Yet another Kenyan birth certificate

This one is on YouTube. I think the videographer intends the viewer to interpret this sideways video as having been shot in Africa (hence the black extras), and one gets the impression that the speaker has obtained a birth certificate locally.

The video is too shaky and the resolution too poor to do much “analysis” of the document on the screen. Some might be able to freeze frame the image and record some details to see if it is consistent with a real document. The main point to keep in mind is that without any supporting evidence, a video on the Internet is nothing but a video on the Internet. However, it is entertaining, and I thought well done (for a fake).

A much enhanced version of the video is available at

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101 Responses to Yet another Kenyan birth certificate

  1. jtx says:

    This should create another cottage industry fir you Deathers in creating even MORE fake documents. You guys are getting more productive at that … but hardly any better.

    Have at it myrmidons!!

  2. Expelliarmus says:

    I think the videographer intends the viewer to interpret this sideways video as having been shot in Africa

    Because when you are that close to the equator, the pull of gravity makes your body horizontal to the camera?

  3. strikefighterxxi says:

    If you listen closely, about 1:56 in, when he is talking about the seal, he says Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya. So, we can simply have a rehash of the same Kenyan history that was done a few weeks ago.

    Provinces were not known as such at the time.
    Mombasa was not in Kenya at the time.
    Oh, and Obama was born in Honolulu Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

    Really, though, the footprint is a nice touch. Although it’s a little too defined for my taste.

    And why in God’s name was this guy wandering the streets and surrounding himself with kids? Does he think that lends some credibility to his “document” or this video. Cause his apparent lengthy criminal record says otherwise (according to WND, who I would be loathe to use as a source, this guy tried to sell his own kidney.)

  4. richCares says:

    really funny
    by the way who are the 3 stooges?

  5. Stop the Obama worship for a moment and ask yourself, what if this is true? No doubt after Obama is impeached the true will come out. If Obama is and American I am one of you worshiping crazies! This man is not God, he is just another corrupt Chicago politician which is very well documented. Wake up before your freedom is completely gone!

  6. richCares says:

    “what if this is true?”
    sorry to disappoint you but there will be no impeachment, especially one based on a fake document, Obama has been president for almost 8 months now, it would be wise to accept that you are being deluded and taken advantage by some nasty people. Have you tried visiting a psychiatrist, you really need to do something about your hate for Obama, it will surely make your life miserable.

  7. Kstreet67 says:

    I don’t even think the filming was done in Africa. My first instinct was to say that was the same guy who supposedly was selling Obama’s BC on Ebay. The location looked more like a Carribean or Central American locale, more than somewhere in Africa. The children were too light skinned to be in Africa, especially Kenya. Thats MY take on it.

  8. strikefighterxxi says:

    I love the fact that you morons who subscribe to birther crap think that anybody who is not with you is an Obama worshiper. Yes, I voted for him. Yes, I am a Democrat (and technically a liberal). Do I worship him like a demigod? No. He was the best of two options.

    Now, lets address a few of the problems with your post.
    1) You first ask what if this is true? Then you definitely say it is true by saying “when Obama is impeached?” You can’t have it both ways.
    2) Do you really think, that if there was any, ANY credible evidence saying that Obama was not a citizen or not elible that those worthless jackasses in Congress would have certified his election. Or that the Electoral College would have. Why, I ask you, are the birthers in Congress suggesting legislation that puts in place BC requirements for the future? I mean, if they thought that Obama was illegal or ineligible, they would be screaming from the rooftops and introducing Articles of Impeachment. Yet, all this time in, they haven’t. Because he is lawfully the President of the United States of America. Deal.With.It.
    3) Is Chicago renowned for political corruption? Yes. But so what. That does not mean that Obama is corrupt. Plus, there is political corruption everywhere. It is a fact of life. Most politicians are not corrupt, but a few are. We deal with it.

  9. strikefighterxxi says:

    Even WND says this is the same guy who was trying to sell this “document” on ebay, only to have it taken down. He also seems to be reluctant to let anyone else see it.

  10. Kevin Bellas says:

    That is one of the most ugly site I have ever seen. I thought Plains Radio and the Obamafiles were bad. Jeessh

  11. NobamaNetwork says: “what if this [Kenyan birth certificate] is true?”

    I’m more interested in the question of whether NobamaNetwork is a front for Al Qaeda, attempting to demoralize the “great satan” in the west by undermining the government.

  12. Just for the record, the fake document I just posted was made before I read the preceding comment.

  13. Welsh Dragon says:

    In case any of our birther friends are tempted to get carried away on analysing this fake, I suggest they first look at the dates.

