Handwriting on the wall

[or Slow News Day – Part 2]

No, I’m not writing about the inevitable dismissal of all the birther lawsuits, but rather about the social networking phenomenon Facebook, where birther crusader Orly Taitz collects friends (and sock puppets).

Being a slow news day, and somewhat bored, I dropped by Facebook to check up on some friends of mine, and to see how Orly Taitz is doing.

Orly’s wall is a wonderful compilation of all the bits and pieces that make up the Obama conspiracy milieu. There are 9/11 truthers, Sarah Palin supporters, and fans of the Post and Email blog with the latest birth certificate fantasy. But mostly, it’s fans of Orly Taitz expressing their love for her, and their disdain for the President. There were also a couple of nice family pictures of Orly.

A search on Facebook turns up 18 interest groups, such as “Disbar Orly Taitz” and some I won’t repeat here.

Go take a look if you like that sort of thing.

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  1. Estiveo says:

    Let’s not forget that some of Orlys more beloved friends include a self-proclaimed moderator of her page who has a long history of felonies, some violent, including domestic abuse against his mother (I have links, but won’t state his name here as he is not a public figure) and another friend who is running for senate in Utah, Cody Robert Judy; he is a public figure, since he is a frequent candidate for public office. He is also the person who, in 1993, made a fake bomb and held 17,000 people hostage demanding he be declared the new president of the Mormon Church. http://newsnet.byu.edu/story.cfm/37713

    I, or one of my sock puppets, has pointed these facts out in e-mails to Orly and on her FB page to no avail. I wonder what the California Bar would have to say about these felonious associations.

  2. mommybrain says:

    Let’s not forget Leonard, as ugly a racist as they grow ’em and a prolific commenter.

  3. per son says:

    News – Cook v. Good dismissed (the no’s in the cut and paste refer to whether the actio nis pending)

    Stefan Frederick Cook v. Wanda L. Good
    File Date Entry Party Pending
    09/15/2009 Fee Status: Paid (09/15/09) for Stefan Frederick Cook Stefan Frederick Cook No
    09/21/2009 DKT2 (Docketing Notice) issued. To:Orly Taitz; c:George F. Peterman, III; c:Gregory J. Leonard; c:Hugh Randolph Aderhold, Jr.; c:Rebecca E. Ausprung, Major No
    09/22/2009 Probable Jurisdiction Noted: Stefan Frederick Cook No
    10/01/2009 Appearance Form Submitted. Eric Fleisig-Greene No
    10/01/2009 Appearance Form Submitted. Mark B. Stern No
    10/07/2009 Transcript Filed in D.C.: 7/16/09 Hearing Betsy Peterson No
    10/16/2009 Briefing Notice Issued No
    10/16/2009 BR1CIV (Letter confirming brief due date) issued. To:Orly Taitz; c:Eric Fleisig-Greene; c:George F. Peterman, III; c:Hugh Randolph Aderhold, Jr.; c:Mark B. Stern; c:Rebecca E. Ausprung, Major No
    10/30/2009 MP-1 (Multi-Purpose letter) issued. To:Orly Taitz No
    11/09/2009 Appearance Form Submitted. Orly Taitz No
    11/09/2009 SIGNED Notice of Appeal: (Atty: Orly Taitz) Stefan Frederick Cook No
    11/24/2009 Case Closed. Dismissed – No Prosecution No
    11/24/2009 DIS-2CIV (Letter to district court enclosing dismissal order) issued. To:Gregory J. Leonard; c:Eric Fleisig-Greene; c:Mark B. Stern; c:Orly Taitz No
    11/24/2009 Pursuant to the 11th Cir.R.42-2(c), this appeal is dismissed for want of prosecution because the appellant failed to file brief and record excerpts within the time fixed by the rules. No

  4. nbc says:


  5. nBc says:

    Person: Where did you get your docket information from? I have been searching Pacer (no luck)

  6. per son says:


    Goto the 11th Circuit. Put in Taitz for search, then this comes up.

  7. nBc says:

    The Clerk just confirmed that the case had indeed been dismissed. Thanks to our friends at Politijab.

  8. nBc says:

    On firefox you get a perpetual logon screen, however in IE it seems to work…

    Great find… Now that the 11th circuit is online, it will be easier to track some of the pending appeals.

  9. Black Lion says:

    From Orly regarding her case….

