Orly Taitz wins a case!

Back in November of 2009, crusading anti-Obama attorney Orly Taitz, Esq. was arrested for violating section 22348(b) of the vehicular code of California: driving in excess of 100 miles per hour. Following a trial on January 15, the  case against her was dismissed.

In the process we did learn a little more about Orly Taitz:

  • Hair: Blond
  • Eyes: Green
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Weight: 136 lbs

To review the court record, search for case 14852LC at the Orange County Court web site. Her record in traffic court so far: 1 win, 11 losses.

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22 Responses to Orly Taitz wins a case!

  1. misha says:

    ·State: Shonde
    Hair: Blond
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 5′9‘
    Weight: 136 lbs

  2. misha says:

    Another Clarence Darrow.

  3. G says:

    Wow. 1-11 is not a good record for something as basic as traffic tickets.

    Nor does that look good in general. I know a lot of people who speed but very view who’ve had to show up in traffic court 12 times! And I live in a state with one of the highest highway patrols per capita!

    She’s got a real driving problem, doesn’t she? Its a wonder she still has a license.

  4. Khalid Al Mansour says:

    Orly Taitz may seem like a nut, but that’s only because the media has branded her as such. If the News media in this country were not comprised of rabid idealogs and did their job instead of promoting leftist propaganda, Mr. Seotoro would not be illegally installed in the office of POTUS today.

  5. G says:


    All Orly has to do is open her mouth to earn the nut brand distinction. Rarely have I seen anyone who’s so clearly batsh*t crazy in my life! The media doesn’t have to lift a finger to help her out on that one…she’s quite capable of demonstrating her full on nuttiness on her own.

    The only people who can’t see that she is unhinged are probably, sadly at least just as mentally disturbed as she is.

    Sounds like you are one of those froot loops, Khalid. Time to up your meds!

  6. Bob Ross says:

    One doesn’t have to watch the media. Just listen to her speak she’s out of her mind.

  7. BatGuano says:

    what freeway/highway/roadway was orly accused of doing over 100 ??

  8. northland10 says:

    Well, I have good news for you Khalid. You are absolutely right. Mr. Seotoro was not legally installed in the office of President. Instead, Mr. Obama was constitutionally elected, sworn in and assumed office.

    Aren’t you glad Mr. Seotoro is not President now.

  9. BatGuano says:

    what freeway/highway/roadway was orly accused of doing over 100 ??

    i am curious because, as a local, it does make a difference.

    100mph in the fast lane is VERY fast for that lane between san onofre/ oceanside south bound I-5 ( usually about 80-85 ) this is the second fastest in the county. usual speed on the I-5 and her sister the I-405……. less than 40mph

    the next is the I-15 to vegas…….

    so, curious where she got her 100plus ticket.

  10. northland10 says:

    Actually, she had a later violation for Unsafe speed for prevailing conditions (December 23, 2009). For that, she was given traffic school with the same disposition date as the trial for her 100+ run. I do not know traffic court details well, but it appears they decided to just go with the one judgment.

    Since I assume Unsafe Speed is much better looking than 100+, it probably still is a victory.

  11. misha says:

    Dear Khalid Al Mansour:

    I think you should see this.

    The guy who publishes the blog is a communist. Better watch him.

  12. misha says:

    “Mr. Seotoro would not be illegally installed in the office of POTUS today.”

    Who is Mr. Seotoro?

  13. BatGuano says:

    Orly Taitz may seem like a nut, but that’s only because the media has branded her as such.

    i’m curious, which media ? local television ? local print ? network news ? cpb/npr ? cable news ? am talk radio??…… ???

  14. G says:

    More interesting is wondering how long until she get’s pulled over again, based on her number of traffic cases. This seems to be a behavioral pattern for her.

  15. Dream Police says:

    I thought there was a limit to the number of times a person could get out of a ticket by paying for traffic school. Orly seems to have learned as little in traffic school as she did in law school.

  16. Yes, that did seem rather odd. I was only rough counting, but I think I found four of them.

  17. Lupin says:

    “Weight: 136 lbs”

    She looks thinner on her photos.

  18. milspec says:

    I can never guess weight on any woman under 200 lbs.

  19. milspec says:

    My sister would make it from San Diego to El Toro base in about and hour, (with a Pontiac Firebird with the big 8 cylinder and duel 4 barrels at 10:00pm in the late 1970’s).
    She had lots of speeding tickets too.

  20. Rickey says:

    Interesting new lawsuit by losing plaintiff Pamela Barnett in California. She filed pro se, but this has Orly’s fingerprints all over it. Basically, it seems that Barnett is asking the court to disqualify all of the candidates for Secretary of State of California except Orly. Maybe Orly believes that she can win by default?


  21. G says:

    Thanks for the find, Rickey!

    Well, crazy Pamela Barnett definitely filed this because she is an Orly supporter. Other than seeing Orly’s fingerprints in the attachments, the complaint itself seems too well written to have been by Orly’s hand.

    I have no idea why Barnett decided to include any of the anti-Obama case stuff in this complaint – it is completely irrelevant to Dunn’s status in her complaint. But then again, that’s what birther’s do, so why should I try to apply logic and reason to their actions.

    Nothing wrong with their general strategy – to try to invalidate his candidacy on a rules technicality. That tactic has been used to effect politically by others before.

    However, with all cases, their allegations will have to have merit and be borne out for them to win.

    A good portion of her pleadings and her supporting docs indicate that she’s already had a number of these complaints looked into by officials and the investigation found no merit to them.

    So, if this turns out to be nothing more than another “*waaah* they looked into it and the answer they found were not what I wanted it hear *waaah*, so I’m going to ignore them and accuse them of “misprison” and sue until people tell me what I want *waaah*”, I’ve got no sympathy nor tolerance for that type of frivolous, sore-loser tactic.

    But then again, that how birthers operate after all.

  22. Rickey says:

    I agree that Orly didn’t write it herself, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she got the attorney who is representing her in the sanctions appeal to write it. But as you say the attachments clearly came from Orly.

    My reading of it is that the anti-Obama arguments are intended to impugn Debra Bowen and make the case that she should be disqualified for allegedly being derelict in her duties as Secretary of State.

    WND picked up on it today.


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