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Washington College Student Newspaper

… The citizenship question has now been hindered by Orly Taitz claiming to have finally found Obama’s real birth certificate, or as she now calls him “Barack O’Bama” born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK. The birth conspiracy continues.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Ethics Report latest setback for Deal

He also continues to deal with questions over whether he is a so-called “birther,” the derogatory term given to people who question whether President Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen. Last year, Deal co-signed a letter with other Republican congressmen calling on the president to release a copy of his birth certificate. Republican officials in Hawaii, where Obama was born, have said repeatedly that Obama’s birth certificate from their state is legitimate.

As recently as January, Deal said he didn’t have any issues with Obama’s birth certificate. But he said he is often asked by constituents about it.

Stars and Stripes (Middle East Edition):

An Army flight surgeon could face reprimand or dismissal from the service after stating in an online video that he’ll refuse deployment to Afghanistan because of concerns he has about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

OC Weekly:

Reality show for Orly Taitz? (Dated March 31)

I get a lot of different offers. Some, like Penthouse magazine, is a “no” right away. This one, with the reality show, I am not so sure. Knowing how sold out our media is, I am not sure what can be expected from them. I will keep you apprised.

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28 Responses to News snips

  1. Zixi of Ix says:

    To clarify, the first snippet, from the Washington College student newspaper, was part of their April Fool’s edition.

    It is prefaced at the top by “Disclaimer: This is The Elm’s annual April Fool’s Edition and is meant as a parody”.

    As for a reality show with Orly Taitz… that seems to be the natural progression of things these days.

    Screams of unfair treatment by the media while jockeying for yet more media attention? Check.

    Publicly stating that those who disagree with you aren’t Real Americans, aren’t Patriots, and are probably commie sympathizers? Check.

    Strained interviews on TV where deer-in-the-headlights looks abound after being asked the simplest of questions? Check.

    Claiming that what you said wasn’t what you meant even if you did say it; and if it is proven that you said it, it’s just the liberal media unfairly picking your life apart with a fine toothed comb? Check.

    All that’s left is a ghost-written book, a reality TV show, and maybe a show on Fox.

  2. Black Lion says:

    My only question is why do these retired so called birthers and “patriots” get such a hard on by always using their retired rank? They are no longer active. Are we supposed to somehow be more impressed that they are retired military and still clueless regarding the Constitution?

    Post from

    Lt. Cmdr. Walter Francis Fitzpatrick is now a political prisoner
    April 5th, 2010

    This message from Carl Swensson:

    Please pass this along and post wherever you can.

    Lt. Cmdr. Walter Francis Fitzpatrick is now a political prisoner in the Monroe County Sheriffs Jail and has been since 04/01/2010. This Court is now the poster child for political corruption and Mr. Fitzpatrick has made a gallant effort to expose this abomination. They are operating outside their own rule of law.

    Latest YouTube video can be found here:

    And here (with explanations):

    Please make sure everyone you know is aware of this situation and ask for those that can, to meet me at this Courthouse on Wednesday
    on 04/07/2010 at 0900 hrs.

    Tea Party and 912 Patriots welcome, Resist net, C2C, Well regulated Militia, Oath Keepers, all need to spread the word that our battle against tyranny has a new ground Zero— Madisonville, TN. Forward to the press as much as possible.

    See you there on Wednesday,

  3. Black Lion says:

    And I guess this is the new “gotcha” from the birthers…Similar to the infamous “whitey” tape…

    “(Apr. 3, 2010) — Michelle Obama’s speech to the GLBT community from August 26, 2008 during which she referred to Kenya as her husband’s “home country” is missing that reference on Obama’s Facebook page.

    The part of the transcript containing the reference reads:

    “He also supported, in his career, full funding for the Ryan White Care Act and has pledged…(Applause) a national HIV/AIDS strategy to combat this continuing epidemic right here in the United States. (Applause)

    “He has also spoken out against the stigma surrounding HIV testing, which is still plaguing so many of our communities, which you all know—a lot of that is due to homophobia. Barack has led by example. When we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya, we took a public HIV test—-for the very point of showing folks in Kenya that there is nothing to be embarrassed about in getting tested. We did it….. (Applause)”

    And of course the natives get restless and excited with this new piece of “evidence”…

    kj says:
    Monday, April 5, 2010 at 9:04 PM
    It is interesting that this video has shown up on the web so near April Fools Day.

