Indonesian school explains Obama’s registration

Much has been made by opponents both here and elsewhere of Obama’s Indonesian school registration at the Asisi School, where his name is written as “Barry Soetoro”, his nationality as “Indonesian” and his religion as “Islam”. From this document, opponents conclude that Obama must have been adopted by his Indonesian step father, Lolo Soetoro, and lost any US citizenship that he once had.

Despite the fact that such loss of citizenship is contrary to both US and Indonesian law, the school record remains. Obama opponents claim that the record is an “official document” and that it would have to have been consistent with a required nationality card (no such card for children) and that only Indonesian nationals could attend school (untrue).

Now, a commenter here has uncovered original footage from a Fox News news story surrounding the uncovering of the document that quotes officials from the school as saying that it was “customary” to put the father’s last name and religion on the school forms.

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  1. misha says:

    I thought Obama was a Zoroastrian. (bada-bing)

  2. Scientist says:

    He got up at 4 AM to be tutored in English? English? What’s wrong with Murrican? Proof positive that Obama is a British/Kenyan, serving his masters in London and Nairobi.

  3. misha says:

    “What’s wrong with Murrican?” And he didn’t drink his way through college like Shrub. And he wasn’t a cheerleader, either. Truly a subversive.

    Drinking, cheerleading…that’s the American Way.

  4. Black Lion says:

    Anyone see the latest piece of garbarge by our old buddy Jack Cashill? The innuendo and claims are quite disgusting….

    The “Frank” in question is Frank Marshall Davis, a black communist, pornographer, and poet who had abandoned Chicago for Hawaii. In “Pop,” it should be noted, the Pop character “recites an old poem” just before the reconciliation and reeks of whiskey. Davis would have been in his mid-seventies at the time. Some have theorized that Davis, in fact, is Obama’s father and the “Pop” of the poem. This theory, though tenuous, cannot be ruled out. A grandson can look more like his maternal grandfather than his father. That happens. And then, too, there is Davis’s Chicago connection.

    The “Frank” passage and the ones that follow, however, tell us something suggestive about Stanley Dunham, namely that he frequented otherwise all-black bars in an area rife with prostitution. That a black woman — perhaps a friend of Davis’s — gave birth to a child of Dunham’s may explain “the complicated, unspoken transaction between the two men.” If this were the case, it would have caused far less societal stress for Ann Dunham to assume maternity of her little brother than for Stanley Dunham to assume paternity of his son.

    This hypothetical extended charade would help explain why Barack Sr. blithely blew off his new family when he headed for Harvard a year later, rejecting a reported opportunity to take both wife and child to New York, and began dating as soon as he arrived at Harvard. It would explain too why Ann Dunham felt free to leave young Barack with her parents for years at a time when her career beckoned.

  5. SFJeff says:

    Jack Cashill has quite the imagination. What I love about his story is that it is clear that he just wants to smear President Obama through smearing his family- because if it were true there would be no NBC question.

  6. nbC says:

    Excellent find

  7. sponson says:

    In the second paragraph of the post, Lolo Soetoro is inadvertently referred to as Barack Obama’s “father” rather than stepfather, perhaps that should be corrected.

  8. john says:

    The news account still doesn’t explain the nationality listing of Indonesian. To put all father’s information in a child’s school record makes no sense.

  9. john says:

    It also doesn’t explain why Obama refuses to unseal his school records. It is believed that Obama’s school records will indicate that he received foreign aid as an Indonesian citizen. I can think of no other reason why Obama have problem releasing his school records.

  10. Saint James says:

    Why don’t you do the research yourself. It seems that you’e only waiting for information researched for you. There is no law that stipulates for a president to divulge every bit of his personal information. However, for the President to prove his requisite natural born citizenship through his COLB is good enough!

  11. Saint James says:

    John you stated:…”It is believed that Obama’s school records will indicate that he received foreign aid as an Indonesian citizen.”

    Then prove that Obama became an Indonesian citizen! Cite all case laws that make Obama an Indonesian citizen!

  12. John says:

    Then Obama should have no problem releasing his school records. What’s he hiding?

    Phil Berg has stated his case clearly regarding Obama’s Indonesian Problem.

