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The thing that makes my blood pressure go up more than any other, is when some smart mouth says with complete assurance that “everybody knows that a natural born citizen must have two citizen parents.” In truth, prior to Obama posting his birth certificate online last June, nobody thought that.

This cryptically-titled article shows an example of a consensus of just the opposite.

Look Tin Sing was born in the California. His parents  who resided in California were subjects of the Emperor of China. Look left the United States and was barred from returning because he lacked the certificate required of the Chinese. He sued in the US Circuit Court for the Central District of California, claiming he was a natural born citizen of the United States.  In the court’s ruling (1884) (which affirmed Look’s citizenship), they a cited a case from the Supreme Court of New York, Lynch v. Clarke (1844) as follows:

In that case one Julia Lynch, born in York in 1819, of alien parents, during their temporary sojourn in that city, returned with them the same year to their native country, and always resided there afterwards. It was held that she was a citizen of the United States. After an exhaustive examination of the law, the vice-chancellor said that he entertained no doubt that every person born within the dominions and allegiance of the United States, whatever the situation of his parents, was a natural-born citizen; and added that this was the general understanding of the legal profession, and the universal impression of the public mind.

The court went on to say:

By being born within the allegiance of a government is only meant
being born within the protection of its laws, with a consequent obligation to obey them when obedience can be rendered. … McKay v. Campbell,2 Sawy.118; U. S. v. Osborne, 6 Sawy. 406; Worcester v. Georgia, 6 Pet. 515.

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56 Responses to In re LOOK TIN SING

  1. anon says:

    That case gives a definition for “natural-born citizen”.

    Article II, Section 1 of The United States Constitution specifies that the President must be a “natural born Citizen”.

    Quite clearly two different things.

  2. I_Heart_Unicorns says:

    Nice find Dr C.

  3. This is another example of the kind of ignorant arrogance that irks me. They are not “clearly two different things”; it is easily shown that they are exactly the same thing..

    The first draft of the US Constitution was reported to the Convention by the Committee of Detail on August 6, 1787. This first draft did not have the “natural born Citizen” clause in it. As a result of the ensuing debate the additional qualification for president was added, and the Constitution draft was passed to the Committee of Five (also known as the Committee of Style) to improve the document’s style. The Committee of Five reported its version to the Constitutional Convention on September 12. That version had the new qualification for president: “natural-born citizen”. Between that version and the final signed copy the hyphen went away, and “citizen” became capitalized. Nevertheless, the original addition to the Constitution said “natural-born citizen” and I think one would be hard pressed to argue that the meaning changed along with the typography.

    The Growth of the Constitution in the Federal Convention of 1787 Page 354

  4. One has but to look at the citations in the old cases to find abundant material.

  5. That’s the same PDF I link to in the main article.

  6. NBC says:

    I wish I could say that I knew this 🙂
    Great find

  7. Heavy says:

    One has to just “Show the damn thing” and it all goes away.

  8. And the “damn thing” would be a certified copy of a letter from George Washington stating that “natural born citizens” as referenced in Article II, does not require citizen parents?

  9. NBC says:

    Remember how Heavy called the fact that courts have consistently ruled that natural born citizens are those born on US soil, regardless of the status of their parents, a lie.

    Seems that the so-called lie has a lot of supporting evidence, doesn’t it?

    But Heavy is not interested in exploring the facts, all he wants is to see the document even thought it is a fact that it states that President Obama’s city of Birth was Honolulu.

    Game over.

  10. Heavy says:

    Game over? Hardly! Let’s see the “Genuine” article. THEN the game will be over.

  11. NBC says:

    Still denying the facts I notice…


  12. kimba says:

    Oh Heavy, if you were selected for a special delegation to fly to Hawaii, meet with the Director of Health and by personally shown the Original birth certificate that Hawaii has on file showing he was born in Honolulu just like his online BC says, you would jump up and say ” HA, doesn’t matter, father not US citizen, not Natural born citizen, Plus there’s the dual British citizenship and of course the fact that he was adopted and is really an Indonesian citizen.” You can’t fool us, nothing would satisfy you the things you write suggest that you are one of those who cries “eligibility” when in fact your problem with Obama is something else entirely.