    Michelle did speak rather off the cuff and without considering the PR consequences of her comments during the campaign. Did she really make the statements on the video? The quality of the video on my machine is poor and any editing would not necessarily be detectable. Has anyone checked the voice prints of this video with a known Michelle sample?

    Remember the gotcha BC from Kenya? Before accepting the video as “proof,” carefully check it out with all the tools at your disposal.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I think the video is authentic. It has shown up in various shades of quality, but the words are the same, and the Obots are going crazy!

    live oak says:
    Monday, April 5, 2010 at 3:35 PM
    I emailed Rush last night and sent him the articles. He played Michelle Obama’s speech from this article at the end of his show!!! YAY!!! I hope he keeps playing it over and over like he did with the Dingle tape…”You have to control the people”….

    And our buddy Pam Barnett…

    P. Barnett says:
    Monday, April 5, 2010 at 1:13 AM
    Interesting how these videos are surfacing now. I saw two different videos of this same speech. Are there some gays angry that Obama hasn’t placated them and their agenda fast enough and now they are spilling the beans? I have both videos posted on my facebook accnt and youtube page.

    Hopefully, more people will be revealing the extremely damaging truth about Obama so we can get this stinking pro-radical Islam, commie butt out of our White House post haste.

    BTW, are you on Facebook? if not, you should be.

    And the delusional go wild…

    live oak says:
    Monday, April 5, 2010 at 11:32 AM
    I emailed the Fla AG last night with these two articles and the videos. He was given the Presentments last summer and I reminded him of that as well. All the work has been done for him. Here is the letter.

    Dear Sir,
    I am sending you two very important and compelling articles that were posted in The Post&Email yesterday WITH VIDEO at the end of the article. The editor, Mr. Charlton, is a very reliable and responsible man, and I depend on him. I know that you received the Presentments last summer from the American Grand Jury about Obama. The work done by that wonderful group of patriots and these two articles are the best evidence that we have so far. The military is being hung out to dry and what they are doing to Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is unconscionable. What was done to Major Cook is despicable. Remember that the Pentagon rescinded his orders! I am very concerned that there will be no fair elections…likely no elections at all in November. Holder dropped the case against the Black Panthers who interfered with the Republican voters in Philadelphia! I know you love this country as much as I do. I love America with all my heart and soul and I will never stop fighting the good fight. Please help us save our country and be a hero, not only for the citizens of Florida, but for the entire country!!! Time is of the essence. Please help us get rid of the Communist Regime in DC.

  4. Greg says:

    To me it shows how completely and utterly white the birthers are.

    Referring to Africa as “home,” for black people is a long tradition. It dates back as far as there have been black people in America. Here’s William Lloyd Garrison in his 1838 book against the Colonization Societies:

    Who that loved his own country, and deprecated an eternal absence from it, could refuse to help in restoring the unfortunate Africans to their long-estranged home?

    He then cites examples of the Colonolizationists using the argument of Africa as “home” or “native”:

    At no very distant period, we should see all the free colored people in onr land transferred to their own country.‘ * * ‘ Let us send them back to their native land.‘ * * ‘By returning them to their own ancient land of Africa, improved in knowledge and in civilization, we repay the debt which has so long been due them.’—[African Repository, vol. i. pp. 65, 146, 176.]
    And though we may not live to see the day when the sons of Africa shall have returned to their native soil,’ &c. * * * To found in Africa an empire of christians and republicans ; to reconduct the blacks to their native land,‘ Ice—[Idem, pp. 13, 375.]
    Who would not rejoice to see our country liberated from her black population ? Who would not participate in any efforts to restore those children of misfortune to their native shores ?’ * * ‘ The colored population of this country can never rise to respectability here ; in their native soil they can.’ * ‘ The only remedy afforded is, to colonize them in their mother country.’ * * ‘ They would go to that home from which they have been long absent.‘ * * * Shall we . . retain and foster the alien enemies ?’—[Idem, 88, 179, 185, 237.]
    ‘ Be all the3e benefits enjoyed by the African race under the shade of their native palms.‘—[Idem, vol. vi. p. 372.]
    We have a numerous people, who, though they are among us, are not of us.’—[Second Annual Report of the N. Y. State Col. Soe.]
    ‘ Among us is a growing population of strangers.’ ‘ * ‘ It will furnish the means of granting to every African exile among us a happy home in the land of his fathers.‘—[Rev. Baxter Dickinson’s Sermon.]
    ‘ Africa is indeed inviting her long exiled children to return to her bosom.’— [Circular of Rev. Mr Gurloy.]