    They’re in US format MM/DD/[YY]YY

    British usage, as in much of the world is

  14. Ian Gould says:

    “Stop the Obama worship for a moment and ask yourself, what if this is true? ”

    Stop the Obama hate for a second and ask yourself why it looks nothing like the multiple Kenyan birth certificates from the 1960’s published by WND – hardly a purveyor of Obama worship.

    Is it “Obama worship” to point out that in 1961 Mombasa was part of Tanjanyika not Kenya?

  15. Ian Gould says:

    This is what a real Kenyan birth certificate looks like according to WND:

  16. Every time one of these fakes comes out, folks all over the globe come up with objections, historical contradictions and formal mistakes. So then the next fake is better.

  17. Mary Brown says:

    So now the fake birth folks have their template. If what they say is true.

  18. welsh dragon says:

    Very true Doc. I’m keeping one or two objections in reserve for future use!

  19. Bob says:

    And why in God’s name was this guy wandering the streets and surrounding himself with kids?

    I was wondering about that as well.

    I mean, if I had the document that would bring down the president, the least I would do is place it on a well-lit, flat surface, and then steadily record it.

  20. The template is not that good yet.

  21. jtx says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:

    You certainly should qualify on speaking about fakes as the Deathers have originated more of them that any other group by far.

    Even your Oborter has presented fakes and in addition has perjured himself. You all seem to think that is a normal way to live.

    All the guy need do is show himself to hold the office he now occupies by proving he meets Constitutional muster. Shouldn’t take long, right??? As it is, he appears like a little street kid caught in a lie and can’t find a way out … nor can you.

  22. jtx says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:

    The simple – and obvious – answer to all this is to have a trial in a proper court under evidentiary rules so that His Majesty has the opportunity to prove conclusively that he is legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies.

    Neither he – nor anyone else has yet done so … all of the Flying Monkey BS notwithstanding.

  23. dunstvangeet says:

    All the proper evidentiary rules, jtx? You mean like having rules such as standing? Gee, I thought that was happening already.

    Just because you can’t present a client who actually has standing to sue, does not mean that the court is not following the evidentary rules.

  24. jtx says:


    “Standing” is not an evidentiary issue; it is a judicial fiction. I’m talking about evidence inspected and reviewed under the rigorous rules of evidence.

  25. Adrianinflorida says:

    You’re becoming tedious, jtx, what hasn’t the President proven that is required under law? Specifically.

  26. dunstvangeet says:

    Actually, it is, jtx. Standing means that you have the right to sue, to seek the evidence, jtx. Part of the admissibility of the evidence is whether or not you actually have a right to that, which is part of Standing.

    Get Past the Standing Issue, and you might get to discovery. Until you get a client who actually does have standing, you won’t get to discovery.

  27. richCares says:

    jtx, the judge, has no idea what “Standing” means. Explaining it to him won’t help, you see he is retarded and he is stuck on groundhog day. But he is funny.

  28. Gordon says:

    jtx, specifically what has Obama presented that was fake? You seem to have a propensity to make statements like that w/o a shred of proof.

  29. Sorry, my dance card court calendar is filled for the next three and a half years. You will have to look elsewhere for a court to hear the case.

  30. Greg says:

    You want to have a trial, jtx? Amend the Constitution.

    Standing isn’t a technicality, it’s a Constitutional requirement, Article III, Section 2, Clause 1.

    You just have to convince two-thirds of both houses, and then three-quarters of the states that you don’t need to have a real case in order to get into court.

  31. Mary Brown says:

    The only court would be Congress. You must convince the House to vote on Articles of Impeachment and convince the Senate to try and convict the President. If I were as convinced as you seem to be I would stop name calling and get serious about evidence collection-the kind of evidence that would convince the members of Congress.

  32. Gordon says:

    Now WND has a phony Obama MySpace page. They have him age 52, born in Hawaii, which would make him born before Hawaii was a state. They can’t make up their minds were he was born.

  33. Why do you think it phony?

  34. A much enhanced version of the video is available at:

  35. Gordon says:

    Link to the real one is on

  36. richCares says:

    here is Obama’s actual mySpace page (age is 48)

    a posters notes:
    Go to the site, check out the Facebook and MySpace links. They are not the ones listed in the farcical WND story (really, do they post any other kind?).

    now go to the WND obama link, compare the real Obama page, especially at the top.

