Donofrio team pries previously known information out of Hawaii

Leo. C. Donofrio

Leo. C. Donofrio

I don’t want to make too much fun of Donofrio and his article DoH Reverses Course – Releases Index Data For President Obama, Stanley Ann and Barack, Sr; No Records For Maya Exist. While the fake dramatic aura written into his article is silly, at least it presents some facts.

It has been clear to me since last year that this, and another approach to obtaining records from Hawaii, if pressed, would result in disclosure of this  already-public information. The other approach is the Verification in Lieu of a Certificate. But the information pried out of the Department of Health, is the same information the DOH sent to the Hawaii Newspaper Agency and was subsequently printed in two Honolulu newspapers 47 years ago. I suppose it’s nice that Donofrio has another voice from the same source saying the same thing, but there is no surprise here. This really is “old news”.

Leo also “learned” that Obama’s sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng does not have a Hawaiian birth certificate which–while still claimed otherwise by birthers as recently as by a filing in Hollister v. Soetoro a week ago–is impossible under Hawaiian law. So TechDude (who claimed he could see that the COLB was constructed from a base copy of Maya’s birth certificate) is exposed as a fraud (wait, TechDude was already exposed as a fraud).

It remains to be seen if Leo Donofrio will be believed or demonized by the birthers. The odds are on the latter.

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9 Responses to Donofrio team pries previously known information out of Hawaii

  1. I left this comment at Leo’s place:

    Ya did good Leo. Welcome to the club. Would you like me to send you a key to the Obots executive washroom?

    As for the marriage record, she just typed in the name without the suffix (common practice when searching vital records) and sent what came up on the computer. No mystery. Mother and Father name are not index information for the birth, but they apparently are for a marriage.

  2. Bob says:

    Actually, isn’t it still possible for Maya to have a COLB? It would be, of course, one that lists her place of birth as Indonesia.

    The index data of course doesn’t list Maya beause she wasn’t born there. But it would be possible for her to obtain a Hawaiian COLB (with her foreign birth).

    I mean, if it possible for Obama to remove from her COLB references to her name, her father’s name, and the date/time of birth, why not also scrub the place of birth as well?

  3. SFJeff says:

    After reading the link to Leo’s post…wow when compared to his readers he comes off as very reasonable.

  4. aarrgghh says:

    doc pondered:

    it remains to be seen if leo donofrio will be believed or demonized by the birthers. the odds are on the latter.

    no, leo will be lionized (pun intended).

    after all, he got hawaii to send him barry’s “forbidden records”! that’s a major victory! the conspiracy is crumbling, the usurper is on the ropes and his obots are panicking! and leo continues to spout reams of pseudo-law that is more than sufficiently obtuse to convince the willingly-led and intellectually lazy birfers that whatever leo says it means must be true. there is nothing hawaii can say that cannot be parsed into its opposite. leo is king! long live leo!

  5. No, Stanley Ann Dunham did not meet the residency requirements necessary for Maya to get a Hawaiian certificate.

  6. misha says:

    I wonder how much Obama paid the Hawaii officials? (ow, stop hitting me)

  7. jvn says:

    A great victory for the Leotards!!!

    Now they have proof that the President was born in Hawaii, and that his sister was not!!

    Oh, wait…

  8. Expelliarmus says:

    Bob: Actually, isn’t it still possible for Maya to have a COLB? It would be, of course, one that lists her place of birth as Indonesia.

    I don’t think it would be a “COLB” (Certificate of live birth) — but perhaps a “COFB” (Certificate of Foreign Birth) — or some other, appropriate acronym.

    While the laws of Hawaii & other states allow for recording of birth certificates in circumstances other than infants born in Hawaii — most commonly with a adoption of foreign born children — I think that each type of certificate would have its own title.

  9. Sponson says:

    Aarrggh has nailed the donofrio appeal above. Leo is the alternative for those who can’t stand the taitz level of nuttiness (or malware)

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