The witching season

witchAh, fall with that cool nip in the air and leaves turning colors. Halloween approaches, with Jack-o-lanterns, spider webs and flying cardboard witches.

It looks like over at the Orly Taitz blog, it’s the witch hunting season. The victim? Judge David O. Carter’s law clerk in California. One of Orly’s faithful has been investigating and found that the clerk used to work for a law firm that represents Obama, and two different lawyer reference sites have differing information about where he attended college.

And, Wikipedia pages related are being changed! (No, it wasn’t me.)

What does Orly say about all this?

I don’t know id [sic] anyone reported this to judge [sic] Carter. Can someone check if there are multiple addresses and SS numbers for this person as well.

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40 Responses to The witching season

  1. richCares says:

    I visited a birther site to check what’s up. Wow, delusions galore. The clerk story seems to be the biggest one. Hating Obama is a serious mental illness, it leads to massive delusions and should be covered by health plans. I have to take a 2 hour shower after visiting a birther site, those sites are sicko! I have come to the conclusion that the large amount of typing errors of birthers is a result of their jackets (straitjackets), difficult to type while wearing it.

  2. JoZeppy says:

    Let’s see…a judge hires a law clerk that’s a law an associate from a firm’s Seatle office, and the firms Chicago office represented Obama, and there’s a partner in the Washington, DC office that is associated with the DNC…out of the 700 attorneys in 15 offices in the firm….yeah…that’s a real good reason for the judge to recuse himself….what is this, 6 degrees of kevin bacon?

  3. nbc says:

    In the minds (sic) of some, nothing is too weird to not be argued…

  4. wendy says:

    I hear that clerk was seen having coffee with Eric Holder on his secret trip to Georgia.
    Searching people’s social security numbers, sounds like attempted id theft to me.
    Hey.. what would I know?

  5. Mike says:

    Threadjack – birthers form circular firing squad over yet another birth certificate:

  6. Benji Franklin says:

    ParaOrlyNoia: “Can someone check if there are multiple addresses and SS numbers for this person as well?”

    Would any of us be surprised if Orly gave the same instructions to her dental staff after botching a root canal on the Queen of England?

    What hatefully confused thinking! Maybe as a teenager, a guy who looked like Obama bankrupted her in a game of one-card Monte?

    Benji Franklin

  7. misha says:

    Looking at the picture, I impressed you scooped “Car and Driver.”

  8. jvn says:

    And now both Miss Tickly AND Jet Schizo have shut down their birther blogs.

    Who GOT TO THEM?


  9. Vince Treacy says:

    Leo has a strange posting: [start quote]
    Point Made…
    Posted in Uncategorized on October 19, 2009 by naturalborncitizen

    I’ve deleted my prior post so that the journal mentioned might reverse course now that I’ve made my point: that information is available from Hawaii for those who will call Hawaii to follow their own public disclosure laws.

    No news journal can talk about this issue and deserve any respect if they aren’t willing to use the law available to them for research. Research is to the media just as a hammer is to a carpenter – a necessary tool. We shall now see if they are interested in doing their job or if they will continue to dodge that chore. [end of quote]

    In case anyone cares, this is another face-off in the circular firing squad. The deleted posting was a long attack on World Nut Daily for their failure to pick up on his tilt at the windmills in Hawaii. They did not report his search for the imaginary “amended” birth certificate, or his requests for birth records. After venting, he seems to have had second thoughts. Since he had already blown off John Charlton, he cannot afford to lose any more friendly pseudo-news outlets.

  10. Lupin says:

    The latest posting by Dastardly Donofrio is worth its price in CDOs:

    “I am speaking with various parties who I may provide legal counsel to in the near future. This will require a period of silence from me. The time for legal talk is now over. The time for legal action has begun. Talk is cheap. I’m tired of it. Either litigation will commence or you won’t hear from me again via this blog.”

    To which I say: promises, promises!

