Orly’s explosive Dossier (or Cat Fight) #6

Orly Taitz

Orly Taitz

Earlier today, crusading lawyer, Dr. Orly Taiz, DDS, ESQ, provided Obama Conspiracy Theories her latest bombshell, Dossier #6. This blog expresses its sincere condolences to the following officials who also received a copy:

  • Attorney General Eric Holder;
  • Solicitor General Elena Kagan;
  • Director of FBI Robert Mueller;
  • FBI Cyber Crime division, Orange County CA,
  • Officer Nathan Le
  • Director of Secret Service Mark Sullivan;
  • Chief of Security of the Supreme Court,
  • Officer Christine Giaccio;
  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts;
  • Legal Counsel to the Chairman of Joint
  • Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mullen, Captain Crawford

The US Postal Service canceled scheduled layoffs in anticipation of the “certified mail” revenue for all of these letters and return receipts.

The opening digs out some pretty old information:

Please see in attachment affidavit of licensed private investigator Jorge Baro and forensic document examiner Sandra Ramsey Lines. Both are stating that Certification of Live Birth posted by Obama on internet cannot be viewed as genuine and original birth certificate from the vault in Hawaii needs to be produced to verify his place of birth and citizenship.

Readers here will likely have seen a discussion of Baro’s “affidavit” which shows that it doesn’t say what people claim it does. Baro also copies and pastes some misinformation from the Internet including oft-reported, and easily proved false claims about Hawaiian law.  Sandra Lines cast no criticism specifically against the Obama Certification of Live Birth beyond her general statement that no document image on the Internet can be relied upon.

Then Orly presents some evidence I hadn’t seen before. I present this in its entirety:

Dear Orly,

I am back in Senegal and today was talking with someone who helped raise votes for Obama. We didn’t go into too much as I didn’t want him to become suspicious, but he said foreign money was sent through Western Union. Perhaps this would be an area to have investigated. He did say that he, like many others, is very disappointed in O.

Hope this helps. I’m praying for all of you on the forefront of this. May God give us a true breakthrough.

Susie Murzynski

“Raise votes for Obama”? They vote for the US President in Senegal? So we have someone we never heard of claiming to have talked to someone, but not too much, and whose name is not given,… May God make your nose grow long if you are lying.

Then, as one might expect, Orly drags gives HER version of the recent loss of her web site and airs internal dirty linen:

My web master Lisa Ostella stated that such a report gives her, as a web master. bad name and demanded that I take the hacking report back. She stated that she was convinced that the changing of the e-mail address was done by a volunteer moderator Fran, she stated that she locked Fran from the blog and that should solve the problem. I felt that the matter needs to be investigated by the FBI and I felt that they should draw their own conclusions. Ms. Ostella stated that if I do not take back my complaint to FBI, she will no longer host my foundation on her server. When I found a new web master to host my foundation, Ms. Ostella instead of transferring the access codes and the domain, has locked me and another volunteer moderator out of the blog, posted a bizarre defamatory statement, that I supposedly authorized hacking into my own account and further defamatory comments about me were placed under different names and aliases. Moreover, there were comments posted supposedly under my name, even though I was locked out of the account and couldn’t respond. I got reports that some defamatory comments were made under alias usually used by Lisa Liberi, assistant for Attorney Phillip Berg, who filed similar legal actions. I started receiving statements and copies of pay -pal receipts, showing instead of my e-mail address, an e-mail address of Lisa Ostella. Originally, I thought that maybe her address showed on the receipt, since she was a web master on the account, however, when I checked the names and dates on the receipts against the names on the roster, that I downloaded earlier, I could see that those were not received by the foundation, those donations were missing.

It goes on with Orly exercising her well-known penchant for assuming two people with the same name must be the same person (remember Barakak Osama?) …

