Complaint against Orly Taitz filed with Cal Bar

According to the Native and Natural Born Citizen Explored blog. An official complaint has been filed with the California Bar Association about the conduct of California Attorney, Orly Taitz. The complaint, obviously written by someone with legal training, is a scathing condemnation of her behavior compared to the California attorney standards and law.

Generally, I agree with the complaint. The author, whose identity is unknown to me, knows about this blog as one of the case files in the PDF version is hyperlinked to the library here.

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39 Responses to Complaint against Orly Taitz filed with Cal Bar

  1. Chris says:

    As someone with no legal background or training (much like Taitz, coincidentally), what would be the next step here after a complaint is filed?

  2. anon in Ca says:

    1. written complaint by consumer

    2. an inquiry is opened
    -evaluated and closed or sent to

    3. investigation by an investigator and Bar prosecutor from the Enforcement Unit
    -at investigation’s conclusion a determination is made to dismiss the complaint, impose an informal confidential resolution or

    4. file disciplinary charges in State Bar Court

    5. charged attorney must file an answer or risk a default judgment or involuntary enrollment as an inactive bar member.

    6.If a settlement cannot be reached, the case goes to trial in State Bar Court. After the trial, the hearing judge issues a written decision. Either side may appeal the decision to the State Bar Court’s Review Department.

    The California Supreme Court is the final arbiter in attorney discipline cases.

  3. Bob says:

    The bar first will decide whether to investigate. If it decides to investigate, it will decide whether to file charges in the state bar court. (The state bar could also issue a “private” letter of admonishment, which does not appear the public disciplinary file.)

    Filing charges in the state bar court is similar to filing charges in a criminal court except there is no jury. A state bar prosecutor will call witnesses and introduce evidence, and the defending attorney may do likewise. The defending attorney may retain counsel, but that is not required (nor is counsel appointed).

    The state bar court will make a ruling. It may be appealed to appellate department of the state bar court. After that, a petition for review may be filed with the state supreme court.

    In all likelihood, however, the state bar will not investigate. Anonymous complaints aren’t taken all that seriously. Also, the state bar tends to prefer cases where’s there’s an actual victim, like a client whose money was stolen by the attorney, or where malpractice injured the client. Complaints about being a poor attorney, abusing the judicial process, etc. usually don’t carry much weight, unless a judge referred the attorney to the state bar.

  4. Chris says:

    Maybe 25 of us could get together for a ‘Citizens Grand Jury’. lol

  5. I guess we need to recruit plaintiffs! Seriously though, from what I heard about the California Bar, nothing is going to come from them on this. So what we have here is an official document that becomes part of the public record, impugning the value of what Orly Taitz is doing. The battle is for the Internet mind space, not the California bar. We’ll see if the centrist web sites pick up on this and what they make of it.

  6. Bob says:

    We’ll see if the centrist web sites pick up on this and what they make of it.

    I would submit the “centrist” web sites (Are you thinking of specific sites?) would consider all of this oooooooold news.

  7. I was thinking specifically about the bar complaint against Orly. Come to think of it, I don’t know any centrist web sites small enough to consider Orly.

  8. Ugly Taints says:

    Her false reports of hacking of her website to the FBI that were confirmed false by her webhost/webmaster should be enough alone to sanction her.

  9. Expelliarmus says:

    Sorry to day, but this complaint is not an “official document” — it is merely a very well drafted communication that was purportedly sent, anonymously, to the State Bar of California. (I say purportedly, because unlike a legal pleading, we don’t even have a file stamped copy to verify that it was submitted and received).

    Unfortunately, it is no more “official” than a letter I might write to my congressman — it is merely a printed communication to an official agency that has now been shared widely.

    California State Bar proceedings are confidential, so there is no way to track progress. Because this was submitted anonymously, even the submitter would not be able to follow up on it.

    The Bar may or may not act on it. Whether they act on it may depend in part on whether they already had an open file & investigation pending against Orly. But whatever they do will take place in private up until the time they render some sort of recommendation & finding (which may or may not be public, depending on what they choose to do). If they disbar or suspend Orly… we’ll know — but they could also issue a private reproval, which would not be publicly disclosed.

  10. “Official document” was a careless choice of words; perhaps “official-looking document” would be better.

  11. Expelliarmus says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I just want to make sure that we don’t commit the same error as the “citizens grand jury” proponents, confusing official documents with citizen-generated documents.