  13. Saint James says:

    Write down what Berg clearly stated then!

  14. Rickey says:


    Why did McCain refuse to unseal his school records? What is he hiding?

  15. G says:

    John, you are just a broken record of vapidity, aren’t you?

    Just like everyone, Obama has privacy rights.

    You can ask all you want for this personal record or that, but you can’t get around the law, which gives him every right to ignore your requests and not even need a reason to do so.

    All you have is ridiculous speculation. The burden of proof is on YOU and your ilk to provide any valid evidence to claim he is anything other than what he’s claimed to be.

    So far, you birthers have ALL failed on that point.

    If you want us to take you seriously, then provide some valid evidence to support your positions. Otherwise, all you will get is failure and deserved mocking.

  16. Saint James says:

    Oh I see, that case that was dismissed by the court?

    John, I don’t believe that you’re a US citizen, you have to show all of your school records, your parents’ marriage license, your baptismal, hospital birthing file and your birth certificates.

  17. richCares says:

    “is believed that Obama’s school records will indicate that he received foreign aid ”

    I believe john is a complete idiot, can anyone prove me wrong?

  18. Saint James says:

    John you stated…”To put all father’s information in a child’s school record makes no sense.”

    I’d advice you to go to Saint Francis of Asisi Catholic School in Indonesia. That’s where Obama went for part of his primary education. Ask the Head Master why that is!

  19. Saint James says:

    richCares, Like a true birther, John must prove that he is not an idiot!

  20. richCares says:

    I’m curious, john and his sock puppet believe the most amazing crap without evidence, Indonesian citizenship, Indonesian scholarship, Indonesian adoption. Both are not smart enough to dream up this crap, so where does it come from. Does hating Obama cause that much blindness? All birther case have failed, there is no one paying attention to these mumblers, so why do the birthers continue with a FAILING fantasy? Do they have an affinity for failure? Just curious!

  21. Mary Brown says:

    I would love to Sarah Palin’s transcripts. She probably couldn’t pass the civics test Tancredo seems to think we need. I’d be willing to bet on that.

  22. misha says:

    “I would love to Sarah Palin’s transcripts.”

    She’s so vapid, she makes Shrub look like an intellect.

  23. Bob Weber says:

    I commented at PJ about Cashill’s smear article. Cashill scarcely bothers to tie his scribbling to eligibility, instead he smears Obama’s parents and grandparents to attack Obama. Disgusting. IIRC, Dante consigned libellers and slanderers to the 8th Circle of Hell. Those who smear the dead deserve worse.

  24. Bob Weber says:

    Misha, I usually understand your jokes but this time you have me at a disadvantage.

  25. misha says:

    My mother once told me my jokes are too subtle. I guess it’s from seeing all 39 Monty Python episodes, and every one of their films, twice.

    True story: I once mangaged an eyeglass shop in DC, which got an award. I went up to the lectern, and was handed the plaque. The DM said “say something inspirational.” I said into the mic “Wausau.”

    He looked at me, and said “are you crazy?!”

  26. misha says:

    Remember, I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress, and drive safely.

  27. John says:

    Booth makes a very interesting Point. We all know the the Obama campaign has said Obama was born in Hawaii and even Obama himself has said this. Obama has allegally shown proof that he was born in Hawaii by showing off his COLB. However, Obama has taken one step further. Obama has said he was born at Kapoloni Medical Center. However, a complete investigation has revealed no evidence he was born there. Obama has yet to provide proof to this assertion. Obama’s long-form BC would show this information but he refuses to release it. I think the reasonable conclusion is that is Obama can’t prove he was born at Kapoloni and is probably lying. This would make even more important to see Obama’s vital records since he probably wasn’t born in a hospital. This might support that fact that the vital records will merely show he was born at home with no independent witnesses which what Obama is hiding. In other words, Obama can provide no coorborating evidence he was born in Hawaii, and since the State of Hawaii has produced no coorborating evidence, any statements they made are basically useless.

  28. misha says:

    Why? I thought there was a 2-parent requirement for president. I can’t keep up with the moving goalposts. Which is it this week?

  29. John says:

    Obama can get his long-form birth certificate.

