Taitz finds silver lining in Health Care Reform

Yes, Orly Taitz, has discovered a new angle in her attempt to unseat President Obama with a lawsuit. She wants to have the Health Care Reform law ruled unconstitutional because President Obama was not eligible to sign it!

H.R. 3590  was signed into law by Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, who amazingly does not possess a valid U.S. Social Security number, which every legal citizen of the US is supposed to possess, never proved his legitimacy to the presidency. Therefore the act is invalid, as it was not signed by one legally entitled to sign it.

Her legal strategy (if you could call delusions of grandeur a “strategy”) is to combine the lawsuit by 13 state attorneys’ general against the health care law with her own quo warranto lawsuit in the District of Columbia. She filed the paperwork yesterday. [Orly once again violates court rules by failing to redact a social-security number.]

TAITZ v OBAMA (QW) – 17 – First MOTION to Consolidate Cases by ORLY TAITZ – gov.uscourts.dcd.140567.17.0 by Jack Ryan

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37 Responses to Taitz finds silver lining in Health Care Reform

  1. Graduates of the Obama Conspiracy Theories Law School know that President Obama’s eligibility has no impact on the validity of the law.


  2. Rickey says:

    Orly also is appealing a decision by the Social Security Administration to deny her Freedom of Information request for Obama’s Social Security Number application.


    Note that she warns the Freedom of Information officer that if she refuses to act she will be “complicit and subject to criminal liability for aiding and abetting of felonies, subornation of felonies and under RICO.”

    If must be very frustrating for Orly that her bullying and threatening get her absolutely nowhere.

  3. Hawaiiborn says:

    Im sorry, but I wouldn’t want a crazed lunatic being able to GET my SSN#. The only people/organizations who get to see it, are those that I want to see it.

    If Orly is “granted” this permission, what do you think every single scammer/spammer will do?

  4. DickWhitman says:

    Orly would do a fine job.

  5. Black Lion says:

    At what? Embarassing herself? Pretending to be a lawyer? Making a fool of herself while doing a Sven? Orly is a joke and anyone that followers her or thinks otherwise are fools…

  6. BatGuano says:

    Orly would do a fine job.

    are you basing this on past experiences ?

  7. DickWhitman says:

    If she is so incompetent, what are you afraid of?

  8. Greg says:

    Define “afraid.”

  9. richCares says:

    “If she is so incompetent, what are you afraid of?”

    good example of projection (a common trait of wingnuts).

    now dear dick, tell us who is afraid of Orly? She is a joke and a joke is not fearful, it’s just funny!

  10. Arthur says:

    Dr. C.

    Readers without sophisticated legal training may find Dr. Taitz’ arguments on President Obama’s eligibility confusing. As you know, I’m working to clarify the good doctor’s ideas through the magic of theatre. With your permission, I present another section from the scene, “Chorus of Loons.”

    Texasrose: I’m lost. What’s all this gibble-gabble mean?

    Chalicebearer: Lady Liberty, can you explain it?

    Oily: Ok. When Obama born, Kenya was being independent nation, but because 1961 was also leap year, Kenya remained British colony until 1964. So, Obama Sr. was double citizen of Kenya and Great Britain.

    Chorus: Amazed quacking.

    Oily: Let me finish! Ok. So, Obama Jr. automatically and for-all-time-irreversible becomes British citizen like dad. But wait! Later Obama’s mother snags wealthy Indonesian who runs Southeast Asia branch of Illuminati. Ok? So now Obama gets citizenship number three! Three!! Same number of letters as in DNC!

    Chalicebearer: I LOVE life-long learning!

    Mariopuma: And it was in the Marxist paradise of Indonesia that CIA operatives began training the young bantamweight under the moniker, Barry “The Usurper” Soetoro.

    Chorus: Excited quacking.

    Oily: Also too, in Indonesia Obama takes his first communion in Church of Islam!

    Chorus: Loud, clamorous, angry quacking

    Chalicebearer: So that means?

    Mario: Mao-bama is a Mus-lamic triple-dipper!

    Bloatedraven: But that violates article 2, verse 5, version 2.0 of the American Grand Jury’s presidential eligibility requirement!

    Chorus: Much supportive quacking.

    Captaincook: Impeach the Usurper! Put him on trial!

    Oily: Ha, ha, ha! You foolish people without law school training. Ha, ha, ha on you! You don’t know something: Mao-bama can’t be impeached.