    Yes, Michelle said “home country,” and, no, it didn’t mean that Barack was born there.


  5. richCares says:


    ditto that!

  6. Black Lion says:

    Greg, Agreed. We just have to remember we are talking about people with some kind of mental defects. These are the same individuals that think that there is a Honolulu, Kenya because of how the FackCheck wrote the article….

  7. SFJeff says:

    Hey doc,

    Have you ever complied a list of ‘failed’ birther announcements- you know where they announce they will reveal the BC on such and such date or the Supreme Court will rule on the issue on such and such date?

    Just pure amusement factor on my behalf- they used to so regularly announce the imminent disclosure of something that would drive the President out of office that I am curious how much wrong there is.

  8. Mike says:

    Jeff: I don’t Doc has the time or hosting capacity to collate all the failed birther pronouncements; that’s a long list of failures.

  9. aarrgghh says:

    sfjeff, looking for fun in all the wrong places:

    “Have you ever complied a list of failed’ birther announcements …”

    something like this?

  10. SFJeff says:

    Do notice I volunteered Doc rather than myself?

  11. Nah. I gotta work on my taxes.

  12. Scientist says:

    With all the money George Soros pays you to spread pro-usurper propaganda, you must owe a bundle, right Doc?

  13. Kathryn N says:

    I keep hearing about all these big bucks being paid for people willing to post supportive messages about Barack Obama. Where can I get in on that?

  14. Rickey says:

    Agreed – if Obama can spend millions and millions to hide his birth certificate, surely he can afford to send some largesse our way!

    Maybe we should start a rumor that all of us who rebut the birthers are having our income taxes waived this year. That should drive Sven up a wall.

  15. misha says:

    “Maybe we should start a rumor that all of us who rebut the birthers are having our income taxes waived this year.”

    It’s not a rumor.

  16. DickWhitman says:

    Agreed – if Obama can spend millions and millions to hide his birth certificate, surely he can afford to send some largesse our way!Maybe we should start a rumor that all of us who rebut the birthers are having our income taxes waived this year. That should drive Sven up a wall.

    The only tax holiday I’m familiar with is the payroll tax holiday for employers who hire people unemployed for more than 60 days.

    I wonder which Corporate Thug pressured Obama into signing the HIRE Act. Hmmmmm … it makes me think BO’s momma went by the name Annie E. Casey at one time in her life.

  17. Arthur says:


    What’s the Annie E. Casey reference? I could look it up, but I’d rather have you explain it so that I understand the point you’re making.

  18. Greg says:

    The Annie E. Casey Foundation is a private charitable organization, dedicated to helping build better futures for disadvantaged children in the United States. It was established in 1948 by Jim Casey, one of the founders of UPS, and his siblings, who named the Foundation in honor of their mother.

    The primary mission of the Foundation is to foster public policies, human-service reforms, and community supports that more effectively meet the needs of today’s vulnerable children and families. In pursuit of this goal, the Foundation makes grants that help states, cities and neighborhoods fashion more innovative, cost-effective responses to these needs. For a brief overview of our work, we offer a 2-page fact sheet.

    Are you suggesting that UPS “pressured” Obama into signing the very popular HIRE bill?

  19. Black Lion says:

    I guess LtC. Larkin is not guilty of anything yet…So we will have to wait until April 12th to see if he decides to ignore a direct order or he wiill he decide not to throw away his career….