    Now, if you’re still with me, replace “barackobama” in the WND MySpace URL with “joebiden”. Tell me what you see. a 100 year old Biden
    the same punker did both

  37. richCares says:

    for your pleasure:
    Joe Biden & Barack Obama’s real links: 66 yrs old 48 yrs old

    WND phony link: 52 yrs old
    Joe’s phony link 100 yrs old

    compare format of phony links, WND’s been punked!

    now tell me when does WND gets anything right!

  38. The White House web site links to a white house myspace page:

    However, was the “Official” Barack Obama page prior to the election according to mainstream press articles. He has like 1.3 million friends.

  39. Gordon says:

    I’m trying to figure out when they are going to settle on the Kenyan BC, or the born in Hawaii, but too old chit.People on Right Wing blogs shamelessly source that rag.

  40. jtx says:


    The various forms of COLB on the different Deather websites, my man. Or perhaps you’re saying they are all real – and accurate???

    Kech, this KBC looks “more real” than anything the Obamanuts have yet devised – though I’m sure the Flying Monkey Squads are hard at woek even as we speak.

  41. jtx says:


    Absolutely not, though you’re welcome to post all the definitive evidence of such proof here should you find it … or better yet, submit it in a legal proceeding in a court of law where it counts.

  42. jtx says:

    Mary Brown:

    If the man is not legally eligible then he is not President and therefore cannot be impeached by Congress.

    Of course, knowing Barry boy, we all know that as soon as he admits he’s not eligible he’ll abandon the office forthwith … RIGHT!!!

  43. jtx says:


    That sounds sort of like what you Deathers have done with the (so-called) “BC issue”. But in either case, the point of genuine importance is the man’s eligibility to hold the office he now occupies.

    None of you Flying Monkeys – including the head O-rangutan – has ever shown him to be legally eligible. Why you “deffers” struggle so hard to protect a probably ineligible man in the office of President I’ll never know.

    Is is because you hope to kill the Constitution or just because you hate your own country so much???

  44. dunstvangeet says:

    JTX, which one of these have been confirmed by any sort of governmental employee as being “a valid … birth certificate?”

    The Hawaiian COLB has been confirmed as being a valid Hawaii state birth certificate. You cannot say the same about any sort of birth certificate that the birthers have produced.

  45. Greg says:

    We hate our country and Constitution? Funny coming from a guy who thinks Swiss philosophy and/or British Nationality law should trump our Constitution!

  46. richCares says:

    neato, we are back to the flying monkeys, jtx may still make 4th grade in grade school.

  47. richCares says:

    as a United States Marine, I swore to defend this country and our Constitution, and that I did. How about you idiot, where did you serve? Stop projecting your stupid views on to others. Oh I know, you were a judge in the army! lying sack of s____

  48. Greg says:

    So, all you have to do is convince the Supreme Court:

    1. to overturn their de facto officer doctrine, which would allow them to take out a sitting de facto president;

    2. to overturn the doctrine of standing, which comes directly from the Constitution;

    3. to overturn Wong Kim Ark, which 7 of the sitting Justices have quoted approvingly in the past 7 years;

    4. to overturn an election in which 64 million people voted for Obama.

    You clearly hate America and our Constitution and the centuries of jurisprudence that have made this one of the most stable democracies in the history of mankind.

  49. Mary Brown says:

    Jtx, this country belongs to all of us. Sorry, but that is true. I am here because I refuse to allow people like you to ovethrow an election. Jtx, he was born in Hawaii. He is a natural born citizen. He owes you no more proof than he gave- proof that was accepted by the Electoral College and Congress. It is over. Done. Finished. He is President Obama, my Prsident and yours.

  50. milspec says:

    I get a headache watching the video,what date are in American standard?

  51. kimba says:

    Why do you guys keep feeding this troll? I don’t think he even believes his own BS, he’s just here to poke a stick in our beehive. All you do by answering him is give him his jollies.

  52. Mary Brown says:

    You are correct Kimba. My replies to jtx are done.

  53. jtx says:


    You’re out of your connon-picking mind. No one has ever presented any definitive proof of the valudity of ANY BC-related stuff (from any country).

    The guy is more completely undocumented that most of the OTHER wetbacks – his back just happens to be wet with Atlantic saltwater rather than just river water.

    However as you surely should know by this time it really doesn’t matter where he was born as he’s told everyone he was born a Brit and that makes him ineligible to be President … but I thought you knew that!!

  54. jtx says:


    As I said, the standing thingy is merely a judicial finction to give our cowardly robed ones a way to duck down and out.

