Orly Taitz links Texas shooting to dismissal of her case: invokes god as witness

Orly of Arc

Orly receives warning from God

In one of the more arrogant and bizarre items on the Orly Taitz Web site, Orly wrote: “massacare [is this an antebellum slave holder’s medical plan?] at Fort Hood, connection to my cases or how corrupt judges endanger the Nation” in her article titled: It’s like god is telling you:”pay attention”. My first case on behalf of my client Cpt. Connie Rhodes MD was filed in TX. Judge Xavier Rodriguez have dismissed the case within hours of filing, calling adherence to the oath to uphold the Constitution “a frivolous matter.”

Orly then quotes the entire Texas court Complaint filed in Barnett v. Gates.

Orly’s article doesn’t provide any further explanation of the “connection to my cases” except that both were in Texas, albeit hers only briefly.

Personally, I suspect that it was god that tampered with Orly’s car.

In other articles Orly seeks to fire up anti-Muslim sentiment suggesting that Muslim men ages 20-40 are “the biggest terrorist threat” (and of course Obama is the biggest Muslim sleeper agent of them all).

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35 Responses to Orly Taitz links Texas shooting to dismissal of her case: invokes god as witness

  1. thisoldhippie says:

    I am reporting this to Facebook. It is on Orly’s facebook page.

    It is high time that free Americans everywhere, repeat the words of President Andrew Jackson, to the politicians of Washington DC and to those politicians elsewhere in state and local governments, “… You are a den of vipers and thieves. We intend to rout you out, and by the grace of the Eternal God, we will rout you out,” and then do it.

    American patriots will either act peacefully to regain control of their nation via the GOP, or they will be forced to act in violent revolution to end the unbridled attack on American sovereignty, security and freedom flooding from Washington DC today.

    Start calling the Abomination what he is: An illegal-mulatto-Muslim-alien, son-of-a-commie-mommie, usurper pretender who’s NOTHING and means nothing to America!

    There isn’t ANYTHING this illegitimate bastid has done that can’t or won’t be undone, erased, ignored or refused!…

    Get your water and food squared away, then your firearms and ammo!

    They have put a price on their heads … a contract on themselves and their families … they will be wanted and hunted … dead or hung and swung for target practice! It’s far too late to turn back now! There’s no undoing of this imminent demolition of AmeriKa! Are you ready to cast the only vote that counts? … your swing vote … in the swinging lead ballot box! Save our trees … use your lamp posts!!

    Let them continue in their folly, as long as every last traitor and infidel is willing to die for their beliefs, so be it … that day is upon us where we will put them to the test and see how resolute they are in their Anti-American, twisted commie bastid schemes!

    One not so minor point, my friends and Patriots … the usurper wannabe was Electorate, State Governors & SOS were his enablers (note to self: get more spools of rope … also, save the trees, use a lampost!


    OUR Promise, Duty and End-Game… to YOU anti-American Commie Bastids ! ! !

    It doesn’t matter what this malcontent mulatto son-of-a-commie-mommie bastid does!

    They will all be hunted internationally! They and their entire bloodline will be hung or shot.

    That’s OUR promise, duty and End-Game!!!Read More

  2. wendy says:


    and Jerome Corsi/ WND is right there in line to plant more false information. Orly might be close to the head of the line, in terms of instigating hysteria and rage; people like Michelle Bachmann and more SEE NO DANGER in rhetoric like “we need to be armed and dangerous” as opposition to cap/trade bill.
    I have to wonder what McCain thinks now about the warnings that came out during the campaign, about Palin’s reckless attempts to smear Obama as pals around with terrorists, or “HE’S NOT LIKE US”. DOES it occur to him that he condoned baiting, and ignored the long term damage it would create?

  3. Kevin Bell says:

    I went to that link to “restore the constitutional republic”. It might as has been Stormfront as far as I am concerned. Sickening is all I can say. What mental midget owns that site?