    §338-18 Disclosure of records
    The department shall not permit inspection of public health statistics records, or issue a certified copy of any such record or part thereof, unless it is satisfied that the applicant has a direct and tangible interest in the record. The following persons shall be considered to have a direct and tangible interest in a public health statistics record:

  30. misha says:

    “This is what Birthers want to see:”

    My wife and I want a BMW.

  31. John says:

    Obama could very easily authorize someone on his behalf to permit public inspection of his health statistic records. But, Obama refuses to do this and has spent 1.5 million dollars (both personal and taxpayer money) to prevent any of this from happening.

  32. misha says:

    “has spent 1.5 million dollars…to prevent any of this from happening.”

    No: “This suit, like all of the others that have been filed challenging Obama’s qualifications for the Presidency, is frivolous,” he said in an email to POLITICO, adding that he is, in fact, working pro bono. “There is absolutely no truth to the stories about the untold millions supposedly being paid to us,” he said.”

  33. John says:

    DOJ has represented Obama in numerous cases. Since DOJ is under Eric Holder and Holder reports to Obama then DOJ represents Obama.

  34. Mary Brown says:

    As my preshoolers would say, “You are so silly.”

  35. Steve says:

    Why does anyone need to know what hospital Obama was born in?
    The COLB says he was born in Honolulu. Therefore, whatever hospital he was born in was in Honolulu, which is in Hawaii, which is in the United States.
    Unless, of course, there are some parts of Honolulu that aren’t in the U.S. of which I’m not aware.
    And no, I don’t think federal privacy regulations are a cop-out. They protect us; why shouldn’t they protect Obama?

  36. misha says:

    “Unless, of course, there are some parts of Honolulu that aren’t in the U.S. of which I’m not aware.”

    The part Obama was born on is under Galactic Federation control. Silly you.

  37. SluggoJD says:

    John, perhaps Obama refuses so that you have a little excitement in your otherwise pathetic life?

  38. G says:

    Where’s your evidence John for “numerous cases” or are you just pulling that out of your a**, like everything else. Other than a few cases, some of which have been pro-bono and none of which required more than minimal effort, I don’t see any evidence to support your BS.

    So, your current pull-a-number out of your a** is $ 1.5 Million, eh? Based on what, other than your wild imagination?

    Oh, and gee…I see this is your latest little tirade since you were made to look like such an utter fool on the stupid Columbia issue. I noticed you’ve been awfully quiet on that all of a sudden.

  39. nbC says:

    Only a few cases involved DOJ lawyers. Your point? That the DOJ defends the President in lawsuits?

    Big deal…

    In most cases Obama was not represented by either his own laywers or Government lawyers. Of the 66 cases, Obama’s lawyers were involved in 3 cases and DOJ lawyers in 7.

    Educate yourself

    Or be doomed to dabble in the darkness of ignorance.

  40. G says:

    Gee John, notice how even Booth’s own statements in the article says this:

    “This piece of junk is what you get when you don’t have one of these!”

    Translation: If you no longer have your original BC, you will not be given the “long form” if you request a new BC from HI – you will only get a document that looks exactly like what Obama received and produced.

    So what that she waves around the original documents she had from 1981 and prior. If she lost, damaged or misplaced those than all she would be able to get now to replace it is a document that looks like what Obama has produced.


  41. Rickey says:

    Obama has said he was born at Kapoloni Medical Center. However, a complete investigation has revealed no evidence he was born there.

    More birther nonsense.

    First of all, it’s Kapi’olani Medical Center.

    Second, the “complete investigation” consisted of asking the hospital authorities to confirm that Obama was born there. The hospital declined, citing privacy laws. End of investigation.

    Also, it’s “corroborating” evidence, not “coorborating.” Learn to spell, please. And Obama isn’t obliged to produce any corroborating evidence to you, WND or anyone else.

  42. chufho says:

    you right john they are using diversion tactics.
    “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else”. Benjamin Franklin

  43. NbC says:

    You’re funny Chufho. Let me know when you have a real argument my friend.

  44. Benji Franklin says:

    Dear John,

    Now that you mention it, why do ANY Americans need the Bill of rights, UNLESS they plan to break the law! You must be planning a life of crime – THAT’s the ONLY explanation as to why you would be pretending to care about the constitution. Why don’t you admit it? What are you hiding?

