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Citizenship bill before Congress

Georgia Representative Nathan Deal (yes, THAT Congressman Deal) introduced a bill last year in the House, HR 1868,”To amend section 301 of the Immigration and Nationality Act to clarify those classes of individuals born in the United States who are nationals and citizens of the United States at birth.”

“Clarify” is a peculiar word in this context because what the bill would do is restrict citizenship to cases where at least one parent is in the country legally. It seeks to change the applicability of the 14th Amendment by “defining” who is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States “for the purposes” of this bill.

It seems strange that someone could be under the jurisdiction of the United States, say, when they were being deported, but not under the jurisdiction when begetting children. I think the bill is dead out of the starting gates on Constitutional grounds.

Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law, May 25, 2009.

Nathan Deal is the Congressman that sent a letter to President Obama raising issues about Obama’s birthplace, although the actual text of the letter has not been published.


Obama treason trial – mark your calendar

Pastor James Manning of the Atlah Worldwide Ministries and Long-Legged Mack Daddy Obama Hating Society in Harlem, New York, has, in a new video, announced the Columbia Obama Treason Trial for 14 – 19 May, 2010.

In the video Manning presents the transcript of the trial. (This is possible because it is a “show trial” and not a real trial with cross-examined witnesses and a defense.) The transcript discloses the shocking news that President Obama, rather than attending Columbia College, was actually busy carrying out missions for the CIA. Obama is supposedly fluent in Farsi and attended university in Pakistan and the Soviet Union. [I really didn’t make this up.]

Obama funneled CIA arms to the Taliban

Manning says the CIA had Obama in charge of funneling arms to the Taliban to fight the Soviets, but of course the Taliban was only founded in 1996. I guess he means the Mujaheddin.

I keep being burned by Manning posting and then pulling his videos off YouTube, but I’ll try this once more.

I find it funny that the government silences everyone on Obama conspiracy issues except all the people out there hawking the theories. 🙄


Reaping the whirlwind

Dr. Conspiracy

This web site is about conspiracy theories involving Barack Obama, focusing on ones concerning his presidential eligibility and there we run across our share of people who can’t quite color within the lines. However, there is a broader movement in the United States with some pretty crazy ideas too. While keeping track of the “birthers” I can’t quite avoid the other eccentric wings of the conservative movement. The most recent label assumed by the “wingiest” of the right wing is the Tea Party–not so much a ideological movement as it is a clustering of angst.

“Some of these Tea Party people are nuts. … about 10 percent … are just loons, out of their mind.” Bill O’Reilly.

One of the things I ran across was a newspaper editorial from the Charlotte West Virginia Gazette this past week, providing more information about the Nashville “Tea Party” convention. The editorial comments on the racial makeup of the crowd:

The lily-white Tea Party movement seems laced with unspoken racial prejudice against America’s first black president, the [New York] Times noted. Barack Obama is endlessly depicted as “not one of us” and even as an African witch doctor. He’s called an agent of the New World Order, covertly bringing “socialist tyranny” to America through plots such as universal health care.

Now I for one hesitate to isolate racism as the key factor. I personally think racism is on the way out, as soon as the majority of the racists die off. I think the issue is more of “me vs. them.” They want to protect people like them, their jobs, their freedom, their way of life from what they fear is an onslaught of change and dominance by strangers they don’t understand.

I for one don’t think Obama’s election made these people crazy. I think he just provides a focus for their fear, anxiety and anger. And let’s face it: these are anxious times. Somehow we have functioned as a country at some level with these folks, probably since the beginning. The Internet helps them become more visible, and perhaps helps issues to crystallize.

I would just remind folks like Bill O’Reilly that they make their living fanning outrage what the Bible says: they who sow the wind reap the whirlwind (Hosea ch. 8).


An interview with Phil Berg

Philip Berg

From the Race 4 2012 blog, comes a new interview with Phil Berg, Obama nemesis attorney. It’s an interesting read. Here are a couple of teasers:

“I think he traveled his entire life on an Indonesian passport”

“But even if he were [born] in Hawaii, he would have had his birth certificate in Kenya.”

The interview, I assume transcribed from a recording, appears to have the occasional misinterpreted word.


New birth certificate bills in Hawaii

As reported in the Honolulu Advertiser article, Hawaii gets persistent requests for Obama birth certificate, February 19, Hawaii state Senator Will Espero has introduced two bills, one on “each side” of the issue in the Hawaii legislature:

Senate Bill 2056 would open up Hawai’i birth records under strict conditions to people who currently have no legitimate right to see them. Senate Bill 2937 would allow state agencies to label people who persistently “abuse” the public information process as “vexatious requestors,” which would allow state officials to deny their requests for documents.

Bill 2056 is not really that far fetched. Several states now have open birth records, for example California. In “open record states” anyone can view a copy of birth records (although not get a “certified copy” on security paper). There are legitimate arguments in favor of open records, and proponents claim that identity theft is no worse in states with open records than in those with closed records. Others in opposition cite privacy concerns. The thorny issue of adoption complicates the issue.

Bill 2937 is also a tool to help the state health department deal with the onslaught of bloggers like Terri K and Butterdezillion and their minions. I am less impressed by value of this legislation, as it seems to me that the State already has the tools needed. If we’re only talking about 50 requests a month, as the article says, this is a drop in the bucket compared to the number of legitimate requests the state routinely processes.


Birther Candidates

This is a place to discuss birthers running for public office, sparked by comments here.

More wingnuttery….Where are these people coming from?

Posted on | February 17, 2010 |

Gino DiSimone Says (#132):
February 16th, 2010 at 1:10 am

My name is Gino DiSimone and I am the leading Independent non-partisan candidate for Governor of Nevada. Immediately after I take the Governors seat, I will require the birth certificate and I will exercise all my executive powers to get this done! It will be the biggest issue you have ever seen. I have already laid the foundation to blow this wide open like never before and it will be from the executive powers of a Sovereign State Governor.

Please send my info around the USA. God be with us as we take this tyrant down, fast and hard. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Gino DiSimone
Candidate, Governor of Nevada 2010, Independent non-partisan, GIN ! (Go Independent Nevada !

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