Happy Presidents Day

Given that this web site is all about a certain US President, Barack Obama, it is fitting that we take this opportunity to honor all of our presidents, especially those who were unfairly maligned by their political opponents, like George Washington, and those about whom conspiracy theories as to their eligibility were spun, like Chester A. Arthur.

Happy Presidents Day!


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  1. Scientist says:

    Doc- In honor of the holiday, may I propose something that might facilitate discussion with our birther friends. You see, part of the problem may be that birthers speak a different language than regular folk. I therefore humbly offer the following. I hope everyone will feel free to modify or add definitions:


    Mob rule- My guy lost the election

    Patriotic expression of the democratic will of the people- My guy won the election

    Natural born citizen- My guy who won the election

    Usurper- The other guy who won the election

    Equality under the law- All candidates with funny-sounding names have to show complete birth records, school records back to day care, ancestry back to Adam and Eve and anything else I feel like

    Rule of law- A right-thinking judge ruled in my favor (note: In birther cases, this is of theoretical use only)

    Corrupt Obot judge- One who ruled against me (Note: Basically includes every judge in the known universe)

    The Constitution- A 3 word document that I revere

    Natural law- Laws made up by people

    Research- Reading WND and Orly’s blog

  2. sarina says:

    We have a new “birther”

    Miki Booth, who is running for Congress from Oklahoma as “an independent constitutional conservative,” she said at a tea party crowd that Obama’s certificate of live birth as “a piece of junk” when she spoke in Nashville. The story is on WorldNetDaily.
    She said:

    “If he is going to claim he was born in Kapi’olani like my husband and my son, then I want him to show proof,” Booth said, explaining that a certification of live birth only shows that a live baby was born.

    I have something to say to her:
    Why don’t you post your husband/son long bc? What are you hiding?

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