Motion to accelerate discovery in Barnett v. Obama – Denied

Orly Taitz, DDS, Esq

Orly Taitz, DDS, Esq

According to papers filed by the court, the Court has been requested by Orly Taitz to speed up discovery.

Orly Taitz argued:

…In particular, the Court ordered the Motions for Summary Judgment must be filed by November 16, 2009, to wit, the 40th day after today (less than 6 weeks). Plaintiffs can neither prepare any possible motions for partial or complete summary judgment nor prepare themselves to defend any such motions under Rule 56 by the defendants without conducting discovery, in particular, the depositions duces tecum of Defendants:

(1) Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle L. R. Obama (who, whether they have any personal knowledge concerning Mr. Obama’s actual place of birth or not [the Court suggested in Court on October 5, 2009, that few individuals recall any details concerning the circumstances of their own birth or immediate post-natal citizenship and residence], both have separate and independent personal knowledge of Mr. Obama’s life & medical history and records in his actual or constructive possession, his history of applications for passports and/or compliance with Selective Service Registration requirements, his personal physicians’, hospitals’, and educational records, as well as his presidential records and personal papers and archives which may have effectively been sealed at his sole discretion as a matter of executive privilege by Executive Order 13489 entered on January 21, 2009, whether such order was designed or intended to expand or contract access to previous Presidents’ records); these defendants also have direct and personal knowledge concerning Mr. Barack Hussein Obama’s recent residence and employment history and causes or justifications for the use of one or more social security numbers in relationship to such residence and employment history….

The court said:

…The Ex Parte Motion is hereby DENIED….

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14 Responses to Motion to accelerate discovery in Barnett v. Obama – Denied

  1. misha says:

    Great, now the judge just gave Soetoro and those two Zionists more time to obfuscate. (IA)

  2. euphgeek says:

    Uh oh…time for her to call the judge a traitor again.

  3. Bob says:

    Expected, but no “Nuts!”

  4. JoZeppy says:

    Or for the birfers to read the sentence “Should the discovery period be insufficient given the scheduling order in place, the parties may file for an extension of the discovery period” as more proof that the judge is going to deny the MTD.

  5. Bob says:

    From Taitz’s site:

    She looking to add even more plaintiffs. Whatever; totally pointless. Here’s an interesting tidbit:

    “On a different note I will have a hearing within a couple of weeks against Wells Fargo. If you got a mortgage from Wells Fargo, the bank sold your note to someone else and is still collecting mortgage from you or foreclosing your home, contact me….”

    Is this to which Taitz is referring?

    Lincoln has all sorts of cases against Wells Fargo:

    One in Idaho.

    Another in Idaho.

    One in Santa Ana.

    Another in Santa Ana.

  6. Sean says:

    I am curious why the First Lady has to go to court.

  7. Because it is demeaning?

  8. misha says:

    Because Orly and her ilk’s primary goal is harassment.

    I just wish the judge would put a stop to this, like Berg, and unload $10K. I think her OSC reply will earn her that.

  9. Benji Franklin says:

    The court said:

    …The Ex Parte Motion is hereby DENIED…

    But Orly is capable of parsing that into something like: “The timing of Judge Carter’s denial of my motion is absolutely remarkable! He is saying to the temporary custodians cleaning the buildings housing Hawaii’s vital records, “Wait! Not so fast with that mop and that bucket! There is value in accepting a bribe to steal a copy of the Usurper’s long form birth certificate!” – and to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is the Judge not saying, “Honor your oaths, and force your way into the White House to take candid photos of the Usurper reposing in the Lincoln Bedroom swaddled in blankets woven by his thug wife from his 750 consecutively numbered social security cards!”

    You CAN make this stuff up, Doc, but you have to make it up fast, or Orly will already have done it!

    Benji Franklin

  10. SvenMagnussen says:

    In 1993, First Lady HRC invited a rising star in Demoncratic politics from Chicago to the White House to attend a ceremony to honor their efforts as a community organizer.

    Team Clinton wanted to make this new, exciting, go-getter from Chicago was on board and ready to answer the call to the national stage. The community organizer’s name was Michelle Obama, formerly Michelle Robinson.

    Ms. Obama was to be excorted to the Rose Garden ceremony by her husband. Since it was a face-to-face meet and greet at the White House, an extensive background investigation was conducted by the Secret Service on the both of the Obamas.

  11. BlackLion says:

    This is another birther fantasy by Sven…Amazing…Birthers think that if you don’t repeat a lie for awhile then when you say it again all of a sudden it becomes the truth….This “story” was never proven…That is unless Sven you can link us to some sort of real proof of this fantasy? I guess not or you would have linked to the article in your comment…

  12. Paul Pieniezny says:

    To quote Hillary Clinton herself: “To the extent that this statement claims that the CIA, or FBI or any other “Secret Service” ever found anything incriminating against Michelle Obama, this allegation is DENIED.” Hi, Sven, that was not so difficult, now was it?

  13. SvenMagnussen says:

    LOL! Hillary learned from Bill you can lie and deny and when the truth comes out you can parse the definition of the word “is”.

    Hi, Paul. How are you?

  14. nbc says:

    Sven is more interested in hypotheticals rather than facts. Swift boat style I’d say.

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