Sock puppets

Suspicion that some folks who post comments on the Internet are not quite who them seem is widespread.

When you post a comment on this blog, your IP address is captured automatically. I generally don’t publish this information, and don’t plan to start. However, I have done some internal database queries associating IP addresses and poster names.

What I found was that there are not a lot of sock puppets here (the same person using multiple names) with the few exceptions that we have already talked about. However, I did find a very few cases where it appeared that multiple people were posting under the same name: perhaps identity theft. So just be aware that someone saying something totally out of character may well not be the character at all.

I did try to get a comprehensive “Sven list” and came up with:

  • Dan Draper
  • Det. Cliff Hanger
  • Dick Whitman
  • Sven Magnussen
  • BadAssMoFoTooOld4Arguendo
  • Bob’sNewFriend
  • CousinBill
  • CousinEsther
  • DrunkenObot(s)
  • FlameThrower Extraordinaire
  • FTE
  • IcanChangeMyScreenName?
  • IcanChangeMyScreenNameCousinBill
  • InfloriousBuzzard
  • IngloriousBasterd
  • IngloriousBasturd
  • IngloriousBusterd
  • IngloriousBuzzard
  • IngloriusBasterd
  • kerok
  • LikeDaTerminatorDaStoryWon’tDie
  • MarvelousMarvAlbert
  • MuhommadMcLovin
  • MysteryMessiahTheatre
  • Not Enough Hugs as a Child
  • ObotsRCruel
  • ObotsREvil
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Second to the Last Samurai
  • SixToeMoe
  • Ima Obot
  • SwampMop
  • IheArtObots
  • Dick Whitman II
  • PennsylvaniaAvenue

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12 Responses to Sock puppets

  1. G says:

    Thanks for the full Sven list (to date), Doc!

    I suspect that chufho has used sock puppets here as well.

    I’d be curious to know just how many “distict” birthers we have had come over here and how many, other than Sven & his socks are also poser copies.

    I’m sure there are ones that we think we haven’t heard of from awhile (whatever happened to “Heavy”?) that are still here and just calling themselves something different.

  2. G: I’m sure there are ones that we think we haven’t heard of from awhile (whatever happened to “Heavy”?) that are still here and just calling themselves something different.]

    This does not seem to be the case. Heavy does not seem to have ever used sock puppets. Of course IP addresses can change over time, and people can change Internet providers. I may have missed something.

    I do not know any way using SQL to select for birthers.

  3. Mike says:

    You know, I’m not surprised in any way that these are all Sven.

  4. Scott Brown says:

    Hum…wonder who is taking lessons from who?

    You think Sven is taking lessons from Mstrauss or the other way around?

    You all ‘act’ like you think it doesn’t go on from the other side too! You funny guys, you!

  5. US Citizen says:

    And to think they all share the same birth certificate and it still doesn’t identify the real owner.

  6. BatGuano says:


  7. Bob Ross says:

    Ahh I get it so what happens other places must magically apply here. “But they do it too.” Could you get anymore ridiculous fake scott brown? Oh and what State are you from?

  8. Black Lion says:

    Everyone notice how still our good friend “Scott Brown” refuses to tell us her state of birth? Interesting. Maybe it is because she was not born in the US? Who knows. All we do know is that good old Scott likes to tell tall tales….So who can believe whatever she says….

  9. BatGuano says:

    Everyone notice…..

    hadn’t noticed…….

    i kno that my repeatedly bringing it up this morning was a bit sophomoric but i do think that it’s important to come clean on this point. scott made the claim that there exists a state COLB that looks exactly like the one that obama produced but does not qualify to obtain a passport. if this is true then i could definitely sympathize with people that have doubts about the legality of a COLB. if it’s false…….. then scott you are intentionally furthering misinformation .

  10. Greg says:

    Do you know what a sock puppet is, Scott? It’s not posting long essays on birther sites under a single name. That’s what the complaint seems to be against smrstrauss.

  11. Gordon says:

    ” I know I am, but what are you”

  12. G says:

    Scott Brown – ah, the lying coward posts again!

    Still waiting to hear what state you are from, Scott! You have absolutely ZERO credibility, you know that?

    Also – where is your evidence that any of us have ever used “sock puppets”? Don’t have any, do you.

    Doc has proved that Sven uses tons of “socks”, because all the IP addresses are the same.

    As he is able to see & compare IP addresses of those who post here, I openly invite him to ID anyone who has posted under multiple monikers.

    Based on evidence of posts to date, I think its a fairly strong bet that any “socks” are primarily birthers trying to fluff themselves or give off the appearance that there are more of them than there really are.

    When it comes right down to it, it is nothing but a cowardly tactic. But then again, woman who calls herself “Scott Brown” and makes up sob stories and then goes silent when caught…you know all about being a coward, don’t you?

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