    Tampering with docket-Important
    Posted on | November 30, 2009 | No Comments

    this letter was sent to Judge Carter by a concerned citizen on 10.26.09. It showed how a party, believed to be an attorney from a large prestigious law firm has doctored the docket of my case in front of judge Carter in order to poison the public opinion and poison the jury pool. I cannot confirm the findings. The party asked to be anonymous as much as possible, therefore I don’t provide his name as the moment. He has sent a copy of his letter to FBI. Since the letter came out on the 10.26.09., it should have been received by judge Carer on 10.27.09. What happened? Why did judge Carter’s order on 10.29.09. included baseless slander and defamation of my character which was made by convicted forgers and felons without an opportunity to respond on my part, while on the other hand there was no mention of such serious allegations and evidence of doctoring the docket and evidence, reportedly done by an attorney? Did judge Carter know about this letter? Did he burry it? Or was the letter burried by the clerks and never shown to judge Carter? Why didn’t FBI do a thing after this report? My clients and I are waiting for answers and action to remedy this travesty.

    “This is the interim decision from judge Carter on motion for reconsideration. He didn’t deny it, he is stating that it will be appropriate to render a decision without the hearing. He will notify the parties regarding his decision.”

    “Update on technical dificulties. Resolution of scanning, redirect and voice hacking is solved. We are still working on paypal, need help in identifying the hacker. Let me know if you are able to donate”

    “Falsification of the docket of my case to discredit me and poison the jury. Info was forwarded to Judge Carter on 10.26.09. before his order.”

    In this heading she is calling out Nolu Chan as the person that might have hacker. She is either getting more delusional or she is crazy like a fox. She plays the victim for the sympathy donation, especially since not much is happening in the birther world except for the same old recycled theories…

  10. SluggoJD says:

    Good post, Lion.

    She’s also calling out nutcase con artist Lucas Smith (“convicted forgers and felons”) which is hilarious, since that sure didn’t matter before her case blew up.

  11. SluggoJD says:

    Estiveo, if you have evidence that one of the nutcases abused their mom, please post it.

    All of these people need to be revealed for who they are.

  12. Laurie says:


    Unfortunately, I couldn’t read the letter Orly scanned in. It appears blurred.

    I am trying to figure out what it means to tamper with a docket. Is she trying to claim that those ridiculous pleadings are not actually hers? What else could it mean? And how on earth would someone be able to tamper with the docket?

    Of course, it is another bit of ludicrous paranoia, but for some reason I feel compelled to try to understand the mind-set of the unhinged.

  13. Black Lion says:

    Sluggo, I know…he was a honest hard working individual while he was valuable to her….And I guess Charles Lincoln III was valuable to her in other ways, until her husband put a stop to that…

  14. Black Lion says:

    I was reading our friend Mario’s blog to see if he has come up with any new ways to lose in court and it looks like maybe Mario and Leo got into it and that is why Leo has taken his ball and went home? Judge for yourself…It is always entertaining to see wolves turn on each other….

    Mario wrote….

    Leo Donofrio, Esq. has posted his reply to my quo warranto article at

    This is my reply which I have just posted at his blog:


    I am surprised that you state that I missed the Newman statement: “there might be cases under the civil service law in which the relator would have an interest and therefore a right to be heard.” I did not miss this point.

    First, I will remind you that during our 5-hour, March 3, 2009 meeting in my office, I was the one who pointed that language out to you and suggested that it may be a means by which a plaintiff could gain standing otherwise than by being interested in the Office of President. When I raised that point with you, you even complimented me on my theory.

    Second, you are under the mistaken impression that a case involving the civil service laws would be a quo warranto action. On the contrary, any case involving the civil service laws would not be a quo warranto action, for the plaintiff would be challenging Obama’s action related to some employment situation and indirectly attacking his title to office. Such an attack would be an indirect attack (a collateral attack), not a quo warranto action which is a direct attack against the title to office. With such an indirect attack, the plaintiff would have to overcome the de facto officer doctrine among the many other issues that would be involved in the case. Hence, the Newman statement only has relevancy if one were planning to bring an indirect attack involving an employment matter which is not a quo warranto action. You fail to recognize that the employment case is not a quo warranto action. Rather, you advocate dressing a civil service employment case with quo warranto clothing when Andrade clearly states that such an employment case does not belong in the quo warranto matrix but rather is a collateral attack to a person’s right to hold a particular office. Hence, you are mistaken in stating that I missed the most important part of the Newman holding.

    I remind you that in my article I did mention that an indirect attack challenging Obama’s action would have a better chance of getting standing than would a quo warranto direct attack under the DC Code in the DC District Court. As I explained in my article, the latter presents procedural and constitutional roadblocks which most probably cannot be overcome. In my article, I explain how the quo warranto DC Code cannot for constitutional reasons be used to remove a putative sitting President. In your three-part series brief you state that the DC Code used in the DC District Court is the only way to remove such a person. This is the biggest difference between us. I would have thought that you would have addressed this point in your response to my article rather than the other tangential issues.

