Visiting Orly safely

There probably is a way to visit the Orly Taitz web site, even when malware infected, and still come out with your computer intact. Rather than using your real computer, use a virtual computer. There are several ways to accomplish this, but here is one:

First download a copy of Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 from the Microsoft web site. This software lets your computer act as a host for a “virtual machine”, a computer that exists as a file on your hard drive, runs and then goes away when you are finished with it. Next you need a virtual machine image (an operating system installation). This also can be downloaded from Microsoft. This particular virtual machine image is designed for testing Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is what you’ll be running. The VM is just shy of 600 MB to download and will take a while depending on your Internet connection. You can even run it from a  large flash drive or external disk. This particular VM will expire in 2010. You can create your own VM image by creating a virtual hard drive and installing the operating system yourself, but that would take a long time, and you’d have to worry about the details of Microsoft’s licensing. And be sure to provide feedback to Microsoft if you run into any problems (as required by the license agreement).

Once everything is installed, just start up your virtual machine, browse Orly, and then on the Virtual PC console, shut your machine down, telling it to throw away any changes to your virtual hard drive. Of course, your virtual machine may get infected while it is running, so you might want to shut down any other computers on our home network just in case the malware tries to reach out and touch someone.

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9 Responses to Visiting Orly safely

  1. euphgeek says:

    Even better, use Firefox with the NoScript add-on. It allows you to control which websites are allowed to display JavaScript. The assumption is to disallow until you tell it otherwise.

  2. bdaman says:

    It appears Orly is asking that the judge recuse himself for a number of reasons. Here’s one.

    BEFORE ME, the undersigned Notary, Lamar Rozier
    on this 26th day of September, 2009, personally appeared Robert D. Douglas, known to me to be a credible person and of lawful age, who being by me first duly sown on his oath deposes and says:

    On the day of he hearing for Major Stephan Cook before Federal Judge Clay D. Land, Columbus, Ga., my wife, my wife’s sister, her husband and I had entered the little coffee shop directly across from the Court House while waiting for the doors to open to the public. I was sitting in the small seating area, set aside for their customers, while facing and looking directly at the entrance to the shop. All persons entering had to pass withing 8-10 feet from where I was sitting.

    I looked up and immediately recognized an individual entering and approaching the serving counter, due to his well known TV displayed distinguishing features: his trim upper lip mustache, not large of stature and general olive complexion. I knew instantly it was non other than Eric Holder, the current Attorney General of the United States. I called this to the attention of those present and all agreed it appeared to be who I readily recognized. He entered unguarded, no accompanying entourage and probably thought he would not be recognized.

    Red flags went up immediately in my mind and the questions remain, as yet. Why does the Attorney General of the United States need to be present in an obscure hearing well of his beaten path? Could it possible be, since Holder did not present himself in open court, he may have had a little “whisper in the ear” to a Federal Judge in order to bias his judicial vision and adhere to the President’s agenda of obstruction?

    Only Judge Clay D. Land can answer those question.

    Robert D. Douglas

  3. kimba says:

    I am certain I saw George Clooney in the snack foods aisle at my Kroger last week…..

  4. misha says:

    I saw Elvis in the frozen food isle.

  5. Whatever4 says:

    What was the date of the hearing? (I saw Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise this week in Boston. But they are really here filming.)

  6. Bob says:

    The hearing was on July 16, right?

    Eric Holder was in Los Angeles.

  7. If he was by himself, it was not Eric Holder.

  8. AdrianInFlorida says:

    If he was there to quietly instruct the judge to do his biding, he’d go alone….. (Insert eerie music here)


  9. SFJeff says:

    Yet this highly observant and suspicious patriot didn’t go over and introduce himself to the Attorney General.

    I mean if I see Elvis, I am going to go say hi.

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