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Dr. Conspiracy

Dr. Conspiracy

There’s really nothing new under the birther sun. I can’t think of any new ideas or new evidence come to light since the original set of fake evidence and misrepresentations that made up Berg v. Obama back in 2008. The birther lawsuits are simply attempting to re-try Berg v. Obama on the conspiracy, and Donofrio v. Wells on the legal theory, just with different cover pages.

“you can’t save the Constitution by destroying it.”

Leo Donofrio

I’ve also been a reading some American history lately and it’s interesting to see that some of the arguments we have today are pretty much reflected in the disputes surrounding our country’s foundation. I see a mentality in some like Orly Taitz, that is not unlike the excesses of the French Revolution, only she has no physical mob to back her up. Pamphleteers like Thomas Payne believed that no generation had the right to dictate to future generations. The Obama citizenship denialists, on the 0ther hand, literally worship the thoughts of the founders and their bible, the Constitution, while at the same time embracing the notion of the unfettered citizen mob rule (citizen grand juries, and Orly’s citizen courts and militias) to enforce it in an unholy fusion of Nationalist theory and anarchist practice. The birther movement is opportunistic, taking bits and pieces of legal jargon, political theory, libertarianism and revolutionary thought and assembling them into a Frankenstein-like theory of government. As Leo Donofrio said: “you can’t save the Constitution by destroying it.”

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  1. misha says:

    Yet, that is exactly what they are trying to do.

    The denialists end result would be mob rule. There are posters on Orly’s site who regularly call for a military coup. One poster asked why can’t our military do like Honduras’ army.

    I have said it before, and will again: the conservative movement is riddled with white nationalists, anti-Semites, mysoginists, theocrats and assorted other kooks. Buckley once said he spent a lifetime getting rid of the kooks; he didn’t do a good job.

    My prediction: Obama will be re-elected, and Corey Booker will follow.

  2. Hitandrun says:

    Doc embraces Leo D.’s “You can’t save the Constitution by destroying it.”

    That assumes the Constitution has not already been irreparably damaged. After all, Lincoln believed you CAN save the Constitution by ignoring it.


  3. Shrieking wombat says:

    Re comments on previous thread that Taitz appears to have assistance with her drafting, apparently the that assistant is none other than Charles Lincoln, who has been disbarred in three states:

  4. The Republican Party (in the time of Jefferson) was founded on the principle that the National Government under Washington was destroying the Constitution by doing things not explicitly granted to Congress. But a military coup would really be trashing the Constitution (not that the US Military would consider such a thing for a moment).

  5. Expelliarmus says:

    none other than Charles Lincoln, who has been disbarred in three states:

    … and also convicted and imprisoned for fraud and tax evasion.

  6. brygenon says:

    Same old same old; Dr. C. nails it again. When I read comments that they’re going farther and father out, I like to look back at Berg’s complaint from August 2008 and remind myself that ‘birthers’ were kooks, liars, bigots, and generally bat-guano whacked since before we gave them the name.

    Even Donofrio v. Wells was moribund from its beginning. Berg v. Obama scooped Donofrio on the foreign-father/dual-citizen/divided-loyalty sophistry, which Donofrio presented as his major issue with Obama. Of course really Donofrio’s major issue has always been his own enormous ego.

  7. thisoldhippie says:

    WND is the king of misinformation.

    The screen image they have posted obviously allows individuals to edit its contents, yet they do not point that out in this article. It appears now that they pages are locked but it won’t be long before someone creats a new one.

  8. richCares says:

    “WND is the king of misinformation.”
    You can say that again, Wikipedia has always stated “Barack Obama was born at the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women & Children in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States”

    WND is not only giving out misinformation, they are lying. But remember a WND reader does not check sources so WND gets away with this crap. Birthers never check sources or the validity of the crap they believe and they continually give WND links not realizing that identifies themselves as idiots.

  9. Black Lion says:

    thisoldhippie, remember WND also verified that the COLB that President Obama submitted was authentic. And now they say that it is not. We all know that WND has an anti Obama and Democratic agenda. Secondly we all know that Wikpedia can be changed by anyone and it was obviously some birthers that were attempting to make these changes. The people that monitor Wikpedia obviously became aware of it and changed it back. WND of course is attempting to make it look like something nefarious happened…

  10. kimba says:

    WND had someone make the Mombasa edits, give them enough time to take their screen grabs and then reverted them. The story is in the article’s edit history. Someone named BenSpecter made the changes WND shows on July 12 around the same time as WND took their screen shots. BenSpecter then reverts the edit. Then he makes more edits, reverts them himself, gets cleaned up by other editors, gets into a revert war for about 2 hours and goes away. Must have gotten the call from WND that they had what they needed. Today lots of no-name, and red name ass-clown edits trying to insert “born in Kenya” and grand jury stuff. Bet the article is locked by noon.

  11. I would point folks to my article Any fool can change the Wikipedia.

  12. kimba says:

    The changes weren’t made on the main Barack Obama page but on the Early life and career of Barack Obama page. By a guy whose only Wikepedia edits were yesterday’s, all around the time of wnd’s screen grabs. Coinky Dink? Nope, staged event. BenSpecter doing the editing for them was blocked.

    WND created their own story. Like Doc says, any fool can edit the wikipedia!

  13. thisoldhippie says:

    This is what I hate about these people. They are intentionally misleading and LYING to others to promote an agenda that is quickly becoming a money making machine. There is no way that Orly Taitz isn’t making money from her “donations.” There is no way that WND isn’t making money from advertising and selling their weird little colonics. (Plus the nefarious billboard scam). They are feeding off of people who don’t have the brains to see what is happening.

  14. And remember WND has been busted doing Wikipedia edits before. Aaron Klein comes to mind

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