  13. richCares says:

    in 2007 Obama supplied his BC to meet DNC eleigibility requirements, sadly heavy was not included so he is demanding to be included. Just let him have his deluded opinions even though there is no way the Birthers can remove Obama. Just let them be silly, we need a good laugh.

  14. Heavy says:

    Wow! One little comment and you slimy libs come out of the woodwork.

    Here is the ONLY fact to date. Your messiah REFUSES to play ball. Until he does, this issue will hang over his head and the that of the whole country.

    Instead of going around the world and apologizing, he should take care of business at home.

  15. JM says:

    Why do you keep calling him the messiah? I seriously don’t get that.

  16. richCares says:

    “Why do you keep calling him the messiah? I seriously don’t get that.”

    it’s a right wing talking point to explain Obama’s popularity, or they believe he is the Messiah, or they are just ignorant.

    “slimy libs”, nice retort from an idiot!

  17. myson says:

    I just read Mario A piece, i like it !!! its been a while a birther came up with a new theory for us to chew, i was just about getting bored with Orly, Berg, Don etc
    Most Africans must still be British citizen as my father just left Uk & took up Nigerian Citizenship without doing anything.
    I’m so happy i can now go apply for my Uk citizenship !!!!

  18. Heavy uses the word “messiah” as an irritation to induce the “slimy libs [to] come out of the woodwork”. The more unreasonable or unfair the comment, the more likely it is to invoke an angry reply.

  19. NBC says:

    Par for the course:

    We present logical arguments and supporting evidence, Heavy responds with insults.

    Instead of addressing the facts, he insists, incorrectly that President Obama has not presented sufficient data to establish where he was born. In fact, the COLB, which is prima facie legal evidence, shows that President Obama’s Birth Place to be Honolulu. And nothing is going to change that fact. And for obvious reasons, Heavy is going to ignore ‘them inconvenient facts’

    One thing is for sure, President Obama refuses to listen to silly requests, after all he has better things to do that waste his time. Look at all the wonderful changes he has made and is making to US policy.

  20. richCares says:

    Just saw the video of our troops cheering and hugging Obama in Iraq. What an amazing show of support for their commander, wildly cheering with shouts of “I Love You”. Too bad Orly and heavy didn’t see that.

  21. Heavy says:

    It’s simple. That’s how libs view THE ONE.

  22. Heavy says:

    They were reading from a teleprompter.

  23. Heavy says:

    Actually it is quite accurate.

  24. We are an isolationist, are we?

    Rather than the issue hanging over the head of the whole country, I think the dark cloud is more limited than that:

  25. Heavy says:

    There is NOTHING logical about your “Evidence”. It is wishful thinking and conjecture.Kind of like guessing what is in the treasure chest. Only THE ONE has the key.

    He certainly has made a lot of changes. None for the better. Why is he apologizing to the world?

  26. richCares says:

    teleprompter and messiah, two obsolete right wing talking points, the only thing they accomplish is showing ignorance.

    heavy probably believes the earth is 6000 years old and dinosaurs walked with man and often says “I didn’t come from no monkey”

  27. Evidence is “fact”. It is neither logical nor illogical.

  28. Heavy IS a dinosaur, bless his heart.

  29. Heavy says:

    No, it’s 4000 years old.

    Let’s see, Rich. You support abortion, gay marriage, gun control, ACLU and affirmative action. Am I right?

    Oh, almost forgot…BUSH SUCKS!

  30. Heavy says:

    Yes, I’m a dinosaur. I believe in the Constitution.

  31. kimba says:

    Heavy, Heavy, Heavy, you have obviously never been sued. As soon as the first person filed suit, the burden of proof shifted permanently to the accusers. Obama has no obligation to “just show” anything as the basis of our justice system is “innocent until proven guilty”. Whether it is a civil or criminal case, the burden of proof is always, always, always on the plaintiff. Even if one of these suits made it to arguments, Obama has no obligation to present any evidence in his defense. You would know this if you had ever been sued. I think you do know, but you only have one talking point “Obama has the key.” Sorry Heavy, that avenue was surrendered by choosing to file lawsuits.

