Orly blocks Supreme Court nomination


If Barack Obama isn’t really president, then he can’t nominate justices to the Supreme Court, or at least that’s the thinking of  California dentist-cum-attorney-cum-conspiracy theorist Orly Taitz, DDS. She has on her web site the first page of an application to stay the process of replacing Justice Souter.

I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise, but I admit that I think of Orly as being so irrelevant to what’s really going on, that to associate her with a real national event is a clash. It looks like Orly has added  a cover page to one of her old cases (note the removed staple) and recycled the “evidence” (ranting unsubstantiated claims) in support of a stay. The application was sent to Judge Souter, himself.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

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47 Responses to Orly blocks Supreme Court nomination

  1. misha says:

    Orly could not argue her way out of a traffic ticket, much less argue a case to the Supreme Court.

    And Liddy is now saying Obama is not a NBC. From the mouth of a convicted felon.

    Andy Martin, authority non pareil: “vexatious litigant”;”now asserts Obama’s real father is not Barack Obama Sr., but Frank Marshall Davis”;”he called the judge “a crooked, slimy Jew who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race”;”Martin stated, “I am able to understand how the Holocaust took place, and with every passing day feel less and less sorry that it did.”

    This is Taitz’s new BFF. And after what she went through in the Soviet Union. Guess she didn’t have enough.

    Truly the rattles of the clinically insane.

  2. NBC says:

    What is hilarious is that she forgot to include Congress, who is the only one who can decide not to proceed with the hearings. After all, President Obama has already nominated Sotomayor.

    Orly seems to be getting further and further out of touch with reality.

  3. Shrieking wombat says:

    One of her commentors in response to the above:

    “…Every day I pray Souter will do what is RIGHT and FAIR and JUST and deliver you to the floor of the Supreme Court where you will make HISTORY.”

    So do I. Best comedy ever.

  4. misha says:

    Orly for Citizens Supreme Court! Coming to a dinner theatre near you.

  5. An email received this morning claims Orly has received death threats. She also says her husband’s car has had a fuse to disappear, and her own car has a gas leak.

    However bad her behavior, this is not the right thing to do (threats). While I sincerely doubt that her auto maintenance issues are related to her political activity, I don’t condone pranks either.

    Supposedly from Orly:

    A couple of days ago my husband’s car just suddenly went dead, he took it to the shop and they found that a fuse was missing. What was strange, is that they couldn’t find that fuse anywhere on the floor of the car. At the same time a warning light went on in my car. I was busy, I had to go to Tulsa OK. When I came back, I took the car to the mechanic. He called me today and said that there is a gasoline leak. It is dangerous, the car could’ve ignited.
    See in the attachment- a couple of e-mails from some sick people. One is talking about burning my body for the world to see.
    Look at the attachment about Catherine Smith- she died in a fiery crush under suspicious circumstances. My local FBI is doing nothing. I don’t know what to do

  6. mrunpc says:

    TO: obamaconsiracy.org

    I find it interesting that you choose to hide your identity from the public. You also take the oh so stereotypical Commiecrat path of demonizing and trashing those you disagree with.

    As far as the illegal Kenyan Muslim mulatto usurper currently squatting in OUR White House, I’d like to hear YOUR explanation of the following on his Hawaiin “COLB”…
    His “father” (sperm donor who abandoned him at the age of 2) is listed under “Race” as “African”. Here’s a little newsflash for you, Commiecrats.

    African is a NATIONALITY, NOT a race. Negro or Black would be the correct description. If “African” was a “race”, then how are WHITE South Africans categorized, hmmm?

    Additionally, if the Hawaiin COLB is “legitimate”, then how was it created by a computer using Helvitica Fonts? Any document created in 1961 would have most likely been done using a manual typewriter with Courier Fonts, the ONLY one in use at that time!

    And oh yes, a LEGITIMATE birth certificate ALWAYS names the Hospital and delievery doctor, NONE of which appear on the phony Hawaiin COLB.

    Also, would you care to explain why the illegal Kenyan Muslim has spent up to a MILLION $ to keep ALL of his Occidental College records, LEGITIMATE Birth Certificate, and other school records sealed?

    For a measely TWELVE ($12.00) DOLLARS, the illegal Kenyan Muslim mulatto could put ALL of this “controversy” to rest, yet he chooses to spend HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS on lawyers to keep it hidden.

    And here’s a question for those of you who hide behind your website:
    Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?

