCares says:

    “Give her a call and ask yourself before you call me a liar. ”

    they do not want correct information, the truth is their enemy. There is no way they will call.

  39. My sense of the matter is that people who hang out on censored forums get such reinforcement for their views, and that “obots are liars” and the mainstream media is “afraid” that they don’t conceive of any value in independent research. They are vaccinated against truth.

    It’s like someone coming up to you or me and saying that the US Government blew up the World Trade Center on 9/11 and us labeling them “tin foil hats” and not worthy of serious consideration.

  40. Kevin Bellas says:

    It’s the “Hive mind theory”. Sick minds stick together and so are resisted to change.

  41. Chris says:

    If I were a birther, I could take Doc’s comment and twist it to mean that he thinks the US government blew up the WTC. After all, he just said “the US Government blew up the World Trade Center on 9/11”. Nevermind context or anything.

    Seriously, though, I find Orly’s disciples to be very ironic (or hypocritical if you want to go that route) in defending their beliefs. For a group that promotes themselves as ‘defenders of the Constitution’, THEY are the ones engaging in censorship (or at least Orly is). THEY are the ones trying to remove democratically elected officials, conveniently igoring that there are Constitutional provisions for exactly that. THEY are promoting states separating from the Union. And only in a country like the US could they get away with spouting all of this nonsense without being jailed or worse. I guess it’s hard to rationalize with delusional people.

  42. Bob says:

    Obama v. The Law.

    Ought to be good for a few laughs.

  43. Mark says:

    Top story at “Citizen grand jury
    indicts Obama”. And there is my favorite graduate of the William Howard Taft School Of Law.

    Maybe wnd makes $$ off this birther story??

    There was a citizen’s grand jury, so they say, that got 25 self-proclaimed “patriots” to declare that Obama was born in Africa, or something.

    And they “Indicted the usurper” Woo-Hoo!!

    Very entertaining, these “patriots” say

    For example, they must be “People of the United States,” or “People of California,” or “People of the State of California”; not “citizen of the United States,” nor “citizen of California,” nor “citizen of the State of California.”

  44. This is a comment posted over at regarding the Georgia “Grand Jury”.

    A bunch of yahoos cannot declare themselves a “grand jury” any more than they can declare themselves a “court” or a “congress” or a “school board”. There are a few states where citizens can PETITION for a grand jury to be called (Kansas I think is one), but the whole idea of a grand jury is that they be representative of the community. A group of people with a particular interest getting together for the purpose of writing up an “indictment” is not a cross section of the community. They have no more right to demand something of the Attorney General than 25 people signing a petition, which is all that really happened in Georgia. It was a very small petition signed under delusions of grandeur. You can put lipstick on a petition, but it is still a petition.


    It looks like ObamaCrimes is tolerating critical comments about the “grand jury”, so Berg must not think much of it either.

  45. Bob says:

    Interesting article about the “grand jury” on Salon:

  46. Zuzu says:

    Slightly off-topic, but I keep thinking I’ve read someplace (here?) about some of the really goofy things public officials have been sued over in the past…like presidents not revealing info on space alien visits, things like that.

    Does this ring a bell for anyone? Any examples?

  47. Thanks, Bob. Great article.

    Stories like this one can seem insignificant, especially given the ludicrous legal theories being used. But it’s worth remembering that the conservative news Web site pushing this, World Net Daily, claims to get several million visitors every month.

    I’ve been warning about WND.

  48. It’s not one of my articles. Of course Philip J. Berg sued President Bush, claiming that the US Government was responsible for 9/11.

  49. Bob says:

    Donofrio is now disavowing the monster he created.

  50. Thanks for the link. I replied over there:


    You have expressed a certain disdain for lawful authority (the word “wussy” comes to mind), and in that regard I feel that you provide aid and comfort for vigilantism.

    I believe that this threatening grand jury language is empty rhetoric. Nevertheless, there are some pretty “out there” fringe groups in the country. Those who play with fire sometimes get burned.

  51. Bob says:

    From Orly’s request for cooperation (and threats if you don’t):

    “All of these cyber crimes, together with all the other crimes a that are handled separately, have one common denominator- concerted effort to put Abeam in the White House and keep him there by virtue of fraud and concealment of all of his records.”

