Arab media takes note of the birthers

No small flap in the United States arose over the Colorado car dealer who put up an billboard  demanding Obama’s birth certificate, headed with a cartoon image of  Obama in Arab costume under the caption “President of Jihad?”.

Phil Wolf and anti-Obama billboard in Colorado

I suppose it was just a matter of time before Arab media would take note of the decidedly anti-Arab, anti-Muslim rhetoric coming from Obama fringe denialists. The Nation from Abu Dhabi produced a feature article on the billboard and American reaction to it.

One notes the decidedly moderate tone of the article, which characterizes this as an event most Americans see as “over the line.”

The sign towers over a busy stretch of Colorado highway, where it has attracted national media attention, sparked protests and a boycott, as well as a rash of threats against Phil Wolf, who designed the sign and put it up.


One can imagine how the article could have been spun in a completely different light by media in other countries that are no friends of the United States.

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24 Responses to Arab media takes note of the birthers

  1. strikefighterxxi says:

    The stupidest thing about Phil Wolf and his sign is that originally, he had two of the standard “Where’s the birth certificate?” billboards. While pointless, they were much more coherent than the current ones. Now, he has a sign which is both birther and racist. Now, if only I didn’t have to see his freakin sign every time I drive down to see my parents.

  2. euphgeek says:

    I agree. This guy is making us all look like a bunch of racists. This guy is the perfect recruiting tool for Al Qaeda. They can point to this example as proof that Americans hate Muslims and deserve to be killed.

  3. mommybrain says:

    One of the many Birther complaints is that Obama is an embarrassment, the rest of the world is laughing at us because he’s so lame.

    I love it when the right projects so publicly, don’t you?

  4. Lupin says:

    With apologies beforehand to present company, it’s the global warming deniers who right now make Americans look like a bunch of kooks (at least in Western Europe).

    Just in my region, pinot noir grapes are having a tough timer to adapt (will they? is on everyone’s mind) while my British friends report their grape harvest this years was the most bountiful ever. We deal with it as a daily reality.

    When the media say that only about 50% of Americans “believe” global warming is real, half of your country comes across as ccomplete assholes.

    I’m somehow reminded of the scene in Mel Brooks’ SPACEBALLS where Rick Moranis (Darth Vader) discovers he is completely surrounded by assholes. (Major Philip Asshole and his family, if I recall correctly.) That’s how you must feel, You have my sympathies.

  5. dpulver says:

    this is not racist, anti-muslim or anit-arab. Are people so ignorant they do not yet know that Jihadists are extremists?

  6. dpulver says:

    p.s. that’s not the issue anyway, and he IS free to speak, at least so far………..

  7. euphgeek says:

    So you’re saying that Muslim extremists will NOT use the sign as proof that Americans hate Muslims and deserve to die? Sure, this guy has the right to free speech but that doesn’t mean that his free speech won’t have consequences. The Ku Klux Klan, the neo-nazis and the skinheads all have freedom of speech but you can’t deny that their freedom has caused misery for a lot of other people. The man and his defenders are just as much of a danger to civilized society.

  8. Black Lion says:

    No one has denied that Wolf has the right to free speech. However you can’t yell fire in a crowed theater this sign is offensive. That was the issue. If you took a pool of all of the individuals that saw the sign I am sure a majority of them would consider it to been offensive, racist, and xenophobic. I like how you try and imply that somehow rights in this country are being eroded under this President, but under former President Bush there was not a peep when Bush trampled on the bill of rights in the name of “national security”…

  9. Black Lion says:

    More Orly nonsense….When will her followers get a clue?