    The Orly complaint is well drafted, but it is no more or less significant to the California state bar than a hand scrawled letter written on lined notebook paper they might get saying, “my lawyer stole my money.” Either one is a starting point from which an investigation may be undertaken.

  12. Bob says:

    The complaint also should allege that Taitz is an idiot:

    “AP Article says Obama released his Occidental College records on April 1. It states Obama was a foreign student from Indonesia who received financial aid and was awarded the Fullbright Foundation Scholarship for foreign students.”

    “Many of the Obots are trying to pass this off as an April Fool’s Joke, but I am skeptical. Why would you date the article as ‘April 1′ if it were an April Fool’s joke?”

    Why, indeed, would you date as April 1 an April Fool’s joke?

    Here’s the second clue it is a joke:

    “In a move certain to fuel the debate over Obama’s qualifications for the presidency, the group ‘The Coalition for Freedom of Information’ has released copies of President Obama’s college transcripts from Occidental College.”

    The “Coalition for Freedom of Information” hunts for UFOs.

  13. NBC says:

    A much worthier cause indeed. The violation of international and national law by high level US officials cannot remain uninvestigated. But Orly has always been mostly a non-issue, though fun to report on.

  14. Heavy says:

    Yeah! Let’s prosecute those who keep us safe. That will give great incentive to those in charge now to keep up the good work!

  15. Chris says:

    Ha! I read that article too. Why would an April Fools joke be dated April 1? I have no earthly idea. Maybe becuase it’s, I don’t know, effing APRIL FOOLS DAY? I’m going to start celebrating Independence Day on June 18 now, just so they don’t get suspicious.

  16. Heavy says:

    Have you read the news lately? Try it sometime. You just might learn something.

  17. Putting a different date on an April Fools Joke is bad sport.

  18. DH says:

    Oh dear. Seen this (hilarity follows)?

  19. TruthMatters says:

    Instead of charging Dr. Taitz, why not charge Obama with treason. He is mocking our constitution and our way of life in the USA. He has refused to show any records of his college attendance or long form Certificate of Live Birth from Hawaii. (which is the only form which would prove his natural born citizenship).
    Dr. Taitz is merely trying to awaken the slumbering multitudes from this grand deception by the usurper Obama.

  20. NBC says:

    Instead of charging Dr. Taitz, why not charge Obama with treason. He is mocking our constitution and our way of life in the USA. He has refused to show any records of his college attendance or long form Certificate of Live Birth from Hawaii. (which is the only form which would prove his natural born citizenship).
    Dr. Taitz is merely trying to awaken the slumbering multitudes from this grand deception by the usurper Obama.

    1. College records have no relevance to the eligibility.
    2. The COLB provides sufficient data to establish if President Obama was born on US soil. He was.
    No need to charge Obama for a crime that never happened.

    But I understand, your way of life may not include someone like Obama. Sad really… Especially since you are hiding behind the Constitution.

  21. I suggest you read the Constitution rather than spouting nonsense. As for Orly Taitz, the complaint stands for itself.

  22. Mary Brown says:

    Arrest people for treason for mocking the constitution and our way of life? Who gets to define those terms? I believe the constitution defines treason rather narrowly. The founders were very wise.

  23. TruthMatters says:

    To answer your comments: College records and Certificate of Live Birth (long form) have been kept secret because Obama is most likely from a foreign born parent (Soetero). The fact that one parent, his father, was not a citizen of the U.S. at the time of Obama’s birth, disqualifies him for office.
    What has Dr. Orly Taitz done but merely try to uphold the constitution?

  24. You’re entitled to speculate about why the records were not made public, but you certainly cannot say with any assurance that your speculation is true.

    As for Orly, the complaint referenced in the main article speaks for itself. The Constitution calls for a vote of the Electoral College and certification of the election of a president by the Congress. The Constitution says that a president may only be removed by impeachment.

    Orly’s call for revolt in the armed forces, citizen grand juries, citizen courts and whatever extra-legal scheme she can think of are all outside the constitution. Look up the word “sedition” sometime.

  25. Heather says:

    Disbarment seems rather appropriate. Though, it in no way prevents Ms. Taitz from bringing her lawsuit on her own behalf, at least she can’t go around offering her type of “legal advice” for money.

  26. LetFreedomRing says:

    Who are you referring to when you say, “those who keep us safe” ?