    I think those of us who pay close attention know the answer to that question.

  7. mrunpc says:

    Google: “The 45 Stated Communist Goals for the Takeover of America” entered into the US Congressional Record in 1963, just months after they killed JFK…and make no mistake about it, Communists killed Kennedy. Of course, not foreign Commies, by American ones. Read the 45 items. Then ask yourselves which U.S. political party’s agenda it is.

    GOOGLE: “The Sworn Affidavit of Bishop Ron McRae” and read it in it’s entirety. Especially take note of the part that states that Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “church” allows MUSLIMS to be members WITHOUT forfeiting their Muslim faith or beliefs.

  8. I keep my identity to myself so that my political activity will not spill over in a negative way onto my family and work.

    Your objection about fonts and the word “African” come from two misunderstandings, first about what the COLB is. I have articles on both these topics on this web site:


    And no, I’ve never been a Communist. I’ve never even MET a Communist (that I know of). What a silly idea.

  9. Ron McRae is not in a position to authoritatively say anything about Jeremiah Wright. Rumors are of no interest to me.

  10. myson says:

    ” You also take the oh so stereotypical Commiecrat path of demonizing and trashing those you disagree with”, ???
    Kettle calling pot black ???

    “African is a NATIONALITY, NOT a race. Negro or Black would be the correct description. If “African” was a “race”, then how are WHITE South Africans categorized, hmmm?”

    Whenever i visit the USA i ensure that people understand that i’m an African (Nigerian), & not an African-American. I dont mind being to as “black”, but not AA. Also, in forms one has to fill, its what you refer to yourself as that is stated on the form

    “I think those of us who pay close attention know the answer to that question.”, this is a lie !!!, Anyone who has been following this issue knows that the COLB has a june 2007 date + stamp reflecting that it was obtained in 2007. Obama or the DNC requested for the BC in 2007 & received a COLB because this is what hawaii issues now, this is something that Birthers dispute but its a reflection on the date on the COLB

    I respect your right to challenge Obama credentials & anyone else for that matter but your challenge should be based on true facts & fair

  11. kimba says:

    The farther afield they go with their craziness, the sooner they dissolve. After the government comment site spam incident, they have managed to become noticed in the wider media as nuisances, not citizens with legitimate concerns.

    Keep it up mrunpc. Post your thoughts far and wide. Show America what kind of people birthers are. A normal adult would not be able to read your entire screed. It’s the rantings of an unhinged individual.

  12. richCares says:

    “based on true facts”
    Asking a birther for “true facts” is an oxymoron! Want proof of this, read mrunpc’s comments.

  13. richCares says:

    Obama visits Buchenwald memorial.

    “The survivors see President Obama almost like a grandson of theirs,” said the director of the Buchenwald memorial, Volker Knigge, speaking just outside the front gate.

    this must drive the birthers crazy!

  14. Joyce says:

    “GOOGLE: “The Sworn Affidavit of Bishop Ron McRae” and read it in it’s entirety.”

    What prompted McRae to interview Obama’s grandmother?

    Why isn’t McRae’s Kenyan interpreter’s real named used?

    Does it strike you as odd that the birther movement insists on Obama’s transparency while relying on the testimony of informants who hide behind aliases?

    I’ve known two missionaries working with Muslim populations; both would have been thrilled to have Muslims attending their churches. Perhaps Rev Wright would share his secret with them.

  15. kimba says:

    The more he accomplishes, and as the rest of the world advances with an Obama Administration, the less relevant and more marginalized birthers are becoming. Their tantrum on the govt website labeled them in the media as a nuisance. Jake Tapper called their birther “facts”, insane rumors. If Orly’s motion to stop Sotomayor’s confirmation gets wider coverage, she will be a laughing stock. I hope they keep it up.

  16. Black Lion says:

    If you read this affidavit you can’t prevent yourself from laughing. It is actually high comedy. There are so many statements that have been disproven that I can’t understand how someone would even reference it as an actual factual document. I can’t figure what is worse; this affidavit or Larry Sinclair’s fiction. Pure unadulterated comedy.

  17. NBC says:

    Now he is a grandson of the survivors? Just like a grandson of the birthplace of his father?… He surely is attracting a lot of nationalities here 🙂
    What a president… Clearly stating that he will unequivocally defend the US against terrorism and violent acts and yet willing to open up a dialogue with the world.

