The Long Form: coming to a theater near you

Thanks to Orly Taitz for her brief stay at the Repubx blog, bringing this patch of craziness to a wider public audience. Repubx carries some of the more fantastic stories, like this one:

Is the Obama administration working on a forged long-form Birth Certificate as we speak?

Barack Obama with long-form birth certificate

Barack Obama with long-form birth certificate

Don’t know about 9/11 conspiracy, but do know from DC source that an Administration team is working on perfecting a forgery of the long-form birth certificate. They plan on presenting it in a a [sic] month or so. The source is FBI agent who has drinking buddy from University of Illinois now in the Administration. Its [sic] second hand, but the source is supposed to be solid.

They have already prepared the forgery with special paper and ink. The document was printed on a fully functional 1960 Heidelberger printing press located at a print museum in Toronto. Access was arranged by a trustee of the museum who is connected to a large Canadian banking/investment firm with major US interests.

The blanks in the forged form were filled in with an old Underwood Manual typewriter bought at an estate sale in Skokie, IL. The raised seal was the easiest piece to fake, since you can by [sic] a special order corporate seal from just about any online office supply store.

The only reason they haven’t rolled out the foregery [sic] yet is that it is “seasoning” under mild UV light and a back and forth rotation between between a humidifier and a sauna. Get ready….one to two months tops.

Commentary on the article describes the details as “solid”.

Of course, if President Obama ever did present his original hospital registration, it would be freshly photocopied onto security paper by the Hawaii Health Department. In the writer’s ignorance, they would not realize that the original doesn’t have a seal on it and it is not on security paper.

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100 Responses to The Long Form: coming to a theater near you

  1. Catbit says:

    Not to mention, a document in vault storage would not be exposed to U.V. light – or any kind of light. Furthermore, would it not have been committed to microfiche or some other photographic archive decades ago?

  2. kimba says:

    Seasoning? Well alrightie then. It is fascinating to me that these folks are always attracted to a complicated scenario, involving many people who then must be relied upon to remain quiet about what they know.
    Sometimes the stoopid burns but in the case of Birfers, the crazy is just so rich, chewy and delicious, you don’t want to stop! Thanks Dr C I will be chuckling all morning.

  3. kimba says:

    Looks like Bob Campbell of the internet grand juries is kicking Orly to the curb:

    “Respectfully I must decline to visit with you because of the public nature of things. This Constitutional Grand Jury must be an “arms length” hearing. It cannot and should not be directly influenced by any member of the Judiciary. That is the entire premise of the Constitutional Grand Jury.

    So yes, I would be interested in your comments and suggestions, but I would have to decline an offer for you to speak at or be involved with the proceedings. I hope you understand the situation and will respect my decision.”

    (In comments, answer to Orly. )

  4. Heavy says:

    Complicated? Here’s something that is very simple and uncomplicated…


    No complication at all.

  5. NBC says:

    Again Heavy is ignoring, even though he has been told many times, that President Obama has shown the COLB which is prima facie evidence that the President was born in the US.

    But Heavy is not interested in the truth…

  6. NBC says:

    The ignorance of these people is incredible…

  7. Heavy says:

    Yeah, you’ve only said it 1000 times and it still means NOTHING.

    He WILL show the damn thing one way or another. On THAT you can rely.

    Until then, he is a pretender, an imposter, a surper and nothing more.

    I will show YOUR President as much respect as you showed MINE!

  8. Heavy says:

    What’s incredible is the absolute gullibility of the left. Even in the face of truth, they will turn away.

  9. NBC says:

    So it’s not really about the constitution but all about getting even…

    Seems that Heavy’s concept of the ‘truth’ has been verified to mean something different after all…

    And yes, he has shown the ‘damn thing’ so that is a self fulfilling prophecy.

    Keep up the good work Heavy, it’s fun to read your works of fiction.

  10. NBC says:

    Is Heavy a lefty? His own ‘logic’ dictates one to reach such a conclusion.

    Then again, we all know what Heavy means by the truth…

  11. NBC says:

    What our dear conspiracy friends have shown is that even if the President were to show is long form, they would reject it as a forgery.

    As expected…

  12. kimba says:

    Gullibility is believing stories about Heidelberg presses, “seasoning” paper, planting birth announcements, a US Senator forging a document and then welcoming people to come examine it personally. Funny how none of the birther document experts went to have a look. Heavy, you could have held it in your own hands and yet you chose not to. Why?

