Is racism the new “cool”?

Conservative intellectual theorist Irving Kristol when derisively called a “neoconservative” said: “the sensible course, therefore, is to take your label, claim it as your own and run with it”.

On one side, the Obama Conspiracy debunkers have embraced “Obot” (see and Birthers have embraced “Birther” (See

Is “racist” the next negative label to be adopted and worn proudly?

When Jimmy Carter called opposition to Obama “racist”, he opened the door for those who automatically ridicule anything they can label with “Jimmy Carter”. (Certainly Carter has long embraced the label “Jimmy Carter”.)

Leo C. Donofrio has published reference to a racist anti-Chinese article, calling it the “Holy Grail”, Mario Apuzzo is fond of citing the Supreme Court’s decision sayings slaves cannot be citizens in Dred Scott v. Sandford, and to top it off a truly amazing article was just published by J. R. Dieckmann in The Great American Journal, Embracing Racism.

Dieckmann tries to set up a straw man attack, and then says roughly, “if this is racism, then I’m a racist.” Nevertheless, are we looking for a new political theme from the far right: “hey what’s so bad about racism anyway?”

I’ll tell you what’s so bad about racism:

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4 Responses to Is racism the new “cool”?

  1. JM says:

    That American Journal article is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Of course you’re not a racist for opposing the bailout or opposing climate change legislation, but you might be a racist if you hate everything the president does just because he’s half black, or if you carry a sign comparing him with a monkey at a tea bagging party, or if you say it’s okay for white presidents to talk to school kids but not half black presidents, or if you support a guy who draws swastikas on black congressmen’s offices and says you won’t support “n***r healthcare”, or if you yell “lynch him” at the sound of the president’s name (Palin rally), or if you think it’s bad that his name sounds vaguely muslim (I hated that mass email that claimed Obama was muslim and I was thinking to myself, no he’s definitely not but so what if he was?). There is lots of racism out there but that American Journal article writer doesn’t seem to get it.

  2. Lupin says:

    With apologies to Godwin’s Law, uber-racist Leo Donofrio’s ravings remind me, on a much lesser scale, of the screeds of Alfred Rosenberg, who provided the Nazis with the so-called intellectual foundation for such preposterous political philosophies as Lebensraum, anti-semitism, anti-modern art, etc, etc.

    Rosenberg was tried and sentenced to death at Nuremberg; his counsel, I believe, wrote: “He [Rosenberg] gave the impression of clinging to his own theories in a fanatical and unyielding fashion and to have been little influenced by the unfolding during the trial of the cruelty and crimes of the party.”

    Many people don’t realize that the ideologues who fostered the repellent Nazi ideology were also tried and sentenced at Nuremberg (Julius Streicher was another one) alongside better-known top honchos like Goring, etc., even though they hadn’t directly slaughtered anyone.

    Ideas can kill. Thus is why today countries like France, Germany, Austria, which generally have freedom of speech, but no formal first amendment, will prosecute people like Jean-Marie Le Pen and neo-nazis for race-baiting speeches, etc.

    I respect and admire the first amendment of your Constitution, but our point of view is somewhat different because we know the harm that people like Leo C. Donofrio can inflict upon a society.

    Were the circumstances similar, under French Law, uber-racist Donofrio might be condemned to a year in jail suspended, and a 10,000 euros fine.

    Laws are not the same everywhere. Animal sacrifices for religious purposes are legal in some countries, not in others, for example. But in this instance, I feel compelled to point out that Donofrio’s racist discourse would land him in a Court of Law before a Public Prosecutor in most of Western Europe.

  3. Heavy says:

    Judging by the lack of comments on this ridiculous article and the reaction to Nancy Legosi’s tearful rant, it is clear that the RACISM tag is a failed effort by liberals to bring hatred into the debate.

    Nice try libs. We all know that the REAL racists are YOU!

  4. Gordon says:

    Rush Limbaugh’s decision to turn a school bus assault into a racial issue, brought the Nazi Party out in force to Bellville, Ill.

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