  18. JeffSF says:

    For giggles, I did Google the “45 Stated…”. Let me list the obvious issues with it:
    a) no way to verify its true
    b) the list is apparently created by a anti-communist activist- with no citations- we have no idea where she came up with this stuff
    c) the fact that it was read into the congressional records is meaningless- it neither verifies that its true or false.
    d) the list itself is well to put it charitable- all over the place.
    d) Which parties agenda is it- since you just copied and pasted your post from one of the dozen other site with the same wording- do you really have any idea?
    e) For instance- one of the stated ‘goals’ was opening relations with China- which was initiated with that well known Democrat, Richard Nixon.
    f) I bet the whole list comes from the paranoia of the anti-communist groups of the era. I would suggest it was made up now, but some of the stuff so dated- and so doesn’t support what they think it supports- that I can’t imagine someone actually writing it now.
    g) The only thing surprising about the list was it failed to mention electing a black muslim president.
    h) Oh yeah- that communist take over of the world is going so well isn’t it? Look at a world map of Communist governments in 1963 and look at one now….pure silliness.

  19. anon says:

    In the long list of people that are being ‘served’ in Dr Orly’s document, I don’t get why the Ambassador of the Russian Federation is included. Is there a ‘Russian Connection’ that I missed ?

  20. kimba says:

    She wants Passport, border crossing records from when Obama traveled there with Richard Lugar in 2005. They were detained in Perm for several hours while officials decided to search their plane. Orly thinks it was because there was an “issue” with Obama’s passport. ( a sign of delusion is thinking everything is about you)


  21. misha says:

    I’ve noticed that birthers all have the same talking points. Apparently, there is a site which lists them, for copying:

    -Orly Taitz, DDS, ESQ, M.O.U.S.E. is a brilliant dentist/lawyer/astronaut
    -Obama’s COLB is a forgery/conspiracy/Cracker Jack prize
    -Obama was born in Hawaii/Kenya/Indonesia/Tasmania
    -Obama is a halfrican/mulatto/oreo/octaroon/macaroon
    -Obama’s father is MalcolmX/Frank Davis/Patrice Lumumba/Sidney Poitier
    -Obama has spent millions/gazaillions/ducats to keep his records sealed/in his pants/a safe deposit box in Andorra
    -Obama’s mother was a slut/whore/courtesan/zoologist
    -Obama is a socialist/Marxist/communist/coal miner
    -Obama is Muslim/Christian/Jewish/Wiccan/T&A worshipper
    -Obama is a democrat/subversive/Whig
    -Obama is a fraud/usurper/Martian
    -Misha Marinsky is this author/a Jewish communist/Bolshevik/lipstick

    Don’t forget to tip your waitress, and drive safely

  22. misha says:

    Orly wrote that she reported everything to law enforcement, and those agents won’t do anything.

    Gee, I wonder why.

    I guess even paranoids have real enemies.

  23. NBC says:

    Obama was detained for a while when visiting Russia. It was because of some luggage handling issues I believe and Orly believes or was let to believe by some friendly ‘voices’ to subpoena the Ambassador of the Russian Federation.
    Why not?…
    Sit back, get some peanuts or popcorn and enjoy the show…

  24. kimba says:

    For the legal eagles:

    There is no active case Easterling v. Obama in any court is there? How can Orly file a motion in SC on a non-existent case? Or is she playing on her special relationship with the Chief Justice?

  25. No such case on any federal court docket.

    Do you think maybe Orly got hit in the head after she wrote her bar exam, and that explains her lack of knowledge of legal procedure?

  26. anon says:

    Thanks for that info.

    I’ve spent waaaaay to much time being entertained by all of this craziness, but I’d never heard about that before. Even if Obama was born in Kenya, and subsequently became an Indonesian citizen, does she really think that he would have traveled as a US Senator on an official trip with a non-US passport? Yeah I know, nothing is too crazy ….

  27. misha says:

    “that explains her lack of knowledge of legal procedure?”

    No, the Taft Law School is an unaccredited correspondence outfit. They teach enough to pass the California bar, but there is no practical experience.

    She is waaay over her head. She should stick to wills and cavaties. I don’t know if she is even a good dentist. I read there are some malpractice suits against her for dentistry.

  28. In all of this Obama Conspiracy Theories business, we have to live with some unanswered questions, at least for now:

    What is the name of the doctor who delivered Barack Obama at the Kali’opelani Medical Center in Honolulu?
    What is the whole story of the relationship between Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr.?
    How did Orly Taitz pass the California Bar?