    Abeam? ABEAM??!?

    Five letters (three vowels, two consonants), but a world away….

  52. Here Orly and I are in full agreement. Abeam is a usurper.

  53. Zuzu says:

    There’s a fair amount of back and forth in the comments section. I’ve been posting a lot of info I’ve found here…thanks, Dr. C.

    Maybe you’ll post something as well?

  54. Zuzu says:

    He wasted no time denying it.

  55. mimi says:

    Yes Doc. He replied to your comment, and called you “Rambo”. lol

  56. mimi says:

    WND is now selling a magazine of this stuff. They are charging $7.95 I think.

  57. I don’t care what he says, so long as he read it.

  58. Bob says:

    Those pesky hackers are inserting the typos!

  59. Bob says:

    Another birfer suit:

    Craig v. United States.

  60. It’s on the docket link (tab above). I need to read it again (it’s confusing). While it starts off with natural born citizen, I’m still trying to see if the guy is attacking Obama’s eligibility or immigration legislation.

  61. Bob says:

    I think it is an attack on Obama via the naturalization claims, with a long stop in Crazy Town.

  62. It appears to me that he is suing Congress for damages because Congress never passed a law defining “natural born citizen”. I don’t see any claim that Obama himself is not a natural born citizen.

  63. Zuzu says:

    An interesting comment over at the London Telegraph site. Sorry for the long quote, but no way to permalink that I could see.



    teresa, I made no quotes from Wikipedia. I speak from personal knowledge. The Citizen Grand Jury ploy has been used in any number of “patriot” causes. When I worked in the mortgage industry it was used as part of a system marketed by a “patriot” from Michigan intended to void legal mortgage agreements. I have been threatened with indictment. The mortgagors steadfastly asserted their Magna Carta and Constitutional rights right up to the point I foreclosed and sold their houses.

    Federal and State judges have been indicted by these Grand Juries for at least 15 years. Not one had been removed from the bench using this mechanism. So excuse me while I laugh at you and the other clowns placing your hopes of removing a President you happen to dislike in this cartoonish ploy. Barack Obama is the President of the United States. If that irks you feel free to participate in the Congressional elections in 2010 and the Presidential election in 2012 like a real patriot.

    You guys really should get someone better than Orly Taitz as you legal adviser. And, for God’s sake, turn off Glenn Beck’s Cavalcade of Paranoia. It is rotting your brain. I apologize to our British hosts for all these local references. Suffice it to say they are provincial embarassments we try to hide when visitors stop by.

    April 02, 2009
    09:59 PM GMT

  64. Bob says:

    Taitz’s i-petition for indictments.

    Around here it starts getting good.

  65. I have difficulty appreciating the erotic fantasies expressed in the Russian language entries.

  66. Mark says:

    Maybe this piling on, but Orly’s site always gives me a good laugh.

    1) someone sent a letter(allegedly) to the FBI claiming

    “Mr. Soetoro is known for his association for convicted terrorist, convicted criminals, and is a self-confused user of dope in the past”

    She actually fell for this, even though the fake email adress is

    Ok, it was dated April 2, not April Fools Day, but close enough. self-confused LOL

    2) She sent an open letter to the Supreme Court complaining of “hacking into my foundation pay-pal account, where my e-mail address was changed with a scope of impeding receipt of donations”

    Apparently her Pay Pal donations are so critical to the future of America that

    “I hope that the Supreme Court will show proper cooperation in investigation of such crimes by the FBI and other agencies and I request a letter of cooperation to that extend. Refusal to provide such letter of cooperation will amount to obstruction of Justice and aiding and abetting all of the above crimes.”

    Threaten the Supreme Court with Obstruction Of Justice? I bet they are soooo scared…

  67. Mark says:

    Update, scrolling further down the page there is the same letter from someone else, sent on April Fools Day.

    “Mr. Soetoro … is a self-confused user of dope”

    I hope Orly’s Pay Pal account for donations is ok.