  13. JM says:

    Try applying Occam’s Razor to that forged birth certificate theory…

  14. Heavy says:

    That’s the argument that you sick, misguided soles seem to cling to most. I guess we won’t know until he SHOWS THE DAMN THING!

  15. Heavy says:

    Oh, it’s about the Constitution alright! It’s about your messiah’s total disregard for it.

  16. kimba says:

    He did. And you had a chance to go look at it yourself. Why didn’t you?

  17. NBC says:

    Dr Conspiracy just showed the evidence. Furthermore, the evidence has been provided that shows that President Obama was born in Honolulu. How come you refuse to acknowledge and accept this?

    So why is Heavy ignoring these facts?

    PS: soles? What about floundering 🙂

  18. NBC says:

    Again, no evidence that President Obama is against the Constitution. But then again, Heavy does not seem to need evidence really.

    Of course, Heavy, who insists that it is all about the Constitution seems to be mostly upset about how people treated former President Bush. Contrary to what the Constitution proscribes, he considers a legally and constitutionally elected President to be a pretender without much evidence to support this.
    Seems that the Constitution is accepted by Heavy as open to subjective interpretation…

  19. Greg Goss says:

    Wow, I can’t believe that people still believe that a “Certification” of Live Birth is the same as “Certificate” of Birth. In fact the state of Hawaii doesn’t recognize the form that Zero posted as proof of being a “native” Hawaiian for a state land program for “natives”

  20. NBC says:

    Most people do know the difference and the reference to Hawaiian homelands is misleading as it requires one to establish the ancestry of one’s parents etc, something not found on the COLB.
    Anyone familiar with Hawaiian law would know that the COLB is legally prima facie evidence in legal proceedings, sufficient for obtaining passports etc.
    Ignorance can be easily remedied by actually researching these facts.
    Do you need the HRS references?

  21. Heavy says:

    Yes, as in soles of my boots, downtrodden, beneath me. In know that satire is well beyond your kind.

    I’m not ignoring any facts. None have been presented. Saying that a useles document is available is like having the beer concession at an AA meeting. Only the desparate will be interested.

  22. richCares says:

    “He did. And you had a chance to go look at it yourself. Why didn’t you?”
    not a single Birther or Birther organization attemped to check or verify or prove fraud of the original COLB on file in Obama’s Chicago office. Instead they criticized the scanned web image. The reason they made no effort to check the one in Obama’s office is that they were afraid it would destroy their talking points. “I don’t like Obama so why should I check” is their mantra, that and “show the damn thing”. Well Obama made it available, go see it or shut up!

    Hey Birthers, get together and chip in to pay a forensic specialist to check, that’s so easy (too easy for a fact rejecting Birther)

  23. NBC says:

    That was not satire but rather an unfortunate spelling error.
    Since Heavy continues to ignore the COLB as useless shows that he is not interested in exploring the facts but instead already has made up his mind.

    So much for his insistence that this is all about the truth and the Constitution.

    Thanks Heavy.

  24. Heavy says:

    See, these sick people’s only defense is to call you a liar or to say that you are “Ignoring” what they call facts. They are nothing of the sort.

    They spend copius amounts of time defending a position that can ONLY be defended by SHOWING THE DAMN THING. Everytime someone says JUST SHOW THE DAMN THING, they come out of the woodwork with all the excuses.

    My favorite is “He can’t be bothered with releasing the long form BC”. Now THAT is desparation, folks.

    Almost as good is “He has, and you can go look at it yourself”. Another drug induced hallucination.

    There’s also “You’re just ignoring the facts”, “The COLB is prima facie evidence” (This is a favorite of NBC. I think he just likes to say prima facie. He thinks it makes him look smart), “Officials from Hawaii say it is accurate” (That is NOT EVEN CLOSE to what they said), and on and on.

    So I say again, JUST SHOW THE DAMN THING! Not only because it is the right thing to do (No pun intended), but it really twists these wierdos into the ceiling and I LOVE that!

  25. richCares says:

    “That was not satire but rather an unfortunate spelling error.”
    For your info, here’s the birther’s spelling error
    “Only the desparate will be interested.”

    This could be disparate or could be desperate
    He probably meant disparate, if he knows what that means. But hard to say when dealing with a high school drop out wing nut with very low reasoning skills!

  26. While the main article is filed in the “Wild and Wacky” category, it still highlights the fallacy with “just show the damn thing”. The damn thing will lead to a spate of new theories (forgery is documented here), family fraud, contextual objections to whatever it says (it will still say AFRICAN for the father’s race), and presumably it will show the same mother’s residence address that generated so much smoke on the other article.

