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Archive | November, 2009

Phil Berg to represent Pastor Manning

Philip Berg

Philip Berg

Philadelphia attorney Philip J. Berg, in a press release today (November 26, 2009) wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving, and wrote that he is representing [should the need arise] Pastor James David “Show the dog gone birth certificate” Manning. Manning, head of ATLAH Ministries in New York, claimed he was visited by Homeland Security and the NYPD after he said in a public video that either Obama dies, or America dies.

Christopher Earl Strunk previously made an unsuccessful attempt to get a restraining order against federal agencies to prevent them from talking to Manning.


Obama Conspiracy Limerick Contest

A limerick is a witty little 5-line poem (see Wikipedia for a description of the form). I’m holding a contest for the best original limerick on an Obama conspiracy theory or fringe idea theme. The winner will be selected by popular vote of the visitors to the blog.

Contest entries are now closed. Please vote for your favorite(s) by clicking on the thumbs up button on the comment containing the entry.

Here are samples:

Orly Esquire the "birther queen" fights
Against Obama's privacy rights.
In the courts spends her days
(But no judges she sways)
And with Charles Edward Lincoln her nights.

There was a black preacher named Manning
Who hate of Obama was fanning.
He started to cry
That Obama must die.
Some jail time he ought to be planning.

An epicure dining at Crewe
Found Orly Taitz in his stew.
Said the waiter, don't shout
Or wave it about
Or the rest will be wanting to sue.

Innocent until proven guilty

Orly Taitz, traffic violator

Officer, I was using my cell phone to fight the usurper.

Orly Taitz has been charged with driving over 100 miles per hour! She has plead “not guilty”. Around here we presume someone is innocent until proven guilty.

Orly, however, has been proven guilty, or failed to appear in court on other driving violations. It appears she is a scofflaw, and I wonder why she still has a license. These are the charges where she has been proven guilty or is guilty by default in one or more cases of:

  • Failing to stop at limit line or crosswalk
  • Driving while using a wireless telephone
  • Failure to use a seat belt
  • Evading electronic toll charge
  • Failure to Appear
  • Unsafe speed for prevailing conditions
  • Failure to stop at a stop sign
  • Exceeding maximum speed of 65 miles per hour

Judge refuses to sign protective order for Mario Apuzzo and family

Mario Apuzzo, his family and several other individuals may now be in danger after a New York judge refused to sign a protective order (PDF, XPS) yesterday in the case of Strunk v. Patterson et al. The motion was filed by Christopher Earl Strunk in Part 47 of the Supreme Court of New York before judge David Schmidt. Strunk requested a protective order for these potential material witnesses and their families:

  • Pastor James David Manning
  • Robert K. Dornan
  • Eric-Jon Phelps
  • Jonathan Levy
  • Orly Taitz
  • John D. Hemenway
  • Mario Apuzzo
  • Robert L. Schulz
  • H. Willian Van Allen
  • John-Joseph Forjone
  • Edward M. Person, Jr.
  • Junlian Panachyd
  • Carl E. Person
  • Jim Faulkner
  • The plaintiff, Christopher Earl Strunk

Strunk also asked the court to order all Federal agents to stay beyond 200 yards from any of those listed and stop harassing his witness, Pastor Manning. Stunk wants the Governor (Patterson) to testify, and there is something about a RICO suit against ACORN. Oh, and he wants the US Postal Service to do the 2010 Census.

I think Strunk deserves frequent flier miles from the New York judiciary.


Esquire v. Esquire

Berg, Joyce move to file amicus brief in Hollister

Hollister v. Soetoro

Hollister v. Soetoro

Attorney Philip J. Berg, Esquire and Lawrence J. Joyce, Esquire filed an emergency motion in the federal appeals court in DC today (November 24, 2009) requesting that the court permit them to file an amicus curaie (friend of the court) brief in the appeal of Hollister v. Soetoro. The normal time for filing amicus briefs has passed, but Joyce and Berg beg the court to grand an exception to the rules due to unforeseen circumstances.

What the motion reveals is a parting of the ways between attorney of record, John D. Hemenway, Esquire and Berg and Joyce. Joyce claims to have done all the work, and Hemenway largely got in the way and obstructed [my read of the text]. Joyce was extremely upset that Hemenway requested the Court to take judicial notice of Barnett v. Obama, the case filed by Orly Taitz, Esquire, in the California District Court. Joyce didn’t want her shenanigans tainting the appeal.

The motion is quite a soap opera (albeit not always the best grammar). I note that the word “Esquire” appears 57 times.

Hollister Appeal | Emergency Motion Re Amicus Brief (Berg & Joyce), filed Nov. 24, 2009 by Jack Ryan


“Pray for Obama” t-shirt removed from the market

A t-shirt soliciting prayer for Barack Obama has been removed from various online marketing sites. Article.


The shirt was removed after it was discovered that the biblical text cited suggests a desire for Obama’s death.

(Psa 109:8-9 NASB)  Let his days be few; Let another take his office. {9} Let his children be fatherless, And his wife a widow.