    If you were honest, you’d want to live in a country where every citizen would be required to satisfy the curiosity of every other citizen inquiring into their personal life.

    What is the legal standard of proof that will satisfy every citizen doubting Obama is eligible, including those who are just racists?

    Oh. Sorry. With the COLB, Obama has already met the legal standard. Oh, well.


  45. chufho says:

    what an, idiot you, are, what, a bunch of, bull hiding your records? yous knows hes hiding his records causes hims was putsed in hims position by progressives to dissolves us’s constitution to fits the new government theys wants

  46. Mike says:

    This is what Birthers want to see:

    And I want a pony.

    Put an egg in your shoe, troll boy.

  47. Lupin says:

    America ought be be proud of people like Frank Marshall Davis.

    (His wiki entry: )

  48. Lupin says:

    “To put all father’s information in a child’s school record makes no sense.”

    Actually, that’s fairly standard in religious schools.

    I can see that you have no clue how a catholic school functions. (I went to a Marianist school in Bordeaux until age 12.)

    If a kid’s father (or mother, it depends who registers him) is, say, Belgian, they’ll routinely list the child as “Belgian.”

    That’s the way they do things. It’s purely practical. But if course, such mention has no legal value and carries no consequences.

  49. Lupin says:

    That woman is appalling.

    There is absolutely no proof that this coyote was trying to steal her chicken.

    More likely her garbage.

    She just goes about slaughtering wild life at will.

  50. Lupin says:

    Only two days ago I provided a link to someone who discussed Obama’s birth there with a contemporary who remembered the child’s funny name.

    As Dr C pointed out it wasn’t entirely corroborative, but certainly there was nothing to suggest the parties were lying.

    Are you suffering from some kind of short-term memory loss?

    Can’t you understand that YOU ARE BEING LIED TO AND CONNED by some grifters who pretend to have investigated stuff?

  51. John says:

    Not necessarily. If Obama were to order a certified copy of his BC, he would get the COLB which he claimed he released. However, Hawaiian Law also allows for public inspection of Hawaiin private vital records. If Obama authorized on his behalf, to allow a party (WND for example) to access those vital records, then WND could see all the raw information on Obama as it pertains to his birth. To date, Obama has absolutely refused to make the Hawaiin vital records public and person’s can’t seem them unless there is a direct tangible interest.

  52. G: So, your current pull-a-number out of your a** is $ 1.5 Million, eh? Based on what, other than your wild imagination?

    No it actually came out of Joseph Farah’s ass.

  53. John: …DOJ represents Obama.

    Most sensible thing you’ve ever said here.

  54. John, the better citation for your purposes is

    §338-13 Certified copies. (a) Subject to the requirements of sections 338-16, 338-17, and 338-18, the department of health shall, upon request, furnish to any applicant a certified copy of any certificate, or the contents of any certificate, or any part thereof.

  55. John, define “complete investigation”.

  56. John says:

    The Barrnet Case in California probably cost taxpayers at least $50,000.00. Of course, Obama probably could have saved the taxpayers alot of money if he would have just produced the BC.

  57. John says:

    Given the laws of Hawaii regarding BCs and the mountain of circumstancial evidence suggesting he was born in Kenya, Obama’s COLB stating that he was born in Hawaii is simply not good enough. Obama has yet to provide an coroborating evidence he was born in Hawaii. I think a really big point is the fact that no doc, nurse or staff worker has come forward to report on their firsthand account of Obama’s birth. Obama is only 48. Even if persons present at Obama’s birth were 40 years old or more, they could still very much alive at 88 or 90 years old.

  58. Scientist says:

    John: Are you authorized to speak for the “plaintiffs” in all of the various “lawsuits”? None of the Barnett plaintiffs or their “attorneys” ever offered to drop their “lawsuits” in exchange for any information. The only one that ever did is Berg and he has a list of well over a dozen documents, most of which don’t exist (and he will not accept their non-existence). Most of the “cases” still pending involve claims related to Obama Sr.’s citizenship, so any documents in Honolulu are irrelevant.

