The Batshirt Awards

batshirt_orangeI am accepting nominations for the Batshirt Award, for the craziest Obama conspiracy stunt of the week. The first is for the week ending today, October 17, 2009. The winner will get the coveted [not] Batshirt image and a write up here on Obama Conspiracy Theories.

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33 Responses to The Batshirt Awards

  1. DavidH says:

    How about the conspiracy theory that the Internet is being scrubbed of the AP report that Obama was born in Kenya?

  2. aarrgghh says:

    finding nominations is gonna be a little tougher than that. i don’t think theorizing counts as a “stunt”. first of all, a stunt requires getting up off the couch.

  3. G says:

    Personally, although I appreciate the creativeness of having “bat shirt” fill in for “bat shit”, I think Dr. Conspiracy should change his intended symbol for this award.

    Batman is considered a “heroic” character and a costumed symbol of justice – yes vigilante justice, but a vigilante on the side of right and one who looks out for the well being of the people.

    Batman is not some obscure character, he is one of the most iconic American superheroes and his symbolism is recognized around the world.

    THEREFORE, as a symbol, it is completely improper to award crazy and bad actions with such a symbolic representation of heroic character. This is also a copyrighted symbol.

    Please find a more appropriate image for your award (see for their “Order of the Wingnut” medal as an example). Using Batman, even the comical 60’s TV version, is an insult to everything that character symbolically represents.

  4. G: I think Dr. Conspiracy should change his intended symbol for this award.

    I appreciate your input. Batman was a hero of mine from childhood. It was my feeling that by reducing the symbol just to the shirt, I was separating the shirt from the character.

    Just as a birther donning an American flag doesn’t make them a patriot, neither does awarding a Batman shirt make them a hero.

  5. richCares says:

    the 2004 born in Kenya AP story is my nomination, BirtherSphere is all gaga on this, and RSOL is estatic on this smoking gun. They don’t realize that smoking has restrictions in most US cities, smoking guns are banned. Hating Obama does strange things to the brains of birthers, they need a vaccine. (truth doesn’t work with them)

  6. richCares says:

    Batman would be the symbol of the contest winner, Batman would not be the symbol of the birther loser!

  7. Loren says:

    I’d like to nominate this matter from the previous week:

    Some commenter named “Joe” at claimed that he has secret papers from President John Adams that *prove* that the Founding Fathers endorsed a two-parent-citizen requirement for the Presidency.

    And the Birther reaction to secret 200-year-old documents from a Founding Father that an internet commenter claims to possess, but didn’t mention until a year after the election? To believe his story, of course.

  8. richCares says:

    if I had a cake, you can take it!

  9. Bob says:

    I’ll nominate the Obama-Sr.-took-a-boat meme.

    There’s a picture of Obama Sr. wearing some leis, and in the picture is a black naval officer.

    From this, we can conclude Obama’s parent traveled to Kenya via a boat.

  10. kimba says:

    I don’t think the guy in the hat is really a naval officer. I think it’s one of those guys who likes to wear a captain’s hat. Doesn’t look to me like he’s wearing a uniform, just the hat. It looks like an evening at the club with the new exchange arrivals. The Club just happens to have a beach, cuz it’s Hawaii and all.

    A Guy Who Likes to wear a Capt hat, Like this:—Gilligans-Island-Photograph-C10038539.jpeg
    or this:

  11. richCares says:

    that’s whwere Obama’s Mother slipped and sent a postcard from a boat to someone in Seattle (a smoking gun)

    She lived in Seattle at the time and a common thing to do was take a ferry ride and mail postcards from the ferry! That’s what I did, those were great mini vacations. Like I said Obama hating causes brain damage.

  12. kimba says:

    Birther don’t get out much it seems. None in Seattle apparently who can explain the tradition. None in Hawaii either, since it doesn’t seem like anyone has gone to the health office to look at the index data in person. Dang, I wish I could find that picture again.

  13. G says:

    However, Dr. Conspiracy, I think you are missing the key point of what “defines” Batman – his costume and his symbol. The two really can’t be separated and therefore, I still feel it is in very poor taste to award the crazies this iconic symbol, as it stands for something completely opposite of what you are intending. It also is a copyright symbol, owned by DC vis-a-vis Time Warner.

