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It looks like this site, and Politijab too, is having technical problems due to heavy loading, I presume due to interest in the Barnett v. Obama case in California. Generally clicking on Refresh when you get a “500” server error may be a good strategy for you (singular), but it’s a bad strategy for you (plural).

I’m working for a living right during the day today, and I probably will not be the one breaking this news, although one of our commenters might.

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  1. J. Edward Tremlett October 5, 2009 at 3:11 pm  (Quote) #

    11:50 am Pst Gary reported the court is in recess and finished for the day. Intially Justice Carter was leaning to dismiss the case and accept Defendant’s MTD, however Orly Taitz and Gary Creeps made a very impassioned arguement and the gallery burst into applause, the Marshalls did not stop the outburst, and it was felt Justice Carter was swayed by the outburst to not throw out the MTD but rather reconsider his decision.

    He advised both parties no matter his ruling, both would be able to appeal to a higher court.

    (You can’t tell that this report is SLIGHTLY biased towards the Birther side of things… can you? ; )

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