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Orly Taitz posts articles written by folks who write her. Sometimes they are worse than her stuff. Here’s a headliner that I’ve marked up with my truth pen. One doesn’t get to talk back to nonsense like this over at Dr. Taitz’s police state.

From reader Denny- how did CIA check Obama?

Polly, Out of the one hundred plus social security numbers and addresses Barry and his wife used [Internet searches for Social Security numbers for people with names like Barack and Michelle Obama is no way to check a number], which do you think Barry used to show his American citizenship? [You really don’t use a Social Security number to prove citizenship. A birth certificate or a passport is the way to go.] The CIA was notified and nothing was done. [Probably because it was all bunk.] Why, you can look them up on Google yourself. [The Social Security Administration doesn’t post Social Security numbers on its web site (except for dead people).] He got his law degree stating he never went by any other name. Another lie. [The form he filled out (according to the instructions) asks if he had ever practiced law in the state under another name, which he hadn’t.] He lies as easy as he tells the truth and it does not bother him. [Uhhh, well the lies so far aren’t by Obama. ] By barry’s [sic] own words about his father and dates he was in America, he is not a natural born, why do you suppose the CIA let it slide? [Obama was born in Hawaii, so he is a natural born citizen.] Obama insisted McCain show his proof of citizenship, why is he hiding his? [Obama never asked McCain to show proof of citizenship, nor did McCain provide such proof.] He showed everyone a proven forgery on the internet [proven by whom, some anonymous fraud?] , why did no law enforcement go after him for it. [Because law enforcement know a real birth certificate when they see one.] Why did he show a forgery to begin with? [It’s not a forgery.] Would you hire a law firm to hide your proof of citizenship if you were running for the highest office in the land. [Obama hired a lawfirm because he was being accused of fraud and a laundry list of other things. The defense of these lawsuits is not about hiding anything.] Look what he is doing to your country. [Trying to save it from a pretty mess left by the last administration.] He has an agenda, and it looks like stripping us of are freedoms is a major part of it. [Any freedom in particular?] Look what he has done in just 100 days. [He’s really been busy.] Just about every promise he made to get this office was a lie. [A recent analysis broadcast by CBS News shows he’s done pretty well by his campaign promises, not 100%, but pretty well.] Check it out for yourself. He has spent trillions, more than every president combined, in just 100 days [Inaccurate.] and he hasn’t ever managed a business.   Rammed legislation thru after a matter of hours after days earlier promising everyone would have 5 days to look it over. Because he knew if any sane person read it it would never go thru. He hand picks who gets to ask him questions at all his news meeting [like all presidents] , thereby not having to answer any tough questions. He always looks at his list to see who to ask next, watch.
Where did the 300 extra million for his campaign come from? [Which 300 million?] FBI knows about it but refuses to look into it. Why? [Because it’s a fake issue?] How could you trust this person with a thing as precious as your freedom? [The US has checks and balances to protect our freedoms. The President doesn’t can’t govern by fiat.] You better go back into the history books and look how dictators started there rise. It is the same as he is doing. [Assertion with no argument.] Some people have been spoiled so long they think freedom is free. Go see how the millions that fell for tyrants before thought what they were getting is just what the liberals of today think. [Stereotyping, lack of specifics.]

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16 Responses to Denny @ Orly

  1. NBC says:

    As expected, mostly ignorance, lies and misrepresentations. The birthers have decided that the best thing is to self-destruct.

    Thanks Dr.

  2. Bob Weber says:

    Why, Dr. C, don’t you know, an Obama blogger admitted, yes ADMITTED! that he forged the online Obama COLB? At Free Republic, they’ve been commenting on that for almost 10 months now! Over 7600 comments!

    Back to reality, it reminds me of the Hertz “not exactly” commercial:

    “He ADMITTED that he forged the COLB? So you of course got him to affirm that in an affidavit so you could submit that to a court! It should at least get you in the door!

    “Well, not exactly.”

    “OK, so someone else got him to attest to forging the COLB, right?”

    “Well, not exactly.”

    “At least, you or someone else tried to track him down to attest to forging the COLB, right?”

    “Well, not exactly.”

    “He DID admit to forging the COLB, right?”

    “Well, not exactly.”

    “What did he do, then?”

    “He manipulated the Obama COLB JPEG using Microsoft Paint to read, ‘Haye I. B. Aphorgery’ to show that no court will ever acccept a JPEG in lieu of a paper document.”

    “So, I guess this is a big to-do over nothing, right?”


  3. Bob Weber says:

    I also notice that Orly, after a rocket-like rise worthy of a pre-teen singing idol, has become an un-person at Free Republic. There was a big shouting match between her and “Calpernia” in a thread which has been pulled.

    Orly, too crazy even for Free Republic!

  4. NBC says:

    So someone manipulated a COLB and thus Obama’s COLB is without any value.

    Surely you jest. Obama’s COLB shows him born in Honolulu.

    Get used to it.

  5. NBC says:

    Orly is becoming more crazy every day. Such is the danger of combining flawed data with a flawed worldview.

  6. DH says:

    I’m surprised SHE hasn’t been picked up by the FBI.

  7. Orly has gone from her citizen activism, to her citizen grand juries, to her citizen courts now to her citizen militias. Citing the 2nd amendment’s mention of a “well regulated militia”, she substitutes “citizen” for “well-regulated”. She’s calling for the Talibanization of America.

  8. And a mob cheering her on.

  9. kimba says:

    After her post yesterday calling for an armed citizen militia to “rise up”, I would expect Orly is on the FBI’s and DHS’s radar.

    And what is this “rise up” talk? Didn’t we just have an election?

  10. Bob Weber says:


  11. NBC says:

    Given all the efforts she has taken to be ‘noticed’, being ignored must have become infuriating 🙂
    She needs some martyrdom right now since her efforts so far have failed to get Obama in front of a jury or court.
    Hilarious really…

  12. IzMeBee says:

    Oh my…..

    Where has this island of sanity been hiding?

    I only have recently been following Dr. Taitz’s attempt to make her own band of little “brown shirt’s” she is so afraid of. While occasionally finding some glimmer of someone sane rebuking her I was never satisfied that they weren’t as bat poop crazy as she was.

    I am very grateful to have found your site.

  13. Thank you for your kind words, and please enjoy the web site.

  14. Mrs. Polly says:

    This is a great website. I’m the Polly, by the way. I signed my comment as “Polligail Adams”, but Denny went right for the name on my email account.

    Speaking of which, YOU are in Orly’s latest drop, somewhere: they published your name (or what they think is your name) and number.

    The bad news is that I saw it, but I can’t seem to find it again.

    The good news is that nobody can find it without a bloodhound. Her site is awfully vertical.

  15. Hi Polly,

    Glad you made it over. I suspect we’ll get a lot of traffic now that Orly has finally published a road map over to the “Arch Obot’s” web site 😉 I need to get a new batch of anti-Orly articles ready to greet them.

    Yes, I know that Orly published the WHOIS information for the person who owns this domain. It’s a case study in how badly one can get things wrong when they go associating things haphazardly on the Internet. When they started connecting in Bank of America and CitiGroup, I started laughing, and when they got to that multi-cultural media empire, I totally lost it. Everyone mentioned in that little “investigation” (except the owner of is totally unknown to me.

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