    Judge Carter’s shameless 180 degrees turn from his assurances at July 13 and September 8 hearings that his court has jurisdiction is not the end, it is only a temporary impediment and fighting it is only one of the first steps in reclaiming America and cleaning up all of this massive corruption and treason. Here are some of the steps I will be taking shortly:

    1. On Monday 2 Appellate briefs are going to the 11th circuit court of appeals in GA on 2 cases I handled there

    2. Notice of appeal in Carter case will be sent within 1 week.

    3. There will be an action in DC

    4. there will be a massive campaign under FOIA

    5. there will be demonstrations and protests

    6. there will be actions in International Courts to expose the violation of Human rights by Obama regime, the tyranny of the Communist Kenyan usurper Barack Hussein Obama and ones who are aiding and abetting him. I retained Mr. Jon Levy, who is licensed in a number of courts, including CA, DC, Great Britain and criminal court of Justice in Hague.

    If you want to assist in doc preparations, FOIA mailings, service of process or fundraising, please e-mail me at Let me know how you can help, what is your professional background and in what state are you.

    Great thanks to Mr. Frank Mannarino who helped in processing some 230,000 e-mails to get the e-mail addresses, which together with nearly 30,000 addresses of media outlets will make outreach possible. We didn’t process all the e-mails. I still have over 80,000. Frank and my husband worked hard to overcome technical difficulties of mass e-mailing. We should be able to provide reliable mass press releases in the near future.


  10. Black Lion says:

    More Orly nonsense…She must really overestimate her influence. Every day she show us more how delusional she really is…

    thank you. Please spread the word. I need help from US and international community in both logistics, fudraising to cover the costs of litigation and in protests in front of Federal buildings and embassies demanding transparency from Obama and his administration. If 50 Americans residing in Phillipins will demonstrate in front of the US embassy with the signs “Obama don’t embrass US, show your Birth certificate”, it will embarass the Obama regime and give more traction in US and World press.

  11. G says:

    Gee, I think the only ones that should be embarrassed are those who would be caught holding an “Obama don’t embrass US” sign. LOL!

  12. G says:

    Yeah, that is why, for the first time in years, the international opinion of America is so high again. Up is down in the bizzaro-world that is the far right-wing.

  13. G says:

    What is more embarrassing to this country is how low the percentage is for those that believe in evolution. It truly is a wonder that we were the bastion of scientific innovation for so long with such poor science education basics and such ignorance holding so many people back.

  14. aarrgghh says:

    this woman couldn’t even scrape together 10 americans in the heart of midtown manhattan in the middle of the day in the middle of the week. she is ineptitude incarnate. she immortalizes fail.

  15. G says:

    BS. It is all of those and more, painting a broad brush and falsely linking the President of the US to such things too.

    If the sign just said “Stop Jihadist Extremism”, I don’t think there would be many complaints, because most people are well aware of the link between terrorism and extremist Jihadist views.

    Where you fail is in painting too broad a brush and being unable to distinguish the extremists from anyone else in the broader Arab or Muslim world.

  16. G says:

    And obviously you have little understanding of how free speech works. That is protected under the government. Consumers have every right to their own “free speech” which allows people the right to choose to protest, complain or boycott that man’s business all they want.

    Also, the police are there to protect him from those that go to far and try to threaten his life or damage his property. That police protection is PROTECTING his right to free speech.

    Words and free speech have legitimate action/reaction consequences. You have every right to be an a**hole and others have every right to treat you like one in return.

  17. Black Lion says:

    More daily humor from the Post and Fail site…The misinformation from that site is tremendous…That is why our buddy JTX and his fascination with flying monkeys is a regular…

    “Email can confirm this afternoon, that Attorneys Leo Donofrio and Steven Pidgeon are representing a group of Chrysler Automotive dealers in seeking legal redress to their loss of their franchises following the direct and unconstitutional involvement of Barack Hussein Obama in the Chrysler reorganization.”

    However no idea under what law would they sue the President under…Especially since Chrysler and GM were in Chapter 11…Another unique and creative theory by Leo?

    “The Supreme Court of the United States has on several occasions confirmed that the phrase “natural born citizen” indicates a U.S. citizen, who was born in the U.S.A. of two U.S. citizen parents. Obama, on account of having a father who was a British subject at the time of his own birth, was not, is not, and can never be a natural born citizen. He is thus unqualified to hold the office of president.”