  27. TruePatriotHrt says:

    This is just plain hateful. The woman is not a danger to anyone but the people she has filed a lawsuit against.
    How many corrupt lawyers do we have in D.C?
    Think hard, it will come to you.

  28. Bob says:

    The woman is not a danger to anyone but the people she has filed a lawsuit against.

    So you approve of wasting taxpayer money to fight frivolous lawsuits?

  29. Chance says:

    The only person wasting money is Obama and his thugs and the person hired to run this blog!!

    Leave Orly alone. YOu are only making your thuggery look even worse than you already are. The real birth cert was found and millions already know he is a usurper as well as the reast of the world. That is why he is so dangerous and must be taken out of office.

  30. No one pays me to run my blog.

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  32. Brit says:

    Americans are weird, at least we are having a good laugh about all this socialist and accusations about Obama being an usurper.

    My best friend’s son had Wilm’s tumor and didn’t pay a dime for medications and cancer treatment in England. He was seen very quickly by our doctors. How many people do you have dying of cancer because they lost their jobs and could not get health insurance on pre-conditions basis?

    Americans is a Disneyland, it all seems good until you take a deep look at it.

    From someone who lived once in Disneyland!

  33. I’ll be 60 years old next year. When I talk to my friends, my age and a little older, the conversation often comes around to the question, “so when are you going to retire”? And the answer invariably is conditioned on the fear that we can’t get affordable insurance coverage between now and when Medicare kicks in at age 65.

    Folks (except young very healthy people) know that buying private health care insurance is a horror in the US. And they also know that they pay double or triple the rates for health services compared to what providers have contracted with the insurance companies to charge for the same service. Add to that the fact that hospitals are required to provide free care to indigent persons. This means the average working Joe without health insurance is subsidizing care for hospital indigent care PLUS subsidizing discounted care for people with insurance.

    Joe the plumber is totally nuts to oppose health care reform, out of his bleeding gourd. These idiots shouting down town hall meetings are really saying: screw us over, bankrupt us, ruin us, anything but make us be afraid of the false rumors we’ve been fed.

  34. Vicky says:

    I live in Uk where we all get free health care, well actually not free we pay according to what we earn but those of us that don’t earn, like me because I am unable to work through ill health Still get health care the same as everyone else. My Son just had his life saved by our NHS he would have been dead in 48 hours without it, he had a brilliant doctor who saved his life and didn’t have to think about who was going to pay for it. In UK Doctors get to care for their patients regardless of money. You should have that too. It’s time the American people realised they are being shafted. Health care in the USA is like a mafia protection racket and I hope it changes for you all soon.

  35. LaVie says:

    Typical Obama clandestine work. You have to ask yourself ‘Why does the California Bar not trust its own people to carry out the law?” That they have to usurp the process by threatening her license to practice gives credibility to what Ms. Taitz is doing.

  36. LaVie: That [the California Bar] by threaten[s] her license to practice gives credibility to what Ms. Taitz is doing.

    See, this is the perfect example of perverse birther reverse logic: if the official body says you’re wrong, that means you’re right. However, as far as I know, the California Bar has been silent about this so far.

  37. wendy says:

    welll… yeah, the CA bar trusts their attorneys to follow both the law and rules of professional conduct. And also have the means to disbar anyone who blatantly IGNORES both of the above.
    “Ms Orly” is completely ignorant of what the law is, or how she violates EVERY INTENT of licensing regulations.
    One has to ask how/why her groupies don’t bother finding out WHAT the law is, or HOW Orly is acting outside the law.
    Or, if they ACTUALLY READ ANYTHING aside from the National Enquirer of the internet, they MIGHT find out what kind of fools they really are.
    There is NOTHING CREDIBLE about what she is doing. She lies to herself and the world, and collects money for it. Filing lawsuits relating to THINGS THAT NEVER HAPPENED IS ILLEGAL, AND MORE THAN ENOUGH TO DISBAR HER.
    I’ll repeat that, slowly…
    Orly Taitz is completely ignorant of the law. You are welcome to pass that along to her.

  38. Sam Barber says:

    Oily Teatz and the “Birther/Usurper”‘ movement is full proof that half of America has an IQ under 100.

  39. lance says:

    These people are so full of hate it has driven them insane! Orly Taitz should be disbarred, charged and convicted for insiting hate and racism and be hog tied and ship back to Moldova NOW!

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