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Dr. Orly Taitz has published rankings from urlfan.com to show that her web site is in the top 6% of web sites on the Internet.  But what does it mean to be the 251,186th most popular web site on the Internet?

Here are some web sites that are more popular than Orly’s (listed in order of increasing popularity):

  • getbackyourwife.getbackex.org
  • creativitycat.com
  • rezvproplus.com
  • urlanonimo.com
  • mujtv.com
  • tinsology.net
  • blog.jaclynday.com
  • fastwaystoloseweight.net
  • conceptfeedback.com
  • compact-kitchen.de
  • dsicade.com
  • jonesgoodassbbqandfootmassage.com
  • lillebrorsan.se
  • pigbrother.at
  • zoeandzac.com
  • tommasogecchelin.wordpress.com
  • magicofmakingupcom.com
  • bluehostsucks.com
  • healthmanager.mayoclinic.com
  • businessoffashion.com
  • sb4af.wordpress.com
  • undercon.netizensmedia.com
  • joypad.fr
  • phonesgo.com
  • howtomoneymanagement.com
  • minion.mmoui.com
  • domini.it
  • learntoquilt.org
  • goodlittlecompany.com
  • jayepperson.blogspot.com
  • impartialweightlossreviews.com
  • masteradobeelements.com
  • kildarestreet.com
  • thebabynurserybedding.com
  • arnoldgillespie7.tripod.com
  • easy-diaper-cake-instructions.wetpaint.com
  • howtostartbeekeeping.pbwiki.com
  • beekeepingforbeginners.shoutpost.com
  • howtofightloneliness.tumblr.com
  • houston-bankruptcy-attorney.com
  • stopsoot.org
  • tingleandtwitch.com
  • skepticalhypochondriac.com
  • sikalosoft.com
  • rootstomp.com
  • tehawesome.tumblr.com
  • trans-ling.pl
  • buycheapdietpills.blogspot.com
  • [skip a couple hundred thousand]
  • obamacrimes.com
  • …and the NUMBER ONE web site, according to URLFAN is [drum roll]

So what does all this mean? It seems like when you’re out of the top few web sites, that the numbers don’t mean all that much. Alexa.com, for example shows this web site far below Orly’s, but urlfan has us nearly tied. Alexa.com shows Orly and Berg quite close; the urlfan has Burg leaving Orly in the dust. I bet that if I stopped mentioning Orly and linking to her web site, that I would pass her!

What I do know is this web site served over 36,000 pages last week, and that’s pretty good.


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4 Responses to Orly’s popularity

  1. Bob says:

    urlfan just lists which sites are referenced by blogs; it does not list which sites are the most visited overall.

    Sort of the blogosphere equivalent of saying, “I’m big in Japan.”

  2. I agree with AXJ says:

    Since she joined AXJ their Chapter in Kenya has been feeding her the evidence she needs for the 09-08-09 hearing in Santa Ana, CA.

  3. AdrianInFlorida says:

    All of those sites ahead of hers have been bought and registered by NaziCommunistObamabotMainstreammediaSocialists. The woman is a patriot, dammit, why can’t you understand that??????


  4. AXJ says:

    Boy Orly is getting the attention she wants…

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