  29. Bob Weber says:

    Misha – You forgot to add “Obama is an Arab”.

    Just ask Rush Limbaugh! http://mediamatters.org/research/200809220015

    Or Pamela “Atlas” Geller! http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2008/02/obama-arab-amer.html

    Just look at his photograph! That’s an Arab or I’m a Peruvian chipmunk!


  30. Bob Weber says:

    I know this is a “what if pigs had wings?” kind of question, but wouldn’t the Federal District Court for D.C. have original jurisdiction?

  31. aarrgghh says:

    … and do birthers tie their own shoes in the morning or do they have help?

  32. Bob Weber says:

    Looking at her website, I’d say that her English language skills are really going backwards. I’d still grade her above most of her acolytes, who have the advantage of being native speakers, at least of a sort.

  33. Bob Weber says:

    Yes, that “45 goals” is a real hoot! The first goal is peaceful coexistence instead of nuclear war! Hmmm….. Which should I choose?
    I think I’ll take peaceful coexistence!

  34. misha says:

    And when you drop a slice of bread, why does it always land butter side down?

    Explain THAT one.

  35. misha says:

    Yeah, I noticed most of those who post there are semi-literate. Her first language is Russian, then she learned Hebrew, and now English.

    It’s either mixing all three, or vodka.

  36. i heart unicorns says:

    ok, these need to get posted to the glossary!

  37. Expelliarmus says:

    Jurisdiction over what? A writ of mandate to block a Supreme Court nomination?

    I don’t think any court has jurisdiction -that is, I think its beyond the jurisdiction of the judicial branch to block the executive branch from exercising the powers clearly delineated to it by the Constitution.

    That is, it’s the President’s job to name candidates for the Supreme Court, and the Senate’s job to confirm the appointees (or not).

    So how could any court possibly have the power to enjoin the President from doing his job? (That’s the exact opposite of what a writ of mandamus is for).

  38. Uhhh, I don’t think ANY court is going to claim it has the jurisdiction to enjoin Congress from carrying out it’s constitutionally mandated duties.

    Judge Robertson pointed out when dismissing Hollister v. Soetoro that this was just Berg v. Obama rehashed. Berg doesn’t have standing to litigate the president’s eligibility, even by putting his case in a new envelope. (The phrase, “lipstick on a pig” comes to mind.) Orly is bringing Lightfoot v. Bowen again, with a new cover page stapled on. After the president is inaugurated, his eligibility is simply not justiciable.

  39. misha says:

    That’s what I was wondering. They’re spending all their efforts on court challenges.

    The only way to remove a president, is by impeachment. Good luck with that.

  40. Bob Weber says:

    Well, I did say this was a “what if pigs had wings” kind of question!

  41. I think the approach is armed insurrection instead of impeachment.

  42. misha says:

    There are several postings on Orly’s site threatening armed insurrection.

    I’m surprised no one from the SS or FBI has paid her a visit. As I wrote before, Swensson got a visit from 2 SS agents. He actually boasted they agreed with him.

    The asylum inmates make a lot of noise.

  43. misha says:

    I’ll take ‘peaceful coexistence’ for $200, Alex.

  44. kimba says:

    They refuse to accept Pres Obama is legally the President and the only way to remove him is by impeachment, by finding a candidate to run against him in 2012 who can get more votes, or when he becomes ineligible by term limits in 2016. They think if a court declares Obama ineligible, it will negate the election, his inauguration and any legislation he has signed, appointment he has made. I think they think they’re going to get either a do-over, or McCain will become President. They think he’s not legally the current President. This is why I say they are useful fools for the neocons and hard right-wing powers that be who want to undermine Obama at every turn and diminish his accomplishment.

  45. kimba says:

    By the way, Orly is now claiming that a missing fuse in her husband’s car and a missing fuel line clamp on her car are vandalism/ murder attempt (?) by Obama people. She claims to have filed a police report. I hope she told them she thinks Obama did it.

    I agree with Misha, I think it’s time for her to be on Secret Service radar if she’s not already.

  46. There are also suggestions that the President tour the country in an open convertible (made on that improving government data access suggestions site).

  47. kimba says:

    Over at Orly’s site today she’s feeding the frenzy that DHS exercises in late July are related to rounding everyone up and locking them in FEMA camps. They sure are afraid of the FEMA camps. It reminds me of what the righties used to say when defending Bush’s wiretapping program: if you’re not doing something wrong, what are you worried about? Oh the irony.

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