Obama v Franken Poll

Here’s a whimsical poll requiring a double prediction. At the end of 2011, who will be more popular, Al Franken or Barack Obama? Consider whether you feel Al Franken has what it takes to be a real Senator (instead of a humor-wielding critic) and whether President Obama’s ambitious plans for America will have succeeded well enough to keep him out of the popularity “poor house”.

On December 31, 2011, who will have the higher approval rating:

  • President Barack Obama? (52%, 201 Votes)
  • Senator Al Franken? (48%, 184 Votes)

Total Voters: 385

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2 Responses to Obama v Franken Poll

  1. Gordon says:

    Obama’s poll numbers are going to be dependent upon the economy. Franken will probably lay relatively low his first few years. His poll numbers won’t be as dependent on so many external forces.

  2. If President Obama continues to make the slip-ups that such as the one involving the Cambridge police..his ratings will fade fast..

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