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For some months now, I’ve been consciously avoiding the word “blog” in reference to this place; I wrote “web site.”  Somehow “web site” sounded more credible and more important than “blog.” But Obama Conspiracy Theories is a blog. It’s just one guy with a hat posting thoughts online day after day.

Granted, my topics are more elevated than what I had for lunch, my favorite band or how plastered I got last weekend. It’s still a blog.

There’s no brick and mortar Obama Conspiracy Theories building. There are no research staff, no fact checkers, no copy editors, no business model, no board of directors and no P&L statements. [I admit there are a number of really sharp commenters here who let me know when I go off the rails.]

I chuckled over comments I read today that “the birthers” are afraid of me. I get maybe 20,000 distinct visitors here in a month. That’s a drop in the bucket compared sites like WorldNetDaily. The Post & Email blog runs circles around this place in traffic. Even Phil Berg’s outdraws me.

I’m just a fellow that got into an online argument with birthers in 2008, and I’m still trying to shake some sense into ’em. Obama Conspiracy Theories is a blog. I’m cool with that.

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