Orly crosses line, fined $20,000

Sanction doubled in Georgia military case.

In a lengthy order, federal Judge Land ordered Orly Taitz to pay $20,000 as punishment for abusing the court system and her position as an attorney. The order states:

Adoption of counsel’s legal theory would make the judiciary the arbiter of any dispute regarding the President’s constitutional qualifications. Our founders provided opportunities for a President’s qualifications to be tested, but they do not include direct involvement by the judiciary. In addition to the obvious opportunity that exists during a presidential campaign to scrutinize a candidate’s qualifications, the framers of the Constitution provided a mechanism for removing a President who “slips through the cracks,” which is how counsel describes President Obama. Upon conviction by the Senate of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors, the President can be removed through impeachment. U.S. Const. art. II, § 4; see also id. art. I, §§ 2 & 3. Thus, if the President were elected to the office by knowingly and fraudulently concealing evidence of his  constitutional disqualification, then a mechanism exists for removing him from office. Except for the Chief Justice’s role in presiding over the trial in the Senate, that mechanism does not involve the judiciary. Id. art. I, § 3, cl. 6.

Read the Full Order.

TPM Muckraker article.

Warning to ORLY! A frivolous appeal to sanctions can lead to further sanctions!

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76 Responses to Orly crosses line, fined $20,000

  1. Nullifidian says:

    That was the first thing I noticed.

    Calling a sitting judge a traitor is not the path to success one might have assumed at first.

  2. jvn says:

    It’s probably not the way to forward your case in any other federal court, either.

    Unless the paypal button starts heating up, Orly’s gonna have a whole lot of teeth to fill!

  3. Bob says:

    Sugar hubby will open his checkbook and make it all go away.

  4. ObotsREvil says:

    Corrupt Judge wants the 20K to be donated to his favorite charity. No doubt he wants the money to be laundered back to himself.

    What a disgrace.

  5. notheydidn't says:

    Christmas came before Thanksgiving (and even Halloween) this year!!

  6. Rickey says:

    You birfers are pathetic.

    This is Judge Land’s “favorite charity”:


    You have problem with honoring American soldiers? Do you hate America?

  7. sponson says:

    Taitz tells TPM reporter that she won’t pay.

  8. misha says:

    I don’t think sugar daddy will pay it. We’ll see. If he pays it, I will stand corrected.

    I still have a feeling she will pull a Meyer Lansky. She, and her cultists, hate Obama so much I don’t think she can bring herself to write the check.

    And they have convinced themselves that Obama is controlling everything. They are claiming that Holder was seen before Orly’s hearing.

  9. mheuss says:

    If – as you charge – Judge Land really intended to launder money back to himself – then he would indeed be a disgrace.

    However, like everything surrounding the birther movement, you have simply created it out of whole cloth.

    If you read what the judge wrote – and if you are of a whole mind, you’ll find yourself agreeing with his decision.

  10. misha says:

    I read your link; see my comment above.

    I said she will refuse to pay it. So, the question is: will she flee? I think she’ll flee.

    In any case, she and her cultists cannot stand a black president, and they are going clinically mad. See Pittsburgh. And don’t forget Waco and OK City. That’s what I am afraid of.

    If you notice, the judge wrote that he received the e-mail challenging him to fisticuffs. Way to go.

  11. Rickey says:

    She’s free to appeal it to the Court of Appeals, but I would assume that she would first have to post a bond for the $20K.

  12. ObotsREvil says:

    The money laundering would explain doubling the sua sponte sanction from 10K to 20K. Apparently, Judge Land is taking a page from his ol’ buddy in Cobb County, Ralph Reed.

    You see, Ralph, had financial contributions laundered through a non-profit. Everything was fine until the non-profit started taxing contributions. So, ol’ Ralph had his contributors double their contributions. Problem solved.

  13. misha says:

    I believe you are correct about the bond. Other opinions, anyone?

  14. Bob says:

    It is that kind of baseless speculation that put Taitz $20k in the hole.

  15. Bob says:

    If Taitz was smart, she would move for a stay pending appeal.

  16. Greg says:

    Yeah, and Eric Holder met with the judge. And the judge’s owning microsoft and comcast stock gives him a financial stake in the outcome. And issuing a quick ruling on an emergency motion is evidence of his bias.

    Are you guys trying to make it 30?

  17. dunstvangeet says:

    Despite the fact that news agencies had him 2000 miles away in California on the day of this alledged sighting.

  18. misha says:

    She’s not that smart, and she’s relying on a disbarred felon for advice.

    So she won’t pay it. What will she do when the Marshalls go to confiscate?

  19. Ted says:

    She does not need to post a bond; but unless she does, or unless she asks for and receives a stay, the the penalty is enforceable during the pendency of the appeal. The relevant rules are Fed. R. Civ. P. 62(d) and Fed. R. App. P. 8(a)(2).