    If you birthers want to throw out multiple strands of nonsense, you have to live with what you have wrought.

  59. Scientist says:

    I am only a few years older than Obama. My parents are dead and I am the oldest sibling. Beyond documents, no one on earth can vouch for my birth (not even me). A busy OB or delivery room nurse can easily deliver 1,000s of babies during a career. The few they might (emphasis on might) remeber are the medical oddities, which Obama’s was not. Can you show me one that remembers your birth?

  60. The Sheriff's A Ni- says:

    The farther down the birther hole, the more incoherent chufho gets.

    Let this be a lesson to everyone about abyss-diving.

  61. John says:

    In regards to Obama’s Kenyan Birth, I tend to stand on the position of some media journalists involved in the issue. Based on the evidence taken at face value (That Obama has a COLB and that Hawaii has made statements affirming Obama’s birth in Hawaii), I believe that Obama was probably born in Hawaii like he has been saying. Having said this however, I also believe that there is good chance that Obama was in fact actually born in Kenya. To be honest, I am really not sure. Given the large amount of circumstancial evidence pointing to Kenyan birth, I can not say for certain Obama was born in Hawaii. This is why Obama needs to disclose all of his records to provide conclusive irrefutable evidence that Obama was in fact born in Hawaii. To date, no evidence has surfaced.

  62. misha says:

    True story: my grandfather was once a communist. When he first came to the States, he read Der Tag, a Yiddish communist paper. He was so digusted by the Tsar, he joined the Bolsheviks.

    Lani Guinier is Afro-Judeo. Her parents met at the CPUSA.

    -Rabbi, you said there is a blessing for everything. Is there a blessing for the Tsar?

    -Of course: May G-d bless and keep the Tsar, far away from us.

  63. Greg says:

    I suggest you go to Colorado, John, you are mistaking the mound of dirt on the floor for a mountain. You clearly have never seen the latter.

  64. misha says:

    I am truly impressed by chufho’s semi-literate rant. He is the epitome of the denialists, and conservatives.

    Thank you for illustrating my point. And Orly and Berg make common cause with those people…

  65. misha says:

    Just like Palin and her crowd. I would like to recommend:

  66. misha says:

    No it actually came out of Joseph Farah’s ass.


  67. Greg says:

    Which law allows for public inspection?

  68. Greg says:

    The Barrnet Case in California probably cost taxpayers at least $50,000.00.

    How do you figure?

    We pay AUSAs no more than $200k a year (approximately $100/hour worth) and this case has taken up the time of 2 of those AUSAs for significantly less than a year. $50k would be the same as 500 attorney-hours. Do you really think that this case has taken a quarter of a year of solid work on the part of the government?

    There’s not even a remote possibility that even the slowest government attorney could have spent 500 hours on this case.

  69. Black Lion says:

    Cashill’s article was especially disgusting…

  70. Black Lion says:

    YOu’re hilarious. Can you pick a side? Can you point out to us the large amount of circumstancial evidence that points to the President being born in Kenya? Are you referring to the multiple forged Kenyan BC’s? Or the step-grandmother tape where shs says that he was born in HI? Come on, you need to be more specific.

  71. Black Lion says:

    More semi-literate hate in this most recent article by our buddy John Charlton. In it he shows even more why he is not a real journalist. He wants to discredit Janice Okubo by saying that she was fired because she has not confirmed or released anything regarding the President.

    “In an attempt to ascertain whether this interpretation is correct, I called Rita A. Hoopii-Hall, of the Hawaii Department of Health’s Human Resource Office, and asked her point blank: “I am calling to confirm or deny the rumor that Janice Okubo has resigned from her position as Communications Director for the Department of Health. Can you tell me if she has resigned?” To which Mrs. Hoopii-Hall replied: “I can neither confirm or deny such a rumor.” To which I replied, “If it were not true, you would simply deny the rumour wouldn’t you?” To which she replied, “From where I am I cannot do so, without going to another office and asking them. I can say this much: If and when such a resignation is made, I would be sent a copy of the letter of resignation; and I can confirm that I have not received such.”

    The Post & Email will attempt to confirm these developments tomorrow, when the offices of the Department of Health are open. But such a response from Hoopii-Hall appears to confirm it.”