  4. misha says:

    “DOES it occur to him that he condoned baiting, and ignored the long term damage it would create?”

    No, he winked at it, because he thought it would help him. I fully expected this from Orly and her crowd. Just like Orly is making common cause with anti-Semites, because she hates Obama. They’ll turn on her when she is no longer useful. If Corsi was to be sued for libel, it would just give him more publicity.

    I will keep saying this: the conservatives are riddled with white nationalists, anti-Semites, theocrats, anti-tax rebels and assorted other kooks. Any Jew who lies down with them, just gets fleas.

  5. misha says:

    “I am reporting this to Facebook. It is on Orly’s facebook page.”

    Could you provide a link? I’ll complain, too.

  6. Jez says:

    I have also reported the author of the post.
    unfortunately, I don’t know if it will affect Orly.

  7. thisoldhippie says:

    I sent this guy’s link to his facebook to abuse@facebook.com Hopefully they will view what he is writing and pay a little attention.

  8. milspec says:

    Interesting I clicked on the link and got this:
    “Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
    Get lost, you commie spammin’ bastids! ”

  9. wendy says:

    if God is her “witness”, is she planning to supoena Him? Ask him to commit perjury?
    Maybe asking her flying monkeys to dig up dirt on him, and publish his address.

  10. Slartibartfast says:


    I saw this on the sidebar of The Post & Email:

    “The Post & Email Fundraiser, Round 2 has begun: Click Here to see how you can help us go professionl”

    Clearly they could at least use some help spelling professional…

  11. wendy says:

    lmao…open office is a full fledged program which is completely free. It even has…
    spell check.
    What a concept.

  12. jvn says:

    The GOP has sunk so low that the white nationalists, anti-Semites, theocrats and tax rebels are probably close to a majority in that party.

    Listening to them lie all day long about the health care bill was sickening.

    The GOP could dissolve as a political force and that wouldn’t bother me one bit.

    You lie down with dogs you’re gonna get fleas!!

  13. Lupin says:

    To this jaded Frenchman, the political situation in your country seems bleak.

    There is nothing sane to the right of the Democratic Party. Your Republican Party is mostly (not entirely) a bunch of lunatics who should be polling under 10%.

    The Democratic is basically a center-right, pro-business party. As far as policies are concerned, they are in many respects slightly to the right of Richard Nixon.

    You no longer have a left-leaning political faction, and left-leaning pundits are not represented in your media.

    You have, in effect, become a corporatist state.

    That can’t be good.

  14. We haven’t quite recovered from the “red baiting” of the 1950’s.

  15. Mike says:

    That’s not entrely true; the Greens are more left than the bulk of the Dems. They are, however, politically negligible on the US national stage.

  16. Lupin says:

    Point taken, but your electoral system (and cost of winning elections), absence of proportional representation and make it impossible for a third party to get traction. At best they’re spoilers (like Perot or Nader).

    I’d be willing concede that until Bush Sr and Bob Dole, the GOP was a “reasonable” alternative. But the GOP that ran in the 2008 elections was truly a Loonie Party. Even Barry Goldwater would have been ashamed.

    As a (former) subscriber to THE ECONOMIST I’m not without sympathy for a reasonable, reality-grounded conservative viewpoint. But somehow you let the lunatics hijack the GOP (sort of what Le Pen tried to do in France with the RPR but failed).

    Wherever your sympathies lie, this, I fear, is a major societal problem. If issues can’t be sorted out and choices made reasonably at the ballot box, violence might become the alternative.

  17. MsDaisy says:

    Holy crap, that is outrageous! I looked at his posts and he also has this:

    Vik Battaile
    Let them continue in their folly, as long as every last traitor and infidel is willing to die for their beliefs, so be it … that day is upon us where we will put them to the test and see how resolute they are in their Anti-American, twisted commie bastid schemes!
    Yesterday at 5:23pm

    Vik Battaile
    If they’ insist on playing ostrich … we Patriots will have no other choice than to shoot their dumb commie-asses!
    They have put a price on their heads … a contract on themselves and their families … they will be wanted and hunted … dead or hung and swung for target practice!
    Yesterday at 5:25pm

    Vik Battaile
    Yesterday at 5:26pm

    I reported him too. I hope Facebook turns him over to the police.