    I will also inform you that the reason for my writing my quo warranto article is that you attacked me and the Kerchner case, publicly stating that we will fail in the courts, and criticized me for filing an “exotic” case rather than a quo warranto case under the DC code in the DC District Court. I do not know what could possibly be your motivation for attacking my work. I do not understand why you would attempt to undermine the efforts of others who are earnestly working to bring the Obama eligibility issue to justice.


    There is more back and forth but it looks like New Jersey is not big enough for 2 bad eligibility lawyers of Italian descent…Interesting stuff….I wonder if Mario knows he hurt poor Leo’s feelings…

  15. Rickey says:

    Orly apparently believes that adding something to a document on Scribd is the same as altering the original document which was filed with the court. This had to do with Orly’s filing of the altered A.P. story which says that Obama is “Kenyan-born.” It looks like the person in question downloaded a copy of that document and added to it information which debunked the story. It’s sad that Orly believes that Judge Carter would give her filing any consideration at all.

    And of course the handwriting is on the wall regarding her Motion for Reconsideration.

  16. If Orly had given her login credentials for the Court Electronic Filing System to some other person, that person could file things in her name. Or perhaps she thinks the Obot judges and court clerks just make stuff up and sign her name to them 🙄 .

  17. I would think that after hacking the Supreme Court, a mere district court would be mere child’s play.

  18. SluggoJD says:

    Well of course Mario will fail lol

    Wow, looks like Leo decided to be honest for a day.

  19. Estiveo says:

    scribd.com, search on “orly” and/or subscribe to Nolu Chan or Jack Ryan

  20. Estiveo says:

    Again, he is not a public figure, but he does proclaim himself as the moderator of Orly’s Facebook page. His icon is an upside-down American flag. From his posts we know he is 50 years old, rides a motorcycle and lives in Jacksonville, Florida. If you go to the Duval County Courts website ( https://showcase.duvalclerk.com )and type in his name and birthdate, you get a LONG criminal record including burglary, bad checks, petty theft, resiting arrest, resisting arrest with violence against an officer AND domestic violence with a restraining order to “stay away from Mother.”

    As he is not a public figure, I really don’t want to put his name here; you can find it on Orly’s page with the information above. [This post has been edited to remove hints. We have a policy here about personal information, including transparent hints. Doc.]

  21. Estiveo says:

    You did see that Leo has closed Natural Born Citizen?

  22. Estiveo says:

    Leonard was finally kicked off of Orly’s page. Right around the time he was accusing one of my sock-puppets of being an *n-word*

    I kind of felt like that was a badge of honor.

  23. jvn says:

    Mario almost seems competent in that analysis. No wonder Leo bugged out – he’s a worse lawyer than Mario!


  24. Black Lion says:

    I think you are a tool…Did you forget your meds?

  25. SFJeff says:

    I am sorry Ricky- I went to your website once and my eyes bled. Frankly your post here is so much saner than anything on your website I want to warn others before they risk their eyesight and sanity there.

    I hereby nominate Ricky as the looniest of the anti-Obama loons.

  26. Estiveo says:

    My apologies.

  27. mommybrain says:

    You warned us and I went anyway. Ouch.

    Brain bleach please.

  28. Rickey says:

    Hmmm…how can be sure that his father isn’t Jor-El?

  29. G says:

    Hey, did anybody see Mario’s lame-o birther ad that ran in the Washington Times today?


    In other crazy news, Walter Fitzpatrick III made the news again, on his crazy birther / Citizen Grand Jury stunts:


  30. ImaForener says:

    Orly and the Orly-nauts are currently working on exposing the latest villain/disrupter of her website.

    John Cleese.

    Yes that John Cleese.

    Who is apparently launching his missives from Montreal.

    Using a yahoo account.

    Based on their amazing detective skills it’s really not clear why Orly even needs Sankey or Lines to dig stuff up – the stuff her posse pulls out is waaaaaaaaaaay more fantastical.

  31. Actually Obama has already admitted this.


    It’s 1:53 into the video.

  32. Kevin Bellas says:



    A brain is a terrible thing to waste.

  33. Black Lion says:

    And in other news from Orly’s house of lost medication…The following delusional rant…

    “Submitted on 2009/12/01 at 11:04pm
    Nothing happens by coincidence. Take, for example, Obama’s announced Afghanistan policy tonight. Had it not been for the pressure of your Barnett lawsuit, and your brilliant motion for reconsideration, Dr. Orly, Obama would have pulled out of Afghanistan. You can take single-handed credit for this policy in our titanic battle against Al Qaeda. Thank you and God Bless you, Dr. Orly. America’s no. 1 patriot.”

