Birther happening calendar

Our friends over at have come up with a neat idea for using a Google shared calendar to track upcoming birther events.

This is extremely helpful. Thank you!

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5 Responses to Birther happening calendar

  1. kimba says:

    Obama’s BC discovered at the Minnesota State Fair!!! (seed art)

  2. misha says:

    Hey, it looks just like mine.

  3. SixToeMoe says:

    SCOTUS docket, No. 08-205, Citizens United, Appellant v. Federal Election Commission SET FOR REARGUMENT ON Wednesday, September 9, 2009.

    Citizens United v. FEC is about that anti-Hillary Clinton movie a 501(c)(3) organization tried to run during primary season last year. Citizens United wanted to offer Hillary: The Movie for free on television using a cable on-demand service. But when they tried to advertise the movie, the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) ruled that they would have to disclose their corporate sponsors. Citizens United appealed the decision all the way to the Supreme Court twice.

    This case reaches back even further in time to the infamous 1886 Supreme Court case of Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad. In that case corporations were granted the status of “natural persons” as defined by the 14th Amendment that protected the rights of freed slaves.

    Commentary usurped from Buzz Flash.

  4. AXJ says:

    Politjab, aren’t those the guys that censored the AXJ members and deleted all the posts of the evidence they have?

  5. misha says:

    That’s what you are getting close to here, buddy boy.

    You best be moving on. I hear there’s plenty of land in Idaho.

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