Supreme Court reads birther blog?

The all-seeing eye

Big Brother is watching!

According to a report in WorldNetDaily, that’s exactly what’s happening at a blog named “Ms Placed Democrat [website is no  longer operational as of 5/29/2011].” The blog is chock full of Orly Taitz fandom and the usual “Obama is ineligible” mythology.

The WND article shows a screen shot purportedly coming from the Bloggers administrative software and showing a blog access from an IP address registered to the Supreme Court. For most of us, we get IP addresses from large Internet providers who own huge blocks of addresses and without a court order one cannot usually tie an IP address to an individual. However, for older organization, and some large ones, IP addresses are registered by the organizations themselves. I checked the IP address myself, and it does indeed belong to the Supreme Court class “C” network. I’m making an educated address that this IP address,, is that of a network address translating (NAT) router, meaning that it won’t tie to any particular workstation at the Court.

According to Alexa web ratings, Ms Placed Democrat is a very low volume web site, at least it was up until WND article yesterday!

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31 Responses to Supreme Court reads birther blog?

  1. Cee Cee says:


    So a little unknown blog is getting more attention from the Supreme Court than Orly and Berg are.


  2. Expelliarmus says:

    Rather simple explanation, really.

    The Supreme Court has a security force, run through the auspices of the US Marshal’s Office. (this includes the Office of Protective Intelligence & Office of Protective Operations)

    The bloggers have been urging people to make phone calls to various court personnel, and to show up at public appearances of various Justices.

    Ordinary citizens who see inappropriate (potentially threatening) language or an indication of planned action make phone calls or send email to the Supreme Court OPI officer to report this sort of thing, and in turn the OPI/OPS goes online to check it out for themselves. That is THE JOB of the law enforcement personnel assigned to protect the Judiciary.

  3. They didn’t come to see me. 🙁

  4. bogus info says:

    You haven’t shown up at two Justices speaking engagements and tried to give them documents. Do this, and you might just get them to visit your blog. LOL

    BTW, on RSOL they are recycling the “birth announcements are a forgery” thing. The birth announcement was orginally found by a Hillary supporter on Texas Darlin. Someone posted a link to it here but I can’t find it now. Do you recall where it is?

  5. Expelliarmus says:

    It comes from a farce web site — its as if RSOL posted up the Canadian Birth certificate signed by Dudley Do-Right and wrote an article about it. Here’s the site:

    Scroll down the page and follow the links. It has some rather amusing entries; example:

    Obama Mother Forged

    Investigator Andy Martin headed a team of investigators to Hawaii to discover that Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s real Daddy such as in Frank Marshall Davis, Jr. The Black Davis already married to a white Chicago ‘socialite’ with 5 kids passed on Junior. Somewhere there is a white woman who fell for Davis’s bullshit. The Hawaii vault birth certificate has her name. Knowing Black fathers Davis probably passed on signing it making the first BASTARD U. S. President. In an out-of-wedlock birth although Davis was a US citizen the mother’s nationality and citizenship is passed on to her child. Our investigation indicates that ‘Obama’ is older than he claims so the possibility exists that he was born in Hawaii before Statehood in August, 1959 making him UNNATURAL BORN on that score alone.

    It doesn’t compute that the missing white woman was Stanley Ann Dunham, resident of Washington on August 4, 1961, at age 17 not a likely object of the sexual appetite of the 56 year old Davis.

  6. Cee Cee says:

    Bogus Info, is this what you are looking for?

    Something very interesting in that Texasdarlin article because at the bottom of it she says “*The birth announcement was tracked down by Lori Starfelt, the producer of a documentary that PUMA is working on”.

    Or is it the newspaper that published his birth announcement?

    If so, it would be Honolulu Advertiser or Star Bulletin. I came across a site that shows two news with his birth announcement in it.

  7. Cee Cee says:

    Sorry for the typos and missing words.

    I meant to say, “Or is it the newspapers that published his birth announcement you’re looking for?

  8. Yeah, “Atlas Shrugs” is pimping this. Then again, AS is the only site that’s STILL stating their belief in “TechDude”, and they seem to overlook that it was the PUMA blog “TexasDarlin” that broke this news.

  9. bogus info says:


    Thanks a bunch. It was the Texas Darlin article. At RSOL they keep saying the O-bots found the birth anouncements. Gonna post this article by Texas Darlin. LOL Again, Thanks a bunch!

  10. Ms Placed Democracy has Atlas Shrugs in her blog roll.

  11. The link to the article in the Honolulu Advertiser that discusses the birth announcements (one of which was in their paper) is at:

    Bookmark that, as it has lots of facts.

  12. Jez says:

    I added a little note on Ms. Geller’s blog about Texas Darlin’ posting about the announcements back in July. Pam is claiming credit by saying that TD picked up on HER posts. They did both post something on the same day (7/23).
    Who knows. At this point, who cares. They are all nucking futz.

  13. bogus info says:

    I’m a lousy researcher but I’m great at broadcasting what others have researched. LOL I posted the Texas Darlin link on Phil/RSOL blog. What’s so crazy, if you will read the comments in the Texas Darlin article, they still try to find a way to spin/discount what this Lori person found. Truly amazing. Probably a waste of time to post the link but I get so darn tired of them recycling false information that has been PROVEN FALSE numerous times.

  14. bogus info says:

    What is going to be interesting Monday is what SCOTUS does with Orly. I don’t possibly see how SCOTUS can post the Lightfoot v Bowen because, if I understand it correctly; 1. Orly did not have a petition for a writ of cert. 2. her deadline to file a petition for a writ of cert has passed. 3. Orly only had a application to stay which cannot be reconsidered and even if it could, the deadline to file for a rehearing has also passed.

