Dr. Conspiracy challenged by MommaE

I went over to BlogRadio.com to see the Chalice show; Phil Berg, Lisa Liberi and MommaE were on talking about their lawsuit against Orly. I joined the chat room. I said something against the nObama grain and you’d have thought that I was Frankenstein’s monster and they were the villagers. BAN THE OBOT!

It was an incredible experience to be beset by so many people, throwing out so much fake information, and claiming they had proved me wrong with little more than “you’re an Obot”. They were sure my web site was full of false statements without so much as ever being here! I kept asking over and over, “why do you think that” (Obama was adopted by Soetoro, Indonesia was a police state so Obama had to be adopted, only Indonesian citizens could attend school, etc.) None of them had a clue for a source on what they so fervently believed–except MommaE.

She joined the chat room for a minute after the live broadcast was over. She had a source. She said Obama admitted to being adopted by Lolo Soetoro on page 26 of his book, Dreams from My Father. So I looked it up; I have a copy of the book here. Nothing about adoption, and I said so. Oh, she said, it was in the FIRST edition of the book, which “is impossibly expensive to get”.

Well, I will say that page 26 in my copy is just a couple of pages before Chapter 2 starts, the chapter on Indonesia. Not knowing what to look for, I’m not going to try to find what I didn’t see the first time I read it. My guess is that Obama calls Soetoro his “stepfather” at some point, which, of course, doesn’t imply adoption.

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40 Responses to Dr. Conspiracy challenged by MommaE

  1. Kevin Bellas says:

    MommaE trying to challenge you with facts??? The woman who when she was partnered with Ed Hale, announced that she had Obama British Columbia birth certificate sign by Dunley Do-right? I don’t think the woman would know what a fact is if it bit her on her leg.

    After the split with Ed, She went totally into the moonbat cave and along the way she collected such like minded individuals as mtngoat61, creativeorge, poppy, and my favorite Cowboy013.

  2. P0ppy was one of the screaming villagers tonight.

    I must admit MommaE has been totally off my RADAR, and so has Ed Hale except now that I’ve been on Plains Radio.

  3. richCares says:

    I knew Dudley Do-Rght, the only legal document he ever signed was an arrest warrant for Snidely Whiplash, he was not authorized to sign Birth Certificates, MommaE was scammed on this, I understand she paid $2,200.00 for it. The scammer sold 85 copies to Birthers, it was an easy scam.

  4. NBC says:

    I checked my PDF version. Nothing under adopt in this version

  5. mimi says:

    I was flipping over to the Chalice chat every once in awhile as a guest. I saw ’em calling you and Realist obots. You’d give ’em facts, and they’d respond with “obot”. lol

  6. NBC says:

    If Berg is as accurate on his filings against Orly as he is with the ‘details’ surrounding President Obama then his lawsuit is in real trouble. Of course, his lawsuits against President Obama are not doing too well either.

    One almost feels sorry for him…

  7. realist says:

    Doc, I hung in there with you as long as I could. It was an interesting experience, 75 birthers, you and I. I will say, before you got there and before they were screaming BAN HIM, BAN HIM, there were two or three there that I was having a cordial discussion with, and actually got agreement on a couple of points. One even defended me when they were asking for my banning.

    The simple fact is they want to believe all the internet rumors and supposition regarding Obama’s birthplace, his Kenyan/UK citizenship, his “adoption” in Indonesia, the nonexistent information about an Indonesian passport, ad nauseum, that if someone like Phil Berg or WND or RSOL, or even Taitz (thought there was little support there for her tonight), they believe it, and nothing they are shown will ever – ever change their minds…sad, really.

  8. Expelliarmus says:

    She was messing with you, Doc. Page 26 is the page the birthers cite where Obama supposedly found his vault copy, long-form birth certificate, folded away among the vaccination records and the article about Obama Sr’s graduation. (It says nothing of the sort, but that’s another story).
    The first mention of Lolo is later in the book — unless there is added material in a subsequent edition, its unlikely that there is much difference in page numbering.