    And then, in a conclusion worthy of the pen of that modern-day Homer, Stan Lee himself, he rhapsodizes:

    “For all intents and purposes, the “natural born citizen” safeguard given to this nation by the founding fathers is dead. And the entire Constitution is also dying by a cancer attacking all organs. It will only survive a certain death by miracle. Pray for such a miracle. It is truly your only hope.”

    Yes, my Padawan. Pray we will. Pray that you shut up, we will. Yesssss.

    That someone who stood by idle and silent during the constant assault upon the Constitution by the Cheney Administration can write this with a straight face is akin to Goebbels accusing someone of antisemitism.

    If there is a prize for assholish wankerishness, Dastardly Donofio is a shoe-in.

  11. kimba says:

    Maybe Ms Tickly and Jet ran away together!

  12. Lupin: [quoting Donofrio] “I am speaking with various parties who I may provide legal counsel to in the near future. This will require a period of silence from me….”

    This is at least the 2nd time Leo has withdrawn. I doubt it will stick.

    Leo takes a very different approach from Taitz and Apuzzo if he believes that representing a client ought to put a chill on his public grandstanding.

  13. There is no PDF to download. What they have there is barely legible.

  14. kimba says:

    He’s bored, he wasn’t getting anywhere with Hawaii. I have a hunch either he, Miss Tickly or someone who they trust stopped by the Hawaii State offices and had a look at the index data, where Dr Fukino allowed more data if someone bothered to come by and have a look, made them realize they’ve got nothing except the proof Obama was born in Hawaii. Rather than say anything, they’re folding.

    Perhaps back to his band or a poker tournament. Maybe golf. He’ll pop up again when he needs some ego-stroking.

  15. Elmo says:

    Orly is getting closer to stalking and harassment of people involved with the judicial process. She’s already being sued for Berg for similar antics; however, it’s a different kettle of fish when you start harassing government officials for carrying out their duties.

  16. Black Lion says:

    Somehow I think Leo is grandstanding…He wants all of the attention and didn’t like that it was begining to dim…For instance he states the following…

    “I will report back here when I have something of significance to say regarding litigation”

    So we may be waiting for awhile….

    Leo does write the following however…

    “So, if you think Judge Carter is going to decide the British birth issue in favor of holding Obama ineligible if born in Hawaii, then you are really kidding yourselves. This case has no chance at all.

    I don’t believe Obama was born in Kenya. I believe he was born in Hawaii. But I also believe that the state of Hawaii has been playing fast and loose with their own public disclosure laws and that they should not be trusted, especially since they haven’t been put under oath.”

    So on one hand he does think the President was born in HI but has an issue with HI and the way they release information? And now he is back with Mario on the 2 parents must be citizen’s fight? I think Leo is taking a leave of absence because he himself is confused…

  17. Lupin says:

    Mario still has to explain how, since a Jewish child is de facto born with automatic Israeli citizenship, how his interpretation of the eligibility rule isn’t antisemitic.

    Has anyone asked Dastardly Don that question? Maybe it’ll rock his world.

  18. Vince Treacy says:

    Here is another Leo Donofrio quote: “I also don’t believe it would have mattered to the founding fathers if Obama was born in Hawaii since he was a British citizen at birth, and the founding fathers had just fought a bloody war to rid themselves of British influence. To assume they would have allowed a British citizen at birth to become Commander In Chief of the US armed forces is to disgrace the blood of the patriots who earned this nation’s freedoms and liberties by their very lives.”

    Every single one of the founding fathers was born as a subject of the British Crown. Washington had already been Commander in Chief of the United States Army, even though he was born a British subject. They made everyone who was a citizen at the time of adoption eligible for the Presidency. It was over 50 years before the first “natural born citizen” was sworn in as President.

    There intent was clear from Hamilton’s draft: “No person shall be eligible to the office of President of the United States unless he be now a Citizen of one of the States, or hereafter be born a Citizen of the United States.” The put in language to grant eligibility to anyone born a citizen of the United States after the date of adoption. A natural born citizen is a person born as a citizen, not naturalized.

  19. Rickey says:

    George Washington also was a Brigadier General in the British Army. Talk about conflicting loyalties!