  27. NBC says:

    I did not call you a liar, but I did point out that your statement that you are interested in the truth and facts is contradicted by your reluctance to discuss the implications of Obama’s COLB.

    What’s your excuse…

    Well Heavy? You claim to be so big on truth, facts and the Constitution and Hawaiian State law I presume?

    Looking forward to your analysis. The question is: Should I hold my breath?

  28. Heavy says:

    Hey Richie, Why don’t you join the America bandwagon and force this creep to show the REAL document. I will personally fund a forensic examination of the REAL document. Anything else is immaterial.

    I’m finished. You can take your fingers out of your ears now, freak.

  29. Heavy says:

    Hey, freak boy! I thought your were ignoring me. You sick freak. Crawl back in your cave!

  30. richCares says:

    “Officials from Hawaii say it is accurate” (That is NOT EVEN CLOSE to what they said), and on and on.

    hey Birther, you called someone a liar on this, you were given the phone number of Okubo to call and check, you refused to call instead insisted it was a lie. Why did you refuse to call and verify this, afraid of the truth. Afraid of what they will tell you? You have no credibility, none. Your insults are tiring, just go away, your mental skills are non existent!

  31. NBC says:

    Nice name calling. For a moment I was going to point out that there is no evidence that you were a highschool drop out…. Then you post this juvenile response.

  32. NBC says:

    So why do you refuse to accept the COLB which is in fact prima facie legal evidence?


  33. Depends on what you mean by “the same”.

    If the question is where and when was somebody born, then they are the same. If the question is whether someone is a “native Hawaiian” then they are different, but that is no interest in that here, since we already know Barack Obama is not a native Hawaiian:

    …native Hawaiian, defined as “any descendant of not less than one-half part of the blood of the races inhabiting the Hawaiian Islands previous to 1778.” This means, you must have a blood quantum of at least 50 percent Hawaiian.

    The Certification of Live Birth does not include information on where the parents were born, whereas the long form does.

    Your web page contains significant misrepresentations and misstatements of fact, and a general ignorance of Hawaiian birth registration law and the US Constitution. For example you wrote:

    “parents that are citizens of the United States”, to quote our constitution

    Anybody and everybody can verify that the quoted phrase is not from the US Constitution. There is nothing about parents in the US Constitution.

  34. Heavy says:

    Juvenile, maybe. Justified? YOU BET! If you were truly paying attention, you would have seen the attacks I’ve had to endure from this freak. Sometimes you have to stoop to the level of your opponent to achieve victory.

    So, go ahead and think of me as you wish. I really don’t care.

  35. kimba says:

    Phone: (808) 586-4410

    Call her and ask if the document is “useless.” Drop a dime. The answers to your questions are available from the proper authority if you just ask.

  36. Heavy says:

    And I’m the juvenile one? Really!

  37. richCares says:

    “Hey, freak boy! ”
    I think it’s time for all of us “sick freaks” to totally ignore heavy, he brings nothing to the table and his language gets more annoying with each remark. Do me a favor, ignore heavy, don’t give him the opportunity to hurl more insults. Just glad his hate is not contagious.

  38. kimba says:

    He showed the “real” document. Verified as authentic by the State of Hawaii. We’ve been over this before with you. You can check for yourself.

    Phone: (808) 586-4410

  39. NBC says:

    No worries, there is room enough for more than one…

  40. Since you mentioned passports, let me observe something about a passport, a primary document proving one is a US Citizen. There’s nothing in the Hawaiian Long Form, or on the general birth certificate requirements from the US Department of State about the citizenship of one’s parents necessary for applying for a passport.

  41. NBC says:

    Poor Heavy. A wise man once said “As you sow so shall you reap”

  42. kimba says:

    Get back with us after you call to Dr Fukino.

    Phone: (808) 586-4410

  43. Heavy says:

    If this is true, I would not want to stand anywhere near you or your ilk. You are all sick, twisted fools who hate God, this country and all that is good.

  44. richCares says:

    No way he will call, if he did, he would have to apoligize for calling you a liar. He can’t do that, he is allegic to truth!

  45. NBC says:

    What makes you believe that I hate God? We often project onto others what we deeply hold true…
    As for me, as a Christian, I see it my duty to continue God’s liberal teachings to humanity

  46. Rich, with all due respect, I don’t think you or NBC fully understands the concept of “ignore”.

  47. NBC says:

    As in ignoramus? Point well taken but Heavy is so much fun… Maybe I should pick someone “my own size”?