  20. kimba says:

    Orly is scheduled as a guest on Joy Behar’s show tonight, HLN ( the old CNN Headline News) at 9 eastern.

  21. Bob says:

    The government can go after her assets, like any other creditor.

  22. SFJeff says:

    Hah- see when a judge rules against Orly he either must be a traitor, scared of Obama or corrupt. There are no other options that Birthistaners can accept.

    And because of this- I fully expect Orly to continue to file suits. $20K is not going to deter here- that would deter rational folks.

  23. Black Lion says:

    I wonder how many outrageous claims she will make…You know you are going to hear “brownshirts”, that the judges are all in a conspiracy against her and for Obama, and she fears for her life. It will probably be as entertaining as watching a car accident…

  24. kimba says:

    I don’t know if I can take that big of a hit for team and watch her BL. I watched her on Colbert and wanted to reach through the screen and slap her. I think if she had good counsel, her counsel would advise her to ix-nay with interviews-ay.

  25. Well, her “associate” Charles Lincoln has written an article at what appears to be the new “happening place” for birthers, the Post and Email blog:


    John Charlton (more than meets the eye, I think here) wrote:


  26. Connie Rhodes was being sent to fight in Redmond? Do I need to call my kid there and tell him to get out before the shelling starts?

  27. If the moon was made of green cheese, mice would be happy there. What’s your point?

  28. Ve hav’ veys of makink you pay!

  29. SFJeff says:

    What is it with Birthers? Is English a second language to all of them?

    “Its languague is recognizeable by all to be excessive and not-impartial.”

    Awkward construction, wierd spelling errors and strange use of words. It reminds me of the corrections I was making to my 4th grader’s homework.

  30. Bob says:

    She doesn’t need to post a bond, but the sanction is enforable pending appeal; an appeal won’t automatically stay enforcement.

  31. Chris says:

    Dr. C: just a nit. This is a Georgia, not a Florida case. The first line of your post needs revision.

  32. Rickey says:

    Ridiculous. Apart from the fact that I know of no evidence that Judge Land and Ralph Reed are buddies, the fact is that Reed’s financial shenanigans involved a non-profit which he himself ran. Judge Land is neither a director nor a member of the advisory board of the National Infantry Foundation. And even if he was, smearing him with a baseless allegation that he is involved in a kickback scheme is the sort of reprehensible thing which we have to expect from birfers.

  33. euphgeek says:

    The end of the order says:

    “The Court further directs the Clerk of this Court to send a copy of this Order to the State Bar of California, 180 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105, for whatever use it deems appropriate.”

    Welcome to disbarment, Orly!

  34. Bob says:

    A copy of the order ought to be sent to the State Bar, in case Taitz “forgets” to report herself.

  35. Paul says:

    Was $20K fine enough? Maybe when Taitz becomes a real lawyer she will appreciate what just happened. I wonder if she is a mail order bride, just like her law degree?

  36. Bob, your wish has come true. This is the end of Judge Land’s Order:

    The Court further directs the Clerk of this Court to send a copy of this Order to the State Bar of California, 180 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105, for whatever use it deems appropriate.

  37. Chris: Dr. C: just a nit. This is a Georgia, not a Florida case. The first line of your post needs revision.

    I’m sorry your honor. I was typing that on my iPhone while trying to eat pizza. Please don’t sanction me.

  38. Bob says:

    Aside from Sven not understanding what money laundering actually is, what he writes is simply stupid. Kickbacks are illegal; you don’t describe about your plan to illegally receive money in an order that will be read by many.

  39. Judge Land spent some time in his order discussing the sufficiency of the amount. I think it made close to the maximum he could have given without triggering protection for Orly under due process.

  40. Black Lion says:

    I know…I saw the replay and it was tough not to stop it after 2 minutes of hearing her try and speak..

  41. Rita says:

    Orly’s followers on Facebook have been saying that she will get a jury trial for her sanctions because she allegedly didn’t get due process before taking away her property through the fine – but she WAS given due process through the OSC as to why she shouldn’t be fined – and she continued to accuse him of treason.

  42. Rita says:

    Omg, she is so psychotic on Joy’s show right now – Judge Carter said there will be a trial on January 26th and that this is an important issue for the country? And there she goes again with the social security number lies. Sheesh, she needs her meds.

  43. wendy says:

    Land directly addressed this angle. Like everything else, she completely blocked out what he said.

  44. wendy says:

    Stunning and incomprehensible… how any one person can spout line after line after line, of statements, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF WHICH has been rebutted or proven false.
    I’ve personally watched other persons who were on binges like this, and who turned out to be manic. Delusional is part of mental illness. She (1) has a complete lack of understanding of legal process, and (2) is consumed by false “facts”.
    And the agitation is ALSO linked to manic.

