Obama critic receives visit from the Secret Service

Pastor Dr. James (“show the dog gone birth certificate“) Manning claims that he was visited Monday (October 17, 2009) by the United States Secret Service two CIA agents/ Homeland Security and two New York detectives [Manning’s comments below contradict what is on his web site as to who exactly visited] who questioned him about remarks regarding the President. It is reported that Manning said on his radio program that he made a comment that Obama should be “tried for treason, thrown in jail and then hung and shot”.

So far I have not found any news source reporting this incident.

In another video, now “made private” on YouTube Manning is reported by the reliable BadFiction blog to have said:

“What we need to be focused on, if we allow Obama to live, in his present state as a criminal, then America is torn apart. God knows America is gone. America is gone, if we allow Obama to continue, then the nation is gone, so which, which is it? Obama lives and America dies?

Manning is also known for calling the President “The Long Legged Mack Daddy.”

Photo by Ballantine

Photo by Ballantine

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47 Responses to Obama critic receives visit from the Secret Service

  1. MsDaisy says:

    Apparently that’s not all; “supposedly” he had a video posted on YouTube that has been taken down where he allegedly stated (in part) the following:

    “If Obama lives, then the constitution, and America dies. Now listen to me very carefully, please hear me, please hear me: If we let Obama live, America dies.”

    “What we need to be focused on, if we allow Obama to live, in his present state as a criminal, then America is torn apart. God knows America is gone. America is gone, if we allow Obama to continue, then the nation is gone, so which, which is it? Obama lives and America dies?

    “Now what’s it going to be? What’s it going to be? Is it going to be Obama? He will live and ride off into the sunset as America’s first African-American President, which is a lie from the pit of hell. But are you gonna let that lie stand, and then the Constitution and America. I can tell you now. Five months from now America will no longer be. We must take immediate and decisive action now.”

    These quotes are all over the Internet, but I don’t seem to be able to find a reputable source, so who knows. But this guy sounds crazier than Orly, if that’s even possible.

  2. misha says:

    “But this guy sounds crazier than Orly, if that’s even possible.”

    How about crazier than Wiley Drake, who is also an ordained minister. Yuck.

    “Rabbi, you said there is a blessing for everything. Is there a blessing for the Tsar?”

    “Of course. May God bless and keep the Tsar far away from us.”

  3. kimba says:

    I don’t think it will stop until someone is killed by someone inspired by one of these a$$clowns. I pray it’s not Obama, and probably won’t be, it will be people going about their day, minding their own business. And the perp will have one of those “water the tree of liberty” shirts on, or have a computer full of Orly or Manning web hits.

    Even Manning appears to blow it off and use it as another opportunity to post his videos.

  4. G says:

    I fear you are right. I really, really don’t want to see something like that happen, but all this heated and coded rhetoric and atmosphere where it is becoming increasingly common to hear such irresponsible talk uttered without consequence gives me a sinking feeling in my gut that either some lone sicko nutbags or even small groups of nutbags are going to cross the line into hurting somebody.

    The atmosphere got pretty charged by the wingnuts last time we had a Democratic president and we ended up with McVeigh and Ruby Ridge and the Waco nuts.

    This time around, the atmosphere of crazy seems to be at a whole new plateau of seething, angry insanity, so I think extreme vigilance is needed to monitor and counter these rabid folks in order to prevent such terrible things from happening again.

  5. G says:

    I wanted to add that personally, I think much stricter laws against incitement need to be put in place for those who preach hate speech from the pulpit.

  6. thisoldhippie says:

    here is the video as listed on Orly’s site – he says that Obama should be tried for treason and hung or shot. Towards the end of the video.


  7. MsDaisy says:

    Yes G, but unfortunately I don’t think those groups of nut bags are very small and they are steadily growing. The biggest differences I see now as opposed to the last democratic White House is; 1st the internet. It has afforded these lunatic extremists easy access networking on a far larger scale than ever before, and I think they have all been stirring each other’s pot since Obama was elected. And 2. The White House is (in many of their eyes) no longer white, and that has them worse than seething.

    It defies logic IMHO to hate anyone or anything so intently that you lose your mind, but many of these whack jobs have and they “are” networking. I just hope the “internet police” (or who ever does that sort of thing) is watching very closely. I’m all for “freedom of speech”, but freedom of hate and sedition are another thing.

    The secret service really has its job cut out for them, but what else worries me is Obama is not the only potential target; I worry about Michelle and especially about his children. God forbid! It gives me the horrors to even think about it.

  8. euphgeek says:

    Wow. That is a special brand of crazy right there.

  9. MsDaisy says:

    HO-LEE SHIRT! No friggin wonder Secret Service went over there. OMG my head hurts from listening to that!

  10. mimi says:

    This video was found by a PJ-er. It’s not viewable now, but partial transcript is shown. As a result, a couple of PJ-er’s blogged it, then a couple national blogs picked up on it. Some called Secret Service and other law enforcement. I believe it might be the reason for the visit.


    Covered also at Alan Colmes, The Political Carnival, Democratic Underground, and a bunch more places.