    So again. Because they refused to comment to Charlton, he assumes that he is right. Amazing.

  72. Black Lion says:

    I guess the statement by Dr. Fukino saying that the President was BORN in HI is not evidence. Nor is the COLB. And the birth announcements that came from the department of vital statistics, not real evidence in the eyes of John. I guess he would rather believe in forged documents, nonexistent travel bans, and 3rd party affidavits from a fake minister by the name of McRae.

  73. richCares says:

    john is not aware that this issue is over, there are no reasonable people questioning Obama’s birth. if john doesn’t like Obama, then he should not vote for him, but john insists on showing he is an idiot pushing a failed movement.

  74. Zeppy says:

    There is in fact no evidence, circumstantial or any other kind, pointing the President being born anywhere but Hawaii. On the other hand, there is a mountain of evidence, including COLB (that is prima facie evidence of a Hawaii birth) that was available for inspection by anyone during the campaign, the words and pictures of individuals who did examine the doucment, the statements of Republican Hawaiian governemnt officials confirming a Hawaii birth, and even the hearsay statements of an individual who spoke with a doctor working at the hospital that in Hawaii recalling the birth of Obama due to his unusal name.

    And what mountain of evidence is there for a Kenyan birth? A pile of obvious fake birth certificats? A recording of an individual trying to put words into Obama’s step grandmother’s mouth until she finally objected and said he was born in Hawaii?

    The fact that you cano say for certain Obama was born in Hawaii only proves you are an idiot not interested in finding the truth, as you ignore any reasonable evidence while clinging onto wild disproven assertions with no basis in reality to cling to the fantasy of a Kenyan birth.

  75. NbC says:

    The COLB shows him born in Hawaii.

    End of story…

    To claim that no evidence has surfaces shows your ignorance and true motives.

  76. NbC says:

    Of course not, then they would have raised the Vattel argument and then and then..

    By not releasing his BC, the Barnett case was kept short. It was the inabilities of some to properly effect service that caused most of the delay in the case.

  77. Zeppy says:

    Of course, to accept this statement, one would have to ignore the fact that there is no evidence of any kind pointing to a Kenyan birth, ignore the moutain of real evidence showing a Hawaii birth, misinterpret the laws of Hawaii to create some controversy, ignore that the average life expectancy is in fact 78, so anyone involved in the birth of Obama is more likely dead than alive, and add ot the fact that most people involved in the birth saw several hundred births in their careers, more than likely did not even know the name of who was giving birth, nor had any reason to remember an unremarkable birth from nearly 50 years ago.

    But yeah, sure…what you said.

  78. misha says:

    “person’s can’t seem them unless there is a direct tangible interest.”

    Is there something wrong with that?

  79. Benji Franklin says:

    Dear John,
    You wrote: “I can think of no other reason why Obama have problem releasing his school records.”

    Good! Here’s hoping you don’t grow a second brain cell.


  80. misha says:

    John: “I can think of no other reason why Obama have problem releasing his school records.”

    Obama has released this certificate.

  81. Lupin says:

    It would be too easy to mock you, but you are just as deluded as a “flat-earther” (yes, there are still some), a “hollow-earther” (far more interesting theories IMHO) or the people who think the Moon landing was staged by Stanley Kubrick.

    There is no cure for people like you; it’s been proven that contrary facts only strengthen the delusion.

  82. Benji Franklin says:

    Dear Rich,
    I mean this quite seriously; right wingers openly seek the aggressive support of people who are mentally ill. Bizarre accusations give such unfortunates an elevated, and roomy platform upon which to rant the implausible into a reality in which they “ARE” king breakers. They exploit our civility and surprise us by saying countless things that can’t be thought. The reality of Obama’s legal Presidency will never exhaust John’s expression of some doubt cast on its legitimacy. If Obama turned over every vital record and they were all confirmed as legitimate, and their contents showed Obama was actually at the time of his birth INSIDE the US, the son of two U.S. citizens, John would dig a little deeper and stir in Obama-damning accusations from ANY irrelevant source, BECAUSE “relevance” is irrelevant to John. Will we still be civilly responding to the vacuous “substance” of this hateful scum when his Obama “darts” incorporate references to stains on blue dresses and the political fund-raising contributions of nuns who had taken a vow of poverty.