    The First Edition, first printing of the book would be next to impossible to get – especially if you want a signed copy — but First edition, subsequent printings shouldn’t be hard to come by, and would essentially be the same book.

    Also, BECAUSE the first editions are rare & fetch a nice price, it will not be hard for you to locate booksellers on the internet who DO have copies for sale. You might be able to find out a lot of info via email correspondence.

    However, sounds like typical evasive nonsense to me: you prove someone wrong by checking their reference, they come up with a b.s. explanation deliberately structured in a way to make it harder to check out.

  9. Tes says:

    i have access to a first edition (first printing) of Dreams of My Father
    i just checked page 26
    MommaE is FOS
    There is no such “admission” there…or on any other such page anywhere close before or after.

  10. No surprise.

  11. Patriot1776 says:

    The birfoons use that “first edition” BS all of the time. So far as I know, Obama just updated the forward.

    I have both of President Obama’s books on my Kindle (so I can search) and the word “stepfather” appears in Dreams only once. “my stepfather, Lolo…” It’s in Audacity 7 times.

    Nowhere do the words “adopted” or “adoption” appear in relation to Lolo or Indonesia.

    I did find this interesting passage:

    “We might live as Indonesians lived – but every so often my mother would take me to the American Club, where I could jump in the pool and watch cartoons and sip Coca-Cola to my heart’s content. Sometimes, when my Indonesian friends came to our house, I would show them books of photographs, of Disneyland or the Empire State Building, that my grandmother had sent me; sometimes we would thumb through the Sears Roebuck catalog and marvel at the treasures on display. All this, I knew, was part of my heritage and set me apart, for my mother and I were citizens of the United States, beneficiaries of its power, safe and secure under the blanket of its protection.” The Audacity of Hope

    Gee, go figure, he and his mom were citizens of the United States.

  12. misha says:

    My mother remarried when I was 11. I called him my step-father and took his last name, but he never adopted me.

    These people just can’t stand that a black family is living in the White House.

  13. Patriot1776 says:

    You got it. Ford and Clinton did the same thing.

    Gee, and James Earl Carter went by “Jimmy” but Barack Obama can’t have gone by “Barry”… well, his mom also called him “Bar”. Big freakin’ deal!

  14. misha says:

    Glad you mentioned Ford: “Ford was born as Leslie Lynch King, Jr.”


  15. Cee Cee says:

    And of course Bill Clinton going by his nickname during his whole presidency and most of his life. His real name is William.

    But of course it’s okay because he is a White man.

  16. Cee Cee says:

    Couple more presidents that went by other names.

    Ulysses S. Grant(born Hiram Ulysses Grant)

    Theodore D. Roosevelt(also known as Teddy Roosevelt)

  17. misha says:

    Teddy Bears are named after Roosevelt. Do you think he was secretly part bear? Did that mean he had divided loyalty – he loved animals more than he loved his country.

    There’s a lot to investigate. It looks like Roosevelt was a subversive.

  18. Cee Cee says:

    “Do you think he was secretly part bear?”

    Mmm he could be because I also heard he was as soft as a bear too. TeeHee 😀

  19. misha says:

    This was National Day of Prayer. Obama did not hold a WH ceremony…hoo, boy. I can’t wait to see what the wingers do with this.

  20. DH says:

    Teddy Roosevelt: Soft on bears, soft on the causes of bears.

  21. kimba says:

    And he ordered dijon mustard on his burger! A real American would never use that there dijon mustard on hamburgers. He is so foreign! And isn’t it suspicious, just strolling into a burger joint and paying with real money? It ain’t right, ain’t right at all. He’s ruining this country!

  22. I’ve never before in my life seen a president pay for something or handle money. It seemed so, just so normal!

  23. Cee Cee says:

    And he didn’t even wash his hands after paying for his burger.

    He is just spreading the Swine Flu around.

    Damn elitist.

  24. Trip says:

    Yeah it’s just so normal to pay cash for a burger, and just so normal for a socialist to pay it with other people’s money.