  68. kimba says:

    Apparently Orly and Swensson are now skipping the part of their grand jury procedure where the 25 “jurors” meet, are presented evidence and decide, and are instead jumping straight to collecting individual indictments. See her description of their booth at a Kentucky gun show yesterday where she says:
    “At the show we got a booth and together with the first Citizens Grand Jury Foreman, Mr. Carl Swensson, we presented a case for fraud perpetrated by Obama upon American Citizens. Within a few hours 20 new military plaintiffs signed up for my legal actions. Over 300 have signed indictments. We currently have 25 grand Jurors indictments from KY, OH, TN, GA . We should have a number of other states soon.”

    Wow, 300 indictments! That should get the FBI moving! And what better place to find people disgruntled about Obama then at a gun show where they all think Obama is trying to take away their guns and ration the ammunition. It looks to me like the birther movement is morphing into something that leaves eligibility behind and moves into dissatisfaction with the Obama Administration. Progress? Fascinating.

  69. Mary Brown says:

    I hope they are watching this woman and the people she links up with. I wonder if she has any concept of what she is dealing with? Or is she so self involved that she doesn’t know or care. I mean the new KKK, the militias,orindividuals like the young man in Philidelphia.

  70. Hitandrun says:

    In Washington State, Steve Pidgeon believes they’re watching him. Maybe you’re next, Mary Brown.


  71. GeorgetownJD says:

    Thank goodness the ATF is undercover at all these gun shows. And regarding Orly’s visit on Friday to a local FBI office, would anyone be surprised if the Peroxide Pouf were offered a nice mug of coffee — and then the mug carefully placed in a sealed plastic bag and wisked off to the fingerprint lab?

  72. Expelliarmus says:

    They’ve already got her fingerprints on file — its a requirement for bar admission in California. See:

  73. GeorgetownJD says:

    It was a joke. Lighten up.

  74. Bob says:

    Taitz’s presentation of evidence to the common law “grand jury.”

  75. I can’t watch.

  76. Bob says:

    Taitz’s press release contains this gem:

    “After her phenomenal success in meetings with Justice Antonin Scalia, where he personally autographed a copy of his new book for her, and Chief Justice John Roberts, who offered her a Secret Service security escort to assist her with her suitcases filled with petitions, research and legal briefs”

  77. richCares says:

    Good News! Orly’s site doesn’t come up, may be temporary or may be permanent. Hope it’s permanent.

  78. Interesting. Her site is a hosted site and for some reason instead of site content, we’re getting GoDaddy parked site content. Looks like she trashed her configuration somehow or else GoDaddy turned off the lights for non-payment. I’ve been at church; it wasn’t me.

  79. I had to double check the calendar to see that it wasn’t April 1 after reading that article.

  80. richCares says:

    The “.US” site is gone but the “.ORG” works, a bit less obnoxious but still a numb birther site.

  81. thisoldhippie says:

    PLEASE tell me this is a joke!

    In order to facilitate anticipated future meetings to further bolster the case, CODE ORLY volunteers will adopt OuR lady LibertY’s distinct style: platinum coif, kohl-rimmed eyes, pearlescent veneers and a smart business suit.

  82. Mary Brown says:

    It has to be a joke. Or it begins to look like the North Koreans and their leader.

  83. Johnny-O says:

    According to MSNBC, Taitz is full of shit – the so called ‘Kenyan birth certificate’ is a forgery by virtue of the fact that it represents Obama’s birth in the city of Mombassa, Kenya in Aug of 1961 – the trouble is, there WAS NO city of Mombassa, Kenya in 1961!

    It’s true. The city of Mombassa, in 1961, was part of the province of Zanzibar, Tanganyka (now Tanzania) in 1961! The city became part of Kenya only three years later, when Zanzibar was ceded to Kenya from then Tanganyka (Tanzania), so the ‘Kenyan birth certificate’ could not be genuine, since it says on it very clearly that the city is Mombassa, Kenya, even though at that time it was Mombassa in the province of Zanzibar, Tanganyka. Since it doesn’t say that, it can’t be authentic, simple as that. It has to be a fake, and in fact it is dated in 1963, almost a year before the city became part of Keyna in the first place.

    In addition to that, the ‘Kenyan birth certificate’ has been found to be an online copy of a real birth certificate from, of all places, Australia – AUSTRALIA! So, I guess that means Obama is really an Aussie, which is okay with me!


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