    “Regarding the pending action in the courts of the District of Columbia, Donofrio says that the goal of Steve Pidgeon and himself is to see the owners of the dealerships, whom they represent, “reinstated to their businesses.”

    Attorney Donofrio is famous for his advocacy of the use of the quo warranto provisions of the D.C. Code and holds that the D.C. courts are the only proper venue for such actions against Federal officers.”

  18. Scientist says:

    Black Lion: “The Supreme Court of the United States has on several occasions confirmed that the phrase “natural born citizen” indicates a U.S. citizen, who was born in the U.S.A. of two U.S. citizen parents. Obama, on account of having a father who was a British subject at the time of his own birth, was not, is not, and can never be a natural born citizen. He is thus unqualified to hold the office of president.”

    I would love to hear an even semi-coherent explanation as to why, assuming the above is true, Chief Justice Roberts swore Obama in, with his fellow justices in attendance. It seems that either the author is grossly mis-representing what previous Supreme Courts said, or that the current Court disagrees with its predecessors (obviously, I suspect the former). Regardless, it’s the current Court that counts and their actions of 1/20/09 suggest they believe that the president is one Barack Obama.

  19. Scientist: I would love to hear an even semi-coherent explanation as to why… Chief Justice Roberts swore Obama in, with his fellow justices in attendance.

    That’s simple. In the closed door meeting Obama and Biden had with the Court just before the swearing in, Obama told the justices that if they displayed any kind of an objection, they would be “disappeared” to a FEMA internment camp.

    By the way, Orly Taitz has been in a FEMA camp for 7 months now, and a Obot double has been effectively derailing the birther movement with her zany and scandalous behavior.

  20. She’s not taking her meds again.

  21. Black Lion says:

    Good one Dr. C…I think Charlton is just being intentionally obtuse regarding this issue…

  22. Black Lion says:

    More from tROSL regarding the so called Chrysler dealer issue…I guess even Devvy Kidd is pushing the issue…If any of the legal experts could read the statutes that Leo is supposedly citing, tell us if he has any kind of case…

    In a Right Side of Life exclusive, I had reported (based on this Portland Civil Rights Examiner posting by Dianne Cotter) that attorneys Leo Donofrio and Stephen Pidgeon have, in fact, gotten together and have been retained by lead Plaintiff James Anderer and other Chrysler dealers to appeal on damages incurred in the Chrysler bankruptcy sale.

    Further, the concept of quo warranto — an ancient “prerogative writ” — has been confirmed by Devvy Kidd’s recent telephone conversation with Mr. Donofrio as a petition by which he and Mr. Pidgeon will be challenging the Obama Administration under three counts.

    According to Ms. Kidd’s interview, while § 16-3501. Persons against whom issued; civil action states the following:

    A quo warranto may be issued from the United States District Court for the District of Columbia in the name of the United States against a person who within the District of Columbia usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or exercises, a franchise conferred by the United States or a public office of the United States, civil or military. The proceedings shall be deemed a civil action.

    She was able to confirm with Mr. Donofrio that the above section is a bit of a “catch-all:”

    Leo points out that the statute not only applies to eligibility, but also to the unlawful “exercise” of authority via public office. At the common law, quo warranto was not only used to challenge usurpation of office but also to challenge illegal government actions and the current quo warranto statute was written as a catch all in this regard. So Leo and Steve will bring two counts under 3501, eligibility and illegal use of Government funds. The second count refers to the use of TARP funds to facilitate the Chrysler Bankruptcy sale.