    Or this one by our buddy the so called New England Patriot…

    “I think the people of Southern California need to assemble a citizens’ grand jury to investigate evidence of Judge David O. Carter’s violation of his oath to the Constitution. The presentments can be served to a prosecutor or judge for action. If just one honest official can be found who will act on the them, Carter can be indicted and removed from the bench.

    He turned out to be a disingenuous, sneaky, sniveling liberal in a black robe, not even worthy to enter a U.S. courtroom, much less preside over one. The only thing he did well was put on a convincing act last summer.”

    “Submitted on 2009/12/01 at 12:29am
    Personally, I’m afraid that Judge Carter isn’t in possession of all the damning facts re: the new clerk Valamoor, the tampering with Orly’s case, etc. Carter can only make a good, honest and fair ruling with all the facts, but the Obama thugs and their far reaching tentacles are into everything and keeping those facts from being seen. Somehow the Judge has to SEE them, and soon. How can this be assured and accomplished?”

    The conspiracy theories are getting out of hand…

    Orly posts…

    Interesting coincidence

    We traced some people who made death threats against me to WA state (several locations) and Renton VA. Recently Clemens was shot and killed after he killed 4 cops in WA state and there was a raid at the home of his relatives in Renton VA.

    And the response from one of her minnions…


    Has anyone wandered why this cop killer got a shortterm get out of jail card? Were you surprised he was shot to death on Tuesday?
    Did someone put this scum up to it? What might they have promised him? What do the relatives know; cop killer’s relatives and the cops families?
    Could the four cops have been meeting for a good reason? Are the local cops being given
    orders they don’t wish to follow? Are they
    being made an example of? Sounds like the Chicago way to me.

    How about the very dead census worker? FED
    on his chest. I don’t believe for one second he killed himself.

    Many things are going to start happening. Little will make the media. When it does,
    they will use it for their own advantage.

    Start thinking for yourselves.

    Guys, you can’t make this stuff up…

  34. Rickey says:

    That’s the thing about conspiracy theories, the webs continually grow wider and wider.


  35. SFJeff says:

    I love the Afghanistan comment.

  36. milspec says:

    The first post was posted by Perry Apism.
    Sort of close to, Priapism a “medical” condition.

  37. Scientist says:

    It’s interesting that the Orly bots mentioned this guy Clemmons, who shot 4 police officers in Tacoma, WA. Clemmons claimed that Obama was his brother and Oprah was his sister. That would make Oprah and Obama siblings, which should establish, even for the birthers, that Obama is indeed a natural born citizen.

  38. G says:

    ROTFL! Wow, the paranoid and delusional is really hitting new levels over there!

    It just astounds the mind how they try to “connect the dots” between any random event and Obama. WEAK! It must be a very scary and sad life for people whose minds see such shadowy bogeymen links every time they read the news or look over their shoulders.

    The whole trying to link Orly’s pathetic dismissed cases to Obama’s Afghanistan strategy…WTF!?!?!? …Even in my wildest imagination, I can’t figure that one out. ROTFLMAO!

  39. Benji Franklin says:

    Dear G,

    You denigrate their perceptual powers when you say that Orly Reeking Crew “connects all the dots” – for Orly, a line of reasoning is completely defined by a single dot.

    As Obama completes his last day of eight years in office, Orly will scan the Google News and put an article like this on her crazy blog:

    “Important! I need investigation! Anyone who can help! A dog who’s shadow is blacker than Obama, has crapped somewhere in Arkansas! This could be a real game-changer!”

    Poorly Taitz Esquire

  40. June bug says:

    G says: “It just astounds the mind how they try to “connect the dots” between any random event and Obama.”

    True, but what Orly really likes is to “connect the dots” between any random event and Orly!

    “We traced some people who made death threats against me to WA state (several locations) and Renton VA. Recently Clemens was shot and killed after he killed 4 cops in WA state and there was a raid at the home of his relatives in Renton VA.”

  41. Chris says:

    I have to believe that the Afghanistan comment is a joke or satire.

  42. G says:

    LOL! Too true!