  25. Was that supposed to make sense?

  26. Trip says:

    Not to a socialist lib.

  27. Kevin Bellas says:

    Oh No It’s Ed Hale smut buddy “Trip”! More illogical “HeavyTalk” is on it’s way.

  28. richCares says:

    what words do idiots use most often?
    “the one”

    these terms immediately cause self identification as a wingnut idiot. Dontchaknow!

  29. Kevin Bellas says:

    I would love to see these birthers come up with some real opposing evidence, instead all we get is illogical heresay.

  30. misha says:

    Everyone throws around socialist, and other accusations.

    So here we go:

    socialism: the workers own the means of production. We practice it as an ESOP.

    communism: the dictatorship of the proletariat. It is the opposite of fascism.

    Marxism: all social and business transactions are equitable.

    Leninism: from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. This is the basis for a kibbutz in Israel. I know – I’ve been there. And the kibbutzim are a raucous democracy.

    All taxes are a redistribution of wealth. The income tax in the Netherlands is 52%. We don’t have anything to complain about. And Canada has a 15% sales tax. I know because I used to live in a border town. And New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the country.

    I’m on Social Security, so I am living on other’s money. And when Trip retires, he will be too. Taxes are the price of civilizaton. What they have in Europe is not socialism, but social democracy.

    Nixon started federal loan guarantees, with Lockheed. It was not started by Democrats.

  31. Gordon says:

    They are boring indeed.

  32. Hitandrun says:

    The 2004 paperback Three Rivers Press edition (ISBN: 1-4000-8277-3) of DREAMS FROM MY FATHER states on page 26, referring to Sr’s HONOLULU STAR BULLETIN article at graduation:

    “I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school.”

    Tes et al, how does this passage differ, if at all, from that in the first and other editions or printings?


  33. Expelliarmus says:

    The issue, if you read Dr. Conspiracy’s post, is that MommaE said something else:

    She said Obama admitted to being adopted by Lolo Soetoro on page 26 of his book, Dreams from My Father.

    Now the sentence you quoted doesn’t say anything of the sort, right?

  34. NBC says:

    I wonder if he kept his birth certificate. But that’s hardly relevant given that his COLB shows him born in the US.

  35. TRUTH says:

    OM MY, you almost Slipped. Be careful, you could be reported to the ANF(Anti-Nobama Federation) for even thinking the Messiah might have his real B.C. Fortunately you added the mandatory ANF Disclaimer, The COLB is all Americans ever need to see..look into the crystal ball…the COLB is fine.

  36. NBC says:

    I appreciate your concerns but as usual you seem to be ignoring the facts that President Obama need not show his birth certificate to show that he is eligible.
    I am confused as to why nObama’s are ignoring this simple fact?
    Maybe because it is not all about the TRUTH?

  37. TRUTH says:

    And AS USUAL you seem to be repeating yourself. Can you not tell when I’m just pulling your chain?

    Speaking of repeating yourself, would you repeat your last sentence again for everyone please? It’s not about the Truth, you don’t say? Hmmmm…that answers a lot.

  38. Expelliarmus says:

    NBC’s point is that everyone with the thinking power of a slug understands that the OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION which has already been disseminated widely clearly shows that Obama was born in Hawaii and that there never has been one iota of evidence to the contrary.

    The people who were interested in the truth quit asking questions a long time ago. Whatever legitimate questions they had about the validity of the first image of the COLB that was circulated by the Obama campaign (with the blacked out file number) — were resolved with the Factcheck inspection and photos, and the discovery by an anti-Obama researcher of the Hawaii newspaper birth announcements.

  39. NBC says:

    I am glad that you seem to agree that the nObamers are not really about the TRUTH.

  40. Hitandrun says:

    The 2004 paperback Three Rivers Press edition (ISBN: 1-4000-8277-3) of DREAMS FROM MY FATHER states on page 26, referring to Sr’s HONOLULU STAR BULLETIN article at graduation:

    “I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school.”

    Tes et al, how does this passage differ, if at all, from that in the first and other editions or printings?


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