    An important aspect of potential “specific injury” may not have been had by creditors, but dealers face substantially greater particular harm:

    The 2d Circuit Court of Appeals dealt with this issue as raised by creditors of Chrysler in an appeal of the Sale transaction to which the dealers were not a party. In that decision, the Court of Appeals stated that the issue raised “interesting and unresolved issues”, but the appellants did not have standing based upon their limited injuries. The Chrylser dealers have the requisite injury – loss of their frnachises – to meet the standing requirements. They will raise the issue in the quo warranto petition before the DC District Court.

    And it looks like those TARP monies could also play a part in the filings:

    You may recall that former Treasury Secretary Paulson refused to use TARP funds to bail out the auto industry indicating that to do so was not proper under the statute. A Congressional bill to allow TARP funds to be used for that purpose failed in the Senate, but the Obama administration went forward with it anyway.

    Donofrio and Pidgeon also plan a third quo warranto count based upon 16-3521(2) of the quo warranto statute…

    Here’s what § 16-3521. Persons against whom issued; civil action (2) states:

    A quo warranto may be issued from the Superior Court of the District of Columbia in the name of the District of Columbia against –

    (2) one or more persons who act as a corporation within the District of Columbia without being duly authorized, or exercise within the District of Columbia corporate rights, privileges, or franchises not granted them by law in force in the District of Columbia.

    The proceedings shall be deemed a civil action.

    As Ms. Kidd puts it:

    In other words, the actions taken by the government were an illegal exercise of corporate authority. The government has acted as a political agent (acting as board of directors) against corporations using taxpayer money to restructure the auto industry under their vision.

    In the posting, Mr. Donofrio emphasizes that he and Mr. Pidgeon represent the best interests of the dealers, leaving open the possibility of a settlement.

    In reference to the bankruptcy deal, Messrs. Donofrio and Pidgeon shared with me that, per a recent article by Neil Roland of Automotive News, the House is crafting a new bill for the rejected dealers:

    WASHINGTON — House leaders crafted a bill over the weekend that would provide third-party arbitration for rejected General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group dealerships using criteria more favorable to dealers than those proposed by the automakers last week.

    The legislation, which is being forwarded to Senate leaders for consideration, would allow dealers who want to appeal their closures to “present any kind of relevant information during the arbitration,” a copy of the new bill shows.

    The arbitrator is directed to consider the dealer’s experience, past profitability, current economic viability and the demography and geography of the local market, the legislation says.

    “The arbitrator shall balance the interests of the covered dealership, the covered manufacturer and the public and shall decide, based on that balancing, whether or not the covered dealership should be reinstated,” the bill says.

    Nevertheless, both attorneys say that the proposed legislation would not satisfy their client’s needs and that they will be moving forward with litigation. “Unless the legislation returns our clients to their franchise agreements as they were in effect prior to the Chrysler Bankruptcy,” they said, “we will be forced to press on in the courts.”

    In other news related to Mr. Donofrio, his Hawaiian UIPA requests are on hold as he focuses on the above.

  23. misha says:

    Yeah, those fundies set us back 20 years.

    Bush said he does not believe in evolution, neither does Huckabee. Reagan was hostile to science.

    Hey Afghanistan: we have the Christian Taliban.

  24. Rickey says:

    My first reaction is that it is far from clear that the former Chrysler dealers have standing here. In other cases brought by pension funds, etc. which had investments in Chrysler, the government successfully argued that if the intervention had not occurred, Chrysler would have been liquidated and all Chrysler dealers would have lost their franchises. In other words, the dealers haven’t been damaged by the government’s intervention because they would have suffered the same harm if the government had not intervened.

    Also, U.S. Solicitor General had this to say:

    On the use of TARP funds in the auto industry, Kagan said that the Treasury Department had interpreted the EESA to grant them flexibility to apply TARP funds to other industries beyond financial companies.

    While the fund was established to bailout financial firms, she noted that the law’s definition of “financial company” is broad enough to include any company with significant operations in the US.

    Specifically the law identifies: “any institution, including, but not limited to, any bank, savings association, credit union, security broker or dealer, or insurance company…” [emphasis added]

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