  45. JoZeppy says:

    Orly’s follows aren’t the smartest lot in the world either….not like we’re expecting the second coming of Clarence Darrow to come out of that bunch.

  46. Rickey says:

    I have to listen again to be sure, but I believe that she again referred to Judge Land as a “corrupt judge” on the Joy Behar show, so there is no evidence that Orly has learned anything from this.

  47. Rickey says:

    It should be pointed out that Lincoln takes John Marshall’s statement out of context. Here is what Marshall actually said: “We have no more right to decline the exercise of jurisdiction which is given, than to usurp that which is not given. The one or the other would be treason to the constitution.”


    So what he actually said is that it would be wrong for the Court to decline jurisdiction where jurisdiction exists, but it would be equally wrong to accept jurisdiction where jurisdiction does not exist.

  48. misha says:

    She’ll never learn.

  49. Mary Brown says:

    I agree and I feel for her children. I cannot imagine being raised by someone with her temperment.

  50. Rita says:

    I think Judge Land summed it up best in one sentence: “Once again counsel ignores the law.” (Page 18)

  51. G says:

    Orly only made one correct statement during her time on the Joy Behar show – her response to George Washington’s Constitutional eligibility was essentially correct. Practically everything else she said had no basis in actual fact.

  52. euphgeek says:

    She hasn’t been raising them. She’s been neglecting them to go off on her wild goose chase for Obama’s birth certificate.

  53. Nullifidian says:

    In any case, she and her cultists cannot stand a black president, and they are going clinically mad. See Pittsburgh.

    What happened in Pittsburgh?

    You’re surely not talking about the G20 protests, are you?

    If so, you’ve completely misunderstood the point of the protest and the political views of those who participated.

  54. Greg says:

    Well, the case that said some huge amount would trigger criminal due process requirements awarded, IIRC, $113 million in sanctions. Land cited the case in his discussion. He also cited several cases of sanctions upheld, and I think the highest one he cited was $100,000.

    I think he was limited in his options as well by the fact that she’s a pro hac attorney in his courtroom on a special dispensation of the pro hac rules. If she were a local attorney, he could require her to have another attorney sign all her work before it is submitted. If she were a pro hac in the state appropriately, associated with a Georgia lawyer, he could remove her pro hac standing and sanction the Georgia lawyer.

    I doubt she’ll be able to find a pro hac sponsor in any of the 49 states she needs one to file suits, so California is her last bastion.

    But, remember, he had a copy of his decision sent to the California Bar.

  55. Bob says:

    The shooting earlier this year.

  56. Rickey says:

    When asked on the Behar show about Judge Land’s comment about her possibly being delusional, Orly responded that he is “a corrupt judge.” I wonder if the judge heard it.

  57. Robi says:

    Methinks she is a pro hac(k) attorney in many more courtrooms than just his own 😉

  58. Black Lion says:

    I think the birhters are emboldened by such sites as the Post and E-mail or WND. For instance WND had an article where the writer tries to blame the lack of birther coverage on an Obama Conspiracy…You can’t make this stuff up…

    “The answer can only be that Obama is the front man for something far more sinister. One person, without the strength and backing of a cabal capable of toppling governments and affecting worldwide currencies, etc., could not even consider such an undertaking, much less pull it off.”

    “I’m not an investigative journalist. I write opinion, and it is my opinion that Obama is but the tip of something much larger, and if same were to become known it would reverberate worldwide. If he isn’t, then he should make the requested records available immediately. No other president or leader – not Castro, not Chavez, not Clinton, not Khrushchev – has demanded and received the secrecy he has. No one was capable of such a feat until now.”


    This is why this garbage will never die…

  59. Nullifidian says:

    Thanks for the link, Bob. I don’t think I recall ever reading about that incident before.

  60. misha says:

    Poplawski believed “that Jews control American media, financial institutions and government and that federal authorities plan to confiscate guns owned lawfully by American citizens…ambushed and killed three Pittsburgh police officers last week.”


  61. SFJeff says:

    “No other president or leader – not Castro, not Chavez, not Clinton, not Khrushchev”

    What no Hitler reference?

  62. kiri says:

    Hawaii officials did not take the birthers seriously for the last year. But security forces have begun to worry about a potential armed invasion of the Vital Statistics Office in Honolulu.

    The scenario is that an armed posse could briefly take over the office, get the Obama documents, and immediately fax copies from the office’s own machines to media and blogs.

    The office rarely has even one LEO present, so a small group of 3-4 could accomplish this easily. It would be a self-sacrificial act, since arrest would be inevitable.

    To forestall a potential attack, officials are considering removing the Obama documents and placing them in a safe-deposit box in a bank. The bank could be located anywhere–maybe in a foreign country, like Luxembourg or Switzerland.