  43. Black Lion says:

    That was hilarious…Good one…

  44. Black Lion says:

    Unfortunately for her supporters it is not…They actually believe in that crap…

  45. Black Lion says:

    Something funny from the Post and Fail site…I guess Charlton did not like the fact that Snopes debunked is ridiculous AP story which he claims that the papers wrote that Obama was “Kenyan Born”…His conclusion had be dying of laughter….Funny stuff…

    Snopes.com Pontificates on The Post & Email’s AP Story
    News commentary by John Charlton

    (Nov. 21, 2009) — Shortly before it was reported that The Post & Email and other sites received harassing blog comments from an IP number just a few miles from the registered address of the domain name, “Snopes.com,” Snopes.com published a critique of The Post & Email’s report on the AP 2004 Story which named Obama “Kenyan-born”.

    Though Snopes.com decided to publish a commentary on The Post & Email’s report, it did not attribute the citation it contained of our story to The Post & Email, even after it was brought to their attention. Perhaps, they chose not to give a link or citation to The Post & Email, lest their own readers be led to the original story. The Post & Email does not fear facts, so you can read the Snopes.com commentary at their own site.

    Snopes.com’s Critique founded on a childish flaw in their method of historical analysis
    First of all, the Snopes.com article provides no documentation to prove their interpretation of the historical document: the East African Standard’s Sunday Edition Report, which cited the AP as its source. They simply open their puerile analysis with the word “False” in disproportionately large bold-faced letters, and they argue, that since the current version of the AP article available from the AP does not call Obama “Kenyan-born,” therefore, the AP original story never contained this adjective and that the African newspaper added it on their own authority, and that erroneously.

    It should be obvious to highschool students that you cannot use the current version of an article at AP, which does not claim to be the original version or the unedited version, to argue that an article published by the East African Standard from 2004 introduced “Kenyan-born” into the AP story on its own authority: there is a disparity of historical consistency. One must use documents which are known to have existed in June 2004 to argue or dispute facts claimed in other documents from that same month. AP could have published different versions of their story, included keywords, or redacted the version after the 2008 election. There is a lack of documentation in their critique of The Post & Email report, to prove what Snopes.com claims actually happened. Their dismissal of the East African Standard’s report, therefore, is unfounded, unproven, uncertain, and gratuitous. Indeed, if one supposes that the African paper added a sentence to the AP story, then one can equally suppose that any other news agency, including the AP could subtract a sentence.

    Other ways Kenyan paper could have heard of Obama
    Another possibility is that the Kenyan newspaper was informed about the news of Obama’s candidacy, and chose to feature an AP story which they subsequently published. We will never know the paper trail on why the Kenyan newspaper did this, or what they did, because the supporters of Obama’s cousin, Odinga, made a point to burn the Kenyan newspaper’s HQ down in 2006, destroying all records of their communications.

    Did an overly zealous Kenyan in Chicago telephone or email back home and alert them to the story? Did the newspaper get a phone call from Odinga suggesting that they run this story? Did the Obama campaign get a phone call from the Newspaper prior to the publishing of the AP story in their paper, and convey to the East African Standard reporter that Obama was “Kenyan-born,” as a sort of fact to prove that their mulatto candidate had true African credentials?

    Just how did the Kenyan newspaper hear of Obama? Until that question is asked and answered, one cannot have recourse, as Snopes.com does, to the hypothesis that the Kenyan Standard added this attribution, “Kenyan-born”, to the story on its own authority. If one has no evidence that the newspaper heard of the claim of Obama being “Kenyan-born” from sources other than the AP story, the conclusion is that the AP itself in some manner, at one time, claimed Obama was “Kenyan-born.”

    Even if Snopes.com were to prove that only the Kenyan paper named Obama “Kenyan-born” — being that the latter is located in Kenya and can request verification of births or interview locals who knew Obama’s family — its use of the term “Kenyan-born” would be, nonetheless, authoritative.

    To illustrate this, let us take the example of a famous individual, Adolf Hitler. If American newspapers called him “German-born,” and one newspaper in Vienna, Austria, said he was “Austrian-born,” would it be sufficient to say that the Austrian paper was wrong, simply because the American newspapers all say differently? No; a reasonable and impartial observer would say, “If his family is Austrian, as his relatives claim, certainly the newspaper in Vienna would know who is Austrian and who is not, after all Vienna is the capital of Austria!”

    For this reason Snopes.com’s attempt to disprove the story by claiming the African paper alone named Obama “Kenyan-born” is itself illogical. The contrary would be true, it would give weight to the truth of the statement.

    In summary, Snope.com’s entire argument is merely a gratuitous assertion, posing as a substantive refutation.


    You really have to read the entire article…Charlton use of the theory that if the words Kenyan Born do not appear in the US versions of the AP story then it could possibly have “been removed” was classic. So was the Hitler example. Charlton does really aim at individuals with no real intelligence with his articles…Amazing…

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