  48. Heavy says:

    NBC, as a “Christian” how do you justify abortion, let alone government funded abortion WITHOUT parental notification?

  49. Heavy says:

    Thanks for piling on, doc. I’m the one who puts up with the insults and lies from your patrons and now you jump right on in.

    Nice host. I thought you wanted “Other” people to visit your blog. I guess it’s OK as long as they agree with you and your drones.

  50. TRUTH says:

    Hey HEAVY, all the silly bickering aside, I tend to lean your direction as far as the initial subject at hand, which sometimes gets lost in the translation.

    LONG ago, on another website of Dr’s even before NBC, MSNBC, richCares, whoCares, or the rest of the “Can’t see the Forest for the Trees” clan, I posted my Son’s B.C., who was born guess where, Hawaii… in 1989. It has ALL the important line items as did the example of the John Does born 1962 B.C. compared to Obamas. Matter fact, they are almost identical in form.

    It seems anyone that was born there, MINUS Barrack Obama, is able to produce their B.C. without complication, AND without excuses and reasoning why they don’t or shouldn’t have to, on and on and on. But he is a Liberal, they seem to have special privledges beyond the average U.S. Citizen.

  51. Heavy says:

    Yeah, good luck finding someone with an ego that large! Matbe you should give your messiah a call. You are two peas in a pod. Only make sure you have leagl representation if you intend to ask any questions.

  52. TRUTH says:

    HEAVY, I’m on your side man, but I think you should re-read Dr.s comment. Unless I’m dyslexic he was not picking on you, but at the same time he can’t necessarily defend us when he disagrees with us. Matter fact, what he said is damn funny. He’s a fair fighter, just stick to the facts.

    As for the rest of the peanut factory fans, I think they are having flashbacks of their great Carter Days, which their going to be getting similar results of, only worse. We had Billy Beer, I wonder if we’ll get Kenyan Koolaid?

  53. Heavy says:

    Truth, I’ve seen your posts here before and you’ve had as much success trying to get these people to apply logic as I have. Yes, many people have posted “THE DAMN THING” on the internet.

    See, THE ONE is hiding something plain and simple. NOTHING else could explain it. He knows the gig will be up soon. That is why he and his hanlers are trying to do as much damage as they can before they are exposed for the frauds they. Their hope is that so much damage will be done that it will next to impossible to undo.

    They are wrong and will be punished for their actions against this country.

  54. Heavy says:

    Yeah, you’re right. I din’t think doc meant it the way I took it, but it could go either way.

    Sorry, doc!

  55. Heavy says:

    Kenyan Koolaid…NOW THAT’S FLIPPIN’ FUNNY!

    What I find most amusing about the drones is that they all think that if you keep repeating the same lies, they will become truth.

  56. NBC says:

    Oh my goodness sakes, irony alert….

    The COLB, which is prima facie legal evidence, shows Obama’s place of birth to be Honolulu.

    That’s a fact.

    If you disagree, show the ‘lie’

  57. TRUTH says:

    HEAVY, allow me to give my 2cent Conspiracy Theory.

    The Messiah and Slick Willie had dinner sometime after Nov 4th, very shortly afterwards. S/W has some good dirt on Obiwun-Kabama. Which is the reason you CAN NOT count on your fingers ALL the prior Clinton Orgz. people now working under Obama, with of course Hillary getting a Front Row seat. It also explains partly why he didn’t VET a few of the Non-law abiding citizens, whom coughed up some faults overlooked in the process, ie Bill Richardson, Tom Dashcle (orig. looked at as Chief of Staff then as Sec. Health & Human Svcs), to name a couple.

    But yes, this is like Clinton II. The only thing I don’t see yet is Slick Willies angle for Hillary, unless he doe not want her running for Pres. again, knowing Obi-wun will make the run a 2nd term and she’ll be left under his wing.

  58. NBC says:

    –NBC, as a “Christian” how do you justify abortion, let alone government funded abortion WITHOUT parental notification?–

    I see abortion as an issue between a woman and her Creator, not something to be decided by legislators.

    As to parental notification, I have not reached a decision on this one, one way or another. This becomes a difficult trade off between the choice of a minor and the responsibilities of parents over their minors.

    But this has little to do with Christianity.