    This plan would preserve the documents for history and could also effectively prevent them from being subpoenaed.

    Similarly with Obama’s college records.

  63. nbc says:

    I am sure the California Bar has been made aware of Orly’s outbursts. It’s only a matter of time.

  64. June bug says:

    From the article: “But there is one thing that wouldn’t be as accessible to public scrutiny and that is his medical records. If in his background there is evidence of emotional breakdown, susceptibility to breakdown, emotional instability or something similar and it became known, it is the one thing that could derail the objectives of the power behind him.”

    And so they leap from no proof of anything being covered up to a conclusion that the only “anything” that could be covered up is mental illness, ergo that must be it!

    The illogic of birthers is remarkable.

  65. June bug says:

    In what fantasy world do you live?

  66. kimba says:

    All the elements of an authoritarian, neocon commando fantasy: armed invasion, overthrow of a group they think is weaker, less prepared, posse, arrest (?) what? that’s all the self-sacrifice? No bloodshed for birtherdom? Instead, the infidels plot to hide the holy grail of birtherdom in a, wait for it, Swiss safe deposit box. On the one hand, you folks watch too many Oceans movies, on the other, you don’t really have much knowledge of the real world do you?

  67. kimba says:

    A breakdown similar to the one suffered by Dick Cheney on 9/11?

  68. Vince Treacy says:

    The CA Bar was notified by Judge Land:

    The Court further directs the Clerk of this Court to send a copy of this Order to the State Bar of California, 180 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105, for whatever use it deems appropriate.

    IT IS SO ORDERED, this 13th day of October, 2009.
    S/Clay D. Land

  69. misha says:

    You’re too late. Obama’s birth certificate already is in a safe deposit box in Andorra.

  70. kiri: security forces have begun to worry about a potential armed invasion of the Vital Statistics Office in Honolulu

    And you know this how?

  71. SFJeff says:

    Wow, based upon the track record of Birhters so far, this fantasy commando raid would be derailed when they had to stop to explain to everyone in the office that a Natural Born Citizen has to have two citizen parents, and then one of the commandos would decide he wasn’t getting enough attention and would defect. I can’t imagine them even making it through the front door before the 3 brave commando’s got into a fist fight with each over who is the ‘true’ patriot.

  72. Miss M. says:

    I think Orly will flee too. Then she can claim that she was deported.

  73. Ima Foreigner says:

    And in other news…Our Lady of Eyelashes and her followers continue to be unable to read the fine print. The latest example – an Orlyite attempts to email Her Majesty and gets email returned saying it can’t be delivered. Which of course has led to much hyperbolic fluttering and martyrdom.

    And just because the returned email is sitting on her website and it clearly shows that the Devoted Follower typed her address incorrectly in the first place, that doesn’t prove that Google isn’t hatin’ on Madame CrazyPants.

    And I of course don’t even need to mention the possibility that the email was typed using a Microsoft keyboard. So really it is probably all the fault of Bill Gates and Judge Land. And word on the street is that Eric Holder was buying them lattes when it all went down.

    ‘A new attack on me, now google says my e-mail address doesn’t exist. I don’t know how many attacks can one human being endure. I hope judge Carter orders discovery soon’
    Posted on | October 15, 2009 | No Comments

  74. Mark says:

    “Ms. Taitz alleges that the undersigned may have discussed this case with the Attorney General of the United States.”

    X-Files, Season 6. The Aliens are in a conspiracy with government officials to take over the planet and have cloned humans to do their dirty work.

    Maybe it really was the clones of the Judge Land and AG Holder doing the bidding of the Obama clone…

    The green blood proves it all. I recommend that Esquire ask Judge Land to submit to a test see if he has green alien blood.

    Then the humans will rise up against the alien usurper and Queen Orly will take her rightful place as the Saviour of Earth.

  75. Laurie says:

    I despise what Taitz is doing and I thought Judge Land’s sanctions order was a thing of beauty.

    But I had to ding the comment about Taitz not raising her children with “dislike.” I don’t think a man on some sort of quixotic crusade would be criticized for not staying home with his kids. This double-standard has been used historically to keep women from all sorts of ventures outside the home — and the vast majority of us are not crazy, nutbags like Taitz but actually have something of value to contribute.

    Please criticize Taitz on the merits (which should be easy enough) — not on whether she is spending enough time with her kids.

  76. Laurie says:

    I am a few days behind the curve, but I thought Judge Land’s order was brilliant. Naturally, Taitz’s supporters are whining that he has violated Taitz’s First Amendment rights. But Judge Land is absolutely correct. Taitz has a First Amendment right to say whatever she wants on a blog or in a press conference, but as an attorney she doesn’t get to go into a federal court and say whatever she wants, clogging up the court system with baseless claims and personal invective. The courts are not a free platform for her political grandstanding.

    Bravo, Judge Land!

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