Conspiracy theories interview

I hope you’re familiar with Terry Gross, and her Fresh Air program on public radio. Terry interviewed analyst Chip Berlet about his studies on conspiracy theories, extremism, white supremacy, and murder. The birthers get a mention.

Thanks to for the info. 

Here’s the audio link:



Read Berlet’s paperToxic to Democracy: Conspiracy Theories, Demonization, & Scapegoating:

Chip Berlet shows that the development of modern conspiracism is rooted in bigotry and that the conspiracist analytical model itself encourages demonization and scapegoating of blameless persons and groups. In so doing, conspiracism also serves to distract society and
its would-be agents of change away from ongoing, structural causes of social and economic injustices

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34 Responses to Conspiracy theories interview

  1. Heavy says:

    How typical. Doc, you’re known by the company you keep.

    Liberals cannot be shamed.

  2. Heavy says:

    Here is your BOY in action. Now THAT’S leadership!

    You wanted change? Hold on!

  3. NBC says:

    Seems Heavy is getting a bit upset when presented with the facts.

  4. Bob says:

    Doc, you’re known by the company you keep.

    Like Doc said, the interview covers “studies on conspiracy theories, extremism, white supremacy, and murder. The birthers get a mention.”

  5. Heavy says:

    I don’t get upset easily nor have I seen ANY facts here.

    Oh, the IRONY!

  6. richCares says:

    “I don’t get upset easily nor have I seen ANY facts here.

    Oh, the IRONY!”

    How does a blind man post this, do you read braille?

  7. Kevin Bellas says:

    Come on Heavy you don’t believe North Korea is capable of doing thing like this? If so you are more gullible than I thought.

    North Korea is barely able to feed it’s own population. There economy is very weak.

  8. Bob says:

    WND’s Farah grows weary of being spammed with birfer e-mail.

  9. Heavy says:

    Nobody thought Al Queda was capable either. Liberal delusion is very dangerous.

  10. “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” Hosea 8:7a (the Bible).

  11. NBC says:

    It was that darn liberal Bush who ignored his duties to protect our country. When 9/11 happened he used ‘novel’ and potentially anti-constitutional methods to destroy any goodwill that existed in the weeks and months after 9/11.
    What a waste.

  12. Heavy says:

    Exactly! Thanks, doc!

  13. Heavy says:

    Actually, it was your boy Slick Willy who dropped the ball. But hey, why bother with FACTS?

  14. NBC says:

    Sure, it was Bill Clinton who forced the Bush government to ignore any warning signs.
    Translation: Facts: Obama’s COLB shows him born on US soil. Or are those somehow different kind of facts?

  15. Heavy says:

    Your glue sniffing will not help your cause.

  16. NBC says:

    After the bombing of the USS Cole the Clinton Administration had drawn up a comprehensive plan for fighting Al-Qaeda. But they didn’t want to execute it with a new President taking office in a few months, so they briefed Bush’s team at the highest levels and told them how important it was that they carry it out. And then Bush did nothing.

    Yes, the ball was dropped.

  17. NBC says:

    As predicted, when confronted with the facts, Heavy insults.
    That’s a guaranteed fact.

  18. Heavy says:

    It’s not an insult unless it is, at least somewhat, truthful.

  19. NBC says:

    An insult is an insult especially when you lack any direct or even indirect knowledge.

    Poor Heavy

  20. Heavy says:

    Thank you, Mr. Webster.

  21. NBC says:

    Always ready to serve the truth 🙂

  22. I don’t know what to make of that, since I keep company with both you and NBC.

    Someone with a clear conscience cannot be shamed.

  23. NBC says:


  24. I find this a very interesting and thought-provoking interview, and I hope folks will take the time to listen to it.

  25. Heavy says:

    Hey, don’t let us interupt your mutual mastubation party. Continue.

  26. NBC says:

    Priceless. Poor Heavy feels left out

  27. NBC says:

    Downloading it right now. Thanks Doc, these are good resources to share.

  28. JeffSF says:

    I listened to part of the interview when it was on NPR- and yes I choose to listen to NPR rather than Michael Savage. Reading the summary of the report I was struck by this paragraph:
    “Conspiracism is neither a healthy expression of skepticism nor a valid form of criticism; rather it is a belief system that refuses to obey the rules of logic. These theories operate from a pre-existing premise of a conspiracy based upon careless collection of facts and flawed assumptions. What constitutes “proof” for a conspiracist is often more accurately described as circumstance, rumor, and hearsay….”

    Does this nail the birfer belief system on the head or what?

  29. Heavy says:

    Yes. Keep it that way!

  30. Bob says:

    Hey, don’t let us

    Who is this “us”? You and “WE THE PEOPLE”?

  31. richCares says:

    Heavy is an ideologue, he is driven by ideology not rational thought. Such people, with miserable lives, need to blame others for their misery. It’s the Jews, it’s the blacks, it’s the liberals. They never own up to responsibility, all in their life is the fault of others. They paint people with a very wide brush, they call people they have no knowledge of “you libs” or “you lefties” proof of very simplistic little minds between their ears. 90% of whatever they say is full of hate. They are delusional not only on the birther issue but in all they do. What proof of this, just read heavy’s comments. (or truth or jtx, et all). If you approach them with a rational argument they will refuse it. (limited brain power)

  32. Ima Foreigner says:

    I look forward to reading the studies that have been linked here – I find it oddly fascinating how people come to believe their own interpretations of truth/facts/etc.

    I came across the following posting the other day – it is uncanny how much of the language matches the truth/facts that are currently put forward by so many people regarding Mr Obama. The funny thing is, this particular post was made in 2007 about an old white guy…

    “Where was David Howard Murdock born? Where is a certified copy of his birth certificate and from what state?? There is no record of his attending high school because he claims he dropped out in the eighth grade. What elementary school did he attend? Could David Murdock actually be an illegal alien from Germany who claims he joined the US Army during WWII? Has anyone ever seen a copy of his DD214? Did Murdock actually arrive in the US prior to WWII? Where was he assigned and are there any people still alive that can attest to growing up with him or serving with him? Finally, what are the names of his four wives? He has divorced three women and one died of cancer. Is there any public record of his marriage certificates or a known record of the names of his first two wives?”

    Original post can be found here

  33. Paul Pieniezny says:

    Actually, an interesting find for the genealogy of birferism. It is by Bonny Sisson Stilwell, who later turned into a birfer. Here she is telling everybody who she is: . Interestingly, she claims to be the former Vice President of the League of Republican Women in DC but also suggests the 2004 Ohio result was tampered with!? Here Stillwell appears together with Margaret Calhoun Hemenway, another birfer heroine, daughter-in-law of the lawyer who provided local support for a Washington DC court case started by Phil Berg:

  34. richCares says:

    Pointing out flaws in heavy’s logic is not working, so in any heavy post only respond with the following paragraph.

    remember what heavy wrote, “I would consuder it a great personal favor for you to ignore me. That would be a victory!”
    Yes the misspelling of “consider” is his.

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