  20. richCares says:

    I ecently visited RSOL, I haven’t been there for awhile so I thought I would drop in. It was a very sad yet silly experience. The lead story was on AP Kenya, and they got the whole thing wrong. RSOL has become a beacon for Birtherstan (AKA Fantasy Island***). Phil must be so proud that his conservative site has been so degraded by Birthers that it has become depository of piddling crap. Right wingers are usually not too smart but Birthers take it to a whole new low level. The comments by Birthers are pathetic, how can a birther get through the day and not be affected by so much hate, how sad that is!

    *** when visiting RSOL you can actually hear the midget say “da plane, boss”

  21. Bob says:

    Say what you will, tRSoL is so much more fun now that Phil isn’t obsessively approving every comment.

  22. Rickey says:

    A reliable source (Martindale-Hubbell) reports that the clerk got his B.A. at Dartmouth and his law degree at Columbia. He received his law degree in 2008 and he was hired as an associate to work on products liability cases in the Seattle office of Perkins Coie.

    The idea that a law clerk with barely a year of experience as a products liability attorney would have any influence on Judge Carter’s decision in the Barnett case is so ludicrous that it isn’t worthy of discussion.

  23. wendy says:

    Staying away from some of the complexities, just a view on records in Hawaii. Like ALL states, vital records are maintained for specific purposes. Relating to birth documents specifically.. the purpose is FOR THE USE OF THE INDIVIDUAL, or for LEGITIMATE GOVT NEEDS. Just as all states have laws that protect the privacy of those records, to prevent their misuse. How many man hours do these guys think that Hawaii is supposed to expend (read: dollars and cents), because some persons falsely believe there is some mysterious coverup? There is a point where Hawaii should be saying, simply put…
    “YOU want to play some conspiracy game, fine..but it is NOT our job to provide you with a free clerk, to keep responding to your WRONG concept of what public records are”. NO one has, or ever has had, any legal rights to demand a private record.
    They are wasting Hawaii’s time and money. They are wasting time and money of the courts, by failure to understand plain English. Either way.. their fabricated “laws” are all in their own heads.

  24. wendy says:

    all of it is ludicrous, but that has stopped none of it.
    Expanding to that level is just one more in the list of a trillion pathetic attempts to divert attention. I would hope she DOES “bring it to the attention of Carter”. It will backfire. The implication is an attack on the integrity of the Judge, if she thinks that Carter is not ruling by legal standards, but is subject to influence by clerks.
    So, LET her notify Carter. It just reinforces showing her mindset, and does so, as an official part of the court action.
    It is a preemptive slap to Carter.. maybe she sees what is coming?

  25. wendy says:

    At BEST..Obama WAS entitled to dual citizenship. That does not (to me) translate into being a British subject at birth, nor does it translate into the possible question, if someone has dual citizenship when born, would that forfeit the designation of being NATURAL born? I’ll admit that the last sentence is a question that might have a discussion (but the answer to me, would be, NO, it does not invalidate being natural born). Their argument seems to be that Obama “had” to be one or the other, and I don’t see that washing anywhere.
    Of course, there are those running around using “law of nations” as some legal authority. Does not occur to them that current citizenship laws take precedence over some obscure theory from the 1750s.

  26. Ted says:

    This is incorrect. Under the Law of Return, every Jew, and certain family members regardless of their Jewish status, are entitled to immigrate to Israel as olim. An oleh is then entitled, under the Nationality Law, to Israeli citizenship. But Jews in the Diaspora are not Israeli citizens merely because they are Jews, and even Jews who make aliyah need not become Israeli citizens.


  27. June bug says:

    Oh, it gets even better at this link:

    “Velamoor’s “six degrees ” to Obama takes a “memory lane” turn. It appears that Carter’s new law clerk, who was on the Dartmouth debate/forensics team, was also on the debate team in high school, in Mercer Island, WA. Mercer Island— the same high school where Stanley Ann Dunham graduated from before her father moved the family to Hawaii. Mercer Island is also the place where the young mother stopped, according to a high school friend, enroute home to Hawaii, with the infant Barack Obama in the Fall of 1961.”

