Taitz appeal

Attorney Levy

Attorney Levy

Orly Taitz, slapped with a $20,000 fine by the federal court in Columbus, Georgia, defiantly said she’s not paying; however, exhibiting a more practical side, she’s found an attorney to help her appeal the sanctions.

Jonathan Levy, a Russian-speaking attorney from the resort island of Hilton Head, South Carolina, has written an appeal that is very different from Tatiz’s brand of illiterate ranting. The essence of Levy’s argument is that Taitz was not given adequate time to respond to the sanctions, and therefore was denied due process.

While the appeal is not typical Taitz crazy, it does get a bit silly when it suggests that Attorney General Eric Holder in the middle of a week-long tour of California might have secretly jetted to Columbus, Georgia, remaining long enough to hold an ex parte conference with Judge Land and be “spotted” by someone in a coffee shop down the street from the court house. Levy wrote:

… the Court did not produce an affidavit from Mr. Holder or other responsible party instead choosing to rely upon the supposed factual impossibility of being in Georgia and California on the same day.

Levy is reported to have graduated from the same correspondence law school as Taitz. This is a departure for Levy who normally deals with conspiracy theories about the Vatican Bank and the Illuminati.

Update: Taitz lost the appeal.

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13 Responses to Taitz appeal

  1. HistorianDude says:

    Levy wrote:

    … the Court did not produce an affidavit from Mr. Holder or other responsible party instead choosing to rely upon the supposed factual impossibility of being in Georgia and California on the same day.

    Correct me if I’m wrong… but since Judge Land was himself the alleged person being contacted and influenced by Holder during the alleged visit, wouldn’t he have first hand knowledge of whether or not the allegation was true?

    It hardly seems that an affidavit from Holder would be necessary. But then again, I am thinking like a non-Birther.

  2. Texlaw says:

    Less crazy, more piffle. This brief gives a dishonest rendition of the facts of the case and the applicable law. Not recommended in any briefing, let alone a Federal Appellate brief. Another fail.

  3. Ah, but Levy is a conspiracy theorist, for whom lack of evidence is confirmation.

    While Judge Land can say whether he met with AG Holder or not, he cannot say of his own knowledge who was in the coffee shop.

  4. Texlaw: Less crazy, more piffle.This brief gives a dishonest rendition of the facts of the case and the applicable law.Not recommended in any briefing, let alone a Federal Appellate brief.Another fail.

    So does this fit the definition of a “frivolous appeal”?

  5. Black Lion says:

    Over at the Post and Fail they have an “editorial” by orly’s buddy Neal Sankey…The usual nonsense but I was wondering what Sankey’s motivation was…Is he just the usual bigoted birther or is he in it for the adulation or monetary gain?

    “I also found it unbelievable that, back then (in 2008), we were about to elect a man to the Office of President of The United States who was actively concealing from us who he really was! I still find that incredible!, and we still have not learned. The hypnotized masses remain at least partially hypnotized, although there may yet be signs of intelligent life.”

    “When I first started out on this quest in the last half of last year, there was much information out there to be found and plenty of places to look. Now, unfortunately, it is all scrubbed and corrupted beyond recognition. It is amazing what they have achieved, although certainly nothing to be proud of. Public records pages have been destroyed, articles hacked and erased, miles of blogs and even Public Record information has disappeared. Bogus replacement pages have been inserted, diverters, root kits and viruses etc, it is horrendous. All in the cause of disrupting, confusing, or totally concealing THE TRUTH! Well I hope they are proud of what they have wrought upon us, it is getting worse daily.”

    I like the usual birther line regarding some sort of “scrubbing” had to take place because we just know that Obama is a Kenyan usurper…

    “It is NOT to protect Mr. Obama and his cronies personally that you are in a position of Authority. YOU are there to protect THE CONSTITUTION of THE UNITED STATES and the OFFICE of the (lawful) PRESIDENCY. Don’t you really want to know whether your President is at least ELIGIBLE to do the job, now that you have seen what he can do, don’t you at least think his eligibility and his motivation are relevant factors.”


    Sankey has gone down the birther rabbit hole…What an asshat…

    And another asshat responds….Trying to incite violence…

    “[Sankey]You have proven yourself a patriot. We must be “ever vigilant.” After 13 months of daily blogging, research and observations, I am convinced that Barack Hussein Obama is a fraud, a traitor and a criminal deviant.”

    “Here , at this point in history, December 21, 2009, those of us who live now MUST take our responsibilities to preserve the republic, very seriously. I will continue to fight Obama in everything he does. Whether what he does is positive (actually improving our lot in life) or negative, Obama is NOT qualified or authorized to sign any bills or “do” anything in the capacity of President of the United States.”


  6. When other rational explanations are ruled out, racism remains.

  7. Black Lion says:

    Dr. C, unfortunately you are correct…No rational theory can explain the birthers other than deep seated racism and hatred…

  8. Black Lion says:

    Dr. C, you may find this comparison interesting. On another site I pointed out to a birther that the birther quest was similar to Captian Ahab’s quest in Moby Dick. I am sure others have made that comparison, but if you think about the themes of the book and movie, which are obsession, religion, idealism versus pragmatism, revenge, racism, sanity, hierarchical relationships, and politics, you can see the similarities.

    The monomanical Capt. Ahab is representative of the birther movement but the leaders in particular. I wouldn’t say that Mario is Ahab though. The reason being that I don’t really think that he truly believes his nonsense about Wong creating some sort of 3rd type of citizen. He actually seems more sane than the others.

    But most of all the obsession by Ahab, or the birthers to destroy the whale, or President Obama is what seems to drive them. They seem to risk everything in order to achieve this goal. And in the end their obsession with the White Whale, in this case Obama, leads to their destruction, which I can see the courts doing to Orly and the others sooner or later.

  9. Rickey says:

    A rather rambling and salacious letter from Charles Edward Lincoln to Orly. I don’t even want to think about what they did Orly’s dentist chairs.


  10. Lupin says:

    “pale, blue-blooded skin…”


    No wonder they hate Obama.

  11. misha says:

    ““pale, blue-blooded skin…” Cripes. No wonder they hate Obama.”

    This is news? Sorry for the snark, but it is so simmering, they can’t contain it. It’s like the minister from Palin’s church in Anchorage. He constantly told me how much he loves Israel. Then, in the next breath, he told me that I and the rest of the Jewish people deserve to suffer for not accepting their lord. As he so aptly put it “Auschwitz was divine retibution because you people have refused to accept G-d’s only son.”

    He thought he was perfectly reasonable, and he hotly denied he was an anti-Semite. Oh, no: “We love the Jewish people.”

    They don’t hate black people; they just hate Obama. Snort.

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