Is there a god?

Let me offer two arguments, one pro and one con:

Pro (from the article I GUESS THERE IS GOD IN HEAVEN from contributor Joe on the Orly Taitz blog):

Anita Dunn is already supposed to leave in December. It was stated when she accepted the post in March, that it was only temporary.

Con (from web site rating service

In September 2009, WorldNetDaily averaged 33.6 million visits a month.

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2 Responses to Is there a god?

  1. wendy says:

    just so it isn’t hanging out here with no reply, after your effort…

    I took a look at quantcast, just for curiousity. Intriguing that it shows “people who come here also visit…”. I also see the estimate that 60% or more are “drive bys”, a random visit. I fall into that. I have stopped there, just to see how over the top a web site can be.
    the other place…. nah.

  2. Compared to the Internet as a whole, visitors to WorldNetDaily seem to be well-educated old white men with no kids and below average earnings.

    The estimate of demographics here are not hugely different. We also attract far above average in the age category, a little wealthier, college educated (but not with the grad school component WND has). More men than the average. No race breakdown available.

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