    Manning knows exactly why they went to see him.

    He tweeted one clue that it was about that video.

  11. Preston says:

    Is Manning just looking for attention or is he just a Jokester, Crazy or worse?

  12. milspec says:


  13. Bob Weber says:

    IIRC, Drake is believer in “imprecatory prayer”, i.e., praying for the death of a person. I think he was praying for McCain-Palin to win and for McCain to die shortly thereafter.

  14. Texlaw says:

    The quotes are accurate. I watched the video several times before it was “removed”; I will bet you my next paycheck that the Secret Service, however, has a copy.

  15. Texlaw says:

    One quibble: the hate did not cause them to lose their minds. They were nuts before, they’re just focusing it with the hate.

  16. Texlaw says:

    That, plus Manning’s appearance at Orly’s huge protest of Bill O’Reilly last week really caused them to swoop in, I’ll bet. Nothing like making a spectacle of yourself in the media capital of the world.

  17. G says:

    MsDaisy – I agree completely with all the points you made.

    It also troubles me reading news stories about how strained and spread thin the Secret Service is with having to investigate such an increased volume of threats.

    The crazy element is so over the top that unfortunately, many sane people have just dismissed it as ludicrous or too far out to take seriously and both the media and politicians have given too much of a “pass” to such boorish and outlandish behavior.

    There needs to be a much stronger and much more concerted push back on all this crazy talk, coded hate messages, veiled threats of sedition/treason and outright use of religious symbolism to try to get some crazy nut to think that God wants people to kill the President.

    Without serious admonishment, this bad behavior is seen as “ok” or that people can get away with it. As a result, the hateful crazies just get bolder and louder and like a mob mentality of village idiots, their thought processes and paranoia seem to be slowly spreading like a cancer.

  18. G says:

    I vote worse.

  19. MsDaisy says:

    Absolutely, and I hate to say it but I think it all started with Ms “I can see Russia from my house” and her “Paling around with terrorists” rhetoric. Followed by the violence that broke out at some of her appearances. It’s like the hardcore “Christian” right-wingers picked up that ball and ran with it. And its true they are hateful. I went to a town hall meeting (with my Obama signs and stickers) and some gnarly old lady got really nasty with me and literally jumped up in my face when I walked by her. When I had my turn to speak, no one heard a word I said because I was shouted down with a deafening roar and waving fists as I walked up before I ever opened my mouth. I thought I was going to be stoned!

    You know I was there in the 70’s at the steps of the Capital protesting the Vietnam War, but I never saw the hate I see now. This hate that is festering now is the kind that was seen in the 60’s and the kind that took out MLK. It’s really frightening and I agree, someone needs to put the breaks on it before something awful happens.

  20. MsDaisy says:

    Sorry I meant to add in addition to SP’s statement about paling around w/terrorists, also her proclaiming “He’s not like us”.

  21. And still not a peep about this in the media.

  22. I remind folks of my January 2009 article, The Angry Mob

  23. kimba says:

    I will be interested to see if Manning tones down going forward.

  24. thisoldhippie says:

    This video was posted proudly on Orly’s site!! God help us all.

  25. MsDaisy says:

    Why do you suppose that is? I’ve been wondering about that.

  26. Lupin says:

    If history is any guide, no.

  27. Lupin says:

    The American Media (prior to the 1980s) used to be the best in the world, widely admired, envied even, by every non-American journalist.

    Today, it’s become (with a few exceptions) an intellectually lazy, ethically blind, cowardly, mildly corrupt crowd, living in a Versailles of their own making, playing courtiers to power, and mostly oblivious to the rest of your country and the world.

    The press corps was far from perfect in the 60s and 70s but the reasons for this degeneration are interesting and likely far more complex than my theories.

    Personally, I’m inclined to blame nepotism, poor education in general, the fact that most journalists no longer have any working class background or experience, and inordinately high salaries, to a level where money becomes an addictive drug.

    The corporate media environment has changed too (it’d be unfair to only blame the actual journalists) and not for the best.

    Frankly, I think the rot is too widespread and I genuinely can’t imagine how your Republic — in its current form — might survive the next decade.

  28. Benji Franklin says:

    Dear Lupin,

    Now wait just a minute here! I’m a big fan of your incisive commentary and informative, accurate explanations, and I substantially agree with your stated criticisms of the U.S., but we have a long and proud history of not only surviving our multi-faceted mediocrity but rising like a Phoenix above the greater world community to which that mediocrity has by imitation spread. 🙂

    I suppose your countrymen looked suspiciously on you after you returned from your long stays in the States?

    Benji Franklin

  29. G says:

    I think it all comes down to advertising profits. Therefore, almost all media has been watered down into “infotainment”. Too many people have short attention spans these days and in the minds of media execs, salacious gossip-type stories grab eyeballs and therefore ad dollars better than straight up, in-depth reporting, sadly.

    Now, controversy you would think would be a category that would easily get reported under that line of thinking – and it often is.