  14. aarrgghh says:

    i’ve been a lifelong batman fan, and have some of his comics & collectibles, including a few “bat-shirts”. last year i started a small line of free custom gps icons, which include 4 batmobiles.

    i take my bat-mania fairly seriously, but even i think you need to lighten up a little. you’re starting to sound as deadly dreary as a birfer.

  15. Mary says:

    OK, this one reprises the ‘Frank Marshall was Obama’s *real* father’, but now it’s newly arisen with bells, tassels and other twirly things.

    “Miss TICKLY may have found evidence tending to indicate that (please take a deep breath) Barack Obama is the son of cousins, Stanley Ann Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis — and Hawaiian royalty — perhaps heir to the Hawaiian throne. If true, this would imply criminal fraud by Obama.”

    It also allows for the folding in of several other birther themes/thoeries: Obama’s mother was ‘promiscuous’; she committed ‘incest’, which in Birfistan goes a long way to explain Obama’s evident ‘mental illness’, either hereditary or via tertiary syphilis transmitted by his mother.

    Furthermore, it explains his ‘arrogance’, which, previously inexplicable, now becomes attributable to his ‘knowledge’ that he is actually the King of Hawaii!

    Forgive me if this an ‘old’ theory, but I think it’s a worthy one 🙂

  16. MsDaisy says:

    The Birther movement in a nutshell (Pun intended)

    After reading all the accusations (from those that claim to know the truth) on the blogs relating to Orly Taitz on the Washington Independent the Birthers are claiming that BO was not born in Hawaii, but in Kenya, or maybe Indonesia. And that the BC issued by the state of Hawaii is a forgery, and the forged Kenya BC is actually the true BC. And even if he was born in Hawaii, which they claim he wasn’t he’s not a NBAC so still can’t be POTUS. Plus BO Sr. is not really his father, it was really Malcolm X, and his mother is not really his mother either. And because BO Sr. was a British citizen, BO Jr. is one too and not an American, but Malcolm X was born in Nebraska. Even so since BO Jr’s mom is not his real mom, but she is a felon, and we don’t really know who his real mom is he still is not a NBAC.

    AND, he has multiple passports, SSN’s, which he really doesn’t, and the WND (World Nut Daily) claimed he was not a citizen and that his BC was fake, then they said is wasn’t fake, then they said it was.

    And all the birth announcements placed in the paper in 1961 were planted by his American grandparents so someday he could prove he was born there and be POTUS because his Kenyan Granny, who is not his actual Granny, said she was there in Kenya when he was born, but then she said she wasn’t.

    Not to mention that BO has spent up to $3.2 Million trying to hide the truth and the entire US Government, the state of Hawaii, the UK, Kenya, everyone at FactCheck, PolitiCheck and all the federal judges are all in on the conspiracy (that actually started in 1961) and BO has an entire squad of brown shirts that intend to send anyone who steps out of line or opposes him to BO’s secret FEMA concentration camps.

    And the fine imposed by Judge Land is really a ruse to get money from Birthers to help BO pay off all his lawyers that are working so hard to hide the real truth.

    And the real truth is BO is really a coke head gay British Muslim working with terrorists to take over this country and a Socialist and a Nazi and a Marxist and a Chicago thug who wants to guarantee abortions for all and death to seniors AND the worst is he isn’t even really black!

    I think this about sums up the basic accusations

    Oh yes, and anyone that doesn’t believe all of this is a lying scummy POS Obamawhore skank and a paid Obot.

    Damn, these people shouldn’t do so many drugs.

  17. Welsh Dragon says:

    This gets my vote too!

  18. I think that is a remarkably accurate and succinct summary.

  19. I think a good resolution to this issue is to replace the image with a bat and a shirt that is obviously not derived from a Batman costume.

  20. Bob Weber says:

    Loren’s is the winner.

  21. dunstvangeet says:

    Scary thing is that you actually make more sense than many of the birthers…

  22. G says:

    ROFL! Great summary!

    Of course, with the insanity that is the Birthers, there are still quite a few more wacky Birther scenarios being floated out there (many contradicting the loony points you already mentioned).

    Of course, if you had to keep expanding to add each and every crazy birther theory, your summary would end up looking more like a random phrase generator! LOL!

  23. G says:

    Hey aarrgghh,

    I appreciate your input and I don’t mind your opinion to lighten up on the topic, but to insult me by comparing me to a birfer is really uncalled for.

  24. G says:

    Thank You!

    I like the new bat shirt. I think it accomplishes everything you intended.