  59. TRUTH says:

    Easy on them HEAVY, for they know not what they are saying. It isn’t intended to be a lie, matter fact it isn’t. What NBC just said is true, completely true, it just lacks the entire truth that they hate to imagine ever being seen. That’s like asking me why I took a Plane last Monday, and I tell you “to fly on”. It is the absolute truth, just lacking some vital information.


  60. Heavy says:

    I agree. It’s all pretty much as you said. The Hillary angle is not clear yet, but I’m sure it will be soon.

    THE ONE has surrounded himself with blatant criminals (Clintonistas)and is being advised by extreme leftisits…Everything he said he would NOT do during his campaign.

  61. If you mean my comment about “ignore”, I was just observing the irony of how many “ignore Heavy” comments I’ve seen in the last few days. One doesn’t ignore someone by talking about them.

    Personally, I don’t feel the need to respond to everything you say, to go tit for tat. Given that so much ground has been covered already, there’s not much for me to add. So my replies are occasional and selective.

    By the way, I did get an official reply from the State Department (after a 3-month wait) that they have officially started searching for my FOIA request for Stanley Ann Dunham’s passport records. I read the FOIA, but I still can’t figure out how much time they have.

  62. kimba says:

    What I find amusing is in the time it took you to post your foolishness you could have made a call to someone who can answer all your Hawaiian birth certificate questions.
    Phone: (808) 586-4410

  63. I like COLB Cherry. The birthers seem rather fond of Polarik (purple) grape.

  64. Heavy says:

    Kimba, hon why would I call a Chinese retaurant to order a pizza?

  65. TRUTH says:

    Kimba, First thank you for the kind words. Now, what part don’t you understand that some people are in complete agreement with accepting the COLB that the “PRESIDENT” of the United States has submitted, so WHY on Earth should I believe a “Director” on a telephone? DUHH He has an M.D. after his name, does that put him on GOD level? I’m afraid not.

    Kimba, what you said is nothing more than regurgitating the same cover up responses over the past few months.

    I much preferred Docs reply for COLB Cherry. At least he isn’t a mocking bird but has a sense of humor.

  66. TRUTH says:

    HAHAHA!!! ur killing me Heavy.

  67. TRUTH says:

    OOPS… TyPo.. thats …. Are NOT in complete agreement with…..

  68. richCares says:

    Rich, with all due respect, I don’t think you or NBC fully understands the concept of “ignore”.

    you are absolutely right, sorry about that, I will completely ignore him from now on. I hope NBC does the same. Thank You.

  69. Mary Brown says:

    The truth is that many folks who see the COLB as fake will never accept any evidence President Obama- or anyone else- presents. Orly Taitz will not. For one reason or another, this President will remain “the usurper” to them.

  70. Mark says:

    Heavy, do not make the call! It’s a trap!

    All phone calls can be traced. If you start asking questions Homeland Security will at your door at midnight and you will be black-bagged off to an Obama FEMA camp until 2012, when, if you survive the mind-control nanobots injected into your blood, you will reappear as an ACORN “volunteer”.

  71. Dr. Fukino has actually seen the vault record; however, I sincerely doubt she would say anything different than the carefully worded reply posted on the state web site. Anything else would be disclosing the contents of the record, which would be against state law. Links to all the Hawaiian BC laws are on the Bookmarks page (up top).

  72. Hey, the nanObots were SUPPOSED to be a secret.

  73. Mark says:

    bringing civilization to a racist is like teaching a dog to sing Verdi*

    The U word is the new N word.

    *The Atlantic, last page, a few months ago. Sorry, too lazy to give an exact quote.

  74. Wait…what?

    If you want a Heidelberg press from 1960, I’m sure you can find one much closer to home. I know a company that has several Heidelberg presses right now, and they’re probably older than 1960s.

  75. Gordon says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Orly is in this con for the long haul. She has more twist and turns than a Chinese corkscrew. However I don’t know why she’s going down this route, she’s got all the info she’s going to get. By the way, why won’t SCOTUS just say they threw her last batch of papers in circular where they belong?

  76. Gordon says:

    Just wondering Heavy, did you make that call?

  77. Gordon says:

    Doc, don’t know if you saw this column from the Hawaii Free Press. All the reasons why it would be a bad idea for Obama to release his long form birth certificate.

  78. myson says:

    NBC i really dont know why he bother to respond to Heavy, almost everyone here dont bother again, as he doesnt discuss nor present proof of his position only tries to insult which he fails at, so we just let whatever he says pass as if a baby is speaking & we discuss with adults who oppose our position. We may not persuade anyone to change there position but we expect adult discussion. H cant discuss as an adult but by throwing tantrums. We just ignore him
    (What his response to this to prove my point)

  79. Heavy says:

    Thanks for chirping in, Mary. That is a tired, old argument that can only be settled one way…SHOW THE DAMN THING!

