The Trial of Hal Turner

Hal Turner came to my attention just before the Obama inauguration, as he posted messages threatening terrorist violence against the ceremony. The noted white supremacist and radio “shock jock” was the focal point for concerns over possible violence from white supremacists against the inauguration of the country’s first bi-racial president.

It was not his threats against Obama, but against three federal judges that landed him in court, as reported by an article at the Huffington Post.

The story so far is not remarkable, but for the fact that Internet hackers got access to Turner’s computer and found out that he was an FBI provocateur, and this forms the basis for Turner’s defense.

Perhaps you folks can sort this out and come to an opinion about Turner’s guilt or innocence.

Why am I mentioning it? Well Hal Turner wrote:

October 26, 2008


Orders that NO ONE can obtain a copy. What are they hiding?? The fact he is not a natural born citizen? YEP!

This is a really important thing because the US Constitution itself says that a candidate for President must be a naturally born citizen. President is the ONLY office in the nation where the person elected must be a natural-born citizen.

Obama is a Democrat. He was born in Kenya and is thus ineligible to be President of the United States.

The Governor of Hawaii is a Democrat [Linda Lingle is a Republican]. She is clearly acting to cover up the fact that the Democrat candidate for President is ineligible. This is a conspiracy against the Constitution.

OK, now remember: that was written by an Bush Administration FBI informant. 😯 You can’t make this stuff up.

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