    However, “controversy” or criticism that makes one’s target ad revenue generating audience look bad or goes against their reader/viewers subject bias – now that is frowned upon and at best shuttered back to a back page or small segment story, if covered at all, and usually done by “opinion spin” of someone who can cover for the intended audiences perspective.

    This still follows the “infotainment” model, as it allows for tantalizing, teasing or even angering the audience, provided the news item does not go as far as to shame said target audience.

  30. G says:

    Ms Daisy:

    I do agree that Palin, with her “popularity” and VP role last year, really did (unfortunately) ratchet up this distrubing type of behavior in her “followers” and that her actions did a lot to stoke and spread these fires of hate, fear and paranoia in a susceptible population.

    However, she by no means was the one who started that cycle with Obama and was only spreading it to an even broader audience than before. Before her, the PUMAs (which is where Berg came from) were all-over these hate memes.

    If I had to pick a source to point a finger to that really started trying to poison people to think this way and stir up “Obama as the other” sentiment, I would have to choose Mark Penn, the former campaign strategist for HRC’s campaign as being behind it.

    While that slime ball probably just saw it as a campaign tactic to try to handicap Obama and favor his candidate instead, it was stupid, irresponsible and playing with fire, as there was no way to put the “hate/fear genie” back in the box afterwards. That HRC ended up firing Mark Penn a few months after he started using abhorrent tactics is noted; however by then it was too late and such memes spread first via the “PUMAs” and then when the attention switched over to the general election campaign, the right-wing swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

    It was in that stage that Palin really is to blame because she was such a key component into transferring that existing anger and fear into the GOP base and the conservative right and causing it to solidify and become embedded as such a strong component of what we see today.

  31. misha says:

    “I think he was praying for McCain-Palin to win and for McCain to die shortly thereafter.”

    And so was William Kristol.

  32. I wouldn’t know. All I listen to is National Public Radio.

  33. Given that Manning touts his willingness go to prison, I suspect he will tone it down considerably.

  34. Chris says:

    I have heard about this “long legged mack daddy” line but I don’t understand it. I assume it’s meant to be insulting, but an insult that you don’t understand is not a very effective insult. Can someone explain what “long legged mack daddy” means?

  35. Greg says:

    This guy posts a video explaining the gibe, and comment #5 apparently watched the video and attempted to boil down the definition.

    Politicians allow businesses and special interests to screw us, and they take our money (taxes). That makes politicians pimps – or “mack daddies.” Obama, as the most successful “mack daddy” gets the appellation “long-legged.”

  36. Chris says:

    Thanks. I never realized that a “mack daddy” was a pimp. You learn something every day.

  37. When in doubt, try urbandictionary.com

  38. G says:

    …Or his willingness to go to prison might lead to the opposite, that he decides to increase his antics in order to TRY to force the authorities to arrest him, therefore validating his bluster about being arrested and trying to make himself a “martyr” in the eyes of his cause.

  39. Lupin says:

    A fair point. Let me clarify.

    The USSR collapsed but one might argue that after a troubled decade, Russia is wealthier and stronger today.

    I remain optimistic about the long-term prospect of America because of its resources, technology and the amazing resourcefulness of its people.

    That doesn’t mean that the current republic will survive the next ten years. I think the current political/economic system has become unsustainable, and I predict some tectonic changes which will eventually lead to a new balance, and I think a stronger America.

    Throughout history superpowers inevitably collapsed because of their runaway military expenses which diverted resources away from their people, for the sole benefit of an elite. That leads to corruption, discontent, deficits, mystery, etc.

    Then society shakes it self and reorganizes.

    That’s what i meant.

  40. My opinion is that Americans are too wealthy to significantly change the system. It’s not in their economic interest. (Not to say that this might change.)

  41. He doesn’t strike me as martyr material.

  42. milspec says:

    Well Manning is not a stranger to prison.

  43. Gordon says:

    On of the bloggers at Team Sarah has contact with Rev. Manning. The story Manning is putting out to his supporters is that Homeland Security is visiting him because he keeps asking about Obama’s birth cert. I linked this video today because I knew that story was bunk.

  44. mommybrain says:

    About why journalism has changed, my $.02:

    Journalism School.

    Just like business school, garbage in-garbage out.

    They learn the tools and tricks of the trade but no one can teach the hunger for digging and explaining that used to characterize journos. Tools and tricks come with OJT, the hunger just isn’t there in most of them, at least not for knowledge. So instead they all come out as cookie cutters taught to toe the line, not cross it.

    The newsroom ain’t what it used to be.

    We used to call this the Woodward and Bernstein effect way back when. After “All the Presidents Men” came out everyone wanted to be Robert (or Roberta) Redford. Now, I think it’s just the money.

  45. Well, it looks like he’s back-tracked (along with Wiley Drake) from calling for Obama’s death. They’re now saying they want him to live a long life so he can stand trial.

    I suspect that’s a CYA thing and their internal feelings haven’t changed.

  46. looking for attention and bearing a grudge that his choice for President (Hillary Clinton) didn’t win.

    Also, Manning seems to share the same hatred towards biracial people that many white racists do.

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