A couple of weeks ago I have received a phone call, providing information that Lisa Liberi, a paralegal, assisting Mr. Berg, has an extensive criminal record. I decided to verify that. According to Mr. Neil Sankey, licensed private investigator with 20 years of experience in Scotland Yard and over 12 years of experience in US, those statements were correct. Lisa Liberi aka Lisa Richardson aka Lisa Courville and other aliases had an extensive criminal record going back to 1990s, that included Grand Theft, forgery, forgery of seals “From 2000 to 2004, Liberi engaged in a complex fraud involving falsification of police reports, manipulation of credit bureau reports, loan fraud, and counterfeiting of court documents resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses to banks and credit unions.” (see attachment). Please see the report attached and reports relating to criminal conviction in San Bernardino California. Interesting fact is that Lisa Liberi was convicted recently, in March of 2008, she was supposed to serve 8 years in jail. Miraculously this 8 year jail term was reduced to probation and an order to repay the victims. When I added up all the restitutions in the conviction, it added up to 21,000 per month. Where is this money coming from? Who is paying it? And paying to do what? I have sent an e-mail to Philip Berg, alerting him to this matter, however I did not hear from him back. After I raised my concerns to other parties and they confronted Liberi, she tried to claim that it is not her, but another Liberi, that she lives in PA and the one convicted lives in NM, however several sources confirmed that she indeed lives in NM, they confirmed her date of birth and appearance as matching the ones on file with the San Bernardino, CA district attorney. I tried to analyze the instances when Liberi was the most vicious in her attacks towards me and found two distinct areas:
a. Obama’s Natural Born status and definition of it
b. my efforts to conduct investigation of illegal, criminal activity and my efforts to have FBI and attorney generals of different states involved.

There’s more, but I hope you stopped reading a long time ago.

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11 Responses to Orly’s explosive Dossier (or Cat Fight) #6

  1. GeorgetownJD says:

    Let’s hope Orly, her husband Yosef, and her new webmaster all carry high-limit umbrella policies. I have a sneaking suspicion they will be needing to tap into that insurance to save their homes and businesses.

  2. Bob says:

    her latest bombshell, Dossier #6.

    You mean, “Dossie#6”

    The US Postal Service canceled scheduled layoffs in anticipation of the “certified mail” revenue for all of these letters and return receipts.

    Seriously! At first, I thought this was a tax on the stupid. Then I realized that Taitz is a patriot, as she’s stimulating the economy by spending all this money at the post office.

  3. kimba says:

    Slightly OT, but Orly’s GJ buddy, Carl Swensson is interesting. He doesn’t take donations, but throws out “hope bait”, crumbs of hope for the faithful. What he’s doing, meeting with sheriffs and DA’s is hush-hush and on the QT, can’t reveal too much about what’s going on yet. Hinting he’s onto THE way with indictments, met with the “right person”, but can’t say who, has a great new approach. Would be interested in your take Dr C.

  4. Bob says:

    I listened a bit that internet “radio” interview. There was so much self-loving, even Jocelyn Elders would have blushed.

    They’re hilarious. They “guarantee” Obama will be indicted. At one point, one of them started to ruminate about whether Obama, after being removed from the White House, should be incarcerated or institutionalized.

    But like anyone in their own echo chamber, there’s little critical thought. No explanation of how an extralegal “grand jury” has any legal authority; no understanding why their “indictments” must be ignored by prosecutors and judges; and no comprehending that the threat to indict the prosecutors and judges who don’t do what they want rings really, really hollow.

  5. Bob Weber says:

    My interest in Birferdom has always been primarily historical-sociological: Why do people believe preposterous notions on no evidence? Birferdom is following a familiar evolution of cults. Check this thread at Free Republic: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2231912/posts

    Having banned or bullied into silence most of the other Freepers who tried to talk sense to them, the hard-core is now turning against itself with accusations of being secret Obot infiltrators (again, a familiar pattern). Sorta like the Jacobins & Girondists in the French Revolution, but without the guillotine. Not yet, at least. [:^)

  6. Bob Weber says:

    Wow! That was quick! It was turning into a real battle-royal over there: Charges & counter-charges piling up like January snow in Minnesota. The whole thread was pulled at 12:18 pm. I only got to save the first page. So much for my historical archives.

  7. Well, all the Obama denial forums are heavily infiltrated with Obots (if you want to call them that). When they started banning and censoring, we were driven to a more subtle kind of debate.

  8. mimi says:

    Hi Doc,
    Butterfly posted this at PJ’s:

    “Phil Berg, on behalf of Lisa Liberi, Lisa Ostello, Evelyn “MommaE” Adams and himself, filed a lawsuit today in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania against Orly and Yosef Taitz, Neil Sankey and Sankey Investigations, Ed and Caren Hale, James Sundquist and Rocksalt Publishing, and Linda Sue Belcher.

    The case is docketed on PACER but the Complaint is not yet available for downloading. I started a thread on this under “Phil Berg’s Cases.”
    This should be fun.

  9. Thanks a bunch, mimi. We’ll be following THIS one.

  10. AXJ says:

    I think she is on the right track…just keep filing until she finds a Judge that agrees with her…she may have found one…we will see September 8, 2009…she has 5 minutes to make her point…hope she is watching Perry Mason films now…

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