    John is the quasi-adult equivalent of a child accumulating social power by interminably responding to every answer of every kind adult who has taken the time to answer its question, by saying, “But, why???”

    John needs to be ignored when he repeats himself or points us down a road he KNOWS is nonsensical.


  83. Expelliarmus says:

    Last time I checked, Obama was still President. He doesn’t “need” to prove anything; the burden of proof is on his detractors, and as to the birth/citizenship issue, it’s too late anyway.

    “Taken at face value” is good enough. That’s just a plain English way of saying “prima facie”, which means the same thing. Unless there is affirmative, convincing proof to the ccontrary, face value / prima facie governs.

  84. JoZeppy says:

    Even assuming that it did cost $50k (which I highly unlikely considering it was a cookie cutter dismissal for lack of standing), shouldn’t we be blaming the individual bringing the frivolous suit, rather than the target of the abuse? None of these cases had any legal merit, and anyone who finished first year Civil Procedure could have told you that (well, except those who get their JD’s via mail order). I understand that some on the right side of the ailse think the idea of blaming the victom, like making a woman pay for her rape kit, but generally, in our civilized society, we blame the person committing the wrong for any costs incurred, not the person being attacked.

  85. Rickey says:

    John says:

    Of course, Obama probably could have saved the taxpayers alot of money if he would have just produced the BC.

    Of course, Orly, Kreep, Pidgeon, Berg, Apuzzo and D’Onofrio could have saved the taxpayers a lot of money if they had never filed their frivolous lawsuits.

  86. SFJeff says:

    I am expecting that eventually Chuffo’s posts will just be a string of random letters….

  87. SFJeff says:

    From what I have seen Birthers want Obama removed from office, Obama embarrassed, Obama arrested, tried convicted and executed. Failing that, many seem to advocate that someone should utilize their constitutional right to bear arms to remove Obama from Office, whether through a coup or through assassination.

  88. nbC says:

    . We all know the the Obama campaign has said Obama was born in Hawaii and even Obama himself has said this.

    We know even more than that. Obama’s COLB shows him born in Honolulu Hawaii, a fact confirmed by the Department of Health in Hawaii.

    Born on US soil that’s all that matters.

    Sorry John you failed again

  89. SFJeff says:

    John: “I tend to stand on the position of some media journalists ”

    Which media journalists have made a credible report that Obama was born in Kenya?

    “Given the large amount of circumstancial evidence pointing to Kenyan birth,”

    What circumstantial evidence?

    You don’t accept a certified copy of a birth certificate, birth announcements published at the time of his birth, confirmation by Hawaai’s director of health that Obama was born in Hawaii, Obama’s own declaration that he was born in Hawaii but you find credible a few rumors out of Kenya?

    Oh and regarding witnesses to the birth? My daughter was born 11 years ago. She had an accident when she was 2 years old and we returned to the same hospital that she was born at. We looked up the Obstetrical nurse who was with us 8 hours the day my daughter was born.

    She didn’t remember us, or our daughter. She was very nice about it though.

  90. Rickey says:

    John says:

    I think a really big point is the fact that no doc, nurse or staff worker has come forward to report on their firsthand account of Obama’s birth.

    No, that’s a really small point, and a ridiculous one.

    There are currently about 100 practicing ob/gyns in Honolulu. There are approximately 13,000 live births per year in Honolulu. That works out to 130 births per ob/gyn, and that assumes that all of them are delivering babies. It’s more likely that about half of them are delivering babies, meaning that each obstetrician in Honolulu is delivering roughly 260 babies each year. Given a 30-year career, that works out to 7800 babies delivered. Do you really expect a doctor who has delivered 7800 babies to remember one from 48 years ago? Most of them probably can’t remember the babies they delivered last month.

  91. GeorgetownJD says:

    Speaking of the public fisc, Orly Taitz owes the taxpayers $20,000.

  92. Passerby says:

    “It is believed.” Love that passive voice. It is believed by whom? By you, apparently, and some others. But what does that really tell anyone?