    The plot thickens…

  28. Black Lion says:

    Agreed Bob..The birthers get so angry that the so called “obots” can post there…At least the crazy Jacklyn Smith has been away for awhile over there…

  29. Per Son says:

    Birthers cannot answer the simple question:

    If France decides to pass a national law that grants citizenship to all those born on Earth automatically, will nobody born after that law is passed be eligible for president? They would in all actuality have dual citizenship.

  30. Vince Treacy says:

    France is not likely to do that.

    But Cuba is a different story. The U.S. and Cuba have been enemies for 40 years. There is a large Cuban-American population in the U.S. Out of malice, Cuba could pass a law providing that every child and grandchild of a person originally born in Cuba was automatically a Cuban citizen at birth. To be even more malicious, it could provide that citizenship could only be revoked in person in Havana. It would wreak havoc with anyone aspiring to the Presidency.

    Leo Donofrio’s and Mario Apuzzi’s dual citizenship theory is not, and never has been, the law. But if adopted by the courts, it would hand a weapon to an enemy state that would disrupt U.S. sovereignty by interfering with its choice and election of its national leaders.

  31. Bob says:

    On Taitz site, the hunt is on!

  32. Black Lion says:

    Bob, this is ridiculous….orly needs to be sued. She is advocating her people to try and dig up more dirt on the poor guy. She needs to be stopped…

  33. wendy says:

    Model Rules of Professional Conduct
    Transactions With Persons Other Than Clients
    Rule 4.4 Respect For Rights Of Third Persons

    (a) In representing a client, a lawyer shall not use means that have no substantial purpose other than to embarrass, delay, or burden a third person, or use methods of obtaining evidence that violate the legal rights of such a person.

  34. wendy says:

    Model Rules of Professional Conduct
    Rule 3.5 Impartiality And Decorum Of The Tribunal

    A lawyer shall not:

    (a) seek to influence a judge, juror, prospective juror or other official by means prohibited by law;

    (b) communicate ex parte with such a person during the proceeding unless authorized to do so by law or court order;

    (c) communicate with a juror or prospective juror after discharge of the jury if:

    (1) the communication is prohibited by law or court order;

    (2) the juror has made known to the lawyer a desire not to communicate; or

    (3) the communication involves misrepresentation, coercion, duress or harassment; or

    (d) engage in conduct intended to disrupt a tribunal.

  35. wendy says:

    Model Rules of Professional Conduct
    Maintaining The Integrity Of The Profession
    Rule 8.4 Misconduct

    It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to:

    (a) violate or attempt to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, knowingly assist or induce another to do so, or do so through the acts of another;

    (b) commit a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other respects;

    (c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;

    (d) engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice;

    (e) state or imply an ability to influence improperly a government agency or official or to achieve results by means that violate the Rules of Professional Conduct or other law; or

  36. Bob says:

    While all true, please keep in mind the model rules are not legally binding.

  37. wendy says:

    Sanctions and disbarment are QUITE binding, thank you.
    Conduct (such as looking for the address of a Federal judge, with comments like “maybe 100 patriots can help convince him”) is worthy of a visit from Federal Marshalls, since it is an implied threat.
    Persons filing frivolous lawsuits with NO LEGAL GROUNDS or reasons, are legally liable for the cost of said lawsuit, including cost of “defendant” to contest it.
    Stalking someone is a criminal act.
    So is sedition.

  38. Bob says:

    I just said that the model rules aren’t legal binding. That’s all.

    California, for example, has its own rules of professional conduct as well as professional rules written into state law. It is those, and not the model rules, that the state bar will look at.

    Some birfers already have been visited by federal marshals and the secret service. I expect them to continue to their job as the threats warrant.

    And hopefully continued sanctions will spur the state bar to institute proceedings.

  39. JoZeppy says:

    Model rules may not be legally binding, but the California Rules of Professional Conduct are, and they have similar provisions

  40. Paul Pieniezny says:

    And may the third person harassed remain anonymous or should he out himself/herself? And what if that person is a foreigner living abroad? Does such a person have standing?

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