    Chorus: Confused quacking.

    Drkwait: But you said–

    Oily: He can’t be impeached, BECAUSE Obama is not actual president! He just thinks he is. Congress can’t impeach someone who just thinks he’s president–look it up Constitution.

    Captaincook: Then to hell with the Constitution; it’s up to We the People! Patriots–it’s clobbering time!

    Bloatedraven: Down with tyranny!

    DrKwait: And Up with People!

    Mariopuma: As Thomas Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of people I don’t like.”

    Chorus: Loons quack loudly.

  11. DickWhitman says:

    What happened to the sua sponte dismissal of Taitz v Obama?

    You’re laughter is a nervous laugh.

  12. Arthur says:

    I fear Orly for the same reason I fear an over-worked surgeon, a texting driver, or a careless hunter. In other words, I don’t fear Orly because of what she’s doing right, but because of what she’s doing wrong.

  13. PaulG says:

    Any chance Ben Elton will turn this into a musical?

  14. Kathryn N says:

    Nobody is afraid of Orly Taitz. We find her to be a delightfully batty pile of crazy fun, although we deplore her unprincipled waste of judicial resources on groundless lawsuits. There are people with actual disputes that need hearing, and Orly’s exploitation of the system to feed her own neurotic need for attention gobbles up court time that could be put to better use.
    Soon, though, she will be declared a vexatious litigant and forbidden from filing any more of the crazy.

  15. Kathryn N says:

    YOUR means “belonging to you”
    YOU’RE means “you are”

  16. BatGuano says:

    If she is so incompetent, what are you afraid of?

    what part of my short question denoted fear ? i actually am truely curious about your answer. orly has consistently failed and bungled in almost every aspect of this bizarre little fiasco. even to the point that a faction of the birther community is accusing her of being used to discredit their agenda. so……… what exactly has orly done that makes you believe she will ” do a fine job ” ???

  17. Kathryn N: YOUR means “belonging to you” YOU’RE means “you are”

    Shhh! I don’t want the birthers to find out.

  18. Arthur says:

    That’s a good idea! A kind of “1776” for birthers. Now for the show’s title–I was playing with:

    The Story of Orly Taitz:
    The Lady Dentist
    Who Lost her Mind
    Found a Cause
    And Drilled a Nation!

  19. HellT says:

    Bravo! This would be a showstopper at your local Fringe Festival. Seriously. In fact, if Orly isn’t featured in a lot of shows at FF’s around the country this year, I’ll be dipped. She’s a natural target for satire.

  20. Dave says:

    Not to pile on, but I can’t even imagine what makes you think Taitz inspires fear in liberals. Note that folks on the left can’t get enough of talking about her, but Fox News has dropped her like a hot potato. It’s pretty clear who’s afraid of her. And just as clear why.

  21. Dave says:

    News to me that anyone was expecting a sua sponte dismissal. Here’s what I expect: DoJ will file its answer and a motion for dismissal, Taitz will respond, then the judge will dismiss. Be patient, it will be dismissed in due time.

    But what I’m really hoping for (perhaps unrealistically) is that the judge will ask counsel for the 13 states to respond to Taitz’s motion to consolidate. That response would make for some fine reading.

  22. G says:

    Dave, you beat me to the punch and already said what I pretty much planned to say.

    I’ll only add that I don’t have a single shred of doubt that the results of Taitz v Obama will be anything other than dismissal.

    The only part of the case I’m unsure about is whether Orly will end up on the receiving end of further sanctions.

    Oh, and to your second point Dave, re: the 13 AG’s & Orly’s attempt to leech onto them – I’ll echo you 100% on this too! For pure entertainment purposes as well as the resulting annoyance to those AGs, I actually hope she can succeed to glom onto their case.

    I’m not expressing any solid confidence in her ability to do so, but here she actually has a slim chance of just getting tacked onto them.

  23. Dave says:

    I don’t see any chance of these cases being consolidated, which is why I’m not sure the judge will even ask the other counsel to respond before saying no.

    But it would be amusing, because the AGs can’t respond without ticking off the birthers, who are some of the people they were pandering to by filing their suit in the first place.