  18. Kevin Bell says:

    That is so true. I’m just waiting for someone to say that Obama was elected because of flourine in our water.

  19. Mike says:

    Hey, man, not my system; I’m in the UK.

  20. Kevin Bell says:

    Is this the crazy Captain Moroni?

  21. wendy says:

    Folks, it might be worthwhile to think back a few months to the Dept of Homeland security report, which was such a source of OUTRAGE to those on the right. Among other things.. they screamed at the concept that military persons could be a risk to our country. (and no..DON’T make any assumption on my views from that, just the idea that the Conservatives blew it off). Can Birthers also fall into the category of a hate group? At the extreme end, where it becomes convinced that the govt is corrupt/ illegal, I would say yes.

    Surely, I am not the only one who sees that the CONTINUED pushing of “omg, he is the usurper” is not a Constitutional crisis, but being used as an excuse for many other things. As crazy as Orly is, she is far worse then just a joke.

  22. Mary Brown says:

    Change in this country has mostly been incremental. We do not have a parlimentary system but rather one built to encourage concensus as the society moves one way or the other. Since the rise of the right we have been trying to govern as if our system is a parlimentary one. I would refer to the statements of Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller. I think Obama recognizes this and is attempting to bring change through a return to concensus building. It is slow, laborious and can make a person want to tear every grey hair out. Will it work? I don’t know but I do know that if we don’t try we are condemned to no change and as Lupin has said a continuing corporate government.

  23. Mary Brown says:


  24. wendy says:


    this is off the Orly topic for a moment, but an oldie but goodie conspiracy issue.

    Relevance: HOW PEOPLE can be sucked into believing things that are urban legends.

  25. buckaroni says:

    I reported some of this guy’s words of hate by copying the text, going to his profile on Facebook and then used the report/block person to report his posts. Hopefully, they’ll revoke his account. The link that he posted goes to a post that was most likely done by Vik and he uses vikaryan and the last part of this indicates that he believes or belongs to the Aryan Nation. Orly is attacting some pretty dangerous people with her rhetoric. I only hope when one of these nutcases commits a violent act, the authorities trace it back to her.

  26. MsDaisy says:

    “Orly is attacting some pretty dangerous people with her rhetoric.”
    Do ya think?
    I hope the authorities look into this “before” some nutcase does something stupid.

  27. When things stray too far in one direction in US Politics, there tends to be a backlash. In some ways Obama’s victory was a backlash against Bush. But I think the right wing has deluded themselves into thinking that they lost because they weren’t far right enough. I see the new purified far right falling off the edge of the world by 2012.

  28. misha says:

    I’ve been saying that all along. I believe Obama will be re-elected. He got 78% of the Jewish vote. I think next time it will be about 60%, and he might not carry VA or NC.

    And I have been predicting that Cory Booker will follow. Obama showed that a black man can be elected, so I think Booker will run. There are a lot of people encouraging him.

    I think there will be a backlash against the new VA gov, with his fundamentalist Christianity. NOVA is progressive, unlike the rest of the state. I read that about 30% of Henrico county is illiterate, or semi-literate. I once worked in Winchester. A completely different world from DC.

  29. thisoldhippie says:

    On this site they have titled it: Final Solution Yet Orly continues to let him post on her Facebook. She is so desperate to claim so many followers that she doesn’t bother to see who is supporting her.