    “On 30 March 2010, this command became aware of your intentions to refuse to follow deployment orders. Your stated reason for refusal was your belief that the election of the President of the United States is invalid because you believe he is not “native born”. The counseling is to inform you that your deployment orders are presumed to be valid and lawful orders issued by competent military authority. You are reminded of your duty to obey those lawful orders and to report to Ft. Campbell, KY on 12 April 2010 in order to deploy with your unit. Failure to follow your reassignment and/or deployment orders may result in adverse action including court-martial. Should you fail to report to Fort Campbell in accordance with your orders and deploy, your actions may constitute a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Specifically, your actions may constitute the offenses of AWOL (Article 86, UCMJ), Missing Movement (Article 87, UCMJ), Willfully Disobeying a Lawful Order (Article 90, UCMJ), and/or Contempt Towards Officials (Article 88, UCMJ). If found guilty at a court-martial, you could be sentenced to dismissal from the service, which is akin to a dishonorable discharge; forfeiture of all pay and allowances; and confinement for a period of months or years in a military prison. Involuntary administrative separation proceedings could result in you being discharged with a general under honorable conditions or under other than honorable conditions discharge. The may severely prejudice you in civilian life and could deprive you of many or all the benefits administered by the Department of the Army and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    I encourage you to seek advice from an attorney with the US Army Trial Defense Service before embarking on a course of conduct which you may quickly regret. If you wish to seek advice from a military attorney, let me know and I will arrange for you to speak with a defense counsel.”

  20. Arthur says:

    Thanks for the info. Greg. The name seems familiar . . . does the Annie E. Casey Foundation provide financial support to NPR and/or PBS? I think that’s where I’ve heard it.

    But I still don’t understand Dick’s reference. I hope it was humorous! I like funny jokes and such.

    You know, *settling into a rocking chair, and puffing on a corncob pipe* it’s hard to trust a man who lacks a sense of humor–usually means he ain’t never imagined the possibility of bein’ wrong. And sarcasm don’t count. Sarcasm? Why that’s just a way of disagreeing with a fella’ and then laughing at him to boot! Around here, we like a nice clean joke that don’t hurt nobody’s feelings. Like, uh . . . “How many birthers does it take to replace a light bulb? Two. One to screw in the bulb, and the other to accuse it of usurping the darkness.”

    Ok, I’m dun.

  21. Rickey says:

    Lakin’s family appears to be unhappy about the course he has taken:

    Lakin’s father, Frank Lakin of Greeley, said he didn’t know enough about the situation to comment Thursday afternoon, but he did say his son’s video wasn’t representative of the family.

    “This does not reflect the opinions or the attitude of the family by any means,” Frank Lakin said. “We’re Obama supporters.”

    The article goes on to say that Lakin conferred with an attorney, who told him that making the video was a bad idea.

    Of course, if a soldier were to refuse deployment because he or she believed that the war in Afghanistan is illegal, the right-wing birthers would label the soldier a coward and call for his or her head.

  22. SFJeff says:

    After watching the video of Fitzpatrick being arrested, and reading how he was arrested for barging in on a Grand Jury meeting, I hope someone is keeping an eye on him(I heard he was released today).

    Every failure he has seems to just convince him that he is correct- along with his lily white cadre of supporters- and everyone else is in on the fix.

    I sincerely am concerned that he could get violent. Look at the museum shooter and the IRS bomber- disgruntled and convinced themselves they had to take action.

  23. Scientist: you must owe a bundle [in taxes], right Doc?

    I’m afraid you got the last part right, but George and I aren’t on speaking terms.

  24. Keith says:

    Its my thesis that Orly has been angling for a movie deal all along. An unreality show would be just another step.

    But who would play Orly? Meryl? Britney? Maybe Amy Whitehouse?

  25. aarrgghh says:

    keith, dusting off his casting couch:

    “But who would play Orly? Meryl? Britney? Maybe Amy Whitehouse?”

    like the tagline from the “highlander” franchise says, “there can be only one!”

  26. Arthur says:

    Yes, Keith, you raise an excellent question: who has she special talents to play Orly?

    Certainly Meryl Streep is a fine choice, for she has a gift with accents. But I don’t think we should confine the casting to only women actors. What about Dustin Hoffman? He played Tootsie. And Robin Williams; his portrayal of Mrs. Doubtfire makes him natural choice. Let’s not forget Johnny Depp–he’d bring a ditsy, piratey swagger to Lady Liberty! Now for the de jeune Orly . . . I’d go with the young man whose plea to “leave Britney Spears alone!” stole our hearts. I can see him now, a bed sheet draped artistically over his head, screaming into the camera, “Where’s the birth certificate!!!”

  27. SFJeff says:

    The obvious answer to me is the woman who plays “Sue” on “Glee”- every time I see her I think of Orly. Its uncanny.

  28. Mike says:

    Ha! I thought that too.

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