    Who knows, perhaps there will be an honest and courageous one yet found. I doubt they are ALL cowardly and corrupt. Whattaya’ think???

  55. jtx says:


    The term “standing” does not appear there – but then again you no doubt have the lib version of the Constitution which can say anything that you desire; especially so if it protects the Oborter,

  56. richCares says:

    me as well!

  57. dunstvangeet says:

    “It’s a valid Hawaii state birth certificate.”

    Direct quote from Hawaii Department of Health Spokesman Janice Okubo.

    Want to try again, jtx? Just because you stick your head in the sand, and say “it’s not true” doesn’t mean that you’re actually right…

  58. jtx says:


    If he’s not eligible to be President under tha laws of the land then he’s clearly not “de facto” anything except a de facto usurper.

    And your pal Mary Brown cannot seem to grasp that the same thing applies insofar as impeachment … no legal Prez, no impeachment.

    And it certainly would not take a Constutional Amendment either. The Constitutional requirement is clear – he must be a natural born citizen. There are many references to the requisite meaning of that but of course the Deathers won’t like them.

  59. jtx says:


    You clearly seem incapable of reading since I’ve said no such thing and I’m not the one struggling and arguing to allow an ineligible president to be the Executive in Charge of stuff – you are.

    The man has clearly demonstrated his dislkie for almost all things American and goes to other countries apologizing for our “sins”, says we’re not a Christian country and covers up Christian symbols that offend him and then gives a glowing lengthy speech praising Ramadan and the pagan-originated Muslim religion.

    And YOU stand up for him and his actions and beliefs … shame on you!!

  60. jtx says:


    Doesn’t matter Gordo – neither means a thing as far as legal eligiblity is concerned. You’ve not figured that out yet???

  61. jtx says:

    Mary Brown:

    You simpleton! It’s not about “overthrowing an election” at all. It’s about whether or not Obama is legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies.

    It’s also called upholding the laws of our country – you might think about trying it some time … specifically WRT Mr. Obama.

  62. dunstvangeet says:

    jtx, you say that you uphold the constitution, but don’t realize that judicial standing is actually in the constitution.

    If your tree falls on me, I have standing to sue you. My neighbor doesn’t have standing to sue you, though. That’s part of standing. You actually have to be harmed for the court to have jurisdiction. If you really think it’s a made-up thing, why don’t you sue your neighbor for something that he did to someone else, and see how far it gets you.

    It’s clear that you know nothing about the constitution, jtx. Which makes your supposition of them holding up de Vattel even more hilarious.

    I have an idea. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is, jtx. If the Supreme Court decides that a Natural Born Citizen has to have 2 citizen parents by the time Barack Obama leaves office, I’ll pay you one million dollars. If it’s not, then you’ll pay me one million dollars. If you’re as confident as you seem, then it should be the easiest million that you make.

  63. Greg says:

    Hey, jtx, why don’t you hold your breath until Obama is booted from office.

    You’re right that the term “standing” doesn’t appear in the Constitution, but it’s still a Constitutional concept, it comes from the “Case and Controversy” clause, Article III, Section 2, Clause 1.

    Standing only dates back to when George Washington asked the Supreme Court for an advisory opinion. There are thousands of cases saying you need an actual case to come before the Federal Courts, which means there are thousands more cases than the ZERO cases in which the Court has adopted Vattel’s conception of citizenship!

  64. dunstvangeet says:

    JTX, you don’t really care whether or not Obama’s constitutionally eligible. You just want to stick your head in the sand, and pretend that the previous election didn’t happen, and if you can overturn it just by saying, “It didn’t happen.”

    Please, tell me again why Obama isn’t eligible. I have yet to find one Supreme Court case that supports your two-parents theory of the court.

    Greg has basically said what you have to overcome. I predict it’ll be a 9-0 decision upholding Blackstone.

    But since you’re so confident, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is. Are you willing to bet $1,000,000 on the outcome of this? If the court upholds de Vattel by the time Obama leaves office, you win. If Obama leaves office without the court upholding de Vattel, I win. What do you say? Will you put your money where your mouth is?

  65. Greg says:

    You’ve said over and over that if the British Nationality Act of 1948 makes Obama a natural born subject then our Constitution can’t make him a natural born citizen. You clearly think that a British law passed by the British parliament trumps the foundational documents of our nation.

    You’re a crumpet eating America-hating Anglophile.

  66. Expelliarmus says:

    The notion of “standing” is inherent in the function of any court of law.