  25. kimba says:

    Um, if he is the son of Ann Dunham and Frank Marshall, doesn’t that satisfy their two citizen parents theory? Or are they saying that the child or the marriage of cousins is ineligible? Or a descendant to the Hawaiian throne is not eligible. Seriously, WTF?

  26. Kimba says:

    OK, this is just semi-bat shirt, and who didn’t predict this but, Leo is tired.

    “I am speaking with various parties who I may provide legal counsel to in the near future. This will require a period of silence from me. The time for legal talk is now over. The time for legal action has begun. Talk is cheap. I’m tired of it. Either litigation will commence or you won’t hear from me again via this blog.”

    Baloney. I think Leo knows it’s a deadend or he’s bored and he’s off to be Jet Schizo or to play poker. Honestly, who didn’t see it coming?

  27. kimba says:

    This is probably bat shirt, and who didn’t know it would happen – don’t be upset – Leo’s tired.

    “I am speaking with various parties who I may provide legal counsel to in the near future. This will require a period of silence from me. The time for legal talk is now over. The time for legal action has begun. Talk is cheap. I’m tired of it. Either litigation will commence or you won’t hear from me again via this blog.”

    HA! Period of silence! Leo’s off to play Jet Schizo for awhile, or too a poker tournament. He’s either bored or he realizes two citizen parents is a dead end. Did he have someone go look at the index data and knows he can’t make any case?

  28. aarrgghh says:

    g protesteth:

    Hey aarrgghh,

    I appreciate your input and I don’t mind your opinion to lighten up on the topic, but to insult me by comparing me to a birfer is really uncalled for.

    sorry, but i gotta calleth ’em like i see-eth ’em, birfer or otherwise.

  29. MsDaisy says:

    Yes G and it’s getting even crazier by the minute, if that is even possible! Now these birthtards have what they claim to be nude pictures of Obama’s mother they say were taken on the beach in the summer of 1961 that prove that she wasn’t even pregnant.

    However the pics (no doubt photoshoped) are actually taken inside, not on a beach and in the 3rd one there is a Christmas tree and presents in the bottom right hand side. So I suppose it was a Christmas in July kind of thing.

    They are claiming that since no one has disputed them they must be authentic and they claim to have a witness that will testify to their authenticity. They also say at this point these pictures are now “legal evidence” and Orly is going to present this evidence to Judge Carter which will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Stanley Ann Dunham is not even Obama’s biological mother.

    OMG, someone has got to get a picture of Judge Carters face when she does that!

    I wonder if her witness is the same guy that saw Judge Land having lunch with Eric Holder in a coffee shop across the street from his courtroom.

  30. Vince Treacy says:

    Nominating Bo for the batshirt of the week:

  31. Mary says:

    Well yes, of course it would undermine the whole (made up) 2 citizens NBC requirement.

    I think the ‘incest’/’bastard’ angle just titillates them, and the Hawaiian Royal angle is the really, really ‘important’

    Birthers were all out about the UN ‘title’ and the Nobel, so him being the King of Hawaii fits into that whole (deluded).

  32. Mary says:

    OK, here’s another corker of a nut-case theory.

    “In the course of an investigation into the circumstances of Obama’s alleged birth, The Post & Email stumbled upon what might be the magic key…

    At the beginning of Nov, 1960, The Chicago Tribune reports that the film Bridge to the Sun’ Is Ready for Filming. The lead actress (Caroll Baker?), the paper notes, will go to Honolulu, Hawaii, to give a WAIF benefit performance on Nov. 4, 1960, the very day, one supposes, that Barack Hussein Obama is allegedly conceived…

    If Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother was impressed by the Actresses, Stars and Royalty who attended this Benefit to promote the adoption of foreign born children; is it impossible to suggest that she decided then and there to adopt a child, and in gratitude for WAIF financial assistance, chose a birth day for the adopted boy, which was exactly 9 months after the WAIF benefit in the very town in which she was living, Honolulu?

    Such an adoption program would explain the known anomalies about Obama’s birth story:

    Read all about it!

  33. kimba says:

    Look at the picture of Stanley Armour Dunhame and try to tell me you don’t see where Barack got most of his facial shape.
    The answer is right under their noses.

    I would love to see some clever photoshop person super-impose Barack’s face over Stanley Armour’s. About the only thing I don’t think he inherited from the Dunhams is the pigment…. and the ears!

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