    The thing is, you can take any crazy theory whatsoever, and I guarantee you that somewhere out there, there’s someone who believes it (and they’re probably on the internet, commenting on blogs ;)) But so what? Without some real support for the belief, it means nothing that someone believes it. Some people believe the earth is flat, too.

    You can’t just go demanding evidence that something isn’t true, just because “it is believed.” It makes no sense. No one would ever get anything else done.

  93. misha says:

    What’s going on with that 20K?

  94. misha says:

    “It is believed that Obama’s school records will indicate that he received foreign aid as an Indonesian citizen.”

    Nice chunk of innuendo. It is believed Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990. It is believed his criminal record abstract will indicate he did this. It is believed barnyard animals become skittish when Joseph Farah is around.

  95. JoZeppy says:

    You realize this “foreign aid as an Indonesian citizen” is all based on an April fools joke? It’s been debunked on Snopes a long time ago.

  96. G says:


    The only thing anyone here has tried to divert you or John or Sven from is a diversion from your delusional fantasies back to the real world.

  97. G says:

    Chufho, you are so laughably delusional and get more so with almost every recent post!

    “putsed in hims position by progressives to dissolves us’s constitution to fits the new government theys wants” you say???

    LOL! Just WTF is that supposed to mean? Ooohhh… so you seriously think there is some “sinister” plot to dissolve the US Constitution and install what… some sort of Banana Republic? ROTFL!

    Don’t you even realize at some level of how crazy you sound? And you base these silly paranoid fantasies on what? The voices in your head?

    and I’ve just got to rip into you a little further, based on your “eloquent” statement of gibberish: “causes hims was putsed in hims position”

    WTF is that supposed to mean? What pray tell kind of verb is “putsed” anyways? You, obviously come across here as a “putz” often, but I don’t recall there every being a verb for it and even if there was, I don’t think you are using it correctly.

    I mean, who talks like you do, other than fictional characters such as Gollum or Jar Jar Binks. Then again, all your delusions are based on pure paranoid fantasy and fiction, so maybe such sources are your inspiration.

  98. tempo dulu says:

    Obama’s familiy “bucked” the law so that their son could go to an Indonesian school by declaring him an “Indonesian” citizen rather than as an American. But this is hardly Obama’s fault is it? What choice did he have?

  99. The “only Indinesian citizens could attend school law” is another birther myth.

  100. nbC says:

    So true…

  101. dunstvangeet says:

    I probably couldn’t pass the Literacy Test, as it was given back in the 1960s.

    Here are some of the questions from a 1958 Literacy test.

    In what State Senatorial District do you live, and what are the names of the county or counties in such district?

    What is the name of the State Judicial Circuit in which you live, and what are the names of the county or counties in such district?

    How many Representatives are there in the State House of representatives, and how are they apportioned among the counties?

    What are the qualifications for a State Representative according to the State Constitution?

    Who is the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court, and who is the Presiding Justice of that court.

    Who is the Solicitor General of the State Judicial Circuit in which you live, and who are the Judges in that District?

    If the Governor dies, who assumes the power of the Executive, and if that person dies, who assumes it after them.

    Name the people in the following state offices: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Comptroller General, State Treasurer, Commissioner of Agriculture, State School Superintendent, Commissioner of Labor

    How many Congressional Districts are there in Georgia and in which one do you live?

    What is the term of office of a state senator?

    What is the county site of your county?

    How does the state constitution provide that a county site may be changed?

    What are the qualifications for Jury Service?

    What are the names of the people that occupy the following offices in your county: Clerk of the Superior Court, Sheriff, Ordinary?

    In which Federal Court District do you live?

  102. dunstvangeet says:

    Not to that the Indonesian Citizenship theory goes directly against 3 different Supreme Court rulings that state that a minor cannot be stripped of his citizenship before the age of majority.

  103. nbC says:

    And against Indonesian Law and Constitution. And logic and reason. And note that there is no credible evidence…

    But those are just ‘details’ when compared to the grandiose speculative hypotheticals.

  104. There has been a broad disinformation campaign against the Davis-Obama relationship. As the son of Frank Marshall Davis, I have documented these falsehoods as “specific misrepresentation” in my “Redbaiting Barack Obama” post at

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