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Over the last few months, Obama Conspiracy Theories has served on average about 7,000 pages per day to visitors. However, with the increased media coverage of the “birthers” and Orly’s Cook v Good lawsuit, traffic has has more than doubled to 15,000 pages per day. But that was before yesterday: fueled by interest in the new fake Kenyan birth certificate, a stunning 45,000 pages were requested, 5500 of them through a link in an article in the Wasington Independent, and about 3000 of them from search engines returning information on Orly Taitz.

The hosting plan I subscribe to is just not able to operate at such a load without problems and many of you were no doubt seeing “Internal Server 500” errors.

I don’t have a good solution right now, except to throw lots of money at the problem, reduce the functionality of the site, or hope it goes away from less traffic. For starters, I’m jettisoning a few features. The polls widget on the sidebar is the first visible victim. I have also reduced the number of articles displayed on the home page from 10 to 7.

Hmmm, I wonder if I could get a stimulus grant.

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I'm not a real doctor, but I have a master's degree.
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6 Responses to Site problems

  1. June bug says:

    Don’t worry, Doc. We will be patient… (begins to chew own leg)

  2. H.S. Thompson says:

    yeah, with this Ozzie BC out there now, things are really heating up.
    Looks like the Cesspool is down too! Anybody know anything? Dirty Tardbots?

  3. Things are running much better today. I’m guessing that the peak load is over. I’ll see tomorrow.

  4. Yesterday, the peak activity continued with over 44,000 pages requested on this blog! My web hosting company tells me that there were some issues with the server Monday that have been corrected. That seems to be the case as things ran smoothly yesterday. I also made some changes to reduce the memory footprint of this blog. So with fingers crossed, the beat goes on.

  5. jtx says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:

    Seems to me, Doc. that you wuz the guy who just recently had been snickering about those “cheapskate” websites that hold opposite views to yours were so inferior and how they should get a real, for-pay site like yours.

    What goes around comes around, perhaps?

    Or do I dismember that???

  6. nbc says:

    Success is a b*tch… My site got 68000 hits far more than usual. It still is much higher than its pre-kenyan-bc days.

    Seems more and more people are reaching out to quality sites to learn about the truth.

    Well, at least they can marvel at the lack of arguments from our friend Jtx

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