    As far as the Quo Warranto–I don’t think they will post that either.

    But, I might be wrong? It will be interesting to see.

  15. bogus info says:

    This is probably who is monitoring these birther blogs perhaps?
    Supreme Court of the United States
    Police Department

    “Jurisdiction: The Supreme Court of the United States Police is a small
    federal law enforcement agency headquartered in the District of Columbia,
    whose mission is to ensure the integrity of the constitutional mission of
    the Supreme Court by protecting the United States Supreme Court building,
    the Justices, employees, guests, and visitors.”

  16. Starbeau says:

    I view this type web site only ocassionally because the Obama supporters continue to focus on Obama’s birth place. Obama would not be eligible even if he were born in the Oval Office with anyone you want to witness the birth there.
    He is ineligible because his father was from Kenya. Learn about the requirements before running your lips.
    Get off the birth place. Has nothing to do with his ineligibility.

  17. richCares says:

    help us learn the requirements, what is your source?

  18. Cee Cee says:

    Oh God *rolled eyes*. Not this again. lol

  19. Cee Cee says:

    Also the birth place has everything to do with it. Wasn’t it you guys making a big deal that Obama refuse to show his birth certificate because it may show his suppose “true birthplace”? Or that it was you guys claiming he was born in Kenya, Canada, etc.

    It’s sad, since evidence is mounting up and coming to light against your false claims of Obama not being eligible I guess your old false claims don’t matter now, now don’t they?

    To you guys it doesn’t matter if he does give permission to show his long form certificate because in your eyes he won’t be qualified no matter what.

  20. GeorgetownJD says:

    C’mon, richCares, get with the program. The source of Starbeau’s “requirements” is that preeminent publication of learned constitutional thinking, WorldNuttersDaily. LOL

  21. I would be very pleased to “get off the birth place” but Obama opponents (including lawyers Orly Taitz and Philip Berg) insist on it. You should understand that there are very strong partisans of the “birth place” argument just as there are partisans for the redefinition of natural born citizen and each say the other is wrong. I have to deal with the errors of both of them.

    It’s an interesting coincidence that you posted your comment as I was publishing my latest article on Emerich de Vattel and The Law of Nations.

    You exhibit your own blindness when you say “Learn about the requirements before running your lips.” If you opened your eyes to what’s on this web site, you will find more material and links to material on the issue of natural born citizenship than probably any other web site on the Internet! Just click on that little link near the top of the right sidebar labeled “Citizenship”. I daresay you will learn something.

  22. If you look at blogs prior to June 2008, no one had the slightest issue with Obama’s father being a Kenyan. It was only after the birth certificate was published that opponents had to find a new excuse to deny Obama the White House, and hence the natural born citizen redefinition campaign.

  23. richCares says:

    Correction, that’s “WorldNutDaily”, the preeminent competitor to “The Onion”, their farce news is actually quite funny, especially their science analyst “Chuck Berry”, oh that’s “Chuck Norris”, the earth is 10,000 years old Norris! . (he is so good he can kick his own butt twice in 9 blinks of an eye!)

  24. bogus info says:

    Curious thing. The link to WND and Ms Place Democrat about SCOTUS reading blog no longer comes up. Wonder what the deal is?

  25. Zuzu says:

    Yes, the Texas Darlin site not only posted the birth announcement, but the PUMA who found it wrote a long comment explaining that the birth announcement info came straight from the Dept of Vital Records, and not from the families:

    (Scroll up to see the enlarged scan of the newspaper page … note the column heading says “Health Bureau Statistics.”)

    The article in the Honolulu Advertiser said the same thing.

    Also, here’s a link to the Star Bulletin announcement:

  26. Zuzu says:

    Yes, it could also be the Supreme Court Police checking up.

  27. I was looking at the March Top 10 visitor list for this blog and at number 7 was an IP address from GSA.GOV. My IP address was just #10.


  28. Susan Allen says:

    Dear Friends,

    Susan Allen here from the hr1503 coalition. Please consider supporting a bill ,we need a mechanism in place to up hold article 2 section 1.

    We need to get these bills passed at the federal and state levels.

    If you think this is a good idea please contact me at

    Thank you,
    Susan Allen

  29. G says:

    Susan Allen: If you think this is a good idea please contact me at

    Sorry Susan, I don’t think it is a good idea. In fact, I think it is total nonsense.

    I also think it is really lame when folks come out of nowhere to post on long-dead blog threads. That doesn’t seem to be a very smart decision on your part…and such poor decision making just hurts your cause further.

  30. Arthur says:

    Sorry Susan, I don’t think it is a good idea.In fact, I think it is total nonsense.I also think it is really lame when folks come out of nowhere to post on long-dead blog threads.That doesn’t seem to be a very smart decision on your part…and such poor decision making just hurts your cause further.

    I agree with G on this–if for no other reason than that the Lunatic from the Lone Star State, Louis Gohmert, was a cosponsor. I’m generally non-violent, but that guy brings out the death instinct in me.

  31. Susan AllenDear Friends,

    Susan Allen here from the hr1503 coalition….

    This is an interesting comment for two reasons. First it appears on a long-dead thread which has nothing whatever to do with HR 1503. The second is that it comes from an IP address in Australia. Also the hyperlink to her web site left with the message (what you get if you click on her name) is malformed and leads nowhere. Usually a message with these characteristics is the result of a poorly-configured, mass-posted spam campaign (I get these by the thousands), although I don’t see this text anywhere else (Google search). Curious anyway.

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