Gulf oil spill: Obama scheme gone bad?

Obama Conspiracy Theories is the gift that just keeps on giving, and this one is as fresh and nutty as anything in the store.

Obama wanted Gulf oil spill!

Bill Randall, Tea Party backed GOP congressional candidate from North Carolina’s 13th district (which looks like it covers a good bit of Raleigh, the state capitol), just has a feeling, not facts, but a feeling that maybe, just maybe Obama wanted a little oil in the Gulf of Mexico, but it got out of hand and now the “cover-up” is in full swing. When pressed Randall couldn’t give any reason that Obama would have wanted to collude with BP to spill some oil, but he still thinks it needs to be investigated. To read more of Bill Randall’s remarkable story, visit the Huffington Post.

Maybe it’s the Disney in me, but when I hear the phrase “Tea Party” I think of this:

Visit the real thing at Walt Disney World

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3 Responses to Gulf oil spill: Obama scheme gone bad?

  1. Dave says:

    June 22 was a run-off between Bill Randall and Bernie Reeves for the GOP nomination. As noted in the linked HP article, Reeves has expressed the view that Randall’s little conspiracy is nuts. Randall won the run-off.

    I would guess Reeves had little chance of unseating the Dem incumbent, and Randall has none. Obama won this district by 19 points.

    The Tea Party really is a leech sucking the life out of the GOP.

  2. Lupin says:

    Shouldn’t that be “GUlf Oil Spill” (not GOlf) or am I missing a pun?

    The town where I live in France has a short story competition every year (we receive about 100 or so contributions from all over the country) and publishes 15 to 20 of the best stories into a book and this year we agreed to donate the profits of the book to the National Wildlife Refuge Association to help rescue the birds and fauna from the oil spill.

    Before the 2008 elections I wrote a few blog posts here and there predicting that the next US president (at the time I was hoping for either Obama or Hillary) would be de facto a Gorbachev president — little did I dream that you would also face your own Chernobyl.

  3. Lupin: Shouldn’t that be “GUlf Oil Spill” (not GOlf) or am I missing a pun?

    As I get older (I just turned 60) my fingers seem to have more a mind of their own (and I less).

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