  80. Heavy says:

    Same old, same old, Gordo. That’s the weakest agrument for the usurper in a long time. Nice try, though. All he has to do is SHOW THE DAMN THING!

  81. Basically they’re setting it up to pre-reject any future copies of the BC or COLB, sight-unseen, based on the say-so of some nameless rumour.

    Which, come to think of it, is pretty much how they rejected the original COLB in the first place.

  82. NBC says:

    But he has shown the COLB which is prima facie legal evidence that shows that President Obama was born in Honolulu.

    Is Heavy not interested in the truth?

  83. NBC says:

    But he has shown his COLB which is prima facie legal evidence and shows that President Obama was born in Honolulu.

    Those are the facts Heavy!…

  84. NBC says:

    Hilarious, describes our friend Heavy quite accurately… Even though Obama did present his COLB, Heavy is determined to find any excuse to reject Obama as his president.
    Although he insists this is all because of the Constitution, the facts show otherwise, it’s because of a personal dislike of the President and his policies.
    Quite funny really

  85. Heavy says:

    I do not like THE ONE. This is true. It also hs no bearing on his NBC status.

    You keeo harping about the prima facie crap as if it means anything to anybody. We ALL know (Even you) that this clown is hiding something. We don’t know what it is, but we know he is.

    Until he comes clean, he will be a pretender.

  86. NBC says:

    I love the guilty until proven innocent approach chosen by Heavy even though the facts show clearly that President Obama was born in Honolulu, as evidenced by his COLB.

    I now understand that Heavy may be confused by the use of the term prima facie legal evidence. Let me thus quote from HRS 338.19

    The typewritten, photostatic, or microphotographic copies shall be competent evidence in all courts of the State with like force and effect as the original.

    With the same force and effect as the original…


  87. Heavy says:

    I understand what statuate says. You are misapplying it. Very typical for a lib. You are becoming a prima facie prima donna!

  88. NBC says:

    How am I misapplying it? Please explain…

    I assume you have some facts to support your claims?


  89. Gordon says:

    Lighten up Heavy, it’s humor. The ridiculous subject needs some.

  90. Gordon says:

    Prima facie evidence I guess isn’t important to you, because you know what you know, but in a legal proceeding it is extremely important. Reason, we don’t know what you pro port to know. Orly needs to present some prima facie evidence, and not just what she thinks, or, hopes, or wants. The burden to prove her assertion is on her.

  91. richCares says:

    prima facie, a legal definition:
    Latin for “on its face.” A prima facie case is one that at first glance presents sufficient evidence for the case to succeed in a court of law.

  92. Expelliarmus says:

    . Orly needs to present some prima facie evidence, and not just what she thinks, or, hopes, or wants

    Not exactly. The paper COLB is itself prima facie evidence. Assuming that it can and would be produced in court, someone challenging it would need to come up with evidence to refute it that is both admissible and compelling, probably in the form of direct (not circumstantial evidence of fraud and/or of Obama’s being born at a different time or place.

  93. Gordon says:

    I’m trying to imagine the furor from birthers if Obama did release his long form. How would he do it? If he put a copy online like he did the short form a certain segment of birthers would claim some type of fraud. If it were examined by people birthers found to their liking, they would say it was a well done forgery. Can you then imagine the impact on any living doctor her nurse who wasn’t present at his birth. Birthers would then want to get into Baby Barack’s foot print, to see if this One is That One.

    What if he released his college transcripts. The chances of college proffesors still being alive would be good. They would need 24/7 security. OCD is a helluva disease.

  94. Heavy says:

    Let’s find out!

  95. Gordon says:

    Get this through your thick skull, it’s never going to happen, because it’s not a legal requirement, it’s not a legal requirement, it’s not a legal requirement. Trying to save you a whole ton of grief.

  96. NBC says:

    But but but…. I really want to see this form… Pretty please….
    Why does noone want to play with me…

  97. Heavy says:

    Never is a long time. I believe it will happen. If there is justice in this world, it will.

    Until then, you keep bashing your country and supporting an illegal as President.

  98. Heavy says:

    It has nothing to do with WANT and everything to do with NEED.

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  100. Bob says:

    Methinks the linker hasn’t actually reviewed what is on this site….

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