    Courts are a way that individuals can redress individual wrongs — that is, they provide an avenue for relief for an individual for some sort of individual damage they have incurred. If someone hits you with their car, or if a contractor fails to do the work you hired, or if you have a tenant in your property who isn’t paying rent and refuses to leave — the courts provide a way to get relief.

    Courts do not exist for the purpose of making determinations that affect society at large. That is the function of the lawmakers — on a national scale, Congress. The role of the individual is expressed through their vote — but the determination is made by Congress, not the courts.

    People who question the concept of “standing” simply do not understand the function and role of the judiciary.

  67. myson says:

    A major issue to note in the FKBC

    No hospital issues birth certificate, its issued by either a local govt or state govt, this FKBC was issued by an hospital !!!
    Even in America hospitals dont issue BC the report a birth to the relevant govt agency !!!

  68. Expelliarmus says:

    Yes.. that is the glaringly obvious problem!

    I’d also note that when birth certificates have foot prints (an outmoded practice) — they always have 2 foot prints. I can’t find any examples of any real birth certificates with only one.

  69. richCares says:

    here’s a comment from the Moderator of a Catholic site on the 52 yr old story:
    Re: Obama’s MySpace page: I’m 52 years old, not 48

    Effective immediately, World Net Daily will not be considered a reliable news source.
    Please find your articles from a more reliable source.
    Robert Bay, Moderator

  70. kimba says:

    That’s the biggest mistake the birthers have made is to try to keep their options open with multiple reasons, even when they conflict with each other. They have suffered greatly for the want of a strong leader who says, this is the strongest “not a natural born citizen” argument.

    Interesting,Rich, about the Catholic site. I am curious what % of birthers are Catholic. The Vatican has a rather large research org, maybe the Church should look into the eligibility thing and issue a proclamation for the Catholics. ( disclosure: I am a Catholic.)

  71. kimba says:

    AHA! That’s the answer! The real Barack Hussein Obama II has only one foot! Have we ever seen the President bare-footed? This will expose the Manchurian, socialist, nazi, muslim, phony for sure!

  72. I believe Emerich de Vattel said that a natural born citizen had to have two citizen feet!

  73. misha says:

    My cat was born in Philadelphia, and he has four citizen feet paws.

  74. kimba says:

    Apparently the birthers have now decided they want to see Obama’s penis. If he’s not circumcized, then he can’t have been born in the US circa 1961 because all American boys then were circumcized. These people are off their fricking rockers.

  75. Bob says:

    Like Clinton and his, ummm, “distinguished member.”

  76. Bob says:

    Hilariously, tRSoL isn’t going to cover Smith’s Kenyan birth certificate:

    “There are way too many images of documents and not enough documents, per se, that can be verified.”

    Of course, Phil had no problem with reposting the Kenyan birth certificate being heralded by Taitz and WND. And no problem with reposting countless other unvetted, single-source stories on his site.

    And here’s Phil’s kicker:

    “And yes, this includes the image of the alleged HI COLB.”

    The COLB, which third parties have examined the actual paper version and the State of Hawaii has repeatedly said Obama has, isn’t good enough either.

    And of course Phil had no problem with reposting every musing of “Dr. Polarik,” even after it was demonstrated that “Polarik” had no expertise in computers or document examination.

  77. AdrianInFlorida says:

    As much as the far right wing rails about Homosexuality, promiscuity and penises, they really have some repression issues, methinks. Or projection issues.

  78. Rickey says:

    The birthers are good for at least one good belly laugh each day.

    I was in Navy boot camp in 1967, and I recall that a Navy doctor gave us a hygiene lecture on how to properly clean by pulling back the foreskin, etc. (we had to attend that particular lecture regardless of how many of us it actually was applicable to). I’m pretty sure that all of us were born before 1961.

  79. misha says:

    Did you hear about the $10,000 wallet made of foreskins?

    When you rub it, it turns into a suitcase.(bada-bing)

    Board: Why do you want to become a urologist?
    Candidate: Well, I’m Jewish and I understand urologists get good tips.

  80. kimba says:

    Maybe this is how they really see Obama:

  81. Bob says:

    The WND’s recent stories about Obama’s parents do reek of the plot of Mandingo.

    The desire to see Obama’s junk, however, reminds me of this Mandingo.

  82. While I’m not going to do it, I think a POLL on our opinion of the president’s “status” would be an instructive exercise in understanding the value of polling where the respondents know absolutely nothing upon which to base an answer.