    The reason I think they won’t be consolidated is because they are really completely different suits. The 13 AGs are arguing rights of states vs. rights of Congress, and the plaintiffs are states. Taitz’s argument is that HCR is invalid because the President is ineligible, and the plaintiff is her. On top of which, her argument is meritless on its face in three different ways: she can’t show standing, she presents no reason to believe he’s ineligible, and a law he signed is still law even if he were proven ineligible. So I just can’t see the judge agreeing to consolidate these two completely different cases.

    As for sanctions, we need to remember that sua sponte sanctions are rare. It takes more than filing frivolous motions, it requires extremely obnoxiously repetitive frivolous motions. I suspect Taitz has learned to stop doing this.

  24. Black Lion says:

    Of course out friends over at the Post and Fail are pushing the infamous “Dr. Manning Columbia Trial”…The article seems to be written by Manning himself….

    “At the trial, evidence already in hand will be presented to jurors chosen from a cross-section of American Citizens.

    It will be open to the press worldwide, and many international media representatives have already expressed their desire to attend. The proceedings will be broadcast on the internet as well as displayed on two large viewing screens at the Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue entrances to Columbia University. In this way, the 2010 graduating class of Columbia and other passers-by will be able to see the deliberations of the evidence showing that Columbia University was complicit in the cover-up that allowed Barack Hussein Obama to be in Afghanistan and Pakistan as an Arabic-speaking, non-U.S. citizen Muslim working with the Mujahedeen and the C.I.A in helping to force the Russians out of Afghanistan in the early 1980s.”

    “Dr. Manning is asking us all to step up to the plate in this battle against the Kingdom of Darkness that has descended upon our land and to print out flyers to hand out by the thousands so that all may be aware, become involved, take action, and become the “salt of the earth.” You can download the two-page Trial flyer here.”


  25. G says:

    Good points Dave.

    The only area where I disagree with you is in thinking that Orly has “learned to stop doing this”. Nor do I suspect she is mentally stable enough to ever “learn” this lesson properly.

    When I mention sanctions as being possible, I’m not referring to the frivolous nature of her case, but to her antics and behavior as the basis for such.

    Her continuing actions seem both repetitive and rather obnoxious in these filings. In addition, I see a limit to tolerance for her “demanding” and “accusatory tone” towards the court itself. To say that her filings show utter lack of respect for the court is an understatement.

    The $20K sanctions she received earlier was also behavior-based and to date, I haven’t seen a single indication that she’s “behaving” any better since then. In fact, just the opposite. If anything, she seems to be upping her crazy antics and defiance.

    Therefore, whenever Orly is involved, I will never rule out sanctions as a likely outcome.

  26. Benji Franklin says:

    Dear Greg,

    I don’t think any intelligent person who has followed your postings here, would fear what Orly Taitz might attempt to do LEGALLY.

    We need to fear Orly in the same way we would be afraid, if we found out that a crazy person was stalking our loved ones.

    The universal social taboo associated with being apprehensive about mentally unbalanced folks, derives from our understanding that, knowing that they do not feel constrained by societal mores to behave civilly, we have no idea to what horrific excess they may descend.

    Birtherdom is a culture of craziness. Orly’s and Mario’s fund-raising HAS to target mentally deranged people, and their lies could easily become, for any one of their sick sheep, “sufficient” justification for assassinating a President.

    This is not a paranoid “fear” of randomly directed irrationality. These insane people are focused like a loser beam on our President, and they mean to do him harm by any means they can muster the courage (or the neer-do-wells) to attempt.

    Mario may personally be a coward, but his verbose legal flatulence is designed to herd impetuous and easily impressed self-loathers into a kind of racially focused Presidential lynching party. He mistakes his own inadequate reading of history, as proof that it can be rewritten as comprising only a few untypical quotations taken out of context.

    Disturbingly, the birther lawyers have little left to lose in the eyes of their peers. Professionally, Mario is Orly Taitz without the license to practice dentistry, but with a contrasting NOMINAL mastery of how to use spell-check. Orly is about to lose her license to masquerade as a Lawyer, but her good offices will retain forever the odor of the “license” Charles Lincoln III claims to have “taken” with her there in her very own dental chair. No big deal for them! Just one more sitting precedent that won’t go away now!

    Define “afraid”? I think we’re afraid they’re all CRAZY!”

    Benji Franklin

  27. DickWhitman says:

    Be pro-active, BlackLion.

    Make a point to meet with Dr. Manning and ask to be on the grand jury. Let us know what happens.