  30. Black Lion says:

    Orly had this on her website but of course scrubbed it…It was a link to a site that was very disparaging to Judge Carter…

    CARTER WEBSITE !!! Tuesday, November 3, 2009 8:12 PM From: “Roger Phelps”
    Add sender to Contacts To: dr_taitz@yahoo.com Orly,

    Don’t know if yo have seen this site yet, but it is great. It rips Carter apart on his ruling. It is:

    http:// jdocarter.cjb.net

    Coward, Incompetent, or Corrupt ?


    From the July 13 hearing :

    Judge Carter: In talking to you this way you are basically told, we are going to get to the MERITS of this very quickly. The government is just asking for what THEY believe is proper service.

    Note: He did not say that service was improper. He said that the government believed it was improper- a very different matter. More on this point later.

    At 11:01 line 13. he says:

    I wish this would be resolved on it’s MERITS QUICKLY. And he is either not the president or he is

    At 11:07 line 1 Judge Carter states:

    I mean if he is not president, he shouldn’t be president, if he is he should be. And we need to resolve it on the MERITS

    Judge Carter, what happened to hearing the case on it merits ? Your demeanor seemed to change sometime between July 13 and October 5. Did something in your Court change before the October 5 hearing ?

    From the Ruling:

    Plaintiffs thereby ask this Court to intervene and overthrow a president who was elected by We the People over sixtynine million of the people. President Obama was popularly elected. He received the requisite votes from the Electoral College, which were received and counted by Congress with no objections.

    So popular vote overides the Constitution ? Nice to see you turning your back on the oath you took to defend the Constitution. By the way, the reason why no ojections were offered was because the President of the Senate never called for them as required by law. When the legislative branch makes a mistake, an error or violates a law, it is for the courts to step in and correct that error. Therefore, the district court does have jurisdiction to review the failure of the Congress to properly follow the law enacted to protect the integrity of the counting of the electoral votes.

    While the original complaint in this matter was filed on January 20, 2009, Defendants were not properly served until August 25, 2009. Taitz successfully served Defendants only after the Court intervened on several occasions and requested that defense counsel make significant accommodations for her to effect service

    Nice mistatement of the facts “your honor”. You never made a ruling on whether or not they were properly served. In fact, when the filings for the request for default judgment were made, you kept on denying the request saying that service was improper and pointing to the wrong section of the Federal Rules ( Rule 5(i) ) to support your decision. When it was pointed out to you in the final motion that you were wrong in the section of the Federal Rules that you were citing and that the correct section was Rule 4 5(e) ( service for acts not committed in official capacity….

    To see more you would have to go to the site, but it is interesting how Orly had that and then scrubbed it when she figured out that it may not look good for her regarding this issue since she is appealing the case…

  31. Texlaw says:

    Orly’s filed her Motion for Reconsideration in the Keyes case. It’s a doozy. Accuses Judge Carter of all kinds of good stuff. Has a gratuitous paragraph in there about the Ft. Hood Massacre for bad measure.

  32. thisoldhippie says:

    I’ve been contacted by Facebook regarding VIK on Orly’s facebook. I sent them just one of his postings and his facebook page. I also went onto Orly’s site and posted his rantings and some of his anti-semetic postings on Yahoo Groups. Even with how horrible those postings were Orly’s followers actually defended this nutcase and got me booted for being an “Obot.” These people are absolutely NUTS!

  33. thisoldhippie says:

    Sometimes the cultural differences are just too comical.

    November 10th, 2009 @ 1:28 pm
    Of course, the $64,000 question remains — maybe never known unless and until a retired Judge Carter elects to publish his memoirs: Was his Order, replete with errors and gratuitous faults (even his hiring the Obama-law firm connected clerk) actually intentional, to enable Orly to get some case, any case, to discovery and merits without being held up in appeal — or was it merely a horribly bad and ignorant decision?

    Perhaps Judge Carter’s fellow marines may want to reserve judgment on him to a later date.

    November 10th, 2009 @ 1:42 pm
    where did $64,000 came from?

  34. richCares says:

    “…just too comical.”
    that was very comical yet very sad that delusions controle birthers.

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