  83. richCares says:

    Birthers are driven by ideology not reason, so it is easy for them to fall for this, they so much want it to be true that they will avoid reality. example: the hospital in the video did not exist in 1961.

    good scheme to make money.

  84. Sean says:

    I agree. But I noticed something a little more obvious. Don’t Kenyans typically have a quite darker complexion than these children?

    And didn’t these youngsters look as though they were instructed to stand where they’re standing?

  85. Bob says:

    WND: Smith’s Kenyan birth certificate is a fake.

  86. jtx says:


    Said “third parties” just coincidently happen to be Obama operatives. No credible disingterested source have ever examined any COLB (much less the forger one on the Web).

    What position will you guys lurch into when it is demonstrated in a court of law that Obama is not eligible to hold the office he now occupies?? Doesn’t matter because: a) he’s black; b) he’s a Democrat; c) he’s a liberal; d) he’s so lovable; e) he’ll bring everyone together; f) who cares about the laws anyway; g) he’s got a great wife and kids; h) I love him; i) I got my “clunker” money so he must be OK; j) he loves those Islamacists and since he is one they won’t hurt us; l) etc., etc., etc.

    So far not a single Flying Monkey has ever said words to the effect “… if he’s not eligible under the laws of the country he should not hold the office he now occupies …”. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU ENABLERS!!!!

  87. jtx says:


    It could be or it may not be. I’d leave it to the court trial to determine that under tha rules of evidence.

    I’d have to say is looks more realistic that the phony various COLB forgeries that were put up on the Web by the Obamanutz!! It will be sorted out in court no doubt.

  88. nbc says:

    Said “third parties” just coincidently happen to be Obama operatives. No credible disingterested source have ever examined any COLB (much less the forger one on the Web).

    Still claiming that the one on the website is a forgery even though it matches the facts as known?

    Foolish JTX and of course when shown that the COLB is correct he will return to his foolish ‘Obama claimed that he was not natural born’ “argument”.

  89. nbc says:

    JTXIt could be or it may not be. I’d leave it to the court trial to determine that under tha rules of evidence.

    No chance on that, of course, the facts clearly show that it is a fake.

    No surprise since the facts show President Obama to be born in Hawaii. The belief that any birth certificate will make it into US court shows an unfamiliarity with the US constitution which prevents such abuses of the legal system to have a duly elected President removed.

  90. Gordon says:

    Do you think jtx really believes this will end up in a court of law? Personally I think he’s putting on a brave face.

  91. Bob says:

    Said “third parties” just coincidently happen to be Obama operatives.

    Name these Obama operatives.

  92. Bob says:

    I’d leave it to the court trial to determine that under tha rules of evidence.

    The first question, under the rules of evidence, is where’s the declaration from the hospital’s custodian records certifying that it is a true and correct document?

  93. richCares says:

    “I’d leave it to the court trial to determine that under tha rules of evidence.”

    so a court trial is needed to verify a fake BC from a hospital that didn’t exist at the time of birth is a fake? Great reasoning there idiot!

  94. Rickey says:


    He’s probably referring to the canard that is in the tank for Obama because it is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center and Obama was involved in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

    The reality, of course, is that the only connection between the two groups is that they are funded by the Annenberg Foundation. The idea that the Annenberg Foundation supported Obama falls apart when you consider that the founder, Walter Annenberg, was a lifelong Republican. He died in 2002, but his wife was still actively involved in the Foundation and she endorsed McCain last year.

    She donated $17,000 to Republicans in 2007-2008, not a dime to Democrats.

  95. jtx says:


    You are the foolish one – in fact, you’re dumber than dirt in that you don’t recognize what the Oborter has told you – that he was a Brit at birth. He (or anyone else) has never proven otherwise.

  96. Greg says:

    We recognize that he said that. We even recognize that Britain probably believes it.

    We don’t care.

    We’re Americans. Unlike you America-hating crumpet-eating Anglophiles, we think our Constitution should rule who gets to be a citizen, not some effing British law passed in 1948, 170 years after we fought a war of independence with them.

  97. nbc says:

    He was also a natural born citizen of the United States. Since dual citizenship can be abandoned by a child when reaching adulthood and the natural born birth right continued, your arguments, as usual, make no sense.

  98. Bob says:

    Lucas Smith responds to WND’s slander!

  99. Bob says:

    And WND responds back!

    Cat fight!

  100. Welsh Dragon says:



    Sorry to shout! copies of filings at Orly’s and Politijab.

  101. But, but, but, I thought she filed the OTHER fake Kenyan birth certificate.

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