  28. Black Lion says:

    Why would I? We have already had many individuals come out and said they remember President Obama at Columbia. Also Manning has no evidence that the President was ever in Afganistan or worked for the CIA. But I can see why you would believe him. His fiction closely resembles your so called fictional accounts of Indonesian refugees, 6 year olds renouncing their US citizenship, and some corporation in 1971 that magically was able to get SS#’s….All without any sort of proof. Just like the convicted felon Manning. So you would probably be a better candidate for the jury. You are already predisposed to believe in some far fetched and ridiculous theories….

  29. G says:

    Dick/Sven says:

    Be pro-active, BlackLion.Make a point to meet with Dr. Manning and ask to be on the grand jury. Let us know what happens.

    Dick, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and go? This seems to be the kind of event that appeals to you.

    Not meaning to speak for Black Lion, but why on earth would he have any interest in attending an event like this? What makes you think that any of the rest of us non-birthers would want to be there.

    I personally have no interest in being there. I have no respect for Manning and think this is nothing but a stupid stunt based on idiocy. Why would I want to waste my time at something I have no respect for?

    Furthermore, why would I or any sane person want to risk tarring my reputation by being associated or seen with anyone in Manning’s crazy hate-monger crowd?

  30. Black Lion says:

    G, thanks. You are 100% correct. And I think Sven knows that also. What is kind of funny is that I actually work in Manhattan so it would not be a problem for me to go and watch Manning make a fool of himself. However that would be giving him the attention he is craving. He is a raging lunatic. I am sure we will see the same bunch of idiots there. Orly, maybe good old Bob Campbell, and the other leading birthers making fools of themselves.

  31. Saint James says:

    Hello Everybody, FYI…It looks like Lucas Smith and Charles hanka-hanka burnin’ luv Lincoln III have a big falling out. It appears that they got into a physical confrontation. check out Inspectorsmith’s channel comments.


  32. Saint James says:

    Here’s another link regarding that falling out between Lucas Kidney Smith and Charles hanka-hanka burnin’ luv’ Lincoln III


  33. misha says:

    “Dr.” Manning has a a lengthy criminal record.

    Manning burgled homes, mostly on Long Island. He spent about three and a half years in prison in New York and Florida for burglary, robbery, larceny, criminal possession of a weapon, and other charges.

    So yeah, I would love to hear about him on a grand jury, because convicted felons cannot serve on one.

  34. G says:

    Thanks for the link, Misha!

    Manning seems to follow several common memes we see among those stoking birtherism (and I suspect a high percentage of their followers):

    1. Racist views – In Manning’s case this is actually the flip-side of the coin from the typical racism we’re used to. Manning’s background (crusading againt “gentrification” of Harlem) as well as many of statements against Obama seem to stem from his resentment of white people and his personal view that Obama isn’t “black enough” for him.

    2. Fundamentalist/Extreme religious views coupled with a strong intolerance and paranoid suspicion of other religous viewpoints.

    3. Prior criminal background.

    4. Con-artist activities.

    5. Publicity whoring.

  35. MsDaisy says:

    Yes Kathryn you’re right. No one is afraid of Orly, and I think that is exactly what bites her butt even more than Obama. She has serious delusions of grandeur and a whopping narcissistic personality disorder and she absolutely can’t stand not being taken seriously. Since the first of the year she seems to have become like a crazy Chihuahua on a mad mission chasing her tail in an out of control circle. She has no concept of her completely self-destructive behavior and doesn’t give a rat’s butt what she has to do to get the satisfaction or the acknowledgement she craves as desperately as a heroin addict in withdrawal craves a fix. And yes, while entertaining to watch, that potentially makes her a danger to more than just herself. She’s out there stirring that crazy pot to the very bottom and there is no telling what might surface. That would be the only thing I would fear from Orly Taitz.

  36. Scientist says:

    Why was the fact that Obama helped force the Russians out of Afghanistan a bad thing? Isn’t he owed the thanks of a grateful nation (and the rest of the world)? Is Manning a Communist?

  37. Arthur says:

    Dear HellT,

    I appreciated your supportive note! Unfortunately, the only Fringe Festival in my neck of the woods occurs when the four-wheelers show off their fancy mud flaps in the parking lot of “Prime Steak and ‘cake.” Steve King represents my district in Congress–that should tell you all you need to know. On the other hand, Minneapolis is only 6 hours away, so maybe I should try there. Thanks again for taking the time to reply!

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