Democracy in action

A small outlay of money and a large outlay of time resulted in a blog, Obama Conspiracy Theories, that a few thousand people visit. By making a blog I am exercising my 1st Amendment right of freedom of speech.

This web site wouldn’t exist except for the free speech of others that I found ill informed and illogical. This means that speech that I disagree with is being heard too; it means that speech that is (in my view) of low quality and little virtue is nonetheless being heard.

The reach of this blog is fairly small compared to a major newspaper or even a well-financed web site like WorldNetDaily; nonetheless, it has the reach it has earned. These numbers may not be accurate, but a Google search of “” returned an estimated 56,000 web pages linking here. I can’t complain about that!

Freedom of speech is no guarantee that speech will be persuasive, only that it has a chance to compete. I find the Internet to be the great leveler of competition. Small ideas can “go viral” very easily through email, tweets and blogs. Some believe that not only do they have a right to speech, but also a right to free publicity and a right to be heeded. But American freedoms are about opportunity, not success.

About Dr. Conspiracy

I'm not a real doctor, but I have a master's degree.
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15 Responses to Democracy in action

  1. Benji Franklin says:

    Bravo, Doc!

    Thank you for all of the time you spend well doing this for the good of the country. When the Birfer theories all unravel back into whole cloth, you can be sure its next application will in many cases be Klan Robes.

    Benji Franklin

  2. gwen says:

    I, too appreciate your time and effort to keep us informed of the ranking idiots of the conspiracy loonies.

  3. MsDaisy says:

    Very well done Doc! “Good on ya”!(as they say in OZ) I happened onto this blog by way one of those links and have been a regular reader ever since. Your posts are entertaining as well as informative and I appreciate all the effort you put into them.

  4. kimba says:

    Great work Doc! I think you hit the nail on the head, the right wing in this country thinks they have not only the right to speak, but to be heeded – because they say it’s so, it must be so, it will be so.

    Thanks for all your efforts.

  5. Notheydidn't says:

    “But American freedoms are about opportunity, not success.”

    I like this statement. More need to understand this. Thank you.

  6. Mike says:

    You deserve whatever success comes your way, Doc – you’re an invaluable resource for the sane, and always one of my daily reads.

  7. aarrgghh says:

    a salute in the war against ignorance and demagoguery and a round of birfer tears for doc, on the house!

  8. Rickey says:

    In other news, the Court of Appeals in the Third Circuit has rejected Berg’s appeal.

  9. Black Lion says:

    Agreed…This blog is the highlight of my day…

  10. SFJeff says:

    I found this blog when after I heard rumors of Birthers and started looking for a sensible point of view and here I eventually came. I still can’t say why I enjoy it so much but I certainly do.

    Oh and Lou Dobbs has left CNN- at least in part it appears over his birther views and CNN’s discomfort with that apparent lunacy.

  11. Chris says:

    Good work, Doc. Keep it up!

  12. misha says:

    Yes, this blog is the first bookmark I check each day. Thank you for your efforts.

  13. sarina says:

    Lucas Smith again on Ebay!

    He has a ” Dissertation Barack Kenyan Birth CPGH” for sale :# 160376741676.

    It’s not over yet for the birthers!

  14. kupuna says:

    A huge MAHALO!! to you Doc, for your excellent work debunking the Birthers. I hope you aren’t planning to quit! In spite of all the recent Birther smackdowns that we all knew were inevitable, they’ll be back in even more disgusting forms when Obama starts declaring his candidacy for the 2012 election. Patience is needed with children, & those Birthers who think like them. Your methodical work here, still is, & still WILL be needed in the future. Please keep it up.

  15. No, I’m not contemplating retirement from the blog.

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