  32. richCares says:

    Am I right?
    No, you are wrong, I own 7 guns including a replica of my US Marine weapon. Simplistic people always project like you do.

    5000 years ago the Chinese emperor was making an army of statues to guard his tomb. Around the same time papyrus was being used to record events.

  33. I have an artifact from my youth, a facsimile edition of the Constitution. I got it out of the file cabinet last night to look at it and read some. I’ve kept it this these 45 years because I believe in the Constitution too. If it weren’t for my belief in the Constitution and in truth, justice and fair play, this web site wouldn’t exist.

  34. Chris says:

    OK. Sometimes you come up with a good one liner, and this is one of those times.

  35. NBC says:

    Donot confuse Heavy with facts that undermine his ‘faith’…

  36. richCares says:

    “Do not confuse Heavy with facts that undermine his faith’…”
    just ridiculing him, but then I realised he does a much better job at that by himself.

  37. Heavy says:

    Ok, you own some guns, for now. Aside from the age of the Earth (Which was my sarcasm) you did not dispute anthing else. That says a lot about you…None of it good.

  38. Heavy says:

    Really? That’s an interesting perspective. You believe in the Constitution, yet voted for someone who does not. Hmmm…

  39. NBC says:

    Using your logic, the fact that you do not dispute in any relevant manner the facts about the COLB and how courts have interpreted the term natural born, says a lot about you…
    None of it good.

    Well done Heavy.

  40. Heavy says:

    Wrong, hon. As I’ve said before, he is obligated to prove he meets the requirements.

    If you apply for grad school, will they make you prove you have the qualifications, or take your word for it?

  41. Heavy says:

    Prove it or shut up. VERY simple.

  42. Heavy says:

    No. The cloud is getting larger and a big storm’s a brewin’!

  43. Heavy says:

    Now you’re getting it. The rift that divides this country has grown into a chasm because of this clown.

  44. Chris says:

    The rift you refer to is a figment of your fertile imagination. You should write a screenplay – your fantasies are very vivid. Might get you out of the house. You know, interact with some warm bodies.

  45. Actually, it didn’t quite go that way. When I applied for Grad school, they didn’t require me to prove I had an undergraduate degree. I provided a preliminary transcript prior to my graduation. It was only when I FINISHED grad school and was about to receive my masters degree that they out of the blue required proof of my undergraduate degree award.

  46. Chris, congratulations on making the 6,000th published comment on Obama Conspiracy Theories. This entitles you to one year free subscription to read this web site.

  47. Heavy says:

    At Least SOMEONE has a sense of humor!

  48. Heavy says:

    Only 6000? I thought I had that many myself. Thanks for letting me play in your sandbox, Doc.

  49. Chris says:

    Alright! I have so many people to thank…

  50. Just 307.

  51. myson says:

    its not fair some of us are here everyday & Chris gets it ……
    I demand (like Orly) that you release to the FBI the record of postings on this site so that anyone that removed my post which would have been the 5000th post will be prosecuted for his crime, i suspect ur deputy !!!

  52. Gordon says:

    The rift you refer to is 150 years old. It refers to a person of color being POTUS, plan and simple. I like to cut to the chase, everything else I see you guys refer to is totally lacking in evidence.

  53. Gordon says:

    When in doubt, one must refer to prejudices and assumptions.

  54. Mark says:

    Sorry, let me try again

    Heavy, you a cool “troll”. You stay on topic and communicate well.

    What will ever be “GENUINE”? It is 2009, high school kids with PhotoShop could make a fake UFO picture/Birth Certificate.

    Look at the bright side. In 8 years Obama will be gone and all of this will be moot/mute/whatever.

  55. Comments about Apuzzo’s claim that Barack Obama is a British citizen have been moved here:

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