My solution to the “standing” issue

Judge Milian

Judge Milian

A few moments ago, I wrote in response to richCares:

While it would be pleasing to me to see all 300 and something allegations in Kerchner v. Obama tried and branded false, no court is ever going to touch it.

All the courts are of one accord in rejecting these cases for lack of standing, etc. But there is ONE court that could  try the case, The People’s Court TV Show.

Who could resist Judge Marilyn Milian?

“We the People” can get their 30 minutes in court. Orly can bring a notebook full of Social Security Numbers. I’m sure the show producers know how to deal with hecklers in the audience. The whole country could watch the birther movement crumble under a few probing questions from Judge Milian.

I can hear her now: “”No sabes ni adobar la mentira…”

Sometimes I am truly brilliant!

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10 Responses to My solution to the “standing” issue

  1. Adrianinflorida says:

    Instead of. Jury, Harvey could poll the people outside in Times Square as to whether or not the case has merit or the plaintiffs have standing. Lord knows the judges are all ” On the take”.. 😉

  2. Sally Hill says:

    And references this site as their ‘go-to’ legal analysis?


  3. dunstvangeet says:

    You do know that the People’s Court isn’t an actual court, but relies upon mainly contract law to enforce it’s rulings. They also offer such incentives such as paying all settlements, and stuff like that in order to get people to air their dirty laundry out on the front lawn.

    He’s being Sarcastic, Sally Hill…

  4. Ima Foreigner says:

    Judge Wapner is still alive – bring him back out of retirement for Orly’s inevitable appeal.

    Sadly Rusty is no longer with us, but Doug Llewelyn is. Not only could he interview Orly, his hair would totally put hers to shame.


  5. Greg says:

    It’s the only way you guys are going to get into court. You’re currently 0-38. Unless Joe Biden or, maybe, John McCain or Sarah Palin sues on this issue you’re never going to get past standing. Even Joe, John and Sarah might not get past the political question doctrine, since this issue appears to be committed quite comprehensively to the Congress to deal with (20th Amendment and Impeachment power).

    Plus, since standing and political question both go to the competency of the court to even hear the issue, neither is waivable. If any court discovers they don’t have standing, they have to dismiss the case sua sponte.

    So, even if Obama agreed not to bring up the issue of standing or political question in court, the court would have to dismiss it, once they realized they didn’t have the power to hear it.

    That leaves you left with extrajudicial remedies. You’ve already made clear you’re not happy with leaving it to the voters, or Congress. What do you want? People’s Court is it!

  6. Sally Hill: And references this site as their ‘go-to’ legal analysis?ughhhh….yeah

    Let me comment briefly on that. I had an email from Brooks Jackson, director of FactCheck, “warning me” of what they were going to do, referring people over here. It’s not that Obama Conspiracy Theories is on par with FactCheck (it most certainly is not), but that FactCheck is simply tired of dealing with persistent and never ending nonsense of Obama Conspiracies. It doesn’t take a team of professional journalists to deal with birthers.

    While they wish it was that simple to refer the problem elsewhere, I suspect that they are stuck with it, just as much as I am.

  7. Sean says:

    I agree. Judge Milan can smell Bull Shit from 10 miles away. Orly wouldn’t have a chance.

  8. euphgeek says:

    I was thinking the same thing, except I would like to see it tried by Judge Judy. The defendant would only need to bring the Certificate of Live Birth and the case would be over.

  9. Lupin says:

    J Wapner v Orly… oooooh I’d pay to see this on cable! It’d be like Godzilla vd Megalon, but with legal stuff. A sure winner.

    Dr C, if you produce it, you stand to make millions.

  10. Lupin: J Wapner v Orly… oooooh I’d pay to see this on cable!It’d be like Godzilla vd Megalon, but with legal stuff. A sure winner. Dr C, if you produce it, you stand to make millions.

